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Breaking: US has no vaccines, Stockpile disappeared, Stolen by Trump...

Days after Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that doses of coronavirus vaccine that were being held back for second-round doses would be distributed, it turns out there’s almost no stockpile left, it simply disappeared and no one knows how.

Ongoing Clashes Between the FDA and HHS

A personnel shake-up driven by ongoing clashes between the agency and the HHS department that oversees it.

Trump Vets 274 Celebrities For Botched $265 Million COVID Ad Campaign

More evidence Trump interfered in public health issues

Iran says it will give appropriate response to any U.S. act...

Jim W. Dean - Iran might begin seizing US ships and holding them until the election is over, and maybe a grownup as president will stop the silly provocations.

Emails Show Trump Appointee Tried to Muzzle Fauci

Emails obtained by POLITICO show a top aide at the department dictating what the nation's top infections disease expert should say during media interviews.

Trump Rule for Transgender Health Care Blocked

The HHS rule sought to overturn Obama-era sex discrimination protections for health care for transgender people.

HHS Will Finally Distribute Almost $4.9 Billion to COVID-19 Impacted Nursing...

In addition to nursing home residents, many SNF employees have also been diagnosed with COVID-19.