Guardian: A tale of two videos: Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse and two types of policing

Cellphone images showed officers shooting a black man in the back, but a white boy with an assault rifle who had allegedly just killed two was ignored


Guardian: A lawyer for the family of Jacob Blake Jr called it “a tale of two videos”.

In one video, a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shoots Blake, a black man, repeatedly in the back.

In a second video, taken two days later, a white teenager armed with an assault weapon who had just killed two people, prosecutors charge, walks toward police with his arms up. Not only is he not arrested – he is evidently ignored, unrecognizable as a potential threat.

The two videos capture and illustrate the existence of two justice systems in the United States, divided along racial lines, said Benjamin Crump, lawyer for the Blake family.

Jacob Blake Sr, the victim’s father, echoed that analysis in a speech on Friday at the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks rally and march for racial justice in Washington DC.

 Video appears to show black man shot in back by police in Wisconsin

“There are two systems of justice in the United States,” Blake Sr told the crowd. “There is a black system and a white system and the black system isn’t doing so well. I’m tired of looking at cameras and seeing these young black and brown people suffer.”

The two videos capture radically different postures by law enforcement when confronted by two men – one a father who appeared to have argued with officers, the other a teen who traveled with an assault rifle from out of state and, prosecutors say, shot two people dead and injured a third.

In the clip in question, Rittenhouse is seen walking toward armored police vehicles. Around his neck Rittenhouse wears the assault rifle he has just used, prosecutors say, to commit two homicides. Not only does Rittenhouse walk past law enforcement officers – he was free to return to his home in Antioch, Illinois, about 15 miles away, where he was later arrested.

 Chaotic scenes as gunfire rings out during unrest after Jacob Blake shooting – video




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  1. A Tale Of Two Americas.

    Reminds of the song “Which Way To Your America” by Living Colour.

    Reminds of (another) recent incident just locally: White guy goes apeshit on police officer, chasing her in circles around car (not shot.)

    White guy at Confederate rally, not only reaching for “something”, but his hand makes it to his gun as police try to deescalate.
    (Link below).

  2. Post the video of the UNCHARGED murder of 12 year old Tamir Rice.

    UNCHARGED, much less convicted

  3. What do you mean “we won’t talk about it”?

    Even assuming both were hate crimes, why should “we talk about them” any more than normal gruesome/hate/crimes that happen everyday?*

    Most importantly, were either of the “sub animals” POLICE? CAUGHT ON VIDEO, and NOT convicted, NOR EVEN PROSECUTED?

    Did they laugh into the camera right after killing people, like officer Pantaleo… AND never even get fired, much less charged or prosecuted?


    What “we won’t talk about is that White Supremacists are #1 terrorists in US”.

    * I remember a double-murder a couple years ago that made me SMH: a guy here in Phx killed both his daughters on Xmas Eve.
    And it was only a sidenote locally, nevermind nationally.

  4. Why was he chased?
    He did not conform.

    Why would unarmed people chase him?
    No idea. Gage was armed. Before he was ‘disarmed’…pun intended.

    Had he shot someone already?
    Yes, he shot the clown that threw a molotov at him. Then proceeded to call 911 for a person with no regard for life.

    Who were the others with guns?
    Apparently many, including the ‘medic’ gage myarmhurts. Im sure they all had permits.

    Werent the 3 percenters (allegedly armed white supremacists) with him?
    Now youre a journalist. Where were they? How did he get separated in such a volatile situation. If they were armed, full of hate, and had the blessing of israel, why didnt they clean house? Good work.

    Do you have evidence that 3 percenters:
    a) burned down the car lot in kenosha?
    b) shook down the owner for payment?

    If so, please indulge us.

    As a sidenote, he had the opportunity to finish off the first person he shot, i believe that was the convicted pedophile, he chose to call 911 before being chased. He had the opportunity to finish off gage, who had drawn on him, he chose to walk away. Also, all his victims were white. Not exactly the crazed white supremacist hes being painted as…

  5. Anyone who thinks the protestors are somehow being herded is wrong, it is the response and counter-protestors who are being herded.
    Claims of marxism is dumb, “being paid” claims are dumb, and all the rest to distract from the actual reason people of all colors and backgrounds are marching not just here, but globally.
    Capitalism , the predatory variety, is injected into our justice system to generate as much funds as possible. Go to any medium size city and attend traffic court, you will see the number of black people there significantly disproportionate to the populace. Pretty simple. Police cannibalize the poor and minorities. Wisconsin has the highest rate of black arrests and no body cams.

  6. “If this had occurred in a black community the rioting would be out of control”

    What do you IF ? Lol. It “occurs” everyday across the US, and a lot still goes unreported. And tell me, why would there be a specific “black community” to begin with ? Do black people speak a different language and have a distinctly different culture like the Cubans or Filipinos where they have to stay together due to language barrier ?

    • If you are engaged in menacing with an illegally possessed firearm, you cannot claim self defense.
      If I break into your house, and you attack me, I cannot claim self defense, because I myself am in the commission of a crime.

    • John, why do you think he was being chased? No idea? What did he do to be chased? Why would unarmed folks chase someone with an assault rifle? Had he shot someone already? The video shows only one person being shot but he shot 3. How many shots did he fire before? Do we have video/audio of that? Who were the others with guns?

      Weren’t his armed friends all in that parking lot, the 3 Percenter Militia? You know, the ones who burn things down? You know…the ones who had burned down that other car lot and who shook this owner down for a payoff? Pay attention John. This is a game here, the kid just forgot and went out hunting and now will die in prison with a baseball bat up his ass.

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