Will anyone miss them? Sturgis Rally to kill 12,000 from COVID in ‘First Wave’ – Study

An estimated 266,000 cases have resulted from attending this event, which had a total of 460,000 attendees. 


VT Analysis:  VT folks are biker folks and we love Sturgis as much as anyone. A party is a party except when it isn’t.

Sturgis is responsible for pushing back COVID lockdown successes by a month.  12,000 will die, the stats are inexorable, from Sturgis. What it has done is push for a poorly tested vaccine to be put in play weeks early or the estimate of $12 bn. will be low.

None of us expected so many infected people to come to Sturgis, infecting everyone. Stats are showing that every Sturgis rider home community is spiking. Each Sturgis rally visitor has already infected up to 20, with thousands sick already. This isn’t conjecture.


Did Sturgis really infect 250,000 people?

A new study finding the rally responsible for a quarter-million new COVID-19 cases was deemed “plausible” by a virologist and epidemiologist who spoke to The Daily Beast.

Cost to the US? Some estimate as high as $12 billion for health care and financial losses

Daily Beast: The roar of Harleys announced the determination of 460,000 people to ignore public health warnings and attend the 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August, largely without masks or social distancing.

The silent pings of their cellphones enabled a team of economists to trace these reckless souls back to their home counties and statistically link the rally to at least 250,000 COVID-19 infections.


The results are reported in a new study, “The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19” [interesting read] from the Center for Health Economics & Policy Studies at San Diego State University. The introduction quotes what the lead vocalist of Smash Mouth told the barefaced crowd packed before the stage at a concert during the rally:

“Now we’re all here together tonight. And we’re being human once again. F*ck that COVID sh*t.”

As is taught in every introductory statistics class, there is a  critical difference between correlation and causation. And the four authors of the study are economists, not epidemiologists.

But someone who is an epidemiologist, the highly regarded disease specialist Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, described the results of the study as “plausible” in an interview with The Daily Beast. Prominent virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen used the very same word in describing the study to The Beast. Both Klausner and Rasmussen noted the size of the rally and the crowd’s apparent failure to take mitigating precautions. read more..


Health Editor’s Note: VT warned this would happen, and happen it did. Go to a superspreader event and blatantly disregard masking and social distancing and come away with coronavirus, take it home and give it to others by direct, secondary, or tertiary contact. 266,000 cases have resulted from attending this event, which had a total of 460,000 attendees. 

How do we know how many coronavirus cases have been generated by the Sturgis Bike Rally which was held from August 7-16 and had a reported 365,000 vehicles in attendance, with their rider or riders? 

A new study by the IZA Institute of Labor Economics tracked anonymized cellphone data for the 10 days of the event. “Smartphone pings from non-residents” and “foot traffic at restaurants and bars, retail establishments, entertainment venues, hotels and campgrounds each rose substantially.” Stay-at-home hours for local residents fell during the same time period.

The annual event ran from Aug. 7-16 and drew more than 365,000 vehicles, according to South Dakota’s Department of Transportation.

Shame on South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem (R) for supporting the rally and also disputing this analysis’s claims. She had the power to cancel it and to keep thousands of people safe. Instead, this super supporter of Trump did an irresponsible thing. She calls this report an assault on those who attended this rally. All the assaulting is now being done by COVID-19. 

Total disregard for the veracity of coronavirus and a mentality of a gnat create a very ugly picture….Carol 


Trump discussion with Bob Woodward, transcript from CNN interview of Woodward


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  1. Gary here is the fault in your reasoning,”If you dismiss what I say then you are no better than those who dismiss what you say.” Comparative fallacy.

  2. The most common ‘COVID-19’ tests are not COVID-19 tests. 80% to 90% false positives confirmed. The #10,130,701 U.S. Patent number is owned by queen Elizabeth, processed without the necessary reviews and scrutiny by the U.S. Patent Office because the queen’s SERCO corporation managed to wangle the contract for U.S. Patent management a decade ago(https://www.serco.com/na/sector-expertise/citizen-services/patent-services). Corona-SARS was released in China in 2003. A local guy here was in China and caught it in 2003. 2 months of misery. Get out and read more. Accepting false information from filthy liars causes more unearned misery than any other cause.

    • Sturgis must have been fun. The REAL odds of a corona-SARS II infection rate becoming measurable among the riders would require that the holders of the U.S. Patent and quantities of the man made virus itself do another FRESH application. Harvard’s chemistry department head and biowarfare buff Charles M. Lieber was busted hauling last winter’s batch of virus-cure-vaccine and U.S. Patent papers to the Nanchang Pirbright lab, and was arrested for it on his return, one MILLION dollars bail when caught LYING about his China and Pirbright secret contracts.

