25 million Iranians have ALREADY caught Covid-19 & figure may go way higher 

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This was a shocker, with the writer telling us that the official virus count is vastly below the number of those who have had it.

For a couple months, I have been watching the reported infections that kept to a 2500 per day range, with the dead in the 200s per day, despite all their efforts. But now we see what can only be called real numbers, perhaps previously hidden, and I have to ask why.

This is the land Keshe’s GANS water treatment, which has been shown to test with positive results. This could mean either Iranian medicine has developed a high survival rate, or the Iranians have a stronger immune system than most.

On the bright side, if these numbers are correct, then Iran’s death percentages are tiny. Why did he not say so earlier? To what does he attribute that low death rate? We have the tedious situation where a story raises more questions than it answers.

As Trump’s poll numbers plunge on his coronavirus non-leadership, he has begun backing off acting like he is in control of situation, admitting now that “it will get worse before it gets better”.

His political advisers certainly suggested the shift, as the poll numbers with red state governors are dropping and more than a few red state Republicans are hiring political consultants to save them from going down with Trump in November.

More poll returns are showing a growth in the number of previous supporters who only consider themselves “Republican leaning”, which would include the independents, who could play a key role in closely contested statesJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … July 07, 2020

Iran’s coronavirus count stands at roughly 269,000 but the actual number of Covid-positive persons is nearly 90 times higher, President Hassan Rouhani suggested. Critically, millions more are at risk of catching the contagion.

It is estimated that “25 million Iranians have been infected with the coronavirus so far and about 14,000 people have lost their lives,” Rouhani declared, while addressing a national Covid-19 task force, official news agency IRNA reported Saturday.

Rouhani’s estimates mean that in Iran, home to over 80 million, almost every third citizen has tested positive for coronavirus.

Invoking health ministry data, the President said 500 out of 1,000 Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic, which only aggravates the risk of transmitting the deadly disease.

Furthermore, “30 to 35 million people are likely to be exposed to the disease in the coming months,” the president suggested, urging compatriots to follow strict distancing and hygiene rules in order to break the transmission chain.

Rouhani’s gruesome prediction eclipses figures published by authoritative international sources. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center currently puts the number of Iranian cases at over 269,400 and the number of deaths at over 13,700.

In late-April and mid-May, Iran relaxed some of its lockdown measures, reopening mosques, bazaars, public parks and restaurants. In the weeks that followed, the mortality rate went up, prompting health officials to increase testing and to warn citizens against neglecting distancing rules.

The Islamic Republic was, and still is, the hardest-hit nation in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and Qatar – who reported 245,851 and 105,898 cases respectively – are trailing behind Iran in a regional rating.


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  1. A possibly related development are repeated reports of mysterious explosions around Tehran since about the announcement of an Iranian anti-air defensive support agreement with Syria.

  2. If you read Wikipedia description of SARScovid19 outbreak in Iran, general Salami says they are now “engaged in biological warfare”, and Ali Khaemani says the USA has attacked them with a special virus that kills specifically the Iranian population.
    So this is not the same bioweapon as what hit Wuhan, in what hit Iran.
    Look up the first reported cases in various countries, 84 of them came from Iranian, not Chinese travelers.
    I have mentioned this in comments section here a dozen times;
    the USA attacked Iran with a biological weapon diquised as the Wuhan flu virus but more deadly and contagious, and which targets the Persian and Arab darker skinned, black haired genome structure..this was in a “covert” retaliation (blame on China) for the missle attack on the two US airbases in Iraq by Iran.
    Do you think Trump and Pompeo (and war party congress leaders) would NOT do it if they thought they could get away with it?
    This Iranian-specific bioweaponed virus went rogue, (unfortunate) did not stay within Iran as the death lab engineers guaranteed it would. Now it’s everywhere mutating rapidly too.
    Prove me wrong eh!
    I wonder if Keshe knows this, realized it, and spky argeted the nanoteched add-ons (seen with electron microscope) with nano teched neutralizing agents (resonating “bio magnetics” perhaps to describe it)

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