Trump’s ‘Shitstain Commandos’ Retreat to Bunkers as Protesters ‘Get Tough on Federal Crime’

Trump's paramilitary commanded by DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, a Major in the IDF


Guardian: Night upon night the chant goes up in front of Portland’s federal courthouse: “Whose streets?”  Who scared Trumpstain’s warriors?

The answer depends on the hour of the day. After Donald Trump sent federal agents to take control of a city he said had been abandoned by its mayor to anarchists and mob rule, the protesters still turning out in support of Black Lives Matter can make a legitimate claim that these are, as the chant goes, “our streets”.

Trump’s occupation commander, Israeli citizen Chad Wolf, a serving Major in the Israeli Defense Forces

Department of Homeland Security taskforce agents were again out firing waves of teargas and throwing stun grenades against a hard core of a few hundred demonstrators in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The confrontation centered on the courthouse at the heart of several blocks of downtown Portland that have effectively fallen under the control of the protesters after the city police withdrew.

But after pushing back demonstrators, many of them kitted out in helmets and gas masks, the federal agents retreated into their courthouse citadel to mocking jeers and women who were part of the “Wall of Moms” protest linking arms and chanting: “Our streets.”

This ritual was played out three times on Wednesday morning but the end result was the same as every other night. The DHS officers dispatched by the president to put down the demonstrations have instead become prisoners of the building they are ostensibly there to defend.

“The feds don’t have control of the streets,” said a woman holding a sign, “100% not a terrorist”, who gave her name only as Shannon. “I think they’re more scared than us. They’re hiding in there. They don’t know what they’re doing.”


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  1. Mr. Duff,

    My fab carbon fiber mask shipped via USPS. Will test it. If I were to attend a tRump rally as I told Jack Heart I would wear a mask.

    DHS, gosh dealt with them in my federal Job as many of these asshats always throwing their weight around as one of them that left my agency for DHS and came back for a visit and running his mouth as I told him to get off my dock.

    I called the local police. They asked him to leave and why? He did not have proper ID. He screamed at me how I was going to be placed upon a watch list as I told him to fuck off. Got a police report as do you think anything happened?

    Whom ever is running this operation? who knows as its way above my pay grade.

    One thing I know as DHS has a few thousand really tough agents out of 200000 plus employees as the rest of them are little pervs and groupers at your local airport just wanted to remind all of you of what I saw. LOL…

  2. Typical, because following the law is inconvenient, for the enforcers, so they use words like anarchy, when the anarchy by police state is exactly what is happening, and exactly what is being protested against. Follow the law, stop abusing citizens, stop stupid wars, and stop abusing the rights you told us we fought for. Stop It. Enough is enough, these are our streets, that is our money, and this is what we say. Anyone who says anarchy, is not clued in. They are triggered. The police work for us, and when that is not the case it is Tyranny.

  3. I don’t brook “johnny come lately’s” pretending to be concerned and giving opinions. People have been on the ground, many of them veterans, for years, and even the mom’s have more guts and balls than the parade of “oh I get it now, maybe I should say somethings”.
    Sure I can dig the Navy dude, who took it and stood there. But he didn’t get thrown into a cell after a good beating like tons of others. He took a couple whacks. Good film, but hardly the seasoned protestors, even Jane Fonda has been arrested and shown more bravery.
    So, welcome to the fight, get your balls tucked into your sock and do something. We are currently fine in our supply of rhetoric and soundbites. We need action to show you are in it.

    See, it’s laughable when someone says, Oh I just checked the law, and the protestors are right. The people who say that, would join the British in 5 seconds and bow to the queen.

    Always open to newly turned, get a ticket and bring your own supplies. When you feel the unity of being on the side that is right, it will be nearly impossible to go back, so prepare for that too. Got something to say,..Put It On A Sign. and carry it. That goes for Generals and Colonels too. Cowards,.

    • The first day I see Mattis pushing his way to the front of the line, in the US, is the first day he gets respect. We all know there are things worth protecting, and situational awareness conveniently construed to protect the “leaders”, and we also know it don’t mean shit if it is never applied in a ‘real” situation. You know, the one where they have weapons and superiority and you have milk to wash the tear gas, and maybe a free hotdog by the support team. Can I imagine Mattis struggling while being handcuffed, no I cannot. They are soooooo above that.
      Hide or get in, squealers.
      Want to know what the revolution was like, take a look at Portland, not exactly brimming with priests and prayers and stars and medals,.on the peoples side. And Mattis called people who don’t join the military ‘Pussies”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact , back atcha Jennie.

  4. David,

    I was doing this 50 years ago as a vet. Before that, for Adlai Stevenson, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy

    • Don’t question your effort, my comment is directed elsewhere. I’m just short of 50 on the ground

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