A Warning, We are at War, Seattle’s Jaguar Zoomer May Have Been the Opening Gun


    By the Senior Editor

    Steve Bannon’s operatives are out playing dirty tricks.  With vanloads of American flags, BLM shirts and suitcases of mob money, they are going to be staging flag burnings across America.  Get used to the smell of Chinese polyester.

    The fake Russian media, in this case, Steve Bannon’s “RT” is part of the stench.  Both RT and Sputnik have been taken over with the Moscow Kosher Nostra buying them entirely.  Check:


    They now run nothing but Trump propaganda and hoaxes about Biden and the Clintons. Past that, there will be attacks, terrorism, using assets of every kind, and they have many.  Let’s talk history.

    Several armies have been recruited, Barr has one made up of corrupt federal prison guards, thousands of them, which will be used to terrorize Americans and frighten away voters.  We have dozens of fake militias, fat guys with guns, ex cons, but mostly dickless wonders who like to see themselves as dime store rambos.

    I fought in Vietnam, the last war of the American citizen soldier.  We were unpaid, unfed, half the bulk of today’s military, paid 10 percent of their bloated wage and still Vietnam was a corrupt war as well.

    You see, the US was attacked by a foreign enemy in 1967 when a US ship was napalmed and torpedoed, not off Vietnam but off Egypt.

    Israel attacked us but we went to war with the people of Vietnam.

    In 2001, the US was attacked again.  Do remember this vital piece of information,  at first no Jews died on 9/11, then one, now the number is 8.  Yet the WTC was staffed primarily with Jewish employees.

    I have heard the rumors, listened to the conspiracy theories about text messages but math doesn’t lie.  Someone please, protect us from antisemites and tell us why this happened, why?  Why?  Facts don’t lie, why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Explain?  I am willing to listen.  My own family is somewhat Jewish, which gets me a huge amount of hate mail from GOP types and militia punk boys.  I want to believe.  Help me, please. Why?  Why?

    I hate being lied to. Anyway, now that this is out of my system, I can go on.  Call it a brain fart if you will.

    Israel attacked the US, we know this, and in response, we attacked Israel’s enemies? Did Israel somehow hate the Vietnamese or is it just that they hate America?

    This election may be different, with a different Israel, one still ruled by gangsters but one where America’s Jewish population is sick and fucking tired to being played for total assholes.  Jewish money put a fatfuck Jew hater in the White House who has humiliated the nations Jewish population for 3 fucking years, empowering a resurgence of very real antisemitism where we had hoped it was gone, all but the fake crap from the ADL and SPLC.

    This thing in Seattle has our attention.  We ran the license plate immediately and got a hit, a young Somali with the appearance of ties to the CIA.  I have some experience there and know most of the players including the CIA’s vast collection of Somali warlords whose kids bask away in the US.  Dawit is a very strange case.

    OK, when his name should have come out, nothing came out.  Then only his name and nothing else, no parents, no job, he lives nowhere, he works nowhere, it has been 40 hours and nothing, this is impossible.  He is being laundered.

    The Twitter feed died 24 hours ago, go ahead and check both “top” and “latest.”

    Our information has him as a software engineer, good athlete, nice kid but everything ties him to being CIA.

    Why would this happen?  This was something quite horrible:

    Within 5 minutes of the Twitter post, an army of trolls inside Israel were spinning this to sound like his car was surrounded and he only hit people by trying to escape.  The video tells something else, and we seriously wonder if this car might well have been hacked.

    The kid they are holding, someone no one has seen, doesn’t profile as a drunk or nut case.

    We are being lied to at every turn and Seattle is the place to do it, a town awash with Bannon cash, paying fake demonstrators, paying corrupt cops, paying corrupt officials.

    Why would any city allow 2 dozen demonstrators to close a major highway day after day.  They aren’t BLM or anything else, just kids we believe being told what to do by a leader working for Steve Bannon.

    Now we know why, don’t we?


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    1. The disdain expressed by New York and Bay Area-Hollywood-LA-like Volk for average North Americans outside of those above mentioned strongholds of the «Men of Taste end Means» is truly appalling.
      One adman (i.e., «PR consultant») once declared with glee: «When the American public moves, their knuckles mow the grass!» Explains a lot! (xplains a lot of the “Taste and Means”)

    2. The banker gangsters need a lot of low-class, poorly educated, angry, dysfunctional people to fight their “War is a Racket” conflicts for them. I agree 100% that it has nothing to do with racism; people of all races can be their cannon fodder. However, can’t the banksters control the systems promoting those traits…?

    3. RT afraid Biden could be next president,and he will start up the Ukraine war again like before with billions pouring into Ukraine for purpose of Killing Russians with openly Nazi fascist militias.
      Also in Syria the US and Israel could demand a no fly zone there, start shooting down Russian jet’s and now we have a WW3 situation. Hillary Clinton was proposing this in 2016 elections. One reason of many reasons reasonable people did not vote for her.
      It’s possible HRC will be the vice president or maybe sec of state again under Biden so RT is doing all they can to keep Trump in office is how I see it even though Trump has been worst president ever there was.
      ..it’s true they don’t attack him like they should on RT, but RT does have Jesse Ventura who would be better US leader than either Trump or Biden that is for sure.

