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Translated from Russian.  VT has chosen to publish this as “informative” and does not condone aspects of this that are intended to offend people based  on race or ethnicity, thus our apologies in advance – Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

“Of all the arts for us, the most important is the art of Jewish shit throwing” (Moshiach – Menachem Mendel Schneerson)

Edward Khodos on YouTube called “SHIT” the main strategic weapon of social parasites. You can’t say more precisely! As fish have a natural need to spawn, so the impostors and self-appointed people in God’s chosen people have an ineradicable need to throw shit at the Gentile goyim. Moreover, the art of shit-throwing by masters of verbiage has been improving for thousands of years and is passed down the chain from generation to generation, from rabbi to rabbi, from kagal to kagal {organized criminal community of Jews, international Jewish mafia}. Rabbis Yosef Telushkin and Israel Zelman from Atlanta serve as one of the many vivid visual and illustrative examples of such an inextricable continuity of generations of rabbis-gavnomets. The first cynically fabricated the meanest and most vile book-gavnomer,

Commissioned by the ultra-Nazi sect Chabad, the exquisitely vile rabbi-gavnomet Yosef Telushkin with disgusting shamelessness composed, published in 1995 in Moscow and Jerusalem, an extremely disgusting, and seemingly such a fine-looking and pious book-shit-gun “Jewish World”. It goes without saying that in this fake paid for by the Kahal, “God-fearing” (and not only) Jews are depicted as “white and fluffy”, as always persecuted innocent victims, the most honest, noble, law-abiding, righteous, positive, progressive, and so on and so Further. Well, and GOI, of course, from start to finish, the vilest lower beings, barbarians, villains, fiends, criminals of all stripes and ranks, eternally persecuting innocent Jews and so on and so on … Just laughing at the chickens. Well, everything is turned upside down. It would be more correct to call this disgusting, godless Zhydov writings – “Jewish Antiworld”.

And, this stinking eschatological swill made of shit of vomit and pus, where the TRUTH has been replaced by a total LIE, is now present in every Jewish home, yeshivas, synagogues and other countless Jewish organizations. And, the rabbis-shit compel the Zhidians to memorize this shit, so much so that from the black anger the Jewish blood just boils like shit against the goyim. For there is such a shamelessly provocative lie that it is incomprehensible to the mind. Supposedly, the soldiers of Bohdan Khmelnitsky ripped open the bellies of thousands of pregnant Jewish women, took out a human fetus, and in return sewed up a cat or dog. And so that the Jews could not take them back out, they first cut off their hands. And stuff like that. From such books and fakes pours and pours in a continuous stream on all non-Jewish goyim’s open blatant shameless inhuman lies and slander.

Millennial slander and lies

And, in order to get rid of the hated goy as much as possible and make him a universal villain, another Jewish authority, dancing rabbi-gavnomer Israel Zelman from Atlanta took over from Yosef Telushkin, and, having memorized excerpts from his book, on the Torah ve-Daat “In YouTube on February 19, 2019, he fabricated the vilest video clip-gnome called: -” Question of the rabbi to Vladimir Zelensky. ” In which this scum, as an example of a very sophisticated and vicious Jewish meanness, cynically, brazenly, unceremoniously and extremely provocatively demanded from the presidential candidate Zelensky that the whole of non-Jewish Ukraine should forever repent and pay “holocaust money” for everything allegedly committed by the Slavs against the Jews … So, through shit-throwing, the “spiritual” connection of 2 authoritative rabbis-gavnomets was clearly demonstrated.

Such arrogant, from head to toe, soiled with shit Jewish authorities – shit-talking Jews themselves, among themselves, call “HUTSPA”. Chutzpah is, in fact, the apotheosis of impudence, the culmination of greyhound, the highest point of meanness, three in one. An exclusive, uniquely Jewish personality trait that they are very proud of and admire. Roughly means, unlimited, over insolence, over meanness, over greedy, unscrupulousness, lies and podlyana, openly demonstrated by completely immoral scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels. A thousand-year-old, especially insolent chutzpah, like the apotheosis of an impudent person, so got some peoples that this word entered into a constant circulation (everyday life).

For example, in the judicial practice of America totally occupied by the Zionists, the word “chutzpah” is already used as a stable legal term, does not require further explanation. It’s time to learn this experience and other countries. All peoples and nations have scoundrels. But, normal people are ashamed of them. Except, of course, Jews and Gypsies. The snappy chutzpah, on the other hand, is extremely proud of his meanness towards all non-Jewish humanity.

Looking into the arrogant, shameless, frostbitten eyes of chutzpah-scoundrels, into the disgusting god-disgusting, disgusting faces of chutzpah rabbis – gavnomets you understand why in the entire history of mankind, a real noble Jew, a humanist and peacemaker, never appeared. Who sincerely honestly and from the bottom of his heart would try to reconcile both people and nations and states, and not to quarrel them, as it is, until now, is customary among Jewish provocateurs, such as priest Gapon. Who would try to resolve all misunderstandings and conflicts by peaceful means, and did not incite them to get his bloody gesheft. But, unfortunately, we have what we have.

Real noble Jews, humanists and peacemakers are completely absent. And, here are traitors, villains, scoundrels, provocateurs, instigators and instigators of bloody riots, unrest, riots, revolutions, wars, famine, genocide, etc. terribly disastrously much. Because of which, throughout its history, humanity is constantly spitting blood and marking time instead of developing along the path of humanistic progress and moving towards a brighter future. After all, not a single sane person or community or people or state would ever refuse a peaceful, just path, if they were given such an opportunity.

And, if normal, honest, adequate sane people were in the power of all states of the world, then the progress of society would reach such heights that mankind would have long ago mastered near space and began to explore deep space. Because, in this case, the colossal energy of mankind would not be wasted on endless internal conflicts, mass bloodletting, destruction, civil strife and war. Beneficiary, i.e. the beneficiary of which has always been, is and, apparently, will always be, only one sinister ethno-religious group under the general name “world kagal”. But, to the greatest regret, because of the existing Jewish system of power, honest, normal, decent, adequate people can never get into power.

And, all because the zhydy, who have been nurtured for millennia on the infinitely immoral, inhumanly savage culture of the Jewish chosenness of God, in principle, by definition, simply physically cannot act honestly, just and noble. These are the ominous demands of the very bloodthirsty, extremely misanthropic and cannibalistic doctrine of Judaism, with which every Jew on the planet is born, lives and dies. And, whether at the same time he is at least three times a secular person, it does not matter. For over these millennia, already at the genetic level, Judeo fanatical views and instructions that are hostile to all mankind have been absorbed into the soul, blood and flesh of every Jew. So much so that any Jew, even if he is a decent person and not at all a villain, Although, at the same time, he perfectly understands that any chosenness of God creeps out of the stinking stinking cesspool. In which the obscene ideological impurities of racism, fascism, Nazism, Zionism and other frenzied and brutal infinitely bloodthirsty Zhydo Sadism and Zhydo Satanism, grown from the very dirty poisonous seeds of the extremely inhuman, anti-Goyish monster, are rotting, decaying and stinking throughout the universe.

But he cannot help himself, because the centuries-old Talmudic upbringing, as well as its biology, genetics, nature, turned out to be superior to logic, reason and common sense, not to mention such socially human concepts as shame, honor, conscience, dignity, decency and etc. Whom the “chosen ones” completely reject with contempt and discard from themselves, although at the same time they demand, so that the goyim in relation to them observed these humane principles. These are the millennia-old Judeo savage double standards.

And when the goyim, completely tortured and driven to despair by Jewish lawlessness, begin to apply their own methods and techniques to the Jews, even to an insignificant extent, then a universal howl about anti-Semitism, pogroms, genocide, the Holocaust, etc. always rises. And besides, with insolent disgusting shamelessness, they extract a colossal gesheft from this monstrously inflated campaign. So, for example, kagal and Israel from the mythical holocaust sucked hundreds and hundreds of billions of shekels from humiliated and defeated Germany. But their greed knows no bounds. Having robbed the citizens of the former USSR from head to toe in the course of Chubais’s “volcherisation and” privatization “, the Zionists continued to” holocaust “the richest in natural resources of the Russian Federation. And, against the background of the indigenous population dying out by millions in poverty and devastation,

In order to firmly drive into the head of every Jew the malignant cancer cell of racism, fascism and Nazism and turn him into a militant zhydo-cattle-slave, for thousands of years a pack of shit-throwers – propagandists from the Jewish Ministry of Propaganda – has been working continuously. Jewish commissars of propaganda, morally dirty masters of slander and deceit: kohens, Levites, rabbis, tzaddiks, lamedwavniks and other leaders of Zionism, Judaism, kahal, Chabad, rabbinate and international banking junta. A disgusting bunch of flawed, degenerate shit of geeks and bastards from the criminal Jewish pakhanat, in the most arrogant dirty shameless way they appointed themselves “God’s chosen people.”

