San Leandro Officer Charged with Voluntary Manslaughter in Walmart Shooting


Here is our analysis of what is an excellent video, for which we thank the San Leandro Police Department.

The officer, failing to wait for backup, choose to “cowboy” the event.  This is a piss poor cop but he is miles above police in the other shootings we have seen in recent years.  The charges here are possibly a bit heavy depending on California’s sentencing on Murder 3.

It is clear and should be to anyone seeing this that Taylor suffered from a psychiatric disorder.

I also note that the police, after the shooting, made no attempt to render aid but rather chatted up for their audience, essentially faking procedures while Taylor lay dying.

Nowhere do we really hear them calling emergency services, certainly we don’t hear them talking to dispatch about the dying man they shot for prettymuch no reason whatsoever.

Could any normal adult have taken the bat away with little risk?  Of course they could.

Some adult needed to step in because police, at least this one cop, OK both of them, don’t seem to be adults at all.  Police culture renders police officers, it seems, incompetent and then gives them guns.

Police may well be considered a danger to the community.



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  1. I think you mean Elijah McClain beat up by Aurora, Colorado police for doing nothing and died in hospital.
    A very sweet introverted skinny kid played the violin kept telling the cops I am a vegetarian I am an introvert I don’t fight why are you doing this…3 cops fired for photos taken later mocking him. Look up incident on youtube. What he said what cops said very telling. Sad story of that wierd harmless kid next door
    funeral video on youtube might make you cry of guy playing violin in tribute

  2. “It is clear and should be to anyone seeing this that Taylor suffered from a psychiatric disorder.”
    I don’t think that is clear at all. He could just as easily be high on drugs, and in an agitated state, threatening with a deadly weapon. The taser had no effect. As for, “waiting for backup”, there were two cops there. I do agree the cops should have radioed for an ambulance. I don’t see manslaughter.

  3. the Police is a gang. MS13 ain’t got nothin’ on the Police. when 1 cop shoot, they all unload: to incriminate everyone & show loyalty. notice 1 cop stepped forward during & after killing George Floyd? they are notorious liars. it’s a brotherhood aka gang. oh one last thing: cops are cowards. unlike the movies, cops are never seen anything heroic. quite the contrary, are always seen pointing loaded weapons on unarmed civilians. a no-no among & unspoken rule among responsible gun owners. no normal person would want a job controlling other people, only insecure sociopaths. forget the badge & gun. look beyond the facade.

    • @ John Zook . if you read my comment you wouldn’t have replied. im against gangs. i don’t funk wit’ gangs. i walk alone. im my own man.

  4. Oh, wait, the defense will likely call in someone like William J Lewinski as an expert witness, to testify that the shooting was justified. Lewinski, by the way, never saw a police shooting that he did not like.

  5. This does not appear to be a life threatening incident, more of a disturbed individual incident. If the cops had not been armed, would the black guy have had his day in court? Why are American cops not trained on how to diffuse incidents, rather than to first reach for their gun? How would this situation have evolved if a paramedic or EMT had tried to resolve it? Why do cops always shoot to kill, rather than shoot to disable? What the hell is wrong with American policing?

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