Breakthrough: Tuesday 4:20 PM, Vienna, America is given a COVID cure, Will it be withheld?

    The same offer stands for Israel, during her current COVID 19 crisis

    redacted cover sheet of the technical document forwarded to Donald Trump by the US Embassy in Vienna

    …by Gordon Duff and Mehran T. Keshe for VT

    Editor’s note: We are publishing this as proof that a COVID cure has been offered the US.  We aren’t selling anything and we have nothing to prove.  We are just establishing the facts and nothing else.  We are doing what we can.  We can do no more, certainly no less.

    Last Tuesday at 4:20PM, representatives of Iran delivered this document to the US Embassy for Austria in Vienna.  It was reviewed at the embassy, accepted and we were assured it would be sent to the White House.

    “This is a gift we can’t refuse, a real gift from the Iranian nation.” (Senior consular official, US Embassy Austria, June 30, 2020 at 4:20 PM.

    Thus far there has been no response.

    What is being asserted here?

    This information held here is a roadmap to rid the United States of COVID 19 in months, not years, perhaps even weeks.  The success of this method using GANS technology is 95%.

    Key areas of Iran are now successfully treating COVID 19.  These proprietary technologies have been offered to the US free of charge.  The photos below are Keshe based treatment facilities and distribution in Iran:

    GANS distribution at Mosques Cleaning the streets Senior officials visit GANS production facility

    The Keshe Foundation and the National Defense University of Iran are inviting the US to send a medical delegation to Iran to review their GANS based treatment for COVID 19.

    Mehran T. Keshe Gans production

    You see, Iran has a magic cure for COVID 19, one being distributed at mosques for no charge, one being made by Iranians at home.  In the regions of Iran where this has been used, and there have been some issues which we will get into, we are told deaths are now zero and have been for weeks.

    Gans production

    Other areas, there are still problems.

    Key to this offer, one which President Trump has not responded to, and this is why this is being published now, otherwise it would still be highly classified is this:

    • Either someone withheld this from the president or
    • President Trump is, according to Mehran T. Keshe, failing to accept a gift that would save tens of thousands of Americans.

    The 102 page report outlines their data on Coronavirus and the specifics on their use of Keshe related GANS (Gas in a Nano State, see below) to treat COVID 19 patients and to eliminate the virus.

    Gans Production

    Along with the offer of this technology transfer, no strings whatsoever, there is also a political offer as well, to open a dialog directly with President Trump.

    We were told that this document and the political offer as well were forwarded by the Embassy to the President.

    We would also mention that this treatment has not been applied in Iran without some difficulty from the deeply embedded health bureaucracy.

    The photos here are from the from the document sent directly to Trump.

    ​The Nano state of a ‘CAPTURED’ and CONCENTRATED GAS is already in the magnetic-gravitational plasmatic state, which radiates out its own spinning magnetic plasma energy fields just like The Sun, whilst drawing in gravitational plasmatic fields. A container of GANS essentially contains millions of Suns within it.

    This spinning energy flow is directed by intentionally placed Magnetic and Gravitational nanocoated coils mounted in a MAGRAV unit. It is the interaction of the MAGRAV fields between nano plates and other matter that creates the condition that allows GANS to manifest.

    We now know that GANS is another state of matter at its atomic level. It is the closest thing to source energy in this experience at this moment and it vibrates at a perfectly balanced frequency. GANS can be used to attract and repel or can be used to bring another similar field into balance. It holds a perfectly tuned note, or notes, that enable the body systems to re-tune, or come into focus.
    Click to this article for a more in depth discussion.

    Types of GANS.  Anything can be converted to a GANS state in fact.  The primary GANS for this technology is Co2/ZnO  from the copper and zinc plate method, but other metals can be used, and then non metallic materials such as Calcium, Food, Seawater, Soil etc can also be made.

    Once you have a GANS, the basic gel can be used, or it can be dried into a paste or powder, depending on the application intended.  The head of distilled water above a settled gans gel is called GANS water, and water that has been charged by adjacent GANS solutions is called Plasma Water: So, GANS, GANS water and Plasma Water can all be used for the various applications.


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    1. Another genetic job on a virus?
      Just in on Sputnik..
      “BEIJING (Sputnik) – The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan on Friday warned China’s citizens about an outbreak of an unknown type of pneumonia with a high mortality rate in the Central Asian nation.”

    2. Why would Trump want to accept a cure for something he doesn’t regard as a problem. Sell it to the American public who will be only too glad to pay for it in lieu of Iran’s magnanimous gesture. What was the reaction from the Putin and Ji regimes? If other countries take up the slack it will paint Trump black and shame and BLaMe him out of office. This is Trump’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment and we can be sure his Zio Ash Can Nazi operatives will laugh him to scorn if he even thinks of relenting and actually doing something for the countless Goy who elected him. So now with a gun to his head as far as America is concerned it is either a choice of ‘Roulette’ or ‘Rule It.’ The Zio’s will be only too willing to help him with the latter option and to pull the trigger. Mention of which maybe instead they can give him his Hollywood wish – a masked cowboy (how apt) like the Lone Ranger on Trigger riding off into an orange sunset.

    3. This is quite an act of unconditional forgiveness in the interests of human brotherhood by the Islamic Republic. I wish we had leaders like that.

      • Hi dear friend
        I live in Iran and am one of the students of Keshe Foundation.
        God willing, we will soon build a world full of peace and friendship with each other’s help.

        A world where all races live together in peace.

    4. Sorry were getting into shit that the deep state & big pharma, etc dont want out there. Basicly this tech just cured the common cold & a lot more as they are all coronavirus, you wont see this coming out any time soon, especially from the states! Cheers JF.

    5. In a nutshell, viruses are charged negative, water is naturally charged negative, and so they don’t stick together. (Might be both positive, doesn’t matter right now in this description,)
      If water is charged (conditioned) in reversed polarity via pulsing electromagnets or by sweeping very strong permanent magnets, the water now can become positively charged and will stick to the negative charged virus! Drink the water, piss out the virus!! Simple eh…
      Knowing resonant frequency of virus (being the “carrier” of the nano tech lab-created bioweapon), this magnetically conditioned water can be manufactured to target exactly the resonant frequency of the particular virus!
      It will latch more strongly to the virus, when this water is created in the viruse’s resonant frequency, like tuning a radio dial to latch to a radio station.
      All this nutshell but is basically how GANS works. (I think) Not too hard to understand. My friend Ismael Aviso of Phillipines set up magnetic health water plants around the world doing this…..I bet Keshe got wind of it, or they collaborated both Ismael and Keshe involved in free energy machines too. Both relatively open source as well.
      Keshe a good man trying to help world , Trump trying to only help himself, that will be problem!
      Perhaps Trump could be convinced (lied to) that Keshe is member of MEK the pro Israel terrorist cult in Iran to get him to consider it!

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