For example, in the US totally occupied by the Zionists, morally dirty, immoral books by Jewish authors – gavnometov – are published in millions of copies. Who, in all seriousness, in every way praise, sing and promote the Old Testament poisonous, degeneratively parasitic, cave-like zoological, purulently filthy, hypocritically idiotic idea of ​​God’s chosen Jews. In their books, turning inside out like a snake, with all their filthy criminally disgusting forces, they try to prove to the whole world an infinitely arrogant, viciously sinister ideologemma about their exclusivity and God’s chosenness, only on the basis that their god so wanted. But, at the same time, it is corny, they cannot present a certificate from God. The insane disgusting chutzpah of impostors and self-appointed people in God’s chosen people is simply prohibitively off scale! The apotheosis of meanness!

One of the main propaganda goals of the propaganda of the Jewish Ministry of Propaganda is to instill in everyone that only the goyim and only the goyim are always to blame for all the troubles of mankind, and not vice versa, as in reality. As they say in such cases among the people: – “Scum and nit in someone else’s eye sees a speck, but in his own eye does not see a log.” For centuries, the insidious bitch tribe of the Jews has been fabricating extremely malicious, misanthropic, AntiGoy, deceitful, slanderous materials, articles and books in monstrously huge print runs. The spirit and content of which, with fierce envy, any overly immoral and overly bloodthirsty maniacs, murderers, sadists and bloodsuckers, such as Jack the Ripper, Chikatilo, etc., would envy. Because this rotten disgustingly disgusting writings are a poisonous concentrate of very vile, vile, immoral,

So, there is a shameless, endlessly immoral, demoniac propaganda of anger of hatred and contempt for all people, for all people who are not members of this purulently dirty, infinitely cruel OPS – an organized criminal community of “God’s chosen” non-people. This is very clearly seen on the example of the “World Wide Web”. The entire Internet is spattered with Jewish shit, tons of orally defecated by various, both ordinary bloggers and authoritative (and not only) Jewish rabbi-gavnomets like Yosef Telushkin and Israel Zelman. Especially zealous Khabadniks-gavnomety. For example, a rabbi-gavnomet with a prison camp’s chase “baker”, who records piggy Nazi videos right in the synagogue and then posts them on the Rav Bulochnik channel. This disgusting, fidgety goat-faced type demands from the world Jewry, in order to speed up the arrival of the Jewish Moshiach, to slaughter humanity as soon as possible, leaving only 2800 slaves – goyim for each Jew alive.

For hours, in a continuous stream, racist-fascist-Nazi shit is pouring out of the mouth of this pig-faced god-disgusting scoundrel – racist-fascist-Nazi shit, so much so that the whole synagogue was overflowing, and, forever, smelled of pig shit. And there are thousands and thousands of such, impudent from the complete permissiveness of authoritative (and not only) rabbis-shit. As a result of such endless satanic sermons, all synagogues have definitely turned into “swine”, the walls of which stink not only of sulfur, but also of shit. In a continuous stream, from the mouth of this pig-faced god-disgusting god-disgusting scoundrel – racist-fascist-Nazi shit pours out of the mouth, so much so that the whole synagogue was overflowing, and, forever, smelled of pig shit. And there are thousands and thousands of such, impudent from the complete permissiveness of authoritative (and not only) rabbis-shit. As a result of such endless satanic sermons, all synagogues have definitely turned into “swine”, the walls of which stink not only of sulfur, but also of shit.

In addition to the ringleaders of Judaism, Zionism and Kagal, numerous Israeli (and not only) bloggers are abusing the reinforced shit about non-Jewish goyims. An Israeli blogger, a litter for Chabad, a certain Sura Smolyar, was especially distinguished. Who, downright the same, is in hysterical delight from the godless god-loathing Nazi – Chabadnik, rabbi – gavnomer named “baker”. In the CIS, this bitch, a drunkard and an eternally stoned drug named “Mama Sura” earned extra money through prostitution, pimping and snitching. She persuaded underage children to prostitution, and then, for dirty money, put them under lustful Jewish pedophiles. As soon as it smelled fried, she fled to Israel. The usual practice of thieves of all kinds of Jewish criminals, to escape from criminal prosecution and punishment under the “roof” of the international Pathological anti-Semite and anti-Goyka, pimp and part-time toilet washer Sura Smolyar fiercely hates and despises Semitic Arabs and all goy peoples, especially former compatriots, Slavs. Boasts that Jews are supposedly the oldest people in the world. Stupidly not understanding, at the same time, that the word “prostitution” is always associated with the word “ancient”. This dumb-headed representative of the oldest profession of the most ancient people fabricates videos for a primitive justification of the wildly brutal Jewish fascism and Nazism. Having smoked, chipped and stoned, the sura bitch carries all the Judo-racist Zhido-Fascist and Zio-Nazi delirium. From anger and hatred, shit so overwhelms her that it crawls out of all the cracks that she has, even from her eyes, which is why her eyes are always ugly bulging. Well, and, needless to say, pervert drug addict pimp toilet washer loves to verbally defecate on non-Jewish goyim.

Pile of Poo on OpenMoji 12.3 And such bloggers – shit throwers, like the gavnomotchitsa Bitch Smolyar, continuously spewing tons and tons of shit on the Gentile Gentiles, it’s just dark, even a dime a dozen. Because of what, inevitably, there is a painful impression that the gavnomets – Jews on the planet earth make up the overwhelming majority of the population.

By virtue of belonging to the oldest profession (prostitutes were always milked by the garbage and the special services), she became a professional informer. As Anka the machine-gunner from the movie “Chapaev” spared no cartridges from a machine gun, so the bitch Sura, the gavnomotchitsa not sparing shit, scribbles denunciations of goy activists. On all YouTube channels and websites, the Internet collects materials on them and runs with denunciations to the heads of the rabbi and to the Israeli special services to snitch on those she does not like. It is not for nothing that they say: “An anti-Semite is not one who does not love Jews, but one who is not loved by Jews.”

Nevertheless, zhydy – shitty guys like to throw the words “anti-Semite, anti-Semitism”, at the same time, stupidly not understanding the true meanings of these words. In fact, anti-Semitism is when at someone else’s expense, for free, on funds stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, Jewish racists, fascists and Nazis, monstrously and beyond all measure to the teeth armed with ultra-modern weapons of mass destruction, persecute, humiliate, insult, slander, rape, maim and massively kill completely unarmed Arabs – Semites with impunity. So the only anti-Semites, in fact, are only the Jews themselves.

Back in the late 19th century, a former rabbi with 34 years of experience in Judaism, Yakov Brafman, in his documentary work The Book of Kagal, told the whole world that the concept of a “peacefully praying Jew” is an absolute nonsense. Peacefully praying Jews have never been, and not, in general, in nature. All Jewish prayers are aggressively hostile against humanity. In all prayers, the Jews, in addition to personal, selfishly base selfish requests, necessarily demand from the Jewish beast Yahwe-666 to bring all sorts of troubles to the heads of all non-Jews, the grief of the misfortune of illness, etc. This is understandable. The sinister bloodthirsty cannibalistic religion simply, by definition, physically cannot contain light, peace-loving prayers, but just the opposite.

Take, for example, the content of the Shephokh prayer, pronounced on the evening of Easter, is composed of the psalms of David:

“Blessed God, punish the peoples who do not believe in you. Kill them, break them into small pieces. Take away all hope, all goodness from them. Destroy, God, all the enemies of your Jewish people “(Krach Chaim 480)

In addition, the walls of the pig-house are saturated not only with gray and shit, but also with total fornication. The leaders of Judaism ordered the Jews, while reading prayers, to perform aggressive sexual movements and, mentally, for the sake of Yahweh-666, to perform perverted copulation. So, the Jews, in places of prayer, while standing, swing back and forth in an increasing, aggressive way. And, at the same time, they must mentally imagine that they are ritually raped in the ass of a non-Jewish goy who is hated by them in a humiliating pose with cancer. So, every Jew, at least three times a day, is engaged in an extremely disgusting perverted form of “thoughtsex”, a hundred times worse than masturbation. Some, especially impressionable Jews fall into such a religious fervor that they involuntarily ejaculate directly on the “wall of the srach” or the wall of the swine-shop. And here, For Jewish women, such sexually religious gestures are strictly prohibited. The leaders of the criminal Jewish pakhanat were forbidden to them, allegedly because they did not have the corresponding male genital organ – the phallus, But, these are all cheap excuses of the Rabbinate and the kahal. In fact, bastardly bastard Jewish chauvinism and discrimination towards Jewish women was manifested here. Because, according to the Judeo-fascist and Zio-Nazi postulates of the Torah and Talmud, not only a goy, but also a Jewess is considered by them to be a lower being.

For example, the Talmudists demand that every morning a Jewish man recite the prayer “Birkot ha-shahar” – “Morning blessings”:

“Thank you, the Almighty, that did not create me as a woman, did not create me as a slave, did not create me as a non-Jew.” allegedly due to the lack of a corresponding male genital organ – the phallus, But, these are all cheap excuses of the Rabbinate and the kahal. In fact, bastardly bastard Jewish chauvinism and discrimination towards Jewish women was manifested here. Because, according to the Judeo-fascist and Zio-Nazi postulates of the Torah and Talmud, not only a goy, but also a Jewess is considered by them to be a lower being.

