Trump’s ‘BORTAC’ Force, Traffickers of ‘Whatever You Got’ (updated)

BORTAC is currently deployed in Portland, Oregon (illegally) and is a highly controversial group as whenever we run into them, they are protecting drug shipments


Under the Bush 43 regime, really the Netanyahu/Cheney regime, an agency known as DHS was set up to coordinate mob activities between the major banks, the drug cartels and the Kosher Nostra bosses.

A number of clandestine organizations were created and black funded in order to carry out the dirty deeds, keep drugs flowing, move cash, knock off competitors…

VT: Talking about BORTAC is risky.  We have information, tons of it, but almost all is either classified or puts our people in danger.  I will try to tell a story but first, starting with who are these clowns?

BORTAC is currently deployed in Portland, Oregon (illegally) and is a highly controversial group as whenever we run into them, they are protecting drug shipments, not just on the Mexican border but moving heroin from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to Europe and CONUS.

Something is very wrong when they are employed against Wall of Moms, real moms, real wall or Wall of Veterans, where two were wounded by BORTAC idiots.

Where Special Forces are “fake Marines,” BORTAC is fake “Special Forces/SEALS.”

This is the striking fist of the most corrupt agency in the US, DHS, and its most corrupt division, Border Patrol/ICE.  These are traffickers, human, narcotics, cash, guns…

So, Border Patrol has its own Navy SEALS?  Funny thing, BORTAC, the most secretive clandestine organization of the US government, far less public than Delta and talked about less than MJ, does one thing and one thing well.  It works in and around narcotics, not just on the US border but anywhere, the Balkans, Kosovo, Albania and, in particular, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.

We learned about them when I got a call for a senior member of a Middle East intelligence agency, a small but powerful nation of bagel munchers.  A close friend of this individual, who is a longtime friend of mine, had spent 2 years working with BORTAC in Mexico.

This person was now charged with a crime and is currently in Federal Prison.

The shit hit the fan, as it were when a well-known athlete (or sorts/media hog/asshole) leaked a story to the press that our person had threatened him and that our person as it were (excuse my circuitous dialog) is a known assassin and that during one of these threats “our person” (sorry) was covered from head to foot with blood from an operation done with/against/?? the drug cartels in affiliation with agencies including BORTAC.

This hit ESPN.  Then there was a bogus arrest..a long story and one we can’t get into while we have one of our people being held hostage.

VT has worked with teams operating against the cartels and one of our folks (different), FBI, worked undercover with Mexican intelligence, against the cartels but also exposing Cuban involvement in funding GOP congressional races using drug money.

From the Cato Institute:

“Unidentified, camouflage‐​wearing federal agents carrying military-style equipment have been caught on video abducting people in Portland, Oregon. They do not bother to make formal arrests, read the captured their rights, or even announce the reason for detainment. The fact that the number of those abducted thus far appears small and that they have later been released without charges being filed does not make the abuse of basic civil liberties less shocking.

The deployment was ordered by Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, who has said he is willing to send similar units to other cities that fail to bring an end to the post‐​George Floyd protests, a position that President Trump has affirmed. This has been done over the objections of both the governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland.

The Oregon Department of Justice has since filed a lawsuit against multiple federal agencies alleging “unlawful law enforcement in violation of the civil rights of Oregon citizens by seizing and detaining them without probable cause.” Those of us who still believe in the importance of protecting state and local prerogatives in the face of an ever‐​encroaching federal government should be alarmed.

The fact that Wolf is an acting secretary is significant; he is able to wield this power by executive will alone and without having to go through the checks and balances constitutionally provided by Senate confirmation, a habit that Cato scholars have condemned in the past. Indeed, Wolf is the fifth to hold the position in the Trump administration and the third to do so in an acting capacity.

It is an unprecedented rate of turnover for the office; nearly as many people have filled the position in Trump’s single term (five) as during the last four presidential terms combined (six). It raises the prospect of a future executive being able to cycle through acting officials in order to avoid legislative scrutiny until he or she finds one willing to grossly violate the Constitution.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, has been deeply involved in the Portland action. The Cato Institute has been a consistent critic of mission creep at CBP ever since the creation of this Frankenstein’s monster of an agency in 2003. Cato scholars have called out the agency for running inhumane detention camps, failing to punish gross criminal misconduct, and operating internal checkpoints deep inside the United States.