    • Charles, your information is utter bullshit. COVID sufferers test negative, some of them die testing negative. Every word in your comment is idiocy.

  3. Increase on Covid-19 based on administered tests does not prove anything since testing methods contain false positives & negatives…
    Increase in CV19 mortality numbers doesn’t prove anything, bcause intentionally changing death causes from cancer, hearth attack, pneumonia, motor cycle accident… to CV19.
    All this is to make you more scared, and more fear… to impose more controls.
    CV19 is a bioweapon virus, also has a cure just like all the other viruses but not allowed in VT.

  4. Mike, you keep forgetting, COVID-19 is a bioweapon. It was designed in a lab in North Carolina to be as infectious as possible but only show life-threatening symptoms in a minority of the population: the elderly, those without adequate health care, and especially people of color. Here in New Mexico the death rate among the Navaho is dramatically higher than among the anglo population for all three of those reasons.

    Emma is right, the ultimate goal is drastic population reduction. It’s exactly like what the US did in the 19th Century, giving small-pox infested blankets to the Plains Indians. The PTB are culling the herd, Mike.

  5. Like my cousin the Outsider/Bandido said, ‘every real biker has herpies and my immune system flattens the flu’.

  6. It is a plandemic, 60 years in the making, with recurring epidemic waves planned and advertised. People are making good points, but are still disregarding the stated goals of the planners, which as I understand it is a 90 percent population reduction.

    Even if people dislike statistics, they can still bite in the butt.
    – 330,052,960 (population estimate of US)
    – minus ~90% ; 297,047,660  
    – leaving an estimated population of 33,005,300 in the US

    This would make me very sad. I don’t really care if it doesn’t make any of the rest of you sad. (and I’m not referring to the editors) I liked my country the way it was, with all of its warts, before 2001, before the great neoconartist way took hold. I do NOT see any positive change in the world that would come about by “removing 297 million” of us. When I’ve been out of the country, several times, various places, I’ve always wanted to come home to this eclectic melange of my fellow Americans, because they are the best. Put that in your pipe.

  7. Since there are avid motorcycle riders at VT I would assume they understand that ‘biker’ means one and only one thing…..a cut, a three-piece patch and a 1%er diamond.
    everyone else is a rider…
    it’s what is known in the outlaw world as ‘sons of anarchy syndrome’.

    • There are plenty of patched motorcycle clubs [1] that are not 1% “outlaw” clubs, lots of riding clubs, and lots of non-members who ride US made (and in some cases British made) cruisers, and wear similar clothing to the first two groups (except only motorcycle club members and people looking to get a beat down wear three-piece rocker patches). All of these people are bikers.

      Then there are motorcyclists who are people who ride a motorcycle for other reasons than being part of biker culture (and many of those wish the biker culture would die out).

      [1] A motorcycle club is where a person interested in joining first is a “hang-around”, then becomes a “prospect” (unless deemed unsuitable at the hang-around stage), and them will become a patched full member unless blackballed.
      [2] A riding club is something where you pay dues to join, e.g., HOG (Harley Owners Group).

    • worker bee, with respect you have it kind of correct. I’v been riding a motorcycle, dirt, street, roadrace, flattrack, motocross since 1973. I’e owned 61 motorcycles at last count. My cousin is a pure 100% 1%er, rides with the Outsiders from Portland and the wash. state Bandidos. The term ‘biker’ came into general use in the early ’90s when the RUB (rich urban biker)phenom started. Calling any rider ‘biker’ drives the OG patchholders crazy.
      Again, mom and pop clubs and fringe elements like the rattelers are not ‘authorized’ to sport it and doing so can and has resulted in asswhippin’s in the past.

    • 1%MC members are not even 1% of motorcycle owners, and about 0.001% of the total population, so they do not get to dictate the meaning of a non-copyrighted word such as “biker”. They certainly are not going to do beatdowns on everyone who uses “biker” more broadly when they are outnumbered approximately 100,000: 1.

      Personally I wear a hi-viz Cordura/GoreTex onesie, full face lid (sometimes with furry ears attached), and ride a touring BMW (three things that are against either the written or unwritten rules of patched motorcycle clubs) so no one but the very ignorant will think I am a biker.

    • I am moving from shorts and a tea shirt. Keen sandals work well except for shifting. I love buzzing people who have fast bikes and cars, or who thought they did. I am not a good person.