Yakov Brafman in “Note 16” of the Book of Kagal described in detail how the Jewish leaders of the Kagal and the Rabbinate with special cynicism, savage, dirty and cruel mock Jewish women. They force all Jewish women to undergo an extremely disgusting mocking ritual of purification in a special pond called “mikvah” – a small pit filled with water. During the ceremony, in a damp, cramped, dirty and dimly lit dungeon, a crowd of naked Jewish women with combed hair, nails clipped to blood, some with bloody wounds, shivering and numb from the cold, wait their turn to descend into the dark and stinking pool – mikvah from which thick, suffocating vapors rise in clubs. The leaders of Talmudism maliciously forced the Jewish women three times with their heads to slowly dip into the fetid liquid, thoroughly wash out all the secretions from the perineum, and, then, rinse your mouth with the same rotted water from the pit. In one evening, hundreds of women immerse themselves in one mikvah, and in the case of kagal orders, the water in the mikvah, in most cases, changes only once a month or even less often. Thus, tens of thousands of women are dipping into one and the same water filled with rotten and miasma. In addition to the fact that the mikvah itself is torture and, in general, is a gloomy and difficult picture, it contributes to the spread of numerous skin and other diseases among the Jews.

The leaders of the kahal and the rabbinate, inventive for all sorts of meanness, in order to insult, humiliate and trample the Jewish women to the maximum, the process of ablution was turned into a completely opposite event. After the mikvah, a Jewess must secretly, hiding in a guerrilla manner, in dashes, trying her best to avoid encounters with the goyim, and quickly rush home from the pighouse. Because if on the way back she accidentally met, say, a non-Jewish woman who, for example, washes in a clean bath three times a day, then according to the laws of Talmudism, a Jewess is considered dirty and defiled. And, she is obliged to re-pass all these disgusting savage tortures, this super-offensive, humiliating, morally and physically super-dirty ritual of mikvah. What, incidentally, and not surprising, these are the requirements of the endlessly immoral criminal fanatical religion of the Torah and Talmud. In this story, the general, impassable, stupid zombie of the Jews, who, in fear and horror from their Jewish-Jewish leadership, has lost all shame, honor, conscience, dignity and respect, is striking. And, who will not even lift a finger to, at least somehow, protect their grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters from humiliating, disgusting insults and torture from the leaders of Talmudism.

The Rabbinate and the Kagal, in their selfishly base selfish interests of superiority and parasitism, believe: – “What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull.” Therefore, Jewish women were categorically forbidden to commit sexual and religious swings, allegedly due to the lack of a male member – the phallus. And then (oh, horror!) They will think that it is a goy who is fucking a Jewish woman, and not vice versa. Well, dear Jewish ladies, don’t worry too much. Undoubtedly, this incident will be corrected. In connection with the massive distribution of sex toys – dildos, you will have access to the joy of thoughtsex of bullying and violence against gentiles. Under the pressure of Jewish feminists protesting against Jewish chauvinism and discrimination, the Rabbinate surrenders, and, soon, on compromise terms, will allow Jewish women to engage in full-length thought-sex prayers. In this case, a Jewess in one hand at the level of the vagina will have to hold a dildo, and in the other hand, respectively, a prayer book. And, rocking on the rise, aggressively, back and forth, to commit a mental sex dildo violence against a non-Jewish goi.

So, we have Jewish racism, fascism, Nazism, Zionism, sadism and Satanism in their most, extremely disgusting, godless, god-loathing manifestations. Everything is so neglected that it cannot be repaired, reconstructed or corrected. Definitely, only a complete cleanup of these filthy, stinking god-disgusting god-abominable hot spots. Today in every pig-haired rabbis-shitty openly and defiantly read the god-loathing God-abominable Talmud, which teaches: “You (the Jews) will bring destruction to other nations, what will be the will of“ God ”(read“ the devil ”), you will kill the best goyim- Non-Jews. ” And, Talmud, as zhydy like to boast, God himself (FSUs) reads while standing. As you can see, both the content of prayers, and the ritual actions themselves, and, in general, the entire Jewish worldview, the entire Jewish archetype, all Judaism is imprisoned on fierce hatred, anger, violence, slander and abuse of the goyim. Sheer immoral!

It should also be added to what has been said that, proceeding from the deepest essence of Judaism, from its internal logic, Judaism cannot exist without ritual murder and cannibalism. That, of course, world Jewry, in spite of all the obvious facts, foaming at the mouth is denied. Although, at the same time, many rabbis, in a state of narcotic euphoria from permissiveness and impunity, feeling dizzy from diabolical successes, openly blurt out this topic. For example, the authoritative rabbi-gavnomer Kashai from Kotsk exclaims: “The day when the rabbi eats a little goy for the first time is the greatest day in a person’s life! On the 14th day of the month of Adar, which falls on the holiday of Purim, the young rabbi must go through the old Jewish tradition, described in the Babylonian Talmud as the Thenaz rite. It is believed that the rabbi,

So, from here, there are so many cases of cave-zoological, savage-barbaric ritual murders of goy children with slow bloodletting in the basements of pigs. And this is one of the main reasons why about 8 million children disappear without a trace around the world every year. And, which is typical, there are no Jewish children among the missing. And, the world community will not say a word, not half a word about such a monstrous terrible phenomenon. Because all the world’s media are in the hands of the cannibal leaders. But if, for example, at least one Jewish child suddenly disappeared without a trace, oh, horror, what would have happened! The whole planet would be shaking as if in a fever from the universal hubbub, from hysterical cries about anti-Semitism, genocide, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc. etc. Although, in cases where a Jewish child is eaten by a Jewish cannibal, there is not much noise, but everything is quietly released on the brakes. As in the case of the Jewish priest cannibal Levi Aaron, who could not cope with cannibal feelings and devoured 8-year-old Jewish boy Leiba Kletzi from Brooklyn. Well, goy children, in general, do not count, even if they disappear by the millions, eaten by Jewish cannibals.

In the USA alone, every day 2,300 children disappear into nowhere, without any trace and without any registration in the statistics. What, in a state of narcotic euphoria from complete permissiveness and impunity, feeling dizzy from diabolical successes, Abe Fenkelstein, a Zionist-Satanist, rabbi-gavnomer of the East Coast of the United States, told the whole world. On the air of the worldwide radio network “Turner” this scoundrel, fearing no one or anything and not being ashamed (neither of people, nor of God) openly declared with a brazen cynical grin:

“Our god is Lucifer. We have a lot of fun during Easter when we steal your children. We steal from one hundred to three hundred thousand children a year in this country alone. And we drain the blood out of them, and we mix it with Easter bread [matzo], and then we throw the corpses into the slaughterhouses that belong to us, and we grind all the bodies into minced meat for sausages and hamburgers. McDonald is one of our favorite outlets, and people who eat breakfast, they eat their kids for lunch. ” In confirmation of the wild monstrous words of the utter scoundrel and bastard Abe Fenkelstein, the police of the United States, in fact, found human flesh in many MacDonald stores.

But they did not raise a fuss, because the threads of the investigations led to the swine. Moreover, no investigations are carried out on the fact of the annual disappearances of 8 million children around the world. Everyone knows that these children went to the Jewish ritual bloodletting and dinner for the leaders of Judaism, Zionism, the international banking junta and other leaders and elites of civilized states. Professor Holmes, with reinforced concrete arguments in his arms, has long been sounding the alarm on the “Abroad” website, proving that Jewish cannibalism, either open or hidden, has always existed since ancient times. And now, in connection with the eschatological expectations of the arrival of the swindler Moshiach, the masks have been dropped, and the Jews want to openly practice mass cannibalism.

That is why a new political movement is gaining strength in Israel, whose adherents demand to officially legitimize “the undoubted Talmudic right of a Jew to kill children of the goyim for ritual and other purposes.”

And so that it would be possible to have a gescheft from these murders with impunity and safely, selling the meat, blood and organs of innocent child victims to the above-mentioned elite of Jewish (and not only) cannibals. So, all the leaders of Zionism, Judaism, Kahal, the international banking junta, yes, and, perhaps, the majority of world Jewry, undoubtedly, are cannibals – crocodiles in human guise. Hence their composure, monstrous ruthlessness and the complete absence of such fundamental fundamental human qualities as compassion, empathy and compassion for others’ pain and misfortune, striving for truth and justice, as well as shame, honor, conscience, dignity, nobility. Extremely immoral, vile, vile, reptilian creatures.

And on the basis of this super-bastard ideology, in the same way, in an outrageously brutal hatred of all non-Jewish goyim, they bring up Jewish children in Jewish schools in yeshivas. They are preparing from them a semblance of the Nazi Hitler Youth, but only hundreds of times worse, because they grow in an atmosphere above the poisonous lies and in total hatred of all non-Jewish humanity. In yeshivas and pig houses, Jewish children are taught to be absolutely merciless to all living things. During the SHEHITA rite, children are forced to tear off their heads from live chickens. They are taught that in the future they could freely tear off the heads of living goy children without the slightest remorse. Other religious rites and holidays of Judaism also serve to educate cruelty.

