…from Glenn Kirschner, Ex-Federal prosecutor

[ Editor’s Note: I have been watching Glenn’s videos for over a month, as they are nice tight reviews of the many politico-legal battles going on. He has a strong resume as five years as an Army JAG prosecutor and then 25 years with the Feds in Washington.

Glenn’s video channel seems to be representing a body of prosecutors who are pushing for a broad based effort to look deep into the Trump regime’s shorts in January, assuming it is voted out of office.

They are interested in a long list of perceived criminal acts including a lot of conspiracy, which would include a frontal attack on Robert Barr’s office for allegedly serving Trump over his pledge to the American people.

The out of the blue announcement by relatively unknown Rep. Eric Swalwell, California, seemed at first to be an unnecessary duplication of Kirschner’s efforts, until I realized it is really a two pronged attack. 

Eric Swalwell, California

Yes, a Biden Justice Department would be able to launch and coordinate such an effort. But we can never write off that some magic hand may help Trump get over the finish line first, in which case, we will be seeing a lot more of AG Barr.

In that case, Eric Swalwell’s efforts from Congress might be the only game in town. But the other hurdle would be the Democratic leadership would have the final say on launching and funding such an effort.

There would be the issue as to whether impeachment would be the proper avenue, for example Trump’s trying to rig the election via his slow down of the mail system, for which he has been so kind to openly admit to us all.

For those of us juggling a wide variety of issues to stay up, on I have found Glenn’s material a big help. He is weak on geopolitics as he seems to get all of his material from the news, and VT readers know how unreliable that can be. But that said, he has a laser focus on Trump, the talent and the energy required to take on such a task.

But he knows how to present a good argument and explain legal strategies at the layman level. He has helped me stay abreast of these complex political-criminal cases going on. I think he could save you all time too, so I will be cherry picking the best ones to put up hereJim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … August 16, 2020

Representative Eric Swalwell has publicly called for a presidential crimes commission to investigate all crimes by Donald Trump and his criminal associates and enablers. Beginning in January, all suspected crimes by Trump and his associates and family members must be presented to a grand jury.

Bill Barr refuses to investigate crime and corruption by members of the Trump administration so it will be up to Joe Biden and his attorney general to begin the investigations in January. Because Justice Maters.


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  1. We have let the power brokers and Bankers off the hook for crimes for decades and each time it is done the next crime is worse. It is very likely that the power structure is going to ‘call’ the up coming election due to ‘unprecedented’ crisis’ i.e., Covid-19 restrictions at the poles, Chinese interference, and the ‘democrat’s’ inability to agree on the financial funding and their past 8 years of under-funding of the USPS, along with the ‘mass mail-in voter fraud’ diversion (it wasn’t Donalds fault the mail boxes, sorters being removed and destroyed and his pulling of 25 billion dollars in relief funds) King Don must win to keep himself, republican leadership, Billy Barr and the corrupt Supremes out of the gallows.

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