[ Editor’s Note: The Trump team seems in a panic over stopping the release of the requested archives records, which certainly comes as no surprise. Their content is expected to be politically and legally devastating.

All of those involved in the Trump Steal of the election from Biden were betting that their boss ‘Donald Delay’ could block any timely resolution of any investigations of the Insurrection conspiracy.

There has been time now for the sedition conspiracy penalties to sink into the brains of Trump’s mob of grifter advisors. Yesterday, senior media analysts were reporting their updated thoughts on the Jan 6 commission strategy.

While the process of bringing in the big fish to be questioned has been slow, the commission has been interviewing a large number of staff people. A number of 150 recently caught everybody’s attention, and we have not heard of any of them lawyering up and refusing to talk. They are ‘cooperating’.

Combined with all that has come out via the great journalism work going on, the thinking is the Commission already has much of the information on what occurred in the runup to Jan 6. The bigger fish dodging to testify hints at their attorneys wanting to protect them from getting a felony perjury rap on the first day that they testify.

Hence, Trump’s co-conspirators all seem onboard using the courts to delay the process, hoping to take over Congress next November and shut down the investigation.

The proof of this was former DOJ Civil Division Jeffrey Clark’s refusal to testify, as that was the safest move for him at the time Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … November 11, 2021

Politico: Former President Donald Trump filed an emergency request to a federal judge late Monday night to prevent the National Archives from sending sensitive records to Jan. 6 committee investigators by Friday.

And just after midnight, Judge Tanya Chutkan rejected it, contending the request itself was legally defective and “premature.”

The unusual exchange, which happened in a span of two hours, comes as Chutkan is already considering an earlier request by Trump to prevent Congress from peering into his White House’s records about his attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

…The Archives indicated it would turn the papers over to lawmakers by Friday unless a court intervened.

…Trump’s attorney, Jesse Binnall, issued his second request Monday night, asking Chutkan to approve an “administrative stay” of her own ruling even before she issued it. That way, Binnall argued, Trump would have a chance to appeal her decision before the Archives began delivering hundreds of pages to congressional investigators.

…Chutkan, in her brief decision overnight, said she would consider Binnall’s request for a stay after she issues her ruling, which she reiterated would arrive “expeditiously.” But she noted that federal rules only allow a stay “while an appeal is pending,” not before.


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  1. Trying to figure out if “news” is good, or is bad for Trump, or for Democrats or for whomever, is key to determining which way things are headed.
    The many faceted aspects in political-play, and the possibility that any outcome is still possible, makes it like trying to figure if the pinball player is going to score big, or tilt the table.
    That may not be a good way of saying it, but the outcome is determined behind the scenes in totality. And the news is fitted to shape the propaganda format best suited for the predetermined outcome.

    • They all take orders from the top, and none of them dares to go against it.
      They all know they are owned, just like the entire government is owned, and the entire economy is owned, all by the same bunch.
      And anyone in the chain can be taken out at any time.
      It’s made to look spontaneous and synchranistic but everyone is following orders.
      That you don’t believe it, shows just how successful they are.

    • It is a report of real time decision by the judge. It was not predetermined. Synchronicity is often mistaken for predetermination. There is definitely free will, it’s just that the more tools for navigation, the better the heading.
      Trumps toolbox is getting empty and he didn’t know how to use them very good anyway.

    • David. Here’s the thing about Trump’s toolbox. It will never be empty as long as he can suck air and fire a few neurons. He has operated most of his life with the mentality of a caged animal. Almost nothing is off limits so his repertoire of legal, political and financial maneuvers is unlimited. We have never seen his like on the political stage that I can remember. A twisted combination of evil genius and sociopathic self preservation. I really believe he will make it to 2024 unscathed and, then, there may be hell to pay.

    • Ferdinand, Trump’s a New York mobster, first and foremost. He talks like a mobster and thinks like a mobster. That includes buying-off judges and prosecutors. Twisted as he is, though, eventually the rule of law prevent him from running for president in 2024, UNLESS the Cult of Trump finds some way to do an end run around the US Constitution and put their fearless leader back into power by “other” means.

    • David, you make very insightful points from time to time.
      The Judiciary is part of government.

      Tommy, everything you said about Trump rings true.
      It was all well known by all of the powers that be, and most of all of the political players as well; long before his first political campaign.
      It was all factored in long before 99% of the people ever even considered him as a politician.

    • Gotta go with Elvin on this. How often do these ‘investigations’ ever end clear cut with criminal charges going to anyone but scapegoats (or whistle-blowers)? If there is all this evidence, why would this last until the next mid-term elections, where Trumpets/repugs might have chance to end the investigation, should they take over the house/senate? Clintons never went to jail over Haiti, GW never went to jail over Harkin, GHWB never went to jail over Iran/Contra. How many went to prison over Franklin scandal, besides the victims? Why would anyone believe anything is going to happen this time? This is the usual dog and pony, keep ’em interested and buffaloed, then forget the whole thing episode. As far as i am concerned, the entire thing is manufactured and every single politician is in on it, just like 9/11. I’d just as soon watch re-runs of the original Dallas, at least someone gets it in the end sometimes. The one thing about that TV show, is that it showed exactly how business/gov works. Why, this might take the spotlight off illegal covid draconian control laws and the ‘inflation’ spiral that is finally here. As Nero played while Rome burned, Americans will blather about contrived and manufactured issues while the house of cards comes down…ala Bill Casey. Three card Monte on a massive scale, where the mark never catches on. Should anyone even have to mention JFK, RFK, King, 9/11 investigations as proof?

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