For example, the Old Testament pagan rite Lag ba-Omer, annually, widely and on a grand scale, is celebrated throughout Israel. A distinctive feature of the primitive Jewish holiday Lag B’Omer is the teaching of Jewish children to cruelty, sadism and slaughter. After all, one of the popular entertainments of Jewish youth on this holiday is the mass public burning of cats and dogs at the stake. The Holocaust for dogs and cats in Israel has become monstrous. But neither the Israeli government, nor the Jewish community, nor the more cowardly world community in the least condemn such childish cruelty. And, on the contrary, Jewish mothers squeal with delight when they notice in their children all the signs of chutzpah, sadism, and zhutzpah. They understand that all these sadistic tendencies will come in handy for their children when they grow up and start with ease,

Definitely, as long as there are yeshivas and swine-houses, the Zhidofascist and Zionazi propaganda of endless murders of innocent people will never stop. And, in general, as long as Judaism, Talmudism, God’s chosenness, “the end of the world” and other Jewish vomit and rotten stuff exist, there will never be peace on earth. And as long as they abide by the satanic “laws” of the Torah and Talmud, they will always remain either hidden or overt enemies of all non-Jewish humanity. And, bloodthirsty misanthropists, pupils of yeshivas and swinagogues, as they killed for many centuries, will continue to kill the best goyim-non-Jews, in the worst traditions of the Torah and Talmud. Another example of the most vile chutzpah is associated with Palestinian children, who are massacred by Israeli Zoldaten for entertainment with weapons of mass destruction. To the question why Palestinian children die in hundreds, and Jewish children do not die, the insolent bastard chutzpah with a venomous grin replies that the Palestinians are hiding behind their children, and the Jews, on the contrary, are covering up for their children. Jewish slander, tons of shit fabricated in the numerous headquarters of Jewish racism, fascism and Nazism, is wildly off scale. Because of what, the Jewish shit-gun, continuously firing slander at the goyim, got red-hot from shit. There is a boundless, extremely disgusting, wildly brutal chutzpah, which the world has never seen.

Throughout the centuries, the Torah and Talmud have always forced the Jew to savagely kill the denunciators of the criminal doctrine of Judaism. Moreover, relying on “sacred instructions”, the rabbis demand to kill accusers even before they begin to accuse. For example, in one of the numerous interviews, fearing no one or anything and not being ashamed of either people or God, the chief rabbi, the Chabadnik Berl Lazar, openly brazenly and super-cynically to the whole world stated that if a Jew feels that from a goy there may be danger, then he should not wait, but immediately kill him first. This is the Hebrew presumption of innocence. According to which, the Jew must first kill the best goy.

Quote from the Talmud: – “Kill the best of the goyim” Talmud, Abod. Zar. 26b. And, in full compliance with the evil requirements of Talmudism, tens and tens of thousands of the best people of non-Jewish humanity were savagely killed and tortured, both directly by the hands of the villains of the Jews themselves, and by someone else’s hands, through the completely expected corrupt traitors of the shabes-goyim. It goes without saying that the places vacated from competitors, previously occupied by the best people, the goyim, were filled with a gray Jewish mass. Because of which, human progress has greatly slowed down and, even in the humanitarian sense, has gone backwards.

Judaism is the only degenerate, criminal and vicious religion in the world, which, in addition to such flawed and sinister concepts as “God’s chosenness” and “the end of the world”, has belched out and introduced into constant practice such perversely disgusting, and vile bastard, bastardly humiliating concepts and phenomena, like “Shabbad” and “Shabes-goy”. Shabbad (Saturday) is the days of total Jewish parasitism, when a Jew is prohibited from any activity related to physical, emotional and mental efforts, even to wipe his ass when he takes a shit. To wipe (lick) the ass of the Shabbadic Jewish parasite and, in general, to clean up any stinking shit after the Jews is obliged to shabes-goy (in Hebrew שבת-גױ – Saturday goy). Taking into account all Saturdays and a number of Jewish religious holidays, there are up to 71 days of such days a year. These days, the leaders of Talmudism categorically forbade Jews any work at all, and if they could, they would even forbid a Jew to shit, since certain physical efforts are also required here. But alas!

So, in a day on Shabbat, a big Jewish family will shit together a huge pile of Jewish shit. And, in Israel, 7 million Jews will heap thousands of tons of deadly stinking shit per day. And it’s scary to think how much shit tens and tens of millions of Jews will heap around the world. Who will clean it all up? The Jews themselves do not dare to lift a finger on such days. They would prefer to suffocate to death from the stench and drown in their own shit, than to at least somehow rebel against the criminally savage cave laws of the Torah and Talmud. And this super-vile Jewish chutzpah, Talmudic degenerate bastard, these zhydotv and zhydobydlo, as always, for 30 pieces of silver will be rescued by the same rare filth and rubbish from the number of non-Jews. And the nickname of this shit is appropriate: “shabes-goy”, i.e. flawed cattle, RAB, reduced to the extreme degree of sadomasochism of bastardness and servility. Undoubtedly, this Jewish invention, in fact, is an act of the most vile, most repulsive crime against morality, conscience and the nature of mankind. Because, there is nothing more stinking vile vile disgusting and disgusting than “shabbad” and “shabes-goy”.

In the atmosphere of complete permissiveness, impunity and lack of control, the Jews have become so insolent that they are openly promoting this disgustingly criminal “Shabbad-Shabez goy” system of relationships. Moreover, the permanently criminal, based on Judaism, degenerate Jewish community believes that just such a relationship between Jews and non-Jewish goyim is ideal. To this it should be added that, ideally, Jewish slaveholders would like Christian slaves to behave as Christ teaches them: – “… love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who offend you” ( Matthew 5: 43-44).
From the point of view of Judaism, it is ideal when the goi-slaves work hard and spare their strength and health, and the Jews at someone else’s expense, for free, for money stolen and plundered from the goy peoples are drowning in luxury, idleness, idleness and parasitism. And, at the same time, the Jewish shitters with the fiercest rage hate and despise the taxpayers who are goys. All these masters in terms of slander, deceptions and insults, through oral excrement, in the most extreme slanderous forms, humiliate, insult, mock, scoff at the workers, at whose expense they exist. And, no matter how hard the Jews try to hide and veil their hostile attitude towards the goyim, the poisonous Zhydobydlovsky abscess systematically breaks through, flooding the planet with unbearably disgusting stinking Jewish pus with dirt, vomit and shit.

The world Kagala mafia and the international Jewish junta, with all the filthy criminal forces, where openly and where covertly, are trying to introduce the most vile religious practice “Shabbad” and “Shabes-goystvo” all over the world. For these purposes, with far-reaching, disgusting criminal goals, the unbridled heroization of Jewish parasitism and parasitism with the use of all types of propaganda and all types of brainwashing through the media, cinema, theater, culture, art, etc. is going on to the fullest. etc. And, all in order to create a global Jewish empire, appropriate and squander all the resources and wealth of the planet and finally turn all goyim – non-Jews into their slaves. After that, their whole life will be a continuous Shabbat, not life, but raspberries – a thieves’ dream.

And in order to achieve this golden cherished goal, spiritual {and not only} ideologists, leaders of Judaism, Zionism, kagala and other numerous Jewish gangs, for thousands of years around the world, incite, incite and provoke all kinds of world conflicts. Here are the cynically frank confessions of Rabbi Yehil Mikhl Pines: “We cannot afford the luxury of fighting on all the battlefields. So we will never reach our goal. We are too few in number for that, and the blood of the sons of Israel is too precious. Our weapon is the Bible, and the world of the goyim must be laid at our feet by the goyim themselves, whose blood and property rightfully belong to us. ” And, in the course of the war unleashed by the Jews, the goyim, absolutely not understanding the true reasons for what is happening, massively kill each other under the “sensitive” control of the Jews. For thousands of years there has been a permanent Jewish war for the complete extermination of the goyim by the hands of the goyim themselves. And, the goyim, neither by sleep, nor spirit, nor snout, nor ear, do not sense and do not suspect this and blame anyone and anything for their troubles, but not only the true customers, organizers and perpetrators of global catastrophes and crimes.

So total Jewish shit-throwing has fucked up the brains of the Gentile goyim that all of them for the most part no longer see the obvious things. War is like war. At some certain stage in the course of the seizure of world domination, the leaders of the world Zionist movement needed an appropriate foothold behind enemy lines. The enemy from the point of view of Judaism, of course, is a goy regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, gender and origin, i.e. the enemy for life is all non-Jewish humanity. It was in the rear of non-Jewish humanity that a bridgehead was needed, in the capacity of which the newly created racist-fascist-Nazi state of Israel became. The very fact of the creation of Israel is one of the most vile and vilest chutzpahs on a universal scale. Israel for the mafia leaders of Zionism, the Rabbinate, the Kahal, Judaism and, in the main, for the international banking junta, entirely consisting of Jewish bankers, it was just needed to accelerate the incitement of the Third World War and the creation of the Global World Government.

Regarding the latter, 100 years ago, the world banking villain – the world-eater Paul Warburg said: “The Global Jewish Government will rule the world openly, whether you like it or not. The only question is whether this will be achieved as a result of mutual agreement or as a result of violence! ” whether you like it or not. 

In order to achieve global domination, a universal provocateur was needed, the instigator and instigator of world political cataclysms, fires of revolutions and wars. The role of which was appointed the kept woman of world Zionism, Israel, which, relying on centuries-old Jewish theory and practice and trying to please its masters, climbs out of its skin to provoke endless conflicts everywhere. So, for example, the military and special services of Israel, through the powerful Jewish lobby of America, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the CIA, FBI, NSA and bribed high-ranking corrupt officials of the US government and army for 30 pieces of silver. It is not for nothing that the overwhelming majority of Americans are firmly convinced that the United States is controlled by the ZOG {Zionist Occupation Government}.

