Seeing Results of ‘Super-COVID-19 Spreader’ Sturgis Rally


It Will Be Nearly Impossible to Track COVID-19 Spreaders Who Were At Sturgis Rally  

Health Editor’s Note: As predicted, we are starting to see reports of how those who attended the Sturgis, S.D. motorcycle rally, who intentionally/purposefully come together, without masks, without physical distancing, openly defiant of the fact that coronavirus is very virulent, have taken COVID-19 back to home states.

Only a human being will do something, so outlandishly stupid, that he or she knows is wrong, dangerous, and expect to not see any negative consequences from his or her actions.  When your actions can affect anyone you are around and you still blatantly move forward with unsafe practices, you have committed assault on everyone you were near.  Shame on you! Some of us would like to see the end of COVID-19 and get back to normal lives, and you have set that process back by weeks and months……Carol 


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  1. The fact that it was a bio attack isn’t the issue. Covid19 is here and the best way to ensure that the attack doesn’t spread is to social distance, like you are doing, and wear a mask when out in public places. It simply reduces the risk in order to protect the vulnerable in society. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching objects as much as possible when your out shopping. What scares me is that some in society, mostly the young, don’t give a flying frig about situation were all in. I don’t want to see any of your loved ones infected.

  2. lizzie dw, The big issue is that those who contract the disease and who are not sick or not very sick can give it to others who will get very sick and possible die. Likely scenario: High school student hanging with friends, contracts coronavirus, then goes to see grandma and gives it to grandma who may very well have pre-existing health conditions (due to just being older) which will make the grandma sicker and COVID-19 seems to kill the elderly. Just because someone is at the high end of his or her life expectancy, does not mean that it is acceptable for someone to die from getting COVID-19 passed to him or her by someone who was not keeping physical distance from others. Everywhere you go, you see people who very obviously do not live together, in close contact with each other and the chances are greater that they will get the virus and when they have contracted it will spread it to others. This virus is very contagious.

  3. Tommy Apeiron//// You really need to check the stats on the country of Sweden. No lock down, no social distancing, no mask policy, no hand washing or limited entry and no Economic shut down. Hmmmmm they have not had a large mortality rate and Billions in hand outs to the unemployed. The citizens were not terrified into obeying laws taking away theircivil rights, business and livelihoods. So what makes Sweden and several other countries different?…..They are not owned by the Gangster/Bankers

    • Sweden has one of Europe’s highest death rates, they just don’t have that many people.

  4. What we aren’t being told is how sick younger people are getting and how serious are the disabilities, heart issues, mental issues, that require so many, we are told, to need long rehabilitation. Who is withholding the data. Talk to them. Seems like the CDC, not Fauci.

  5. You are most likely right, Gary. We now know that COVID-19 is a bioweapon. According to Gordon, Trump knew that back in November 2019 when he and his inner circle were vaccinated for it. What’s stopping the real perps from continually spreading the virus around as it suits their purposes? When you consider the target of this bioweapon: the elderly, the unemployable, people of color, it would make sense to spread the virus more deliberately rather than let nature take its course.

  6. COVID19 is statistically a benign phenomena compare to plague that wiped out half the Europe or even Tuberculosis that killed 1.5 millions. The flu kills tens of thousands of people each year we never saw people wearing mask for that! There are plenty of evidence (this website being one of the best sources) that this was a well planned bioweapon attack on humanity to usher in the NWO dystopia by its deep state engineers. Its political implications of locking people up & taking away their constitutional rights, as well as its economical impacts on masses and the fact that well connected zionist owned banks & mega corporations were the only beneficiaries of the 2.2 trillion dollar GOV handout are explicitly pointing to the nefarious objectives of the ruling class to control the masses at any cost, plus wearing masks in & of itself is not scientifically proven to protect against the overly hyped up germ, on the contrary it may lead up to some oral bacterial infections.

    • Exactly opposite, Peter. You could be a perfect conformist to all the GOV’s narratives all you want but don’t expect some of us to blindly accept solutions from the same source that brought us the problem in the first place..

  7. There is a tremendous online alt and social media campaign that has turned COVID in the US into a Trump and the patriots versus the globalists and radical left meme. It’s become so visceral a topic, that reason and any attempts to apply it have left the building. We’ve re-entered the Dark Ages.

    • It’s even stranger than that, Edward. When the government tells us to not smoke in restaurants because second-hand smoke is dangerous, mostly everyone obeys the damn law. When the government tells you to wear a mask and social distance, millions of people refuse to do so, like it’s their constitutional right to spread the virus around. Consequently, the USA, unlike Canada and China, will never ever beat this thing. Not only has reason left the building, but common-sense has, too.

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