Indeed, few people realize that the court system has upheld CBP’s claim that the “border zone” should extend 100 miles from any national or coastal boundary, a line that encompasses nearly two‐​thirds of all Americans. Within that zone and regardless of whether you are an immigrant, CBP agents can search you without a warrant, detain you without probable cause, and even deport citizens without due process. In short, CBP enjoys very few of the checks on police power that hold state and local law enforcement to account and protect basic civil liberties.

Customs and Border Patrol has eagerly sought out opportunities to enhance these already expansive powers. For example, the particular CBP outfit responsible for the abductions in Portland is the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC). It is CBP’s version of a SWAT team and it is ordinarily tasked with conducting high risk raids on drug cartel operations near the border.

But earlier this year, CBP pushed to take these units off the border and deploy them in “sanctuary cities” to hunt down illegal immigrants. It was a trial run for the current proceedings given that the targeted cities were opposed to their presence and it brought a militarized force round to bear on a process featuring a relatively low risk of violence. It was a questionable decision that seemed to be more about discomfiting political opponents of the administration than a matter of effective law enforcement.

Worse, CBP’s nascent role as a cut‐​rate secret police force that operates at the discretion of the executive branch is merely one manifestation of the creeping, bi‐​partisan paramilitarization of the federal government. During the recent Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, DC, the Trump administration staged a force of at least 1,600 active duty military personnel at bases outside the city.

Those troops remained outside. The administration did not need the military to suppress urban unrest when it had paramilitary forces ready at hand. If that sounds extreme, consider that the administration easily gathered some 3,000 non uniformed, heavily armed riot control officers from the Bureau of Prisons, some of whom were used to clear protestors from Lafayette Park so that Trump could stage a photo op in front of a nearby church.”  more..



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  1. Actually, this has been going on for quite some time. Back in the 1980’s it was LA FBI ASAC Ted Gunderson covering Magic Mike for LBs of crank so MM could proceed with his real business; backdooring or’ icing’ expensive ‘puter sysyems…it ended up a spectacular success for somebody, just not them. Tons of money thru the hands of ‘Uncle Ted’. I heard that people vanished. All the same federal gummin’t barstids.
    Is the John Poindexter- from the Scalea Affair the same dude from Iran/Contra?


  2. When you stand against fascism, the only ones that fight you are the fascists.
    There are lots of videos showing people demonstrating how to get through the “checkpoints”.

  3. Memo to CBP and BORTAC ,.. you need to listen to Mike Hastie Viet Nam vet who got pepper sprayed point blank in Portland while simply conveying his message peacefully. He is pouring his heart out to tell you something.
    Vietnam Vet Stands Up To Feds In Portland starts at 2:32 from July 26
    I believe he is the voice of many vets from many wars. Please ask why so many veterans die from suicide slow or fast.

  4. So BORTAC is doing the human trafficking, especially children. I’m reading into your statement about collecting illegal immigrants.

    These are the people (immigrants) whose abductions will go unnoticed. These are the people who are sold into slavery ie intergalactic trade and whose bodies are sold to Hollywood (and elsewhere) to be eaten in some form of delicacy cuisine. These are the people whose children are tortured over and over for their pituitary and adrenal secretions for the adrenochrome trade.

    Its about time the perpetrators of human abductions and torture be held accountable. If it isn’t this BORTAC, then they need to inform us of who it is. It sounds like they know.

  5. I am fairly certain that BORTAC or some similar Federal outfit was in SLC, UT at the BLM protests. The day after the cars were flipped and burned, one police and one uncivilian (hatchet and compound bow wielding lunatics’) unidentified men in an unmarked vehicle apprehended, assaulted and interrogated two young men one was let go the other taken into custody for involvement in the police car situation. This Federal occupation far more prevalent than is being reported.

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