To unleash the entire US military power on the bombing of the Middle East, ZOG planned, organized and carried out on September 11, 2001, a super-vile and super-monstrous, savage terrorist provocation. And, in the worst Jewish traditions of lies and slander, everything was blamed on Bin Laden. Allegedly, a group of Arab Bedouin terrorists, who just yesterday twisted their tails to camels, blew up the twin towers, the Pentagon, etc. You can piss yourself off laughing! The maximum that such a terrorist can do is tie himself with a suicide belt and blow himself up. To carry out such a fantastically complex special operation, in which hundreds of intelligence agents and high-ranking US government officials are involved, not a single Arab simply physically, by definition, will be able to, even if he is even seven inches in the forehead. This is when a powerful Arab lobby will appear in the United States and, accordingly,

The world was already close to a nuclear world war, when at the end of July 2009 Israeli commandos seized the Arctic Sea dry cargo ship in the Baltic Sea, planted a stolen Russian-made atomic bomb and the passports of Iranian and Russian citizens in it. The invaders sent the ship to the Cape Verde Islands in the Pacific Ocean. There was an international conference with the participation of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the sinister plans of Israel and world Zionism, these islands, along with all its inhabitants, participants in an international conference and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were to be destroyed by a nuclear explosion. And, in this monstrous crime, the zhydy planned to accuse and slander Russia and Iran. Moreover, all the leading mass media in the world belong to ZhydoMason and ZioNazis, and they slander and slander anyone, like wetting two fingers in the toilet.

And although in this case there was a misfire, the Jews did not calm down on this. The insatiable thirst for non-Jewish blood, persistently and viciously fueled by the traditions of Talmudism, eternally pushes Jews to more and more provocations and massacres. This is clearly seen in the example of Bernard-Henri Levy, who was widely advertised by the Jewish media as a “European intellectual” and “an outstanding modern philosopher and thinker.” In fact, he is the same bloodthirsty and morally filthy scoundrel, scoundrel, and a complete villain, like his fellow tribesman Lev Trotsky, who perpetrated the Red Terror and drowned Russia in a sea of ​​blood of tens of millions of innocent people. B.-A. Levy is a famous Zionist provocateur, instigator and arsonist, professional and intellectual terrorist, whose mission is to stir up tensions in potential “hot spots” in order to provoke chaos and civil wars. Speaking at the “B’nai Brit” lodge in Jerusalem in relation to the goyim-non-Jews, he openly impudently and super cynically declared: – “We will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day “, ie “We will kill, kill and kill. All days, every day. ”

And there are thousands and thousands of such examples. Neither the rabbinate, nor the kagal, nor the furious chabad, nor the leaders of Israel, nor the more unfortunate gang of world speculators and usurers, financial robbers and robbers, bloodsuckers and world eaters of the world banking mafia (under the general name “collective moshiah”), just physically, according to definition, they cannot act differently, honestly, nobly, fairly, decently and conscientiously. The first and “sacred” duty of the leaders of the international chutzpah-marauders in the most disgusting shameless and shameless way orally defecate on the goyim with endless mud, pus, the stench of vomit, etc. And, brazenly looking straight into the eyes of the goy, as much and more sophisticated as possible, lie and slander, lie and slander, lie and slander. Constantly accuse the goy of all mortal sins and mythical persecution, persecution, pogrom, genocide, Holocaust, etc. etc. Which, as everyone already knows, in fact, are always organized by the Judeo-Jewish leaders of impostors and self-appointees into God’s chosen people. Because for a hardened chutzpah-marauder, the best way of defense is an attack, and because the THIEF is always the first to shout “stop the THIEF”. It is not for nothing that the minister of propaganda of the 3rd Reich, a half-Jew, Joseph Goebbels, who knew perfectly well the thousand-year Jewish practice of slander and lies, said: “The more monstrous the slander and lies, the easier they will believe in it.”

Proceeding from Goebbels’ tactics and strategy, they have completely stained not only the Internet, but the entire world information space with Jewish shit. Numerous moral admonitions, quotes, articles, lectures, videos, slogans, appeals, appeals and appeals to ordinary Jews of the world are annoying everywhere. Whom the fascist and Nazi leaders of Judaism and Jewry themselves: Cohens, Levites, rabbis, Kabbalists, as well as the leaders of the world gang of usurers-speculators-bankers-marauders among themselves call “Jewish zhydo-cattle”. The goyim have nothing to do with them, none of the zhydva counts with them in principle, as if it were not about people at all, but about some insects. Also, between themselves, they designate the global Jewish world government they are creating with the code word “moshiach”, for the coming of which the stupid religious Jews pray day and night frenziedly. They were already banging their heads against the ruins of the “wall of srach”, but they did not understand that the “collective moshiakh” had long been here on earth and, stubbornly and persistently, secretly and secretly, was conducting permanent subversive work against all of humanity. In their own selfish, base selfish interests, the “collective moshiakh” everywhere imposes a criminal monopoly on power only for one ethno-religious group, on the basis of which the world Jewish empire weaves and fabricates.

The eternal question, why are Jews always so fanatically frenziedly eager for power, any, and the higher the power, the more tempting and sweeter for them? The answer, as usual, is simple and banal. Because the Jews from the Old Testament (and even earlier) times know that the higher the power, the more it is easier and safer to steal from a goy. For example, the heads of the lower district level are very often fiercely scolded, cursed, caught by the hand, dismissed from work and imprisoned. Middle managers {city and regional governors, mayors, deputies, prosecutors, judges, policemen, etc.} are less likely to go to jail. Chiefs of the highest level {regional and federal level ministers, prosecutors, judges, policemen, special services, deputies and senators, etc.}, although they steal on a huge scale, are much less likely to go to jail. Well, and presidents, prime ministers and similar heads of state,

Even higher than the heads of any states {dictators, presidents, prime ministers, general secretaries, etc.} is the well-known, but, nevertheless, very rarely mentioned, global transnational power of a planetary scale. Which, with all its might, prefers to cowardly sit in the shadows and not appear in the public eye. And he manages the world, not really advertising, quietly and secretly, through his proteges, appointees. Such as presidents of states, prime ministers, dictators, general secretaries, central banks, multinational companies and a colossal bunch of Zionist and Jewish organizations such as the “World Jewish Congress”, etc. etc. Which, at someone else’s expense, for free, on the money stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, for the trouble of all mankind, was simply divorced in a terrible catastrophically huge amount.

Criminal management goes through forcing all countries to receive, at huge extortionate interest rates, unsecured money – empty candy wrappers of the world banking mafia. And these dummy loans fall heavily on the shoulders of the people, who are forced to cough up blood for these dummy wrappers, paying with real money, i.e. its natural resources, hard work, exorbitant taxes, etc. etc. As one of the Jewish members of the international banking mafia said, the universal usurer – robber MA Rothschild: “Let me manage the country’s money, and I don’t care who will establish the laws there”. This is how gradually the global “economic killer” collective bloodsucker Moshiach-parasite, like a giant octopus, secretly entangled the entire planet with his greedy usurious tentacles and mercilessly sucks out all the vital juices of humanity. Everything is in full accordance with the most vile, vilest and most criminal precepts of Judaism.

“Do not give your brother (a Jew) any silver, no bread, or anything else that can be given for growth; give it to a foreigner (non-Jew) to grow, but to your brother (to a Jew) do not give it to growth “… (Deuteronomy, 23: 19-20).”

“If you lend money to my people (Jewish), do not be like a usurer, do not take any excess.” (Ex. 22: 24) Likewise, a foreigner (non-Jew) is not subject to debt cancellation (verse 3), and rotten meat, unsuitable for the Israelites, a foreigner (non-Jew) must buy from a Jew (14:21).

Today, almost all states in the world are chronic debtors of this Global Banking Junta, which cowardly and hypocritically hides under the name of the FRS – the Federal Reserve System, which is entirely composed of private Jewish banks. And, most of all, the US government owes it to the Federal Reserve on a mind-boggling astronomical scale. In return, the global gangster bankers forced the US to do the dirty, dastardly criminal job of a bank collector – a debt bouncer. By order of the Federal Reserve, the US Army is savagely bombing those countries whose central banks do not obey the international monetary system. In recent years, the United States has treacherously attacked hundreds of times those states that refused to take out onerous loans from the FRS and who wanted to settle in national currencies, etc. etc.

Since the Napoleonic times, and possibly even earlier, the only customer and organizer of all monstrous global crimes against humanity is the Global Banking Mafia, on the basis of which the Global World Government is being built. It is they who order and organize super-bloody world wars, coups, revolutions, riots, unrest, pogroms, riots, famines, total genocide and destruction of peoples, etc., etc. But, these organizers and customers of global crimes always go unpunished, and, as it were, in the shadows. As you can see, the behind-the-scenes schemers, possessing real power, unlike visible kings and presidents, did not bear any personal responsibility, although they were always the customers and organizers of the most monstrous global crimes against humanity. However, all the world’s media are cowardly silent and do not dare to even hint at them as the main criminals of humanity. To tell the truth about them, and even more so to expose them, is strictly forbidden, a taboo. All the writing fraternity, a whole host of writers, historians, journalists, political observers and analysts, a huge army of propagandists and, in general, all those who have the power to influence the minds and worldview of people, immediately become silent when it comes to global banking parasites, and like a battered dog, tail between his legs and whining quietly, crawl away away from this topic.