      • RT also had Thom Hartmann and Abby Martin. Note the use of past tense.
        Russia and Trump have Xenophobia in common. But the difference is that one licks Likud whereas the other one is not clear as to where they stand. And that’s why at the beginning Iran didn’t trust Russia overtly and proceeded with caution.

        Note: RT’s readership and viewership are 180 degrees apart. Go to their comment section and say something anti Trump/Likud.

        On Hillary: can you in all honesty tell me that she was more pro Israel and pro Saudi than the Trump ?

      • Wait, wasn’t Lee Camp showing why Trump would be just another corporatist puppet since before the selection…?

    4. There is absolutely no question that RT was and is sweeping full time the garbage that Trump leaves behind. I thought at some point that they will get tired of it, but it seems that their agenda is well financed. A collection of contortionist writeups with half assed logic put together by the same anti liberal Bannon trolls with plenty of female skin in between to be pushed as news. It’s like Fox News on steroids.

      So US is nicely divided now with cons vs libs spewing hate for each other while zio bankers are looting.
      And YouTube comment sections are filled with anti lib likudniks working for a worthless shekel. The average Trump base in the US doesn’t have many literates who can create an account and post.

    5. You are right about RT having sold out . I can hardly watch it and have pretty much switched full time to Press TV where VT and other interesting souls such as the author of ‘The Host and the Parasite’ get interviewed in a fair and level handed manor. Morad Gazdiev is the only journalist left on RT who knows the score but he rarely is seen or heard of now and soon he will be completely sidelined. America’s collapse into complete Orwellian dystopia is now complete and I feel for those good souls who have to go down with the ship.

    6. Hi Gordon
      Not sure if comment directed at ‘jason” is me, but seems like it.
      “Just saying” he is not Somali.
      Also I easily gound his job, Instagram page and could of gone much deeper if had time and inclination to do so.
      He isn’t fluent in Russian or Farsi or Chinese, not world traveler or worked for state dept USAID I could find… As I was suspicous looking forstuff, going through his Linked site which would be evidence he is CIA assassin which is what I figured at first too
      Doesn’t seem radical Muslim all his friends on Instagram white college kids so last 4 years most probably spent getting loaded partying there as Instagram shows. His parents history and other stuff.will show up later on there is huge list of people to contact on Linked site is down you want to spend days interviewing them all about his history . Seems like he is from SF area, as most of his contacts from there but I don’t know!
      I know exactly area (Westlake and Denny) all this happened, and leading up hill to freeway coming from tech offices area there is confusing entrance ramp to go north is to left, and to right you would think to go south, but actually the right hand choice but s an EXIT ramp. It’s easy to go up wrong way accidently there and easy on purpose f all there is do not enter sign.
      Think about that wall of vans and SUVs creating a blockade on freeway…those are not state trooper vehicles! they are pedestrian vehicles! Those guys drove their cars onto freeway and created a wall for protection and to block the freeway! Interesting huh…so if they could get there easy easy so could guy in Jaquar…note the man who chased down the Jaquar was pedestrian his truck must of been one of the trucks at protest parked in a blockade.
      The Ukranian soldier who tried to ram police lines with tanker truck was some sort of CIA USAID agent but don’t think this guy is.
      He probably thought those were state patrol cars on freeway. Veered around them was surprised protestors there never saw them until too lare…note he slowed down came to stop later not far down road with hazard lights on.waiting for cops to nab him. Not an assassin’s behavior but “I don’t know* just a curious spectator. I appreciate your work with VT I am on “your side” !

    7. My gut is he may have been on mushrooms. I have driven on acid, (maybe more than once) and this is not exactly what it looked like, but I did drive on the sidewalk and run 10 red lights to get to a Supertramp concert with a van full of people and drugs and alcohol. Mushrooms are a bit lower than acid, and generally full of superpowers, but also, not conducive to this environment.
      I would still consider legalizing mushrooms, the drawbacks do not outweigh the benefits, but like strawberries dipped in chocolate, it is not every day food. It can be taught just like wine is.

      • Hi Dave
        Could be shrooms, or any of the hundreds of “designer” drugs kids will put in bong and smoke. Pills they will crush up smoke see what happens, weed legal but weed can be dipped in anything that can turn you into Daredevil lunatic…ould be most any drug this guy was .the cop saying not impaired within minutes means not much. The guy just not appeared drunk is all that means .I agree he was probably hyped up on something had wild idea to race Jaquar down a closed off freeway.

