Aoun: Impossible that Beirut blast was caused by Hezbollah arms

[ Editor’s Note: President Aoun is stepping very carefully through the political landmine that is before him. One small misstep can eliminate his coming through this unscathed.

Hence he has said that all input on what happened will be accepted and evaluated. But the big question there will be ‘evaluated by whom and what are their qualifications?’

Lebanon President Aoun

VeteransToday has had our dog in the investigation fight from day one and has been barking more since. We know our position about the tactical nuke strike has been widely passed around, and you see some of the signs that even Mr. Aoun knows.

Nasrallah knows too, and has been less circumspect in saying that if Israel is deemed to have been the perpetrator, there would be an equal response, which had inquiring minds wondering how he could do that with no tactical nukes in his inventory.

I am also very suspicious of the UN’s decision about the Hariri assassination after an investigation of 15 years and one billion dollars at this sensitive time for Lebanon. The Israelis were quick to get a shot in that the Lebanon government should punish Hezbollah for the crime.

Did the Israelis have anything to do with the UN decision? Jim W. Dean ]

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Frame 3 Beirut

…from PressTV, Tehran

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says it is “impossible” that a recent deadly explosion in the capital Beirut was triggered by a blast from a deposit of arms belonging to the Hezbollah resistance movement.

In an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera published on Tuesday, Aoun stressed that Hezbollah did not store weapons at the Beirut port.

Asked about those pointing the finger of blame at the resistance group for the incident, he said, “Impossible, but serious events like these light up spirits and imagination,” adding that “even this lead will be investigated.”

Aoun also underlined the need to listen to all the hypotheses regarding the blast that rocked Beirut two weeks ago, killing at least 178 people, wounding more than 6,000 others and causing damage amounting to $10-15 billion.

“Although it seems that (it) has been an accident, I want to avoid being accused of not having listened to every voice,” Aoun said.

The Lebanese president further noted that many people claimed seeing airplanes fly by the port just before the explosion and, although “not very credible,” they should be listened to.

On 4 August, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored the Beirut port blew up, obliterating the city’s main commercial hub and damaging buildings across a wide swath.

The cause of the blast, the most destructive in the country’s troubled history, is still unclear and a probe is looking into whether it was caused by neglect, an accident or external interference.

Earlier, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied accusations that his group had weaponry warehoused at the Beirut port.

Hezbollah would wait for results of the investigation, but if it turns out to be an Israeli act of sabotage, the regime would then “pay an equal price,” he said.


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  1. I found a second opinion from an explosive expert worth reading :

    “the smallest “mini-nuke” is the M-388 “Davy Crockett”, a true “mini-nuke” with an explosive payload between 10 and 20 tons of TNT. The explosion in Beirut of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was equal to about 1,800 tons of TNT. Explosives vary in their detonation speed, which is directly related to their explosive power…. Ammonium nitrate is, in fact, a low explosive, with a detonation speed 2,700 meters per second, as compared to TNT’s speed of 6,900 m/s. TNT is a high explosive. There were 2,750 tons of AN stored at the Beirut Port. 2.75 kilotons of AN have the explosive power of between 1.2 and 1.8 kilotons of TNT. As you can see from the blast calculator below, a 1.8 kiloton explosion would in fact be quite similar to the destruction and damage actually caused by the Beirut Port blast, with heavy damage out to 0.22 Km, moderate damage out to about 1 Km. and lighter damage in an area of about 6.5 square kilometers.”

    • You really are a goofy fucker. Fort Russ is a notorious Zionist disinformation site. AN has no explosive power whatsoever as it is inert, it cannot be made to explode under any circumstances and that is clearly proven. It has no explosive speed whatsoever. Bird shit, the equivalent fertilizer, has no explosive speed unit made into gunpowder.

      As for the Davey Crockett, you are accessing information from people who have none and bringing it to people who design nuclear weapons.

      Think about how stupid that is.