And, they remain in the shadows, as it may seem strange and incredible to many, thanks also to Marxism. Karl Marx, being the grandson of hereditary rabbis, graduated from the Jewish Yeshiva school and, thus, Talmudism and Judaism were his main basic education. On the instructions of the kagal and the Rothschild banking gang, slightly changing some Jewish terms, Karl Marx, on the basis of Judaism, fabricated his “all-conquering and immortal” doctrine of Marxism. The main purpose of which, in fact, was to hide from the society the vile disgusting immoral criminal role of the world Jewish hucksters, speculators, usurers and world eaters. But, the most important goal of Karl Marx was to disguise the worst and deadly for all mankind role of the international banking mafia, which gave rise to global financial, speculative capitalism.

Global EVIL, simply EVIL on a cosmic scale, lies in the fact that these primary, main capitalists receive their capital in an absolutely fraudulent way, from scratch, out of thin air, by simply printing all kinds of banknotes and securities on paper. In his widely advertised work “Capital” of these main criminals of mankind, Karl Marx carefully bypassed and focused all his attention on the production of things and goods, ie. on the capital of production obtained by the labor of workers. These secondary “production capitalists” are always forced, at speculative interest rates, to borrow from financial capitalists – bankers who are engaged in the main production in any country – the production of money.

And, since the production of money in any country is controlled by Jews, and, therefore, all capital, in fact, is Jewish, therefore, the main goal of Karl Marx’s work, paid by the kagal and the banking mafia of the Rothschilds, was to disguise the predatory, bestial grin of the world financial, speculative capital. And in order to ward off the blow from the world Jewish bank speculators and usurers, Marx deliberately directed all his attention to “industrial capitalism”, i.e. on “forces of production” and “relations of production”, and the “class war” arising from these relations of production, and that this class war will end only with the complete destruction of one of the classes.

Thus, the “all-conquering and immortal” teaching of Karl Marx is pure Talmudism and Judaism! So, uttering the famous phrase: – “A ghost wanders Europe, the ghost of COMMUNISM” Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels actually meant the following meaning: – “A ghost wanders across Europe, the ghost of TALMUDISM.” That is why the Talmudist Karl Marx transferred the permanent antagonism of the Jews and the goyim, maliciously implanted in Judaism, to the economy in the form of the antagonism of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, i.e. “Class antagonism”. It’s just that Marx, cleverly substituting some Jewish terms and concepts, turned everything upside down so that the goyim would not guess. Thus, under the Marxist concept: “class war, irreconcilable for complete destruction”, one must understand “a war of the Jews for the complete destruction of the goyim.” Remember also the main political slogans of the Bolsheviks – “All power to the Soviets!”, “Factories for workers”, “Land for the peasants.” Replace the word “councils” with “Jews” and “workers and peasants” with “Jews” and everything will become logical, coherent and understandable, in strict accordance with the infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

The true purulent Nazi essence of Karl Marx broke through the outwardly fine shell of the internationalist when he declared: “In Russia, this barbaric race, has such energy and such activity, which it is futile to look for in the monarchies of the old states. Slavic barbarians are natural counter-revolutionaries. Therefore, a merciless struggle is necessary not for life, but for death with the Slavs … for destruction and merciless terrorism. ” Here is Leon Trotsky (Leiba Davydovich Bronstein) and hundreds of American Zionists, armed to the teeth, with the money of Jewish bankers, arrived on a steamer to Russia to carry out Karl Marx’s revolutionary calls for the merciless destruction and terrorism of the Russian goyim – Slavs. As a result, in 1917, power in the country was seized by a sinister gang of Jewish robbers, who, of course, were not free, were provided with money,

These world bloodsucking bankers – gangsters from the coup d’etat of 1917 had a super-colossal, incomprehensible in scale, gesheft – a gain on the sea of ​​blood of innocent people – goyim. This circumstance did not in any way burden their conscience, due to the lack of such, and in addition, they exactly followed the monstrously bloodthirsty cannibalistic instructions of the Torah and Talmud. Not having drunk the blood of the goyim, the leaders of the kahal of Judaism and Zionism were constantly thirsty and thirsty to shed and shed human blood.

Especially zealous in this regard was the newly-minted Moshiach – the leader of the Chabad, racist fascist and super-Nazi Rebbe-Fuhrer Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who, with constant persistence, with unbridled obsession, frenziedly hysterically called for the total destruction of the Slavs. And now his followers Chabadniki, such as Berl Lazar, occupied all Slavic lands and, although, Almost all rabbis and Talmudists, like the founder of Marxism, the warlock Karl Marx, outwardly look like intellectual, decent, good-looking righteous. But, almost everyone inside has a rotting stinking garbage insides. Jesus Christ said this about them very accurately and figuratively: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you are likened to painted tombs, which on the outside seem beautiful, but inside are full of the bones of the dead and all uncleanness; so outwardly you appear to be righteous to people, but inside you are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness ”(Gospel of Matthew, chapter 23, v. 27-28).

Wherever there is jyd {in any environment, in any society, in any collective, in any state}, there are initially small domestic disputes, quarrels, misunderstandings and disassembly, and which in the bud could be easily and quickly extinguished, peacefully regulated, surely begin to flare up with a blue poisonous flame. Initially insignificant and insignificant inter-class, inter-caste, inter-class, inter-ethnic, inter-racial, inter-confessional, etc. differences, Old Testament instigators, provocateurs and arsonists are deliberately inflated to a global scale. Bringing the matter to fierce scandals, between strife, riots and riots, coups, massacres, bloody revolutions, wars, etc. etc. And the only beneficiary, i.e. become the beneficiary of all subsequent bloody events, supplying all conflicting parties with money at insane interest, bloodsucking usurers from the international Jewish banking system. Which, in its inner essence, is nothing more than a fetid gang of endlessly immoral bloodthirsty greedy gangsters, robbers and world eaters, i.e. collective moshiach.
TORAH, TALMUD, TANIA and other so-called “sacred” texts and books of Judaism, fanatically stubbornly stupidly call on totally zombie Jews in every possible way to deceive, rob, rob, break families, rape even 3-year-old children, divide, destroy and massively kill the goyim – Non-Jewish peoples, and especially the best of them. Moreover, fetid Jewish authorities with a criminally disfigured mind, with a frenzied brutal racist-fascist-Nazi mentality, rabbi, tzaddiks, Kabbalists and other fanatics fanatics of the cave zoological pack of “impostors and self-appointed in” God-chosen people gram was not tormented by conscience, but on the contrary, it even gave pleasure to kill a goy in the most savage Jewish ways.

Hence, it is clear why there are such a huge number of executioners, sadists, monsters, maniacs, pedophiles and other perverts among the Jews. So, for example, the entire leadership of the GULAG {Main Administration of Camps}, despite all the Stalinist purges, always consisted exclusively of Jewish sadists, who enjoyed tremendous sadistic pleasure to torment, torture, rape, maim and kill innocent Soviet goyim. The Georgian half-Jew Joseph Dzhugashvili-Stalin, as a former seminarian, was well aware of the internal logic of the doctrine of Judaism, whose sinister philosophy and culture are imprisoned on the religious justification of the massacres of absolutely innocent people. The quintessence of this religious teaching can be expressed in the words: – “Kill, kill, kill, kill the goyim as much as possible.”

And kill with pleasure, forget about your conscience, do not worry, it is necessary, this is the order of the “Almighty” Yahwe-666, do not think about anything, he thinks for you. Stalin perfectly understood that the goy, due to his natural genetic moral and moral qualities, would not cope with such a monstrously immoral task of mass murdering innocent people, since his hand would not rise and psychologically he would quickly break down. Therefore, he always appointed only Jews to the posts of executioners of all levels and ranks, totally zombified by the infinitely bloodthirsty and immoral, extremely man-hating teaching of Judaism. That is why the Stalinist GULAG surpassed the Nazi concentration camps in the degree of cruelty, inhumanity and inhumanity by hundreds, or even thousands of times more. Which, in principle, is not surprising, since Compared to the GULAG, the Nazi concentration camps looked like a natural resort establishment. In any case, in the notorious Auschwitz death camp, Jews, unlike the goyim, lived very comfortably: they had a swimming pool, theater, dens, sports grounds and even six symphony orchestras. In addition, international Jewish organizations at someone else’s expense, for free, with money stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, continuously delivered parcels with food to Jewish prisoners through the Red Cross. Needless to say, Jews did not share food with other prisoners.

