Seriously, Avoid Groups: Your Life Can Depend On It!


Wedding is Source of COVID-19 Outbreaks

Health Editor’s Note: COVID-19 is aggressive and opportunistic as viruses usually are, but this one packs far more steam than those who have come before it. It has been just two and one half weeks since a wedding in Maine and COVID-19 has proved its stealth at finding victims and its ability to spread, sicken, and kill.  

According to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, people who did not attend the wedding have been infected.  These people include inmates at a county jail and residents of a nursing home. A woman who did not attend the wedding or reception has died because she had contact with someone who was at the wedding. 

So far there a total of 60 positive cases associated with the wedding and reception held on August 7, and of those cases only 22 had physically attended the wedding. There are 14 cases of people who had close contact with someone who attended, and 24 cases of people who had close contact with someone who was a secondary contact. That would be three times removed from the original source 

You are starting to get the picture of how coronavirus can spread…..Yes? First, second and third contacts from the first cases. COVID-19 is a super spreader.  Of these cases 83% had symptoms and the average age is 41.

Then the virus moved into a rehabilitation center located over 100 miles away. Two cases are staff members and four are residents. A staff member brought the virus to the nursing home. A child had attended the wedding and gave coronavirus to a parent who gave it to another child who was the staff worker.

Then COVID-19 went to a jail, 220 miles from the source of the original coronavirus case. A staff member, who attended the wedding, brought COVID-19 to the jail where nine more staff and two employees, and seven inmates were infected. 

Do you still think it is safe to be in groups and to not wear masks and stay physically distanced?…..Carol



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  1. John Zook, The U.S. is really not in a lockdown. You can go out of your home and you do not have to have written proof that you are allowed to be out of your home, correct? Business and restaurants and even bars are open ‘with wear a mask (some states do not even require this small measure of protection) to get in policies’ and often there will be mention of keep physical distancing as well.

    You are not showing someone a certified note that you can be out. Ask the French, they have gone though that and it is anticipated that they will again due to increasing cases of coronavirus. Weddings can be up to hundreds of people, funerals far fewer. Riots are not accomplishing anything other than bringing people, who are stressed, often depressed, bored, out of their homes for what they believe is a ‘purpose.’ Riots are perfect opportunities to spread coronavirus with all the shouting, tear gas caused coughing, mob mentality of forgetting how close you are to others. In Michigan, at least on the western side, there are still people having parties at their homes, obviously 10, 15 or so people do not all live together. I see some small groups in the parks definitely practicing social distancing by how they have arranged their chairs. Wearing masks outdoors, if you are physically distanced from others, is not necessary and would be a bother in the summer heat. It really all comes down to common sense and caring about your life and the life of others.

  2. And all organized and paid for by people you are politically aligned with and the proof is overwhelming.

  3. I agree with Mrs Duff that all crowds are a bad idea right now as keeping apart is best like me well past 60 as its disturbing that people whom show symptoms don’t stay home as one can control where one goes and with whom.

    • John Zook, I guess they can be out but wear masks and keep physical distance from each other. If those around you are not doing the same, just go home because in the end is your life or someone else’s life you give COVID-19 to worth it?

  4. Tbg425, According to the article all of these people had symptoms which means they knew they could have coronavirus, or a cold, or whatever and still went out in public. Then there are the coronavirus cases where the person has not symptoms and does not suspect he or she is ill with coronavirus. Being in crowds is really dangerous at this point.

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