Gallup: Trump polls sinking, sinking, sinking, sinking, sinking


Daily Beast: President Trump’s approval rating has sunk to 38 percent, according to Gallup’s latest poll, with significant drops even recorded among his most loyal support base: old white men.

After reaching a personal Gallup best of 49 percent in May, Trump’s approval rating slid in June and is now 3 percentage points above his all-time low of 35 percent in 2017.

Trump’s popularity fell sharply among all demographic groups: Midwesterners, women, white college grads, and more. He fell below majority approval among white Americans, men, older Americans, Southerners, and those without a college degree.

Fifty-seven percent of white Americans without a college degree surveyed approved of his performance, a drop from 66 percent recorded from January to May.

The only silver lining: His popularity among Republicans rose from 85 percent to 91 percent. Approval among Democrats sank from 5 to 2 percent, creating the largest partisan gap ever recorded in a Gallup presidential approval poll.



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  1. @ George,
    was schreiben Sie für einem Unsinn? Hat Herr Putin die von Ihnen
    genannten hunderte ermordet?? Es dürfte doch bekannt sein, da war doch gerade die Wahl zum Präsidenten in Russland. Welche Herr Putin locker
    gewonnen hat durch die Anerkennung seines Volkes. Er ist nun mal der einzige von dem Westlichen Regierungen, welcher einen Verstand hat.

    P.S. Grüsse das Forum

    • I didn’t want to comment this bull$hit, but:
      You’d better save this crap for CNN, George.
      Nothing personal.

    • for Andy Armavir (Russia)
      Shit in your head!
      Only a troll receiving a salary will defend the killer of Magnitsky, Litvinenko, Nemtsov and hundreds of other little-known political rivals of Putin so much.
      You are a bastard and the day will come when you and those like you will answer for all your crimes.

    • I think George is a Ukrainian, that would explain why he is so clearly brainwashed to the point of being totally out of touch with reality. Litvinenko poisoned himself with one of the polonium dsks he was smuggling from Russia to Israel as part of a Ukrainian-Russian-Judeo-Zionist mafia smuggling ring run by Boris Berezovsky from London. Magnitsky was killed by that same mafia as he was about to expose how they had stolen trillions from the Russian economy. Nemtsov was a traitor, part of the Yeltsin-era group of utterly corrupt politicians who enabled the mafia to steal those trillions. The current ‘Russian opposition’ Navalny is a CIA agent, his entire movement and career was financed and managed by the National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA front tasked with regime change operations, they were responsible for the Maidan coup, the Arab Spring and many other regime change crimes.

    • @George:
      I’m not a lawyer to defend anyone. And you write nonsense that does you no credit.
      Apparently, wisdom doesn’t come with age in your case. And don’t insult me. I don’t like it very much. But I consider it beneath my dignity to stoop to your level.
      All the best.

  2. “old white men”…oh the delicious irony! In this time, and in this place, that would include the “Woodstock generation”. Remember them,…peace, love, anti-war demonstrations, draft-card burning, and campus sit-ins? The reasoned voices of media and sociology called it the “Generation Gap”. It’s back! Only like musical chairs, the players have traded places. Remember that “Daily Beast” when you are the old white man.

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