Dr. Preston James: It’s faster, easier and more effective to start a war using false flag terror


by Preston James

Traditionally, the business of starting wars has been a long arduous process of geopolitical and economic manipulations and numerous provocations.

With the development of the War on Terror, it has become much faster and easier for the folks that really run things to start wars so they can make huge war profits and further expand and centralize the governments they control in order to gain even more totalitarian power.

The idea of declaring an ongoing “forever war” with no end ever, against a single concept began with the War on Poverty under LBJ. This idea of fighting a war against a single concept has been further utilized to create a “War Against Drugs”, and now an unending “War on Terror”.

How truly convenient this is for Military Industrial Congressional Complex that directly profits from all these taxpayer financed illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars of aggression fought to make massive war profits.

The Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack on America, which was done by Israel and their stateside Traitors and other high USG officials, permitted the new endless “War on Terror” to be created.

The Deployment of State-sponsored False-flag Terror to secretly start illegal and unConstitutional wars is of course a complete redefinition of what War is under USG Foreign Policy and is a complete “in your face” violation of International Law.

A False-flag attack is the crafty covert practice of impersonating one’s enemy and then attacking one’s own nation while falsely blaming that targeted enemy and using that falsely blamed attack as a justification and motivation to go to war with them.

But in this new War on Terror, there is no official Declaration of War against the targeted country falsely blamed, but instead, pre-emptive war is instituted to supposedly prevent any more Terror attacks.

Once America’s leaders become so criminal that they could deploy Gladio-style False-flag inside-job terror on 9-11-01 to start illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked foreign Mideast wars to make massive profits for the Banksters and their crony corporations, it also becomes very easy for these American leaders to bring this War on Terror home to America to wage against any good Americans who would try to take back control of America from the RKM Banksters. Of course, the FBI has been very busy setting up and entrapping mentally deficient or mentally ill Somalis and other immigrants in more supposed Jihad attacks in America.

Thus we now have a situation where the RKM Banksters have used the 9-1-01 False-flag attack on America to justify the creation of Homeland Security (DHS), a foreign operated illegal, unConstitutional espionage front for Israel (like AIPAC and the ADL and SPLC) that is run by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors.

It was a core group of these same Dual Citizen Traitors that committing Treason and Sedition for supporting helping Israel attack America on 9-11-01, namely Israel, the RKM’s action-agent and safe haven with no extradition treaties.

Traditionally and historically a nation that went to war had been the recipient of an “Act of War” by another nation such as an attack on the high seas, an invasion, or an economic boycott or blockade. These constitute acts of War and were typically responded to by an official Declaration of War against that aggressor nation only. Once the war had been officially declared against the other nation that aggressed it, every resource that could be mustered was brought against that enemy and the goal was to defeat that enemy as soon as possible.

WWI Trench Warfare: The original battlefield were troops were consumed by the Banksters for massive war profits by using them as cannon fodder.

World War I marked a change in this previous historical pattern. This war was purposefully fought and dragged out to increase war profits for the City of London and their Wall Street Banksters and corporate cronies even though little actual land was gained and there were many thousands of deaths for nothing.

But it was also to create a drastic economic blight in Germany which would be manipulated to set the stage for creating a Fascist regime that could be turned against Russia to start an even bigger war for profits and increased centralized political power. The US was also dragged into WWI as a favor to the City of London Banksters as part of the “Balfour Deal”.

The Zionist leaders told the City of London Banksters that they had enough power and influence in America to bring it into WW1 but in exchange, they wanted to eventually have Palestine given to the Jews.

Because World Zionists which were empowered by the City of London Rothschild Banksters had gained controlled the American money manufacturing and distribution system in 1913, they were also able to gain control over the American Political system because they had enough money to buy or bribe almost ever elected politicians and USG Official. And this remains true today using AIPAC and other Israeli espionage fronts that work on behalf of the City of London Rothschild Private Central Banksters (also known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the RKM, the World’s largest, most lethal and evil organized crime syndicate).

Starting the War with Germany was a long term process of economic manipulation by these City of London Banksters. The Treaty of Versailles created a situation where inflation and the devaluation of the German Mark were assured, and this set the stage making it quite easy to crash out the economy and manipulate Germany into a fascist state, where the large defense contractors merged with the State.

Based on top World Muckraker Greg Hallett’s fine research, we now know for certain that Hitler was mind-kontrolled in England at the Tavistock Institute in the early 1920s and had some Rothschild blood in him. He had become a mind-kontrolled sleeper agent secretly working for the City of London. He had been led to believe that Germany and England would merge and finish off Russia and Bolshevism, but this turned out to be untrue as the war went on.

