Trump: ‘Anti-Lockdown protesters are Morons, COVID is Deadly and We Always Knew It’


Trump didn’t think people would take him seriously much less protest lockdowns, ‘like idiots.’

Trump: coronavirus ‘is deadly stuff’ and KNEW it was highly contagious at start of February despite claiming to have it under control – then said ‘I like playing it down,’ bombshell tapes by Bob Woodward reveal

  • Trump called the coronavirus ‘deadly stuff’ in interview with Washington Post’s Bob Woodward conducted in February
  • He called the virus ‘more deadly than even your strenuous flu’
  • Trump told the nation Jan. 30: ‘We think we have it very well under control
  • On day he spoke to Woodward Trump said China’s president ‘will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone’
  • Excerpts are from Woodward’s new book, ‘Rage’ 

President Donald Trump spoke privately about the deadly nature of the coronavirus in recorded interviews even as he was publicly downplaying the severity of COVID-19 early this year, before the pandemic would take nearly 200,000 American lives and counting.

The president shared his stark assessment with the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward in recorded phone interviews in February, as the virus was spreading from China to other parts of the world.

In recorded interviews that were revealed Wednesday afternoon, Trump – who regularly speaks of his disdain for much of the ‘fake news’ media – spoke liberally with Woodward about his inner-thoughts on the virus and private conversations with Kim Jong-un – despite having called an earlier Woodward book a ‘con on the public.’



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  1. Beyond this, London’s Pirbright is doing COVID-19/5G experiments with large antennae arrays and more. Lookie here: //

  2. If it is “bullshit” you want, peter, listen to the NWO stooge Robert Redfield call Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas a “fucking liar and a moron” after Dr. Atlas is in the record as taking advice from 4 epidemiologists. One is from Harvard, one is from Oxford, and 2 are from Stanford, before he, with numerous positions requiring obsessive honesty and professionalism, including as the department head of radiology at Stanford. Phony Dr. Fauci is alleged to have never had a patient, and long term NWO NHI Gates bitch Redfield makes such a grandiose accusation toward Dr. Atlas as a decades log HACK song and dance man for the pharmaceutical manufacturers like Faucifraud. Put Fauci and Redfield in the dumpster. There is no pace in the realm of public health system for such blatant dishonest whelps. If you are a whelp, invite them to dinner. Reality is the only game in town.

    • Charles,

      We love you a bit, not so much. Your answer here is total bullshit. Please save this kind of childish and misleading crap for InfoWars or other places where fools thrive.

  3. Peter. Do your homework. U.S. Patent #10,130,701. Or go help your mother bake cookies and leave the adults to saving the country and even you. The British SERCO company, owned by queen Elizabeth, manages new U.S. Patent information. ‘COVID-19’ is another corona-SARS man-made virus release. Gates funded, U.S. Patent owed by the Lizard queen, and the American ‘response program’ was published in 2010 under the heading ‘2010 Rockefeller Foundation ‘Lock Step’ Plandemic’. So do your homework and knock off the ‘filthy little whelp’ routine.

    • You can also find orders for ‘COVID-19 test kits’ from 2018, with clumsy attempts to conceal the 2018 date. Bebe Netanyahu signed off on the Fukushima sabotage. Who is the inbred superstitious cretin who led the attack in telling Bebe Netanyahu to do it. He looks bad from here. I imagine somebody worse. A poop flinging biting stinky monkey would not blow up a nuclear plant and 40 years of spent fuel. But a royal blood line addled by a thousand years of inbreeding and false religious indoctrination would shoot itself in the head with a howitzer if told to by the right priest. Hint hint.

  4. I guess it’s now common to call those with differing opinions disparaging names. Time will tell who are the morons and who is not. If the writers here believe that this LOCKDOWN is proper, that’s their right. Time will sort this out and it’s my firm conviction that the ‘morons’ will be proven right. What we are living in is: A live Exercise. Mike Pompeo said this I didn’t. Not only is it an exercise, it’s one that has been years or in the making. Just think 45 years of Zombie movies. Or check the links below.
    If you don’t believe it I refer you to the Rockefeller Foundation report from 2010. If you are lazy just fast forward to page 18 of the report here:

    • Say it ain’t so Joe. Trump bragged about making a total ass of you. Get mad like someone with pride. VT readers shouldn’t eat shit no matter how they think it tastes.

  5. Fresh man made corona-SARS is a very dangerous and virulent virus. This virus after a few weeks is benign. The massive number of imaginary deaths were accompanied by actual hospital directors and top government officials LYING in claiming 150,000 people had already died in the U.S. with another million deaths anticipated. Do not argue with the fact of the massive lying by people we trusted. I have mentioned and described the after affects of lobotomies and stated that both Obama and President Trump present themselves as possible examples.Obama for bombing 7 Muslim nations after proclaiming his Muslim roots, and now President Trump for proclaiming endless danger from ‘COVID-19 after backing the CDC, Stanford, and others stating that the virus and its affects will soon disappear and that it is on the wane. The subject without the politics is not very complicated. The lockdowns are unnecessary and VERY harmful, more so than the virus itself.

  6. Yeah, Mr. Trump…You always knew it and you, Commander in Chief, STILL ALLOWED ALL FLIGHTS FROM COMMUNIST CHINA INTO ALL PARTS OF USA, even one and a half MONTHS AFTER the BIOWEAPON VIRUS was announced as “RELEASED.”

  7. I am glad that Bob Woodword got the interview and taped it and released it. But I cannot understand why any president would sit down for an interview with Woodword if they had a lot of baggage or problems. Cannot understand how he write all these books about Bush II and Trump? Are these presidents directed by someone/something to sit for interviews with him?

    • Yes indeed. Here is more than a clue…The full audio recording of Benjamin Freedman exposing the INSIDIOUS PLOT in 1961:
      Also, listen to Myron C. Fagan 1967 recording
      And Admiral William Guy Carr lecture on his expose book titled PAWNS IN THE GAME, 1957

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