More Than 900 U.S. Front-Line Health Care Workers Have Died of COVID-19


Over 900 Front-Line Health Care Workers Have Died of COVID-19

Kaiser Health News and The Guardian reveal interactive database stats

Health Editor’s Note: These are the faces of 900 health care workers, just in the U.S. who are now dead.  Numbers of dead health care workers are mounting in all countries across the world.  We are loosing so many people to coronavirus and we have lost those who everyday know that they are being exposed to COVID-19 while taking care of their patients.

We were not prepared to deal with COVID-19, a pandemic, and for the most part medical care as been treating symptoms and then trying to play catch up when blood starts clotting, lungs shut down, body systems stop working. COVID-19 has been a great ‘uknown’ as it adds to its bag of ways to harm the human body.  This is not your common cold coronavirus. 

Please take the time to look at the faces of these selfless individuals who ultimately gave their lives while doing their jobs, jobs that they probably loved to do. They all had lives and a story that has now come to an end, other than for those who remember them and will not forget them.  Know that we continue to have health care workers sickened by coronavirus and all we can do is hope that they will not die for their efforts on behalf of taking care of us, the American public. 

All of these now deceased healthcare workers would have told you to wash your hands, stay away from other people, wear a mask, and would have given anything to not be a portion of this statistic. Their families, friends, coworkers, all want them back.  Living, breathing, hard working healthcare workers all say the same things….’wear that mask, wash those hands and physically distance yourself from other humans.’ All of our lives depend on not giving COVID-19 more ammunition to feed its satanic flame…..Carol


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  1. I form my opinion from evidence that is available to me. I am impressed with the evidence on this site.
    I ask no one to believe what I say. I do, however, ask them to review the evidence that I have reviewed and then to form their own opinion.
    With respect to health and disease, I think we have been educated from the wrong point of view. The answer to the covid-19 problem is thought to be a vaccination. From the evidence I have reviewed over the years causes me to have a different point of view and a different understanding of how nature works.
    My references are: “Pottenger’s Cats” by Francis Pottenger, Jr; “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” By Weston A. Price, D.D.S.; four volumes of “The Albrecht Papers”, collections of papers by William Albrecht , PhD, published during his lifetime; and “Soil Grass and Cancer” by Andre Voison.
    “Pottenger’s Cats” is about the consequences for cats when they are fed a diet deficient in nutrition compared to when they are fed a nutritious diet. The experiment was done on about 900 cats over a ten year period. Even the manure of the two groups of cats differed with respect to its fertilizer value.
    “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” documents Price’s journey around the world searching for communities (often isolated) with extremely low incidence of dental caries and the resulting experiments he conducted on his return to the U.S.A. One example was an experiment with children chosen for rampant dental caries. On one nutritious meal a day, with no change in their food at home, the “…clinical effect was apparent complete control of dental caries for the entire group, as shown in the x-ray films.” -Price’s words. Open cavities were often left without fillings and the exposed dentin always took on a hard glassy finish.
    “The Albrecht Papers” documents the result of modern agriculture’s growing crops for maximum yield. The high yields attained are done at the expense of the nutritional value of the crop. Why don’t people realize this is the case? It’s simply because, as Albrecht says, “Biotic strata other than man are gifted in assaying their food intake according to different plant species and different degrees of rock development into soil in which plants grow.” In my words, there is only one dumb species when it comes to nutrition.
    In “Soil Grass and Cancer”, Voisin presents evidence that the “Health of animals and man is linked to the mineral balance of the soil”. I like this quote from Voisin: “Questions of deficiency in agricultural products become subjects of interest only when they find expression in a commercial loss. As long as it is only a matter of a lower ‘biological value for Man, no one is concerned.”

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