by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Israel continues to bomb Syrian and Iranian military positions far from the border area with Israel, degrading Syria’s ability to continue its insurgent fight against the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Turkey.

The IDF tactics are working well. It fires dummy air missiles initially to engage the Syrian air defenses and then the real ones to increase their chances of getting through. These ongoing attacks deplete Syria’s inventory of air defense missiles.

Russia has a quiet arrangement with Syria not to use its air defenses which are reserved for protecting “its forces”, and also excludes Iranian forces and anti-terrorism bases.

The video showed a major ammo dump going up, so Syria has not been able to harden its depots against attack. They are, in effect, sitting ducks, waiting for the time when Israel decides to spend some air resources on them, with the US taxpayer picking up the tab by adding it to our national debt.

It has been a sad but successful scam, with our Congress, both aisles, totally onboard, with the twist of also ignoring its nuclear arsenalJim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … June 24, 2020

The Syrian army says two of its soldiers have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in the southeastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.

In a statement, the army said four others were injured after their positions were targeted near the town of Suwayda. Israeli warplanes also pounded positions in the western province of Hama as well as areas in the country’s south, near the Iraqi border.

The army statement said Syrian air defense responded to the airstrikes destroying many rockets. Israel has carried out dozens of airstrikes in recent months across the Arab country.


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  1. @ Jim Allen,
    ein sehr guter Kommentar, Sie schreiben die Realität! in der wir uns befinden.Mir macht es immer eine große Freude die Kommentare zu lesen.
    dass macht VT aus, und zeigt uns die Wahrheit. Grüsse Euch

  2. It is way past time that SOMEBODY, Russia, China, India, Iran or others in the BRICS actually START bombing ISRAELI positions OUTSIDE the 1968 boundary and do it together and ALL at once. I would rather SOMEBODY do something to STOP the ZIONISTS.

    • Missiles should be fired at Israeli military installations every time the IDF (IOF would be more accurate – take your choice of Offensive or Occupation) attacks outside the country (including Gaza and Arab occupied areas of the West Bank).

  3. Syria needs a “Sampson Option” – after all, who would cry if Israel was burned to a radioactive wasteland?

    Also note that the promised Chinese troops have not yet (and likely never will) shown up in Syria to fight the Western/Israeli/Turkish proxy forces.

  4. What percentage of the USA’s population still believes that Israel’s military actions are defensive and not offensive? If we have that number, we also know how many there are that are too stupid to live (to borrow a Duffism).

  5. “It has been a sad but successful scam, with our Congress, both parties, are totally onboard, with the twist of also ignoring its nuclear arsenal…”
    This is the saddest truth of all. Even getting rid of Trump and GOP majority, will not change this. Does anyone honestly expect a Biden administration or democrat controlled house and senate to revoke the US embassy move to Jerusalem, or renounce the Kushner “peace plan”, or a halt to military aid? Fink’s Bar prophecy fulfilled.

    • The two party pollutical system is an illusion. Both parties serve one master, their objectives are the same, it makes no difference who is President, or what “party” this individual represents, both are directed by the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal. Headquarters at The City of London.
      Your President: Jacob Rothschild.
      Your Vice-President: It’s looking alot like George Soros, maybe Bill Gates.
      In 2015 Russia declared Jacob Rothschild and George Soros persona non grata in Russia. Issuing an arrest warrant for Soros..
      The City of London, wanted a common border with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Donbass region, Crimea, (Rothschilds biggest prize) some other countries in the region around Ukraine. (the biggest piece of what was once Khazaria) The City of London wants to restore Khazaria to its original borders, it does not want the people, particularly Russians, but Ukrainians, and other nationalities, ethnicities, etc., are not desired. This is the reason CIA was directed to overthrow Ukraine’s not very legitimate Government, and install Pooroshenko Puppet. Then on to Zelinsky, a useful idiot. Ukraine’s legitimate Government had already ground the country to a standstill, before Pooroshenko Puppet, was installed, and finished it off. Rothschild personally gave Pooroshenko Puppet his instructions for Donbass. “Attack Donbass, kill as many people as possible, take control of the resources.
      All Ukraine’s raw materials are in the Donbass, and a huge gold mine. Pooroshenko Puppet did not succeed, the rebels have control of the resources. Crimea was snatched from Globalist hands, voting itself out of Ukraine, and into the Federation. The rebuilding began, as did the Kerch bridge, making transportation easy. New airport, power plant, roads infrastructure, agriculture was jump-started, and expanded. It’s military back in action, the Black Sea, resorts, open again.
      Russia’s warm water port, and the big Navy base, secured. Five years later Crimea is self sufficient. Who knew Crimea had world class wines ?
      The Khazars want Russia destroyed once, and for all.
      Iran as well. This is unlikely to happen. Russia came back from the crashed USSR too fast, too strong, too badass.
      Iran became highly industrialized, despite the crippling sanctions for more than 40 years. Iran has built itself slowly into a strong regional power, close to
      self-sufficient, and with an attitude towards the West. Iran is too strong, and too badass. US/NATO can’t defeat either country in conventional war. The arrogant sociopaths will end themselves in nuclear war, and everything on earth.
      I wouldn’t be surprised to see the lunatics do it, anyway.
      It’s imperative that the Globalist New World Order genocide agenda be stopped. It’s their intention to reduce world population 90% by 2030. 9.5 years. US Government is at war against US citizens, has been since 1992, this version.
      De-populated 81% (280 million people) by 2025. 4.5 years. No one wants to face this fact, refusing to believe our beloved Government would do this to them. There’s absolutely no evidence US Government wouldn’t do this to US citizens. There’s overwhelming evidence US Government IS doing this to US citizens. Every piece of legislation by both “parties” for the last 25 years does not benefit the people, it’s all detrimental, denies our Rights, and Liberties, has turned this country into a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship. With an “evil dictator that terrorizes his own people.” Since

    • Oh, grow up. This rock we live on is a dangerous place. The only “safety” you’ll ever find is what you produce yourself. Which sometimes means joining wit your countrymen to show a united front towards those those that would do us harm. There are 300 million (+/-)US citizens in US today, since 2006 there’s 146 million jobs lost. No jobs to replace them, not even poor paying part-time jobs, with no benefits. That’s half the US population unemployed, the next round of repossessions, and foreclosures have begun. Everyone’s savings, pensions, retirement savings, and assets are gone by 2009. To “bailout” the automakers that didn’t need bailed out. This “stimulus” our beloved Government borrowed some trillions of dollars, that the big corporate bailouts, already pre-approved, and 1,200 fiat US Petrobucks for everyone.
      Less than half a billion fiat US Petrobucks, to the people. Prices went up on everything but fuel. By a lot. The SARS-COVID-19 virus, with it’s 7, or 14 different types of this derivitive of the Corona Virus may not be so effective as expected. Oh, well there’s plenty of other dirty tricks in their bag.

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