We now know for certain thanks to Halletts’ superb research that Hitler and Eva Braun survived WWII and was rescued by British Secret Agent Ian Fleming and his commando team, leaving two body doubles behind dead.

The proof of this is Hitler’s decision to let the British, French, and Belgian troops trapped and Dunkirk  May 26-June 4, 1940 be rescued and taken to England. Additional proof was Hitler’s sending Rudolf Hess on a secret flight to England on may 10, 1941 on his behalf to negotiate a working unity against the Russian Bolsheviks.

Starting the War with Japan took a substantial amount of work over a couple of decades. The Banksters invested a lot of money in Japan and provided them access to American Iron, steel, and raw products used to build up a large navy and lots of weapons of war, as well as massive quantities of oil.

NANKING1These Banksters were instrumental in helping Japan become a state of the art war machine that unleashed its evil on China with the Rape of Nanking, so terrible it has been largely excised from the history books. In return for their pre-war investments in Japan, the Banksters crony corporations were able to buy up the destroyed real estate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for mere pennies on the dollar.

Both cities are now industrial and manufacturing strongholds. Ever heard the joke Sony stands for Standard Oil of New York? But it is true? To find out, trace back the history of Sony and who financed it.

Once Japan was dependent on the Bankster’s iron, oil and raw products for war manufacturing provided by America, the trap was set. All that had to be done was to restrict these and Japan viewed this as an act of war. The Navy actually had a top-secret “Seven Year Plan” to manipulate Japan into a full-scale war with America and recently this plan has been declassified.

American Intel had cracked Japan’s Purple Code, had lots of spotters, and knew that Japan was on its way to attack Pearl Harbor.

Their response? Instead of preparing to defend Pearl Harbor, they pulled out all the Carriers and left the Battleships as sitting ducks. FDR and his military advisers figured that they needed a body count of at least 2500 dead US Sailors to get this War going and they attained that on December 7, 1941. One naval Intel Unit scheduled a picnic up in the mountains because their command officer had prior knowledge and wanted his men and their families to be out of harm’s way. Of course, this stand-down by the USG and the US Navy was both Treason and Sedition. The US Administration felt compelled to use any means to draw Americans into the War because the Banksters had convinced them the Nazis would win otherwise.

And actually, the German Government and the German Military did surrender at the end of the war in Europe but the very top Nazis never surrendered and instead received immunity and jobs from US and British Intel. And so today we have the Fourth Reich which works for the Banksters and does much of their dirty work such as terrorism and narcotics and weapons trafficking.

Some insiders refer to the Fourth Reich as the DVD, which is a highly secretive organization. These top Nazis had stored so much wealth stolen during the war they were able to buy into or gain control of 750 of the World’s largest international corporations. The investigative journalist who has done the best research on this is well known, highly respected author Jim Marrs.

There have been False-flag attacks used throughout history and they are nothing new. The scope of their use however changed with the advent of high explosives and mini and micro-nukes. Many historians believe that the Germans high Command ordered a False-flag attack on a Gleweitz radio station in order to start WW2. Every single Terror attack inside America has been a False-flag attack.

Two years before the end of WW2, the top Nazis, Gehlen, Mueller and Klammer negotiated and entered into a secret agreement with American and British Intel. They felt betrayed by Hitler and were astounded by his incompetence and felt the war effort was doomed even with their advanced weapons due to the incredible air assault on Germany by the Allies. They did not know that Hitler was a mind-kontrolled British agent and had a personal physician handler who kept him on uppers to wake up and downers to sleep while providing necessary triggers to control his actions, but they felt betrayed and decided to make their own new business deal with Americans and the British Intel.

These High Nazis had a lot to offer American and British Intel. Klammer had the secret Space Weapons based on very advanced Alien ET knowledge gained from contact with the Vril Girls and the Vrils and this included the Bell containing counter-spinning mercury. They also had advanced rocket technology and guidance systems, advanced jet aircraft, and technology to refine plutonium as well as a modest supply of plutonium.

The Nazis had a secret Intel network that had completely infiltrated Stalin’s Bolshevik Russia and they offered all these benefits to the American Government if they would be given complete immunity and would be brought to the USA and provided jobs. This agreement was made two years before the end of the war and was called “Operation Paperclip”. The European part of the war was purposefully dragged out to boost the death rates in the Nazi Work Camps in order to satisfy the twisted evil needs of the Rothschild World Zionists for a big death count and too maximize war profits for the Banksters crony corporations, the large defense contractors who were getting quite fat.

vril-8odinsNot only did Gehlen and Mueller set up most modern American Intel, including the CIA, but they ran most American and British Intel during the first part of the Cold War. And of course, Kammler maintained control at least initially over the Alien ET technology in a secret program at NASA and deep within unacknowledged contractor-run secret space war programs working with the Bell and anti-gravity generators.

