Intel Drop: The biggest intelligence leak in US history, and VT has done it silently


…by Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith, and the Editorial Staff

VT has, over the past 72 hours, leaked more classified information, up to real ‘Q’ level, not fake ‘Qanon’ crap, than in US history.  However, all material has been reviewed and redacted for real national security reasons.

What is here?  Real UFO information, real nuclear weapons facts, the ones you are never supposed to see, and physics that have been classified.  Do governments, collectively, have the right or ability to alter natural laws and basic equations?

They think so, we don’t.

The articles are now processing through VT and will reside under the tag “VT Nuclear Education” which is linked to every article page on the lower right.  Please download everything you can and place the material on secure drives in a secure location.

For educators in military history or advanced sciences, this is a treasure trove.

Why did we do it?

Beirut has been nuked twice before and the creepy (new word) coverup and the flood of disinformation being fed into even VT indicates something very nasty is going on.

We intend to stop it.


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In fact, intentional disinformation is a disgraceful scourge in media today. So to assuage any possible errant incorrect information posted herein, we strongly encourage you to seek corroboration from other non-VT sources before forming an educated opinion.

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  1. This is an absolutely stunning body of work. You have connected so many dots! Thank you so much for all the years of effort and courage. I will follow up with support.

    As an editor, it is painful to read these articles. More copyediting will be much appreciated.

    One last comment: Why Scribd? That requires a subscription, which is a hassle. I’d rather get my documents from some other service. Or post them on your Word Press site. I do that with mine…

    • WE could spend the hundreds of hours editing this material if we had people who would pay us a few thousand dollars each to read it. We aren’t peddling anything just leaking information. Do you really want me editing/fabricating what you read like everything else you get?

      All the scribd material is embedded and can be screenprint copied or saved as text. Do remember this material has been sitting, most of it, for 6 years. Think about that.

  2. Thank you Gordon and the VT team that has worked tirelessly to put together these excellent articles on nuclear technology in a digestible way for us not so scientifically minded people to be able to comprehend to a degree somewhat. I have certainly learnt a lot about nuclear technology just from your articles and realise now how far it has come in terms of miniaturization and power as well as how the radioactivity can dissipate quickly leaving very little to no traces behind. Thus is certainly an important aspect if you want to nuke a city as you don’t want a radioactive dust settling around for years contaminating liveable cities and towns. Radioactivity would be like the evidence that a nuke attack happened and this would make the masses more fearful and maybe turn on their masters. Most people are ignorant to the fact that now nukes can be detonated without the Hiroshima style mushroom clouds and persistent radiation for months after. Least of all nukes that can fit in a small trailer or camera that have low yields and no deadly radiation that lingers for months or years. These articles certainly will rub some people the wrong way and so it should! Too long they have duped, manipulated, decieved mankind and now it’s time for us to expose these people for who they REALLY are. It’s such a shame that most people won’t see this to have an immediate effect but this I’m sure will filter slowly out into the sphere and maybe over time things might change for

    • The better. Anyway thank you again for all your hard work and the risks you all take to bring it to us. I speak for most of us here that we appreciate the time and effort you all put in to keep the site running and posting such enlightening articles to educate us in things that otherwise we would not have known. You are all an asset to humanity. Thank you

  3. I think you guys should be very proud. These days “real heroes” are hard to come by. You are the only body decency and patriotism in US. The truth is above everything and those that stick with it are the real defenders of the state and the people and God’s system of government. Well done you make every human proud.

  4. Beirut has been nuked twice before and the creepy (new word) coverup and the flood of disinformation being fed into even VT indicates something very nasty is going on.

    We intend to stop it.
    I sure hope you at VT are able to throw a bunch of monkey wrenches into the DIS-INFO onslaught we are witnessing. It would be nice if you could find a smoking gun like some isotope with a 3 or 6 month half life in the crater. Which can only be caused by fission or fusion which by timeline would have to been created only months earlier. Or I assuming too much?

  5. I predict VT will serve the Deep State NWO in a psyop to persuade its readers that we are being attacked by extraterrestrial aliens, as part of Project Blue Beam.

    • Thus far Tedx seems to be a zionist troll. None of them are very bright despite their Nobel Prizes.

  6. First off, thanks for your email the other day, and I am reading and forwarding. Devastating, for sure!

    As a perpetual info hoarder, a quick tip for preserving material.

    Yandex browser has an excellent “Reader Mode” button right in the address bar.

    It eliminates all but the articles, it’s photos and the links.

    Press ctrl a and all is highlighted.
    Press ctrl c and all is copied.
    Place cursor in a new Word document page and press
    ctrl v and wait until all is pasted.

    I personally place a copy of the article link in the top and then ctrl s and name as you wish.

    NOTE: MS word seems it necessary to connect to the internet on a regular basis. So you may want to block its access.

    BTW: No, Joseph, this is not just for “true” patriots. This is a must have and read for everybody, anywhere on this planet. They are effing up our lives, our planet with everything on it, and they are real busy to ef up the whole universe.

    I wish those dragon dudes of Benjamin Fulford would would hassle their asses a little bit faster.

  7. “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday

    Has 40 Power Point slides, three 90 minute embedded videos and an eighty article bibliography of VT Nuclear Education series. A must review for every True Patriot.

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