      If a narrative is to be corrected, cleansed of bullshit and carried forward, then some rules need to apply. Trolling fake websites or turning to Q is not going to help. Try real science. The hole/crater in Beirut is equal to the hiroshima blast but we are figuring it might well have been a penetrator. It was also most likely a hydrogen bomb, meaning fission/fusion two stage device.

    • Thanks for the compliment !

      First, I don’t know that site and don’t know all the websites in the world. If I stumble on an information that looks valuable to me, I’ll submit it to the readers and will wait for the more knowledgeable experts to validate the info or debunk it. Isn’t it what information sharing is about ?

      Sharing is NOT trolling. Thanks for making the difference.

      BTW, thanks for the debunk… respectfully !

    • Maybe you would have preferred I kept the article for myself and giving it credit hence questioning some VT’s claim, than submitting the article for assessment and waiting for a fair critic or a fair debunk. That’s not how I work…

  2. Endeed, the UN tribunal for Liban assassination of Hariri is… A PURE FRAUD ! Proof : 15 years of investigations…

  3. The sheer awfulness of seeing that tower in pictures, plus the gargantuan hole, reminds me of the opening sequence, to the World at War series, produced by Thames television.

    Oradour-sur-Glane was destroyed on 10 June 1944, when 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by the Nazis.

    On the orders of the then French President, Charles de Gaulle, the original has been maintained as a permanent memorial.

    The Centre de la mémoire d’Oradour museum is located beside the historic site.

    A new village was built after the war on a nearby site.

    PERHAPS President Aoun and the citizens of Lebanon, should consider doing similar… …leaving the pulverized tower, the gargantuan hole and building a museum explaining how so many news organisations lied and fabricated evidence, before a proper investigation was conducted.

    Maybe rebuilding and expanding Lebanon docks around this site. At night a strobe light showing the pictures of the missile(s) and plane(s) shone onto the tower, in memoriam.

    As for the civil defence effort, the Home Guard of Lebanon, the Dads Army of the Shia, who could expect them to stand down now, after such an outrageous attack on Beirut Port?

    NOBODY after this can expect things to continue as before… …improving Lebanese air defence system, with ground to air rockets and ensuring no further intrusions, to curtail future war crimes would be the logical sequence of events going forward…

    • WHO in Israel, thought this to be a good idea?

      This whole nefarious operation was given a code name… …eventually that will be revealed…

  4. Imagine if in parallel universe, the entire world including Israel all said the obvious truth it was an Israeli nuclear but nker buster missle that dug that crater in solid rock 100ft deep and that white hot nocleat plasma ball is what shaped the crater’s dish shape, and the 200 people killed and thousands maimed and complete destruction of harbor is an attack by Israel to show the entire world they will even nuke populated cities if they just “suspect” weapons to be used against Israel are

    • …..are being stored there.
      Maybe this parallel dimension is real and occupied by the intelligence services of all the government powers in world who have access to the satellite and radar data and smart phone and CCT cameras and everything that can tell an investigator within an hour just what exactly really happened, and this parallel universe put the data and predictions of Future outcomes into their Artificial Intelligence super computers and it spit out the very likely scenario of a full scale nuclear war in a style of cities being leveled, as Beirut became the precedent for this…. and those inside the central control center for humanity (CCCH used to be P haha this a joke) decided we better come up with something besides the obvious truth real quick.

  5. The stored ‘fertilizer’ story keeps popping up. So there is 10 to 15 billion worth of damage to the port and and City? The insurance companies were comfy sitting it out knowing a huge damage like this would be bad for business. Perhaps they, like the City and Port officials, were not concerned because there were no AM stored there, if any ever was. So what was on fire in the warehouse to begin with? And what would it take to blow-out the gigantic crater out of the rock? Planes seen and heard are being dismissed as not credible reports, by some. But what do their military say about any planes, drones or missiles at the time? Humanity desperately wants answers, even if justice lies remote.

    • Insurance companies all have ‘acts of war’ clauses in their damage policies where they don’t pay. This contributed to the rush by the government toward the ‘accident’ theory, as those are covered, but the government negligence aspect would color that.

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