NY Times: A Governor on Her Own, With Everything at Stake

From her living room, Gretchen Whitmer has led Michigan through a pandemic, an economic meltdown and even a dam collapse — all at a time when government itself seems broken


NY Times: Gretchen Whitmer first heard the word “coronavirus” over the 2019 Christmas holidays from her younger sister, who a decade earlier contracted H1N1. Whitmer, just a year into office and preoccupied with her agenda for 2020, barely registered it. She was in a hurry to push forward on some of her campaign promises, like introducing an array of new education programs and repairing Michigan’s badly potholed roads.

Governor Whitmer, right, in Lansing with her communications director, Zack Pohl, and her sister, Liz Gereghty.Credit…Philip Montgomery for The New York Times

The state’s Republican lawmakers had blocked her at nearly every turn, but now, with the economy in Michigan and America booming, Whitmer had a plan to make an end-run around the Legislature by issuing $3.5 billion in bonds to help fund her projects. January was going to be about building political momentum for that effort and gearing up for a presidential election in which Michigan, where Donald Trump won by just 10,704 votes in 2016, was again going to be an important battleground state. Whitmer was tapped to deliver the Democratic response to Trump’s annual State of the Union address on Feb. 4.

Governor Whitmer prepares an emergency care package at Meridian Elementary School in Sanford, Mich.Credit…Philip Montgomery for The New York Times

As the governor began moving ahead with her agenda, though, the state’s chief medical executive, Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun, was watching the gathering storm with growing concern. Potentially infected travelers were arriving daily in Michigan, but the Centers for Disease Control was not providing her with the support she needed to adequately detect and contain the virus.

On Feb. 27, Khaldun briefed the governor and her staff on the epidemic in a conference room adjacent to her office. She said that she was convinced the coronavirus had already come to Michigan; she just couldn’t prove it. Khaldun reminded Whitmer and her staff that there was no vaccine for this virus, that it was highly contagious and that it was much more deadly than the flu.  Read more/good read…


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  1. “Gretchen Whitmer first heard the word “coronavirus” over the 2019 Christmas holidays from her younger sister, who a decade earlier contracted H1N1.”

    Hmm… Odd that the CIA knew about COVID-19 back in the second week of November and gave Israel a heads-up. Too bad they didn’t think to warn the good governor about it. Almost certainly that was the plan all along.


  2. The current high rates are not seen in Michigan as a product of the protests, but as the sheepish refusal to wear a mask during a pandemic because it goes with the Republican party line to NOT wear a mask.
    This is evidence of a crime I don’t have a name for but here it is. Some call it gross negligence, and others call it accessory to murder or terrorism.
    Advocating not wearing a mask, is criminal. In this situation. This is not arguable.

    • Your comment shows nothing more than ignorance on your part. This is the same dumb argument of people that are vaccinated that refuse to get close to the unvaccinated. You feel safe wearing the stupid mask?? Wear it. I will not stop you or care, but don’t force the rest to wear it because you are afraid or believe the parroted BS that wearing a mask helps avoid the spread of a virus that scientifically has not been proven to exist or pass the Koch Postulate that proves it is what causes the alleged disease. BTW, wearing the mask puts you and everyone that wears it at greater risk of disease. The reduced levels of oxygen that you and others will experience wearing the mask compromises your immune system and rises your cortisol levels. Not to mention you might experience hypoxia and/or hypercapnia. It is funny how they are opening up businesses, etc. but require the workers to wear a mask. The oxygen levels inside the mask are below the levels OSHA requires for the SAFE work environment. OSHA itself interestingly contradicts itself on its own website. In my opinion the whole Covid-19 BS is fake. It is just psochological warfare to scare people and bring in the Globalists(NWO) “New Normal”.

    • This is not humanities first pandemic. Masks are a part of history.
      If you do not wear one, you should not be in public. The only science needed is simple observation.
      Myopia is the causation of the attitude, if it doesn’t affect me personally, it does not exist. This attitude is killing people. lots of them. One by one the deniers turn pale and change course as soon as someone they know is affected. If you are a true rebel (unlikely) then you should be elated that we may soon be able to wear a mask in a bank.

  3. ..until the advent of the electron microscope no one had ever seen a virus before…apparently now we have…so why not show us?…like a short video of a real scientist with a real electron microscope, in real time, live from new york, or what ever….furthermore if a bacterium was a bowling ball, a virus would be a BB next to it….viruses will go back and forth through those masks like they weren’t even there….

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