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Scroll to the bottom of this article for various sources estimating COVID death rates, including VT Senior Editor Gordon Duffs.

This week’s False Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for links) features numerous stories on corona madness & censorship: The governor of New Mexico wants to make masks and distancing permanent; Melbourne cops have free rein to enter private homes; the UK may lock down obese people; ethicists are floating a proposal to dose Americans with magic mushrooms to get them to accept masking/distancing/lockdowns, and Facebook has removed more than 7 million posts on COVID in an attempt to enforce orthodoxy.

Here is another crazy corona censorship story.

– Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Sachi Kuhananthan, MD, a retired physician from El Paso, began posting on‘s health and nutrition section a little over a month ago. His posts were well-received, garnering unanimously positive comments and becoming among the most popular items on the site—until August 13, when he posted a brief article entitled “Scams and Lies Related to COVID19.” Hours after posting the article, Dr. Kuhananthan discovered that his post had been removed and his account had been suspended for four days, allegedly for “violating terms of service.”

Dr. Kuhananthan immigrated to the US from Sri Lanka in part because of America’s reputation for freedom of expression. Now, he says, “All of a sudden I am feeling like I am living in Russia or North Korea.”

Here is an updated version of Dr. Kuhananthan’s post, featuring minor editing but preserving the gist of his argument. Since the remedy for bad speech is better speech—not censorship—feel free to argue against him in the comments section. Please be specific about any alleged flaws in his arguments.

Scams and Lies Related to COVID19

by Sachi Kuhananthan, MD(1)

Our government has reserved and is paying for at least 700 million doses of COVID19 vaccines. Our population is 330 million. Why are we ordering so many? Are we going to vaccinate cats and dogs also? Who is making the money?(2)

The media repeatedly cites “expert” claims that 2% of Americans (about six million people) are infected. Are they ignorant or lying? I estimate that between 25 million and 72 million Americans are already infected. (3)

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) has a recent article where it claims that the fatality rate for Covid19 is as bad as 1918 Spanish flu. Bunch of nonsense. The Spanish flu killed 50 million worldwide. I expect 2 to 4 million will die from COVID19 worldwide. In 1918 the world population was one-third of the current population.   Therefore the COVID19 fatality rate is only one percent of that of Spanish flu.

Why are our government and AMA lying and misinforming the public? Profit motive? You decide.

(1) Board certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine until retirement; MS in Physiology and four-year residency from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

(2) Also note that by the time a vaccine becomes available a large number will have already been infected. Already-infected people will not need the vaccine. If we assume that 100 million get naturally infected, the remaining 230 million will need the vaccine. That’s 700+ million doses for 230 million people. Even if we assume that two doses are needed for each person, we need only 460 million doses.

Also, note that to achieve herd immunity we need to vaccinate at most only 60 to 80 percent of the population—possibly much less. That means fewer than 200 million will need to be vaccinated. Therefore 400 million doses will be plenty if we have to give two doses for each person.

(3) Up to 80 percent are asymptomatic and the reported positives of about 6 million will give a figure of 30 million total real infections. I am assuming they have tested only patients with symptoms. One can also estimate the actual number of infections by counting deaths and multiplying by the inverse of the fatality rate, which I estimate could be as low as one in five hundred based on studies I have read. The lowest fatality rate reported was 0.28 percent based on a study of a German town. The total deaths of 165,000 multiplied by 500 lead to the figure of 60 million total infections. If the 165,000 death figure represents a 20% undercount as a JAMA study argues, total infections would be around 72 million.

A study in Montana found a .6 percent (1 in  175) fatality rate which would yield around 25 million total infections nationwide. A New York study found a .5% fatality rate, which would translate to about 30 million infections nationwide. Note that fatality rates have gone down with the average age of people who contact COVID and are expected to continue dropping.

If these numbers are anywhere near correct, herd immunity may not be nearly as far off as alarmist “experts” have stated or implied. That would mean that Dr. Fauci’s claim that we can only reach herd immunity after an “enormous” death toll may be grossly exaggerated—but enormously profitable to the pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

Editor’s note from Gordon Duff:

Many good issues are brought up here but the assertion of a .0006 death rate based on a Montana study is misleading and fake.  Current COVID death rates, against those infected, is .0559 or 5.59 percent or “close to 6 out of one hundred, including kids and those who never get sick.  Proof:

Otherwise a good article with one dangerous lie that might cause some to do harm to themselves and their families and our country.  


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  1. No Gordon is not a Hypocrite, because he is on the record as saying that 40% of what he writes is Bull Shit, claiming that he needs to do that to stay alive. What else did he do to stay alive in Vietnam? I worked for two years face to face with a Kiwi guy from Victor Company (the Kiwis and Aussies Operated alongside 173rd Air Mobile Cav. in Tiger Country, not guarding an airfield with instant air support) and the Kiwis went into the Jungle for 90 days and came out half starved. Shot lots of civilians and burned their papers. Same tactics as Malaya before, not the FIREPOWER BS that the Yanks used in Vietnam. That and the Kiwi version of the Phoenix Program, with the SAS Maori guy, going into the village with an AK and a Hush Puppy, white feather in the hat for the Hot Extraction at the end of a rope, under the Search Light of the Helicopter to differentiate him from the VC. Sgt Windy Magee (SAS) was a proper Combat Veteran, but never got a VC because of the nature of his work and for decking an Aussie in the mess, the Aussies controlled the issue of Gongs at Brigade Level. Talking of Aussies, real Aboriginal ones, Brendon O’Connell, who got driven out of his Homeland of 200,000 years by Chabad Lubavitch, has no time for Gordon either and I am VERY discriminating when I read a lot of stuff on VT.

  2. VT features writers and editors with very different views and philosophies who call it the way the see it. Its commitment to free speech compares favorably with the competition, both mainstream and “alternative.” That’s why I am still here.

  3. There were many replies to the Dr’s post, including anti-vaxxer statements by the Dr – he says vaccines (for anything) are useless.
    Also the quoted post is an embellishemet of the original and twice as long.
    Nextdoor is a neighborhood app for neighborhood issues, not for Facebook rants.

  4. Gordon writes: “” Current COVID death rates, against those infected, is .0559 or 5.59 percent…“

    Not true.

    Read Sachi’s sources, follow the links. EVERYONE including the most alarmist COVID-hypesters agrees that the actual death rate is around .5% or lower. Gordon, you are the only person on earth who is saying it’s even over one percent. “Closed cases” is meaningless, since 80% of the people who contact COVID never even know they had it and never get tested. They never even opened any cases! Only the very sickest small minority ever get tested, as a great many studies, including those cited by Sachi, have shown.

    • I discussed this with Gordon and now understand his position, which is that the current 6% US confirmed case mortality rate will continue to drop till it reaches around 3.5%, which will approximate to the true infection mortality rate. That is at least seven times higher than Sachi and his sources believe. It all boils down to “whose numbers do you trust.” Gordon thinks various parties, both in the US and other countries, are putting out distorted findings to hide the true magnitude of the problem. Assuming trustworthy numbers eventually emerge, we will some day learn who was right.

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