NASA ran two parallel space programs in America, the one based on rocketry and the other a beyond black Nazi one based on Alien ET technology specifically for the Nazi’s secret space war program.

By the way, if you think General Kammler was a good guy, you are quite mistaken. He murdered all his closest aides who trusted him with their lives explicitly and he did this by complete surprise in cold blood, to supposedly make sure that the secret of the Nazi Bell never leaked out. Like many other top Nazis, and Stalin and his Bolshevik henchmen, this man was a cold-blooded beast of the night.

These are the kind of folks that have traditionally been running our secret Space War program and whacking anyone who started to disclose what they knew working on these beyond-black programs. Fortunately, they have almost all died, leaving control to some better folks for the most part.

Operation Gladio, the Blueprint for modern-day terror as a business.

Based on numerous declassified documents and personal testimonies of those actually involved, we have now been able to gain a quite detail of the Nazi’s “left-behind army”, which was fully authorized by American and British Intel and was designated “Operation Gladio”. There was significant concern within American and British Intel that Stalin and the Russians would make a mad rush to occupy all of Europe and that a secret left-behind army was necessary to keep in place ready to use acts of Terror to oppose any such invasion.

Some experts believe that Gladio took over NATO and used it as cover and a means of supply and payment. We now know that international narcotics trafficking was also used as a means of financing Gladio. As the popularity of Bolshevik Communism started to spread into Europe and especially Italy, Gladio was deployed to blow up and mass-murder innocent civilians so that such acts of incredible evil could be blamed on the Communists and used as a means to stop their political gains.

We know this happened because we have the testimony of some of the Gladio operatives who have talked publicly and in various Courts of Inquiry in Italy. Since the Italian reign of terror by Gladio, it has only expanded. It has merged with the City of London World Zionists and even acquired mini and micro-nukes to deploy. their reason for existing is to use terror to start wars by creating massive fear in the mass subconscious minds of the nations they deploy their False-flag terror in.

The deployment of State Gladio-style False-flag Terror motivates the masses to support illegal, undeclared wars of aggression and give up personal rights that they would otherwise never give up.

Operation Gladio Insignia

When massive Gladio-style False Flag Terror has been deployed against America by Gladio and the World Zionists such as at the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, or in New York City and Washington DC on 9-11-01, America did not declare war on any nation officially but responded by continuing and increasing their already existing war on terror by quickly and falsely attributed blame to d Iraq and Afghanistan and their leaders.

We now know for certain that the City of London Banksters (also known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia or RKM) provided mini and micro-nukes to their Gladio Operatives that attacked America on 9-11-01. These devices were pre-planted in the Twin Towers underneath and in the elevator shafts, and also in the basement and center of WTC 7. The use of nuclear devices assured that much of these buildings would be pulverized to fine dust.

The radioactive fallout was measured and the results have been about 39,000 dead in the next ten years of strange cancers and about 70,000 fighting for their lives now, all due to the dust and fallout. This has remained all covered up because the American Mass media is owned and controlled by six media moguls who answer to a very large investment house who answers to the City of London Banksters and a crooked Federal Judge who has handled any and all lawsuits related to 9-11-01.

Every nuclear detonation gives off a specific fingerprint that can easily be used to identify where the radioactive material was refined and processed. The nukes used on 9-11-01 have been traced back to Pantex in Amarillo Texas where the nuclear material was stolen out the back door with a wink and a nod by high-ranking USG Officials. The way these devices were stored, transported, and deployed is now known. We need to route out all the corrupt USG officials that refuse to do their jobs so that the perps who did 9-11-01 can be arrested, tried, convicted, and publicly hung on a military gallows. And all the major perps involved are all quite easy to identify.


Anyone paying attention can easily conclude that the 9-11-01 attack on America was a major turning point in USG Foreign and Domestic Policy. The USG now believes it is okay and legal to initiate preemptive attacks on nations that may attack them someday in the future. The USG thinks it is now okay to initiate economic embargoes and other acts of war against nations who they knowingly and wrongly blame for Terror attacks. The USG thinks kidnapping innocent folks and taking them to black sites and torturing them, murdering many is okay.

We now live in a terror backed, secret police state run by a foreign-controlled espionage front DHS. How sick and criminal is this. Almost beyond belief that America would ever come to this and become a nation occupied by an evil foreign nation, Israel. Right now America functions as little more than an Israeli province and supplier of monetary needs and weapons systems for oppressing Palestinians.

