Roger Waters: Fascist Israel Helped US Cops Become Murderers

RT/Moscow: Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters sees eerie similarities in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and US police departments’ approach to their own citizens. The legendary singer told RT it’s “about time” the world called out both.

“Thank goodness there’s an uprising,” Waters told RT’s ‘Going Underground’ on Tuesday, referring to the wave of protests and riots sweeping the US since the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis last month. “It’s about time.”

The kneeling chokehold that killed Floyd was described by Waters as “an Israeli technique, proudly developed by the IDF in the occupied territories in Palestine.”

An Israeli national police spokesman recently denied that his country’s police force uses such a measure on suspects, and added that Israeli counterterrorism officers never taught the move to American police officers in any joint training sessions. However, US police departments do regularly send officers to Israel for training, and such sessions are also held on US soil. The Minneapolis Police Department, where Floyd’s killer worked, sent 100 officers to an Israeli policing conference in Chicago in 2017.

“Those streets in the United States are occupied,” Waters declared, slamming the “fascist state of Israel” for helping militarize beat cops in the US.

Waters is a longtime critic of the Israeli state’s policies. In addition to celebrating the protest movement in the US, he called on the international community to condemn Israel’s planned annexation of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank next week.

“The Palestinian people must have equal human rights with the rest of us, and equal human rights with the Israelis,” he told RT. “Stealing their whole country from them is not affording them self determination [or] human rights under the law.”

Sputnik: Three officers with North Carolina’s Wilmington Police Department were recently fired from the force after the individuals were recorded engaging in threatening and racially-charged conversations that touched on the desire to kill Black residents.

The disturbing commentary, which was recorded via an accidental activation of a patrol car camera, was discovered on June 4 during a monthly department audit of video recordings. The nearly two-hour-long recording included remarks from former officers Kevin Piner, Jessie Moore and Brian Gilmore and was immediately reported after a reviewer flagged the “extremely racist comments” in a report.

summary of an internal investigation report reveals that in one conversation between Piner and Gilmore, the pair began to criticize the department’s handling of the growing protests, with Piner saying that the force is more concerned about “kneeling down with Black folks.”

In another conversation detailed in the report, Moore phoned Piner and began recounting his arrest of a Black woman the day prior, referring to her as a “b***h” and a “n****r” on multiple occasions, as well as using other offensive language. At one point, the two officers also began to critique a Black magistrate, with Moore calling the official a “p***y” for making a decision he didn’t agree with.

“God has a special place for people like that, I hope they burn in hell man… hate ‘em. It’s bad man because not all Black people are like that,” reads a transcription of Moore’s remarks regarding the magistrate. He continued by saying, “90 percent of ‘em Kevin, 90 f**king percent of ‘em.”

Later in the same conversation, Piner told Moore that he felt as though a second civil war was imminent and that he was “ready” for it. Piner went on to say that he was going to purchase a new assault rifle in the coming weeks.

“We are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them f**king n****rs. I can’t wait. God I can’t wait,” Piner said after the pair began discussing “Marshall Law,” reads the report.

Although Moore rejected Piner’s remarks, later calling him “crazy,” Piner didn’t stop. In fact, Piner further explained that society needed to undergo a civil war in order to “wipe ‘em off the f**king map.”

“That’ll put ‘em back about four or five generations,” he added.

Five days after the footage was first flagged, supervisors confronted the officers with the recordings, and all three admitted to making the remarks but denied being racist. They each stated that the commentary was the result of built-up stress ignited by nationwide protests calling out police mistreatment against Black individuals, and that they were just “venting.”

The department’s Chief Donny Williams announced during a Wednesday briefing that all three officers were dismissed for violations of standards of conduct, criticism and use of inappropriate language. “These conversations included disrespectful language, hate-filled speech and referred to Black people as the N-word,” he said.

Aside from their dismissal, all cases involving the officers will be reviewed by the district attorney’s office to determine if they showed any bias or committed any crimes. Additionally, Williams has indicated that he will be notifying the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission of the officers’ conduct and recommending that Piner, Moore and Gilmore not be hired by another law enforcement department.


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  1. Waters is wrong on at least one point – even with a large scale nuclear exchange some life such as the blue-green algae that lives in deep sea vents as well as Carol Duff’s tardigrades will almost certainly survive.

    P.S. What is this “Marshall Law” I keep on reading? Violation of the Confusion of Homonyms Act.

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