by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Someone made a silly mistake putting out an Alice in Wonderland story about Iran considering an assassination of a female diplomat outside the theater of war in the Persian Gulf, when there are many military targets to strike. It was a made up, planted story via the usual tactic of seeding phoney intel into the US to be picked up by the news cycle.

VT has been expecting these Iran escalation ploys, and now they have begun six weeks before the election. But frankly, with all the time to plan an event, even if they were to offload it to the Israelis, this deserves an F for credibility.

Also, we have the Pompeo news today that he will begin the rogue snapback sanctions on Iran on September 20 with seizing Iranian ships, which will certainly stir thing up with Iran, but will trigger no rash response.

Iran, China and Russia don’t do rash responses. Iran might begin seizing US ships and holding them until the election is over, and maybe a grownup as president would stop the silly provocations that everyone with half a brain can see through.

We also had the EU polls this week showing trust in US foreign affairs decisions being the lowest in modern history even among our friends, France, England and Germany.

Just when the Trump regime needs to be upping its game by showing some statesmanship, it continues to prefer the tough guy gangster persona.

The Pompeo grandstanding comes with more bad Trump polling news, in the battleground states and nationwide, with Trump slowly fizzling out at this point, down 10.5 points to Biden nationwide. Also, Bloomberg has committed $100 million of personal funds in Biden advertising to ensure Florida will be denied to Trump.

Whoever has been holding onto some Trump dirty laundry will start rolling it out, so it has time to filter down. Trump had the bad news that Caputo was taking a ‘medical leave’ as communications director of Health and Human Services, HHS, literally putting him on ice until after the elections. What’s up wid dat?Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … September 01, 2020



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  1. So we know that Iran never had intentions to carry out this BS assassination operation that some intel agency made up to help maintain the narrative that Iran is the bad guy. This constant media barrage of bad mouthing Iran, China and Russia is getting a bit old hat. The media seems to cycle through the 3 of them almost daily with Venezuela thrown in now and again just to change it up a bit. IMO this is all to set the stage for a war with either 3. My take is that Russia is the least likely one to be attacked by the US. China and Iran would be the first 2 contenders with Iran been the first because it is the weakest link of the 3. I have close friends in and from Iran and I hope that this will not happen to any of the 3. It seems that the Zionist elite really want this war and are now scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and get it. I can only hope that their plans are thwarted by a alert military or intel agency that will put a stop to it before it can commence.

    • Thanks for changing the picture Jim. Although I find that the Sheikh Zayed mosque is very beautiful and has a great architectural appeal, I prefer the picture of the gift bearing delegations at the Apadana palace staircase in Persepolis … for an Iran article !

    • Ah that’s why my Iranian friend gave me a puzzled look and shrugged her shoulders when I showed her the picture of the mosque and asked her where in Iran is this…hahaha. Bloody google again giving false information, living up to its reputation.

    • I am trending toward these scenic feature images as I enjoy the art and beauty, a needed break from the often bland news images. God only knows we deal with a lot of ugly things here, so I wanted to sprinkle in some beauty as part of the mix. These are ‘wallpaper’ selections, HD, and hence no copyright issues. I take a break when I can to build a folder of them to use. But no matter what terms you use the results are always blended and the wallpaper collections do not describe the individual images.

  2. I honestly believe that it’s too late for America. They had two glolden opportunities to be a force for good “world leader”, in 1945, post WW11 and 1991, post USSR collapse. They cynically used both occasions to tyrannically impose hegemonic dominance on the rest of the planet and human life became very expendable and incidental. In 1971 they devised a system to sponge, eternally, off the rest of the planet and between the petrodollar, SWIFT and Reserve Currency Status it almost worked. However, within America lies a monumental problem. They don’t seem to have enough grey matter between their ears, they’re unable to produce any outstanding politicians or diplomats, and the mediocre ones they have are bought and compromised by Israel. They threaten Russia, China, Iran etc….almost goading them to start a war in which they would be thoroughly trounced. They fallaciously believe that two oceans protect them and their mainland cities would not be attacked, they still harbour the lunacy of a first strike nuclear war against a country with hypersonic nuclear weapons and a defense system second to none. At this juncture in time, America is heading for a total collapse, far greater than the former USSR, but it’ll probably take this humiliating disintegration to knock some sense into this runaway disaster of a country.

    • Spot on. Just a side note: petrodollar created in 73 due to Iran’s oil price increase during the Pahlavi era, was to divorce Iran as a partner in the region, replacing it with Saudi Arabia a stooge of the military complex. That’s when the chaos started and US became a complete banana republic.

  3. Don’t like any of the putrid and degenerate US political establishment. It would be particularly gailing though for Trump if he lost to a man that was not aware of the time of day or where he was.

    • What you mean to say is that you still prefer a rapist “anti establishment” clown who has always had an Obama penis envy than a seasoned politician who will immediately restore the JCPOA. Trump was born a loser and only blind people wouldn’t see it.

      Bonus for you:
      From your favorite guy who “doesn’t know the time of the day or where he is at”:

      “I will offer Tehran a credible path back to diplomacy. If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow-on negotiations. With our allies, we will work to strengthen and extend the nuclear deal’s provisions, while also addressing other issues of concern,” he wrote.

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