Trump Preparing For War With Russia While USA Burns?


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The United States deployed more than 30 fighters and 2 thousand military men at the border of the Kaliningrad region

Washington has ordered increased military pressure on Russia.

The US military continues to transfer its combat aircraft, armored vehicles and military personnel to the western Russian borders. If until recently it was believed that the appearance of thousands of American troops in Poland does not bear real risks, then, as it turned out, instead of thousands of troops there will appear twice as many representatives of the American army, however, which is much more frightening – the United States intends to place near the Kaliningrad region and three dozen of its F-16 fighters.

“The United States will redeploy to Poland up to two thousand soldiers, Warsaw will be given command of the 5th Corps of the American Army from Kentucky. Tomorrow in Washington they will confirm how the US military presence will be strengthened. It is known about plans to transfer from Germany to Poland about 30 American F-16s.

Now in Poland about 5000 US troops are deployed. About 60% of local residents, according to surveys, support an increase in the US military contingent in the country. “- The media report. Thus, the total number of US military in Poland will reach 7 thousand people.

What exactly is the reason for the active buildup of the military grouping near the Russian borders is not known.



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    • Сатори, this is to be displayed in front of Pentagon and non-black House. The readers of VT are smart people here and don’t need such things to be expressed.
      Have a good day!

  1. Trump and Putin is an freak show, nothing more.
    No one will fight with anyone.
    War is begin warriors, and not traders such as Trump and Putin.

  2. The “empire” didn’t last long, not even 30 years and it’s collapsing into an ignoble cesspit. After the USSR imploded in 1991, it was the sole superpower and had the opportunity to be an immense force for good in this planet, but its previous history and voracious greed predestined it to become instead, the greatest psychopathic evil the world has ever witnessed. It embarked on a course of genocide and forced theft…no countries were immune from its rampaging pillage, but its insatiable materialistic averice and satanic bloodlust became its inevitable downfall. Don’t worry about its military build-up, Russia is not Grenada ( the only war it won in its sordid history ), it’s all bluff and bluster. America is going down and thankfully it’ll take Israel with it !

  3. Insufficient.
    But as long as The City of London is paying the bill, it’s US Government puppets will serve. The City of London wants Ukraine, and some of the neighboring countries, Donbass, Belarus, etc.. Wanted Crimea badly, it was their prize in the overthrow of Ukraine’s not very legitimate Government, and installing the Pooroshenko puppet. The bankers don’t want the people, particularly Russians. The banking cabal are Zionist Khazars, and Ukraine was a large piece of what was once Khazaria.

  4. Merkel told Trump to fuck off she will not go to USA for G7 meeting. She knows coronaviruses deployed in China and Iran are US bioweapons (Israeli concocted in case of Iran)
    Before politics Merkel was molecular biologist (not casino owner) before politics she knows but cannot say in public as consequences of telling truth can bring false flag mini nuke attack at worst case, (911( a soft weapon virus doped with HIV and SARS circulating in football stadiums not so severe of punishment. (Wuhan)
    Trump not getting any “respect” from Merkel in pissy fit tells her he will pull out some military junk from Germany. Merkel and rest of Germany could give a flying fuck.
    Poland nearby parking lot at cheap rates. F-15s single engine cheap warplanes not good for much would be grounded in any serious conflict one salvo from nearby S400 AA batteries in Kaliningrad whole squadron wiped out.

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