      • Mushrooms (eaten by a new experiencer) should be consumed in a controlled environment surrounded by experienced people. A person who is new to mushrooms should never be left alone. A person who is new at mushrooms should never drive.
        Acid, enhances your abilities, even in intense situations, but mushrooms do not have that edge, that enhances the kung fu powers to the level acid does. The dosage and the accepted activities are different. The common link between mushrooms and acid is certain people just run. They take off, because they have been trapped their whole lives. Experienced people, look for the runners. It is a thing.

      • I have ridden a motorcycle on LSD on weekend nights – quite the trip but it always ends when I get to Sheridan.

    8. Canada hasn’t At first I thought you were just a conspiracy theorist gone way over the top but in all candor, I simply cannot take anything you claim as anything other than the rankings of a leftist doing what Andrew Breitbart warned us about, looking to infiltrate and mislead, sow divisions or make us look bad.

    9. Using kids. Killing kids. Eating kids (adrenachrome).

      Trump and his white power thugs is just a cover for killing our kids. Black, White, Latino or Aboriginal…….their plan is to force our kids into a frenzy through Black Lives Matter and Antifa or any expression which is opposed to white supremacy.

      Prove to me how either of these rebel groups are responsible for all the violence they are being accused of.

      Everything is reversed.

      When we were kids they either sent us to Vietnam or threw us into a frenzied stupor protesting US presence in Vietnam.

      We need to protect these kids. Allow them the space and freedom to stand up to Trump and his thugs to say “I DO NOT CONSENT.”

      Once again I call upon the assistance of the US Military.

      Please, please. Protect our children.

    10. I was there… I am an independent photographer (retired US Army 25M and Staff Photographer). I-5 has not been closed for days… it has been closed intermittently for brief periods nightly when marches occur. The suspect used an off-ramp to gain access to the freeway. I have images from the scene and the press conference following.

      Not sure what all the tinfoil hat CIA stuff is about… But my last position was at the USAPCOM Joint JIOC… in recent years… not 50 years ago. If you want a fellow Retired and Disabled Veteran’s reporting on things in the PNW… let me know.

      • Jason,
        You just told us absolutely nothing. Tell us about Dawit, who his parents are, where he lives, works, was born, those minor things. Get us that information. What we want to know is this, who are his parents, where is his family from and how did he get to the United States. Who paid for his education. Then find out why none of this information has been made available when, normally, this is exactly what we would have learned first, when an african born muslim commits a terrorist act in the US, the right should have jumped all over it unless ordered not to and we know who orders that.

    11. He is not Somali!!!
      he is of Ethiopian/Eritrian/Tangery descent
      I am from Seattle, the Ethiopians there are usually Eritrians when you talk to them …this guy in Jaquar in his Link ed page said he is an English speaker and knows some dialect from Tangery, which is another small country off shoot of Ethiopia. Anyways he is not Somali so you should correct that is all.
      Where most of the Ethiopians live is up near Seattle University, which is on Capitol Hill. (FYI)
      That AstroTurf field where the protestors camped out in chop zone used to be where you could go any night or late afternoon and play in a pickup soccer game, no referees, small goals,, no slide tackles, nobody keeps score everyone just plays ball everyone from different country too so much fun! Usually 3 or 4 Eritrians play…some are Christian sone Muslim. Nobody cares….
      I had no problem last night checking out both his Instagram page and his Linked page.
      His job was sales manager at Door Dash if you want to know .
      His Instagram page was filled with party friends doing typical college dorm having good time stuff.
      I still think he is not some paid assasin, here was taking Jaquar out for a wild ride down the closed off freeway. In the summer they always close the freeway for a week or two and do repairs….I guess it’s been closed for 19 days because protestors jump onto it and stop traffiic and it got to be dangerous.
      Also EVERYONE in Seattle hate Trump…I would put it at 95%
      of people there…lots of Mexicans and Latinos in Seattle,.they all hate him. Lots and lots of Chinese in Seattle and especially it’s suburbs ..they all hate him but don’t want to get involved much about it. .afraid now to be deported perhaps so they keep quiet…the zillions of east- Indians who work tech companies hate him but don’t want to get involved.too …the Blacks in Seattle hate him and the whites hate him too…only ethnic group that likes Trump somewhat are the Vietnamese who got run out of Vietnam by the commumists this is only time you will find some ridiculous Trump MAGA supporter in Seattle…Bannon too has zero support in Seattle….Capitol Hill is also the very LGBT area in Seattle. Seems like majority of people there gay, and so are the police there there too.


    12. Watching the video, I certainly empathize with the emotion of the narrator. That impact was horrific.

    13. Mr. Duff do you remember that great 60’s TV show called the flying nun?

      Your staged video was “the flying lesbiens ” as just an observation.

    14. Wow, if this is an attempt to start a race war in the USA… Sorry, we aren’t up for it. If this is an excuse to declare martial law and send all these phony GIs into the streets? Well, I could believe that, but why don’t they wait until millions of people are jobless, homeless, and starving? That’s coming right up. Then they can use those troops to help quell the food riots. May Heaven help us all.

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