Guardian: In 1921, a white mob burned ‘Black Wall Street’ down. We still feel that legacy Today with Trump

On Saturday, Trump is holding a rally near the site where vigilantes killed hundreds of people to suppress black wealth


Trump is bringing the Oklahoma National Guard to Tulsa to defend his rally/COVID exercise.  He has threatened to illegally nationalize them and use deadly force against anyone who shows up.

Do remember, it was the Oklahoma National Guard that used military bombers to level Black Wall Street in 1921 and to strafe African Americans fleeing Klan mobs, who were assisted by Oklahoma National Guard who machined gunned women and children as though they were Gaza guards. 

6 planes from the Oklahoma National Guard dropped incendiary bombs on the Greenwood neighborhood, “Black Wall Street,” burning it to the ground, bodies only recently found in mass graves that have been hidden for 99 years.

Guardian: On Saturday, Trump is holding a rally near the site where vigilantes killed hundreds of people to suppress black wealth.

On 9 March 1892, a white mob in Memphis, Tennessee, lynched Thomas Moss and his business partners Will Stewart and Calvin McDowell.

The black men died on the altar of capitalism as viewed through a white supremacist lens.Their food store, People’s Grocery, had successfully competed with a nearby white-owned store. In lynching them, white vigilantes were exacting lethal retribution for the crime of being black men with more business acumen than a white competitor.

The lynch posse sent an unmistakable message to the black citizens of Memphis: black entrepreneurship has limits – and white people determine the height of the economic ceiling.

The journalist Ida B Wells, a crusader for racial justice who railed against lynching and economic apartheid in America, had been friends with Moss, one of the men killed.Wells wrote a stinging editorial decrying that lynching and others as part of a system designed to suppress black business competition. She then left Memphis to attend a conference in Philadelphia.

While she was away, hoodlums destroyed her office and ran the co-editor of her newspaper, the Memphis Free Speech, out of town. Townsfolk threatened to lynch Wells if she ever returned.

Even in the economic sphere, white supremacy in America has a deep and extensive history and legacy. While the color of money may not matter, the color of the moneymaker does. Black economic success, particularly when juxtaposed against white economic struggles, has historically been a catalyst for violence.  Read more..


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  1. Every where one turns to, for news and information, we run into the same talking point. White supremacy. white’s are guilty of racism, and something must be done about it. Today, from NPR and CNN, to VT we are being told of an hundred year old incident that happened in Oklahoma. There is no discussion of facts, just the same trope, a black man was falsely accused of assaulting a white woman, and that set off a massacre by whites of blacks. Did it even happen? I don’t know I wasn’t there, and either was any of our current media. Did an assault take place? I don’t know, and either does our trusted media. Nobody is repeating facts, just approved narratives. All I can add is my observation of America today. And, what I see is the most non-racist nation in history, America, being torn apart by an agreed upon scheme, similar to the corona virus nonsense, perpetuated by our supposedly independent media. We the people, are a generous and forgiving people. There isn’t a threat to America from either the left or right. There aren’t any White Supremist groups that have any significant base. It’s all scare politics. Theatre. In spite of the fact that
    America is a business, a corporation, founded in 1876. We are free, as long as we ignore them. Our public servants do not serve us, but the corporation. Understand; We are up against a small group of families with blood lines that reach back at least 1000 years. These families are experts at running governments, and swinging popular emotions in any direction they choose. They create diseases, and they create dissension. They are attached to our national treasury like a vampire to a blood artery. Timothy Leary is famous for the line: “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. He was close to being right. Today the slogan should be: turn on means be awake, tune in means listen to nature, find God, and drop out means ignore governments”. Return to a moral life style, divorce yourself from government. How does one do this? Simple. Buy or lease a few acres of rural land suitable to farming. Get in touch with nature and people of like mind, work the land, become self sufficient, and take advantage of cooperative living. Ignore government. We don’t need it, it needs us. Find pleasure within. Toss your television out. Live a simple and fruitful life, and multiply.

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