The Real Mafia, MEGA, Wexner-Epstein and the British Royals (Who QaNon covers for)


VT: Please note that although this video, and it is of exceptional importance, seems well supported, much is conjecture and based on anecdotal ‘mosaics’ which it overconnects.

That said, the information on the British royals is vital and much of the Israel/Mossad material is well documented.

We have one fear; it seems we may be looking at a ton of great material which is being used to point a finger at Bill Clinton that real evidence seem to differ from.

We also see strong attempts to play down Trump’s relationship with Epstein, 15 years of constant pedophile prowling.

Our sources are from inside Trump/Epstein’s personal associates and from Wexner’s people as well..and we know most of them.

But then, this isn’t our story, but we warn, for every drop of honey, one of cyanide is there as well.


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  1. We should place sanctions on Britain and Israel, prohibiting them from operating any media, or any lobby, in the US. If they break this, or violate it in any way, we should then rescind any passports and close the embassies.
    Withdrawal from five eyes should happen immediately, and the redirection of our intelligence sharing with other countries should be taken dark. All of our bases now working in support of or operating in those two countries, should closed and vacated immediately. Anything less than this, is tantamount to treason. It is the direct and obvious goal of religion and Monarchy to work in concert to control the US. And we are letting them.

  2. I found the most vomit-worthy moment to be Rothschild exclaiming, “I genuinely feel it’s one of the most extraordinary moments in the history of the Jewish people”, when asked about the Balfour Declaration. That such a perfidious lizard lords over mankind is a source of great despair.
    A sad indictment of US intelligence and law enforcement, that all this is known about and allowed.
    The video of Trump at the go-go party with Epstein completely belies Trump’s recollection of his relationship with Epstein.

  3. Listen to full uncut phone interview of Maria Farmer with Whitney Webb on YouTube on internet somewhere (Maria now has “gag order”)
    Shaun Attwood posted them. There is parts one and two
    Maria goes full-honesty about the whole Jewish supremacy thing that these billionaire pedophiles cling to in order to justify themselves in eyes of “Zion” whoever that is.
    Maria talked about a chef of Epstein who knew everything, was always around…he was found dead shortly after interview
    The bodyguard of Wexler who theatened to Kill Maria now Will Smith’s bodyguard don’t know what that means.i
    Wexler is the kingpin in USA of whole mess that’s for sure
    mafia to the core drugs money whores kidnapping child trafficking and murders politicians all corrupted…satanical fuckers everywhere too it all goes deep into heart of the dicks in charge includes Trump he is scrambling.

  4. On the topic of sex and public figures, scandals, ..things we would not actually want to know,

    Trump is first place among presidents we have historical accuracy on.

    If anyone has evidence to the contrary let them come forward. And all of it pales in comparison to the number one violator. RCC ,….period end of story.

  5. Dude it’s a tie in modern history, you do know he had a 12 year old killed to scare a 13 year old. He DJT. and the story begins. We won’t even get into sex with slaves, and I mean actual slaves…, oh, never mind.

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