Another Staged Photo OP: Rand Paul, Crying like a little bitch Over NOTHING (a laughing stock)

People asking him questions were planning to kick and stomp him to death, he just knew it, after all, he saw a black face or two out there and our boy Rand doesn't care much for colored folks


Rand Paul was a Trump hater.  Always a prissy little bitch with the masculinity of a detuned Lindsay Graham, Paul for reasons unknown but now guessed at, in the wake of the Jerry Falwell revelations, was caught doing something or someone, perhaps “some thing” to or with “some thing.”

Forgive us.

Let’s remember the last time Rand “Pansy-Ass” Paul was “attacked:

Here in Michigan, over 100 militiamen with assault weapons surrounded our governor’s home in Okemos, Michigan. More than screaming went on but our 40 something female governor never said a word, never went crying to the press, and pulled down Michigan’s COVID numbers allowing the state to mostly reopen in June.

Michigan is enjoying the end of a massive tourist season with up to one million out of state visitors each weekend, restaurants open, beaches open…which two dozen red states are locked down.

Like Donald Trump

VT has the Tucker Carlson edit and the Zionist Examiners tweet but the video tells the truth:

Angry white demonstrators, very very few, demanded Rand Paul to answer for his silence on a police murder in his home state.  Watch the video.

Paul is as you can hear, a delusional chickenshit lying piece of shit.



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  1. True that he’s a male Susan Collins, but just the mulling of the Israeli, Saudi Arabian and Iranian interests in the region is going beyond the limits of the average congressional hearing on the issue of sanctions against Iran.

  2. Hey John slow down a little. Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian etc they are all labels to make things easier for simpletons to grasp the situation. All people have good and bad. In people’s representation the bad in a politician has to be exposed just as the good should. I myself have always said there is a large gap between what Rand does, as in he’s not consistent. And I’m happy that he’s a little like his dad at times.

    Here, I uploaded this a few years ago which is far from his victimhood display of a couple of nights ago:

    • I took a listen. This is classic waffling Rand Paul, the Israeli stooge, selling the idea that as we can no longer ‘re-leverage’ iran, who had been in compliance with IAEA accords since 2003…
      What we learn here is that you can’t tell when you are being lied to because you don’t have a background on the issues. Thus, you can’t tell when someone is totally full of shit. Work on that.

  3. When Rand Paul played at dad’s politics, for a split second, it opened doors for him that had been closed. He got a fat committee assignment and a ton of cash and nobody talked about his sexual orientation and the wealth of extremely embarrasing/humiliating things in his personal history.

    When all you can find its a gutless clown to hang your hat on when looking at the GOP…and that’s what you have done.

  4. When Rand kissed the wall for his masters….he took a big dump on his US supporters. F him…I’ll never support him again and his dad is way past his sell-by date. Funny thing about Ron….in the years I’ve supported him and the “audit the FED” initiative, never once have I heard him suggest an alternative….”equity money” like brought Germany out of severe depression after Weimar bankers (aka “the FED”) ravaged it.

  5. I finally agree with VT. Rand Paul is a Fifi for depending on the government mercs to protect him. A real Libertarian would have drawn his gun and blown the balls off of every Anti-fa punk who threatened him.

    • Did you ever meet anyone from “AntiFa?”

      What does AntiFa mean? Is it ‘anti-fascist?’
      Aren’t we all ‘antifa?’
      I certainly hate fascists under their current guise, trumpists, conservatives and zionists.

      Who are they really? They are all bolsheviks.

    • A very good question Gordon to which you will never get a coherent answer as these coined words resonate differently in people depending on their education levels and social backgrounds. But some sort of sentiment comes forth when they use the term which they can’t explain.
      Reminds me of this:

    • So I’m I Mike. I’m antifa, pro intifada, anti corruption, 40 years in banking not one ding against me, anti MIC although my 95 year old dad was a four star general, you could even call me “antisemite” in the abused sense of the term, although most of my friends are from the good stock of Iranian Jewish community spread around the world.

      Fighting fascists is a good thing. When it’s purposely associated with being liberal, or Soros, you have to look closer to that association.

    • Do take a moment to look into Soros, the anti-bolshie and anti-zionist. I find him rather charming. That’s why morons take the kook aid plunge, going after Gates and Soros while being controlled by Brin and Zuckstein. Soros is the man Zionists hate most.He has been fighting communism since 1956.

    • To Duff. What is a Fascist? What is the symbol of Fascism, as depicted on the Roman emblem, mounted on the wall of the US Senate or the chair Abraham Lincoln sits upon at his DC memorial?
      Answer: A bundle of fascia.
      Fascia are birch sticks. They represent the powerless, the working class, the plebes or slaves. They are easily broken because they have no power.
      The bundle of fascia represents the little people coming together to access power, often represented by a hatchet head mounted on the bundle of fascia.
      Fascism is democracy without a bill of rights protecting individuals from the mob. It represents the 99 percent, not the one percent.
      Hitler was a classic Fascist. His party, the National Socialist German Worker’s Union, represented the working class. The term “Nazi” is 100% fictitious. Of course, Germany had no bill of rights protecting individuals from mob rule.

    • Fascism is a marriage between Banks, corporations and right wing extremists to confront the threat of socialism through populism and totalitarianism and the total police state. A secondary level of Freemasonry and occultism apply as well.

    • Yes Soros actually funded the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, which is again more than anyone has done in enlightening people on the subject of US foreign policy. Jim Lobe stopped his log to join the group.

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