  8. Perhaps ask an epidemiologist what is Farr’s law regarding this quote from Peter Duesberg: “The epidemiological hallmark of a new transmissible disease is that it spreads exponentially until it has saturated a susceptible pool of the population, a process described by Farr’s law.”
    This pandemic demonstrates once again that one should fear one’s weakened condition rather than the virus. A vaccination might work and it might do you no harm but it won’t protect you from the next new transmissible disease or any of the already existing transmissible diseases.
    As usual, all the money is being invested in “fighting” this virus rather than addressing the weakened condition of the victim. Profits matter.
    So, if you are in the susceptible pool of the population for this new virus, you can hide in your basement wearing your mask or hazmat suit but when you finally decide to come out of the basement you will still be susceptible to the virus.
    Flattening the curve was not intended to prevent infections, it was intended to have the same number of infections over a longer period of time so as to not overwhelm hospital facilities.

    • Gary
      Phase 2 of COVID only attacks very healthy younger people…just like Trump admits. WE know because we check with medical personnel treating patients.

    • Gordon:
      As the evidence left by the late soil scientist, William Albrecht, PhD, by the late dentist Weston Price, D.D.S, by the late French veterinarian, Andre Voison, and by the late doctor, Francis Pottenger, Jr., M.D., demonstrates in Albrecht’s words: “It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.”
      If you are attacked by any phase of COVID, then you are not a healthy person regardless of your age. You are in a weakened condition, or, if you prefer, you have a weakened immune system.
      I am 74 years old. If they want to make the vaccination mandatory, I will demand that they infect me with the virus instead.
      Being totally uninformed on nuclear weapons prior to coming to VT, I now consider myself much better informed on nuclear weapons and what actually is going on in this world. I judge that not on who you are but rather on the evidence you cite. Your evidence makes rational sense to me.
      You complain that your evidence on nuclear weapons and their usage is ignored or disregarded. If you dismiss what I say then you are no better than those who dismiss what you say.

    • Sorry Gary but that would be a faulty comparison. How can any person not realize that the asymptomatic symptoms in some could lead to one being infected? WTF?

    • Fort Russ is a shithole fake site. The article you cite is silly. When the polio outbreak they were talking about existed, there was no Gates foundation. However, I was on the ground at the time and the fault was an India based pharma that provided, at very high price, bad vaccine to the UN. 300 died…in real life…a real tragedy caused by corruption in India. Blame India.

    • Comparing your argument on covid to research into nuclear weapons is what’s known as a faulty comparative fallacy…. In other words, your wrong.

    • Peter:
      You’re wrong. I was not comparing my argument on covid to research into nuclear weapons. I was comparing ignoring or disregarding the evidence to support the statement by William Albrecht that “It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim” with ignoring or disregarding the evidence presented on this website about mini nuclear weapons and there usage.
      I don’t ask anyone to believe what I say. I do, however, encourage others to review the evidence I have reviewed that causes me to be in agreement with Albrecht’s statement and then make up their own mind.
      For mini nuclear weapons and their usage, I suggest people visit this website. For Albrecht’s statement I suggest people read “The Albrecht Papers”, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, “Soil Grass and Cancer” and “Pottenger’s Cats”.

  9. Trumpsters, can’t your get it through your little heads? COVID-19 is a bioweapon! If Trump has you fooled into thinking it’s a hoax… He’s lying to you! He knew the virus was headed our way back in November and told Israel about it. Did he tell you about it? Of course not. You’re playing your part well, just like the Native Americans who were given small-pox infested blankets. The PTB are culling the human herd. Prepare to be culled!

  10. Am I a little crazy/paranoid for thinking the overall reaction by all levels of government in usa are intentional and part of an over-arching plan – many being compartmentalized – siloed and unable to see the very big picture?

    All the cult member, apologists and deniers really get on my nerves. Disappointed, to put it mildly, that so many who should know better are spreading such harmful disinfo and lies. Greatly magnified by social media. Will they ever wake up?

  11. John, here in grand haven, we hit 121 new covid infections on Friday tied to pre-Labor Day beach traffic…which is ‘social distanced’ doe to a massive beach here. Of them, 6 were immediately put on respirators, all under 50. This is from a town of 8k in one day.

    You are consistently wrong because you invent your own facts. This makes you a danger to yourself and that’s a bad thing.

    Not kidding.g

    • “Did Sturgis Really Infect 250,000 People” – joetv

      No and yes. No, the statistics say only about 12,000 or so were infected by SARS-CoV-2 at the Sturgis rally. Yes since the end of the rally those infected persons have spread the virus to nearly a quarter of a million other persons.

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