Thus we have now had Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and numerous secret prison sites in East European nations as well as secret black-site prison ships where much of the torture and murders are done in secret. Now we have black sites in major cities, the first exposure is in Chicago, where folks are taken, some disappeared forever, tortured and murdered by DHS Operatives or Division 5.

SMEDLEY1Welcome to the phony War on Terror that can never end as long as the USG remains hijacked by the RKM and continues to deploy Gladio-style False-flag terror inside America!

No more need for America to institute long term geopolitical or economic provocations to start the BIG Wars they need for massive profits for the Banksters and their cronies.

All they have to do is just deploy Gladio-style False-flag terror and use the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to spread any Big Government lies, propaganda, and false-narratives necessary to mind-kontrol the masses and manipulate the American group subconscious mind through the elicitation of extreme survival fear.

Once the War on terror is actuated and blame is falsely attributed to the targeted nation, it can be illegally and unConstitutionally invaded and all its assets stripped by crony corporations in order to maximize profits.

This whole process of deploying Gladio-style, False-flag, inside-job Terror is little more than high tech grand theft.

The deployment of the US Military to attack foreign nations to help large international corporations steal the targeted nation’s assets was first publicly identified by General Smedley Butler in his classic book, War is A Racket. And yes, he was correct when he claimed that these USG Officials deploying the US Military on behalf of the Corporations could easily teach mobsters a thing or too about organized crime.

Thankfully we now have the Alternative Mass Media carried by the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg press which is truly revolutionary. The RKM Banksters and their Cutouts in positions at the top of the USG are now working hard to come up with several ways to restrict and censor the Internets and the Alternative media because they are now beginning to understand the scope of the threat they now face because the masses are learning the truth that 9-11-01 was State-Sponsored Terror, a Gladio-style, False-flag, Inside Job attack done by Israel and Traitors in the USG.

We are now literally in a race with the USG, Israel and the RKM over control of the Internet and the Alternative Media and so far the USG, Israel and the RKM are losing. Unless they can successfully censor the Alternative Media on the Internet they will soon be toast, especially now that Putin and the Russian Federation has checkmated them in Syria and the death of the US Petro Dollar seems imminent.

Fortunately, we have some very dedicated active and retire high Intel, best referred to as “Intel Cowboys” that are working hard to restore the US Constitution and Rule of Law in America and expose and boot out the foreign infiltrators and hijackers. We can now all see their fingerprints of success everywhere if we pay attention. yes, it subtle but when examined their effects are clear and very encouraging.


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  1. Nice piece of work. Jeepers. It explains a lot about Hawaii politics and the Rockefeller mayhem. Who arranged for the Fukushima daiichi sabotage? Find and incinerate that fool for me, but first tell me, PLEASE who ordered it. The Israeli security company moved in the 2 or 3 gun type mininukes 4 months prior. 2 or 3 major nukes were set off in the trench out front during a 6.7 earthquake epicentered 50 miles inland. But WHO ordered it?

  2. Germany was targeted in the late 1890s, and destroyed by 1919. The thought after WW1 and the Versailles Treaty, was that Germany would be in debt for 100 years. Arranged, or not, Hitler spoiled their plans, hence WW2. Today Germany lives under the thumb of the Jews backed by the US military, and London. There is a secret constitution German’s only have a hint of. For a clue to how subjected Germany is one only needs to delve a little to find that to publish a news paper in Germany one first has to get permission and license from the USA. I’m sure it’s similar for Japan, and S. Korea.
    WW2 was totally unnecessary. Rudolf Hess, who parachuted into England in 1941 with Hitler’s peace proposal, was kept in solitary confinement for over 40 years, lest the truth came out that Germany’s peace terms were very liberal and logical. Had it became known the British public may have hanged Churchill. Even today anything having to do with that information is under seal.
    “OPERATION GLADIO” by Paul Williams is a very important read for anyone who wants to know who runs the show.

  3. “(… known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the RKM, the World’s largest, most lethal and evil organized crime syndicate).”
    I’m sure the members of RKM puff up their chests with hubris, and false pride, when reading such descriptions.

  4. Good article tells it like it was and is in simple fashion.
    I think I found a mistake, as the entire German military did eventually surrender may 2 to may 10, but the nazi government never did.
    Dornitz never signed any surrender document…., he took Hitler’s place.
    Jodll and other military generals around world did, but nazi government never did.
    Nazi government Officials arrested but they signed no surrender documents.
    It was opposite in WW1, the civilian government surrendered but military never did….
    Perhaps the nazis never being required to surrender or be hanged was part of the deal to get their atomic bomb, rocket, ufo tech etc intact and guys in charge holding all the cash and booty running the show like Martin Borman allowed to escape to Argentina, Chile and Spain (and USA if you have pockets full of nazi tech)

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