And, in Stalin’s camps, the conditions of stay of prisoners, through the efforts of Jewish leaders – the monsters of the sadist executioners, were so intolerable that the living envied the dead. The overwhelming majority of the prisoners ended up in the Gulag in the course of carrying out ferocious Jewish plans to massacre the best goyim. For these purposes, extrajudicial bodies were urgently created: the so-called “troikas” and “deuces”, which consisted mainly of Marxist Jews, Zhydo-Bolsheviks and Zhydo-Communists, who were already at the genetic level thoroughly imbued with the extremely misanthropic bloodthirsty ideology of Judaism. In 1917, the Zhydo Bolsheviks staged a coup, seized power in the Russian Empire and drowned its indigenous goy peoples in a sea of ​​blood. The infinitely evil doctrine of Judaism requires the Jews to kill as many goyim as possible and, first of all, the best goyim, i.e. goy elite. According to this most criminal doctrine, Zhydo-Bolsheviks first of all cut off the head of the Russian empire, i.e. the multimillion-strong Russian elite was destroyed at the root. And, in return, a small degeneratively ugly Jewish head was sewn to the mighty Russian body, thereby the entire Russian elite was completely replaced by the Jewish zhydobydlo.

And, since then, the most active and best representatives of the indigenous peoples of Russia (the goyim) are categorically not allowed into either the government, or the elite, or the bankers, and even the bandits and oligarchs, but are immediately shot. And power, and science, and culture, and education, and the media, and propaganda, and health care, etc., everything, from beginning to end, is the fiefdom of Jews, half-Jews, encrypted under other nations of crypto-Jews. And, for show, allegedly observing the principles of internationalism, this Jewish fiefdom is slightly diluted with a small number of corrupt and completely expected shabes-goyim. And, of course, at the expense of the goyim, in these structures, social parasites are paid very high salaries, because they set their own tariffs. While the goyim work hard for a penny in the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs, cough up blood and barely survive.
By the way, Judaism forbids Jews to work hard physical labor. For the rabbis know very well that physical work greatly reduces mental capacity. This was well known to Soviet students, who worked part-time in construction brigades during the summer holidays. For a couple of months, students work hard from dawn to dawn on a concrete mixer and other heavy construction work, after which they hardly, as much as 2-3 months, adapt to the academic load, so hard physical work reduces mental skills. And people work like this all their lives, which is why many naturally talented goyim remain unrealized and lost to society. And their place is taken by zhydy with mental abilities below average, but hyped and advertised, almost geniuses.

This is clearly seen in the example of the painting “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich. Such a square of ten thousand is painted by children, and any monkey will paint its tail better than Malevich (and the surname matches the word “paint”). But they all don’t count, because they are non-Jews. But Malevich, his man and his daub, the Jewish community so promoted and advertised that they sold at an auction for 110 thousand euros. Moreover, this daub, by prior agreement, was bought by a Jewish collector, to whom he used the money stolen and plundered from the gentiles to compensate for the costs of acquiring useless shit – paintings. What can you do for the sake of advertising and promoting a Jew, especially at someone else’s expense?

And so everywhere and everywhere, in all spheres of life. The first repatriates from the USSR boasted on the Internet how they went to steal vegetables and fruits from the Arabs at night. It is strictly forbidden to steal from their own people under pain of heavy punishment among the Jews, and even encouraged to steal from the goyim. The whole of CIMES is that this thieves’ group consisted of former Soviet intellectuals, doctors, teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences, professors and even an academician. No shame, no conscience, no honor, no dignity, complete immorality. But financially they did not need anything. For free, at someone else’s expense, for money stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, they feel good everywhere, especially in Israel. Obviously, the theft of a stranger from them is already at the genetic level. In the Soviet Union, in addition to material values, they were totally engaged in the theft of spiritual and cultural values, stole other people’s ideas, inventions, discoveries, etc. etc.

And, on the basis of stolen plagiarism, they themselves were awarded various academic titles and degrees (professor, candidate of sciences, doctor of sciences, academician) and high Stalinist, Leninist and other prizes and awards. Well, and, of course, numerous international awards, including the prestigious Nobel Prize. For thousands of years, nurtured by the Torah and Talmud instructions, they steal with ease anytime, anywhere. In the same way, they receive their candidate, professorial and academic titles and positions at someone else’s expense, by stealing other people’s ideas, inventions, discoveries, super-arrogantly and cynically (chutzpah) appropriating the collective intellectual labor of non-Jewish goyim. Not only titles, but also any privileges and awards, including Nobel Prizes, are criminally impudently seized, seized and seized only for themselves.

The gangster-thieves’ spike worked out to the details, so much so that “the mouse will not slip through.” Everywhere they are a handful and try not to miss a single goy to the grain places. Even in strict Soviet times, they strove to occupy all the places of bread, both material and spiritual. For example, the patent office of the USSR, which occupied several floors, was completely filled with zhyds, who extinguished numerous inventions, projects, ideas of any talented goyim and immediately copied them to their own person, of course, a Jew, well, in extreme cases, to the expected corrupt goy. Moreover, all these inventions sailed abroad to Israel, from where they were patented and awarded on behalf of a foreign Jew. Well, just like Albert Einstein, working in the patent office, appropriated other people’s ideas and passed them off as his discoveries. There are simply countless such cases. What they did well was attacking single talented goyim with a flock of jackals and watering them in every possible way from the traditional Jewish shit. This is how the “reverse selection” and the degradation of society as a whole take place. Which is very good for Judaism, because the more stupid and vicious the masses, the easier it is to manage and the easier it is to achieve the ultimate goal of seizing world domination.

To maintain the “thief’s nose” at the proper level, social parasites in every possible way avoid jobs associated with heavy physical exertion. And so that the Jew does not accidentally hanker for such a job, and at the same time complicate the life of a goy even more, the tariffs for such work are maliciously set very low, on the verge of survival. It turns out that those who grow bread, mines ore, smelt steel and produce all kinds of material goods and values ​​all their lives barely make ends meet and always survive with difficulty. And all the entirely expected elite, an intellectual cultural elite and similar Jewish superstructure, which is entirely dependent on their labor, composes such laws and tariffs according to which they, like social parasites, live well and easily at someone else’s expense, and the hard workers goyim well, very hard and difficult for my work. Although in fairness it should have been the opposite. But as long as the world is ruled by Jewish morality, there will never be justice. And, from the point of view of Judaism, everything is moral that is useful and beneficial only to Jews, which brings gesheft only to Jews. And, as a result of the total injustice deliberately fabricated by the Jews in relation to the goyim, from the longing of grief and sheer hopelessness, the goyim, to the great joy of the terry Zionists, often get drunk and die out in millions.

It was for the same purposes, in order to speed up the process of destroying the active and best goyim, in Stalin’s time, without the participation of lawyers, debates of the parties and other bourgeois nonsense, extrajudicial bodies, the so-called “troikas” and “deuces”, were created. And, which, of course, the accused goyim never attended. So, in 1937-1938 more than 1.5 million people passed through the “troikas”. Of these, 725 thousand were shot. Half. The rest rotted in the GULAG camps. On average, such a “troika” passed 115-120 sentences per working day. The troikas in which the Jews sat were distinguished by a special atrocity. It was these zhydy who, dozens of times more, pondered execution sentences with immediate execution. So, in 1938, in the West Siberian Territory, for a night shift, the “troika”, entirely consisting of Jews, passed 1221 death sentences to innocent people who never slept, they did not even know or suspect that they were simply taken and sentenced to death. And, only because they are goyim, and, only because the power in the country was seized by the Jewish executioners – ZhydoCommunists, totally zombified by the endlessly bloodthirsty ideology of Judaism-Bolshevism.

To simplify the mass murder of the goyim, on August 7, 1937, the prosecutor of the USSR, Vyshinsky, sent out to the prosecutors of the republics, territories, and regions an indication that in the course of the implementation of order No. 00447 (on the planned murder of goyim) a preliminary arrest warrant is not required. As a result, the NKVD investigator could arrest anyone without a prosecutor’s sanction and accuse him of anything. Of course, in this case, it is desirable to achieve a confession of “guilt”, but in principle, you can do without this – the “troika” will wave any verdict. And all this is sanctioned from above.

By the way, this killing principle is taken from the very first Lenin decrees “on the fight against anti-Semitism.” According to which any non-Jew, on a tip from Zhida, for allegedly anti-Semitic statements, often for just one word of ZhYD, could be arrested, quickly convicted and immediately shot. And, the reason lay in the banal, selfishly base selfish interests, in the excessive greed, greed, bloodthirstiness of this or that God-chosen villain, who liked the apartment and property of this unfortunate goy-non-Jew, tk. all this was transferred to the use of the applicant. Thus, thousands and thousands of hicks from among ZhydoBydla acquired apartments, dachas, and became rich on the blood and suffering of innocent non-Jewish goyim.

The gas chamber on wheels (gas chamber, gas van), which has no analogues in the world, was not invented by the Germans at all, but invented by the Stalinist lieutenant of state security, the Jew Isai Davidovich Berg. He carried out the decisions of the “troika” of the NKVD (KGB) in the Moscow region: he took them to executions. However, when three Jewish “troikas” began to sit in the region at the same time and the total number of convicted goyim began to exceed 300 people a day, it became impossible to cope with such an abundance of suicide bombers. Berg proposed his own way of solving the problem. With his participation, cars were created, which were disguised as grain vans. On average, they accommodated 20-30, and sometimes 50 people. An exhaust pipe turned inside the van, and people were gassed on the way to the place of execution. Thus, The Stalinist purges, the GULAG, collectivization, famine, dispossession, decossackization, deportation of dozens of peoples, as well as the unleashed World War II, fit well into the overall picture of the demands of Judaism and Zionism to exterminate the maximum number of non-Jewish goyim.

In the veins of the main defendants of World War II, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, there was an admixture of Jewish blood, at least from 25% to 75%, and therefore they had a number of pronounced signs of degeneration, both mental and sexual, and physical deviations. According to Klimov, the presence of Jewish blood inevitably triggers the degeneration mechanism of the clan. “A drop of poison spoils all the blood” – he put it very figuratively. Cesare Lombroso and other Jewish psychiatrists found that among Jews there are 6-8 times more individuals with mental and sexual disabilities, psychopaths and degenerates, than among other nations. The presence of Jewish blood in the aforementioned world leaders is the main cause of degeneration, their moral and physical deformity. Therefore, there are always degenerates and always Jews in power, whose main goal is to fulfill the requirements of the world Jewish government for the maximum destruction of the goyim. And when any of them tries to get out of global control, they simply kill him.

For example, in 1953, Stalin was poisoned for trying to completely untie the Soviet ruble from dependence on the IMF and the Fed. Likewise, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated for trying to take control of the Fed. And there are a lot of such examples. 

Therefore, there are always degenerates and always Jews in power, whose main goal is to fulfill the requirements of the world Jewish government for the maximum destruction of the goyim.

According to some unconfirmed reports, Hitler and Stalin secretly met without a protocol in 1939, where they discussed how to wage the impending war, so that the maximum number of goyim would be killed.

Perhaps this explains Stalin’s strange behavior when, contrary to the blatant obvious facts, he carried out the most difficult anti-army measures, which greatly weakened the country’s defense capability. And, before the direct attack of Hitler’s troops, he sent officers and generals to rest and drink.

Such Stalin’s “help” allowed the Wehrmacht to playfully capture millions of Red Army soldiers in the very first days and practically defeat the Red Army. The consequences turned out to be the direst, the war was fought with incredibly huge human losses, and they won the war by throwing the corpses of Soviet soldiers over the Germans. This was facilitated by another treacherous circumstance. By order of the commander-in-chief, millions of Jews were evacuated from the western regions of the USSR to the south to Tashkent away from the war, along with all their belongings. All the railways were packed with trains with Jewish refugees so that trains could not break through to the troops for 3 months to provide the Red Army soldiers with urgently needed ammunition and military equipment.

And the so-called “victory marshal” Georgy Zhukov, always kept his nose to the wind and with all his filthy gut felt the secret desires of Generalissimo Stalin. Zhukov’s maternal ancestors were the purebred Jews Sima and Aaron Iosifovich. Therefore, in full compliance with the evil requirements of Talmudism, he did not even give a penny to the lives of Russian and non-Jewish soldiers. From his subordinate commanders he mercilessly demanded: – “to protect equipment, not to spare the soldiers, women will give birth again.” How did it happen that there were such losses in the war?

G. Zhukov himself answered this question to General Eisenhower best of all: “Approaching a minefield, our infantry carries out an attack as if there was no minefield.” The Berlin operation by the Jew Zhukov was carried out without artillery preparation as it should be according to all the rules of warfare of that time, which led to monstrous unnecessary casualties. The soldiers did not call the beetle except as a butcher. The way the Kremlin Jews fought the Russian people, you cannot call it genocide. This is confirmed by the writer and war veteran Viktor Astafiev, art critic, professor and writer, and also a war veteran Nikolai Nikulin and other eyewitnesses of those terrible events.

In the program brochure “Catechism of the Soviet Jew”, which was secretly distributed among Soviet Jews, it was clearly stated that the history of the goyim, for the glory of the Jewish people and for personal selfish and base selfish interests, should be written only by Jewish historians – counterfeiters. Therefore, in spite of the facts, historical justice has not yet been restored, and the pages of the expected textbooks from TORA appear on the pages of the Caucasian Jew Kantaria and the Crypto Jew Yegorov. Although in the mid-70s both Yegorov and Kantaria frankly admitted that they had nothing to do with hoisting the banner of victory over the Reichstag, it was a political order from the army command to fabricate this fake scene.

Based on personal Jewish ambitions, for the sake of his beloved and for the sake of the Georgian Jew Stalin, as well as for the sake of world Judaism,
After a long search, they hardly found the Caucasian Jew Kantaria and the Crypto-Jew Yegorov, who three days after the capture of the Reichstag with a solemn march guarded by a platoon of machine gunners hoisted a fake banner on the roof of the Reichstag. And, therefore, they searched for a long time, that neither Jews nor crypto-Jews could be found on the front line with fire. Jews were hiding in the rear troops. For them, the orders of the Torah and Talmud are much higher than any goy orders, even the military ones. Here is a statement from the Talmud: – “A Jew who serves in the Christian (and not only) army cannot go in the first row, on the contrary, must go in the last row” (Pesachim 113-a).

In fact, the first who, under pouring fire, hoisted the banner over the Reichstag were Kazakh Rakhimzhan Koshkarbaev and Tatars Grigory Bulatov and Gazetdin Zagitov. Bulatov was personally acquainted with Zhukov and kept a photograph of Zhukov with his signature: “In memory of the hero of the Reichstag.” For a long time Bulatov corresponded with Zhukov and the cameraman Roman Karmen, a witness to those epoch-making events, hoping for the restoration of historical justice. He was a naive person, did not understand that “a Jew would lie and would not blink an eye.” Although, of course, this 19-year-old senior sergeant was very much deceived personally by the commander-in-chief, Generalissimo Stalin.

At a gala reception in the Kremlin in honor of the heroes who stormed the Reichstag, Stalin personally shook hands with the young sergeant G. Bulatov, patted his fatherly on the shoulder and said, that this is necessary for political reasons (world Zionism demands), and asked him to endure for 20 years, after which historical justice will be restored. Well, of course, he lied insolently.

To prevent the historical forgery from being revealed and the dirty story not to surface, on the orders of Zhukov, the roofing felts of other Zhydo commissars Bulatov was basely killed, allegedly hanged himself. The same sad fate befell other participants in this epoch-making event – fellow soldiers Bulatov, Zagitov and Koshkarbaev, who were the first to break into the Reichstag. The completely anticipated venal izTORYki counterfeiters, for the sake of Zhydov’s power, in the most vile, vile, treacherous image of these modest heroes were consigned to complete oblivion.

Now imagine for a moment the situation that the first to hoist the banner of victory, say, an Armenian and two Jews. And in exactly the same way Zhukov, Stalin and the command would have done with them, just as vile and unfair as with the above modest heroes. Oh, wei, it’s scary to think what would have happened then! For decades, the entire planet would be shaking incessantly as if in a fever from the universal hubbub and hysterical screams and screams about anti-Semitism, genocide, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc. etc. And, in the end, global zeal would force the USSR and Russia to pay for the endless grievances and immeasurable moral damage to the Jews huge “Holocaust” money, both Israel and world Jewry much more than Germany pays. Which is not surprising, this is what is written by the counterfeiters from TOREY.

According to Talmudism, everything belongs only to a Jew, and the goy does not own anything at all, not even his own merits, victories and military glory. In the Talmud, the attitude towards non-Jews is worse than towards animals, even if they are war veterans, real heroes and saviors of Jewry from complete destruction.

So, for example, based on the requirements of Talmudism, immediately after the war, on the orders of Stalin and the Zhydov commissariat, a huge number of war invalids without arms, legs, etc., having previously taken away their passports and documents, were taken away from human eyes to the northern island on slow painful extinction. That is to say, so that they do not plague the eyes of the “chosen by God” and the “chosen by God” government. This is Zhydov’s gratitude to his goyim saviors. even if they are war veterans, real heroes and saviors of Jewry from total destruction.

And, in 1954, the “people’s favorite” Jew G. Zhukov at the Totsky training ground in the Orenburg region ordered to detonate an atomic bomb and conduct mass military exercises in the epicenter of the explosion without the slightest means of protection against radiation. For which Zhukov, Budyonny and a number of generals received government awards. And, tens and tens of thousands of young, formerly strong and healthy, soldiers, officers and civilians, for no reason, for no reason, in an atmosphere of the strictest secrecy, in the hardest agony, died silently from the most severe radiation. And, as they say in Odessa with a characteristic Jewish accent: – “Ah, you, you, you hatels?”

After all, after 1917, the whole POLITBURO was thoroughly expected and, although formally they were communists and atheists, they remained ardent adherents of Judaism in their hearts. And, of course, they never regretted people. And why pity them, they are GOI, they are just miserable harmful insects, and, as the worldwide “all-conquering” teaching of Judaism asserts, are subject to total destruction by all sorts of the most vile savage Jewish methods. For Jewish Jews, everyone who is not a Jew is not a person at all. They all call them goyim. Here are just some quotes from the Talmud:

1. Sanhedrin 59a: “Killing a goy is like killing a wild animal. ”

2. Baba Necia 114,6:” Jews are human beings, and other nations of the world are not people, but beasts. ”

3. Aboda Sarah 37a:” Goyim girls from the age of 3 may be abused. ”

Well, and other Jewish fascist, Satanist, abomination, of which all Judaism consists. And “Mein Kapf” was lapped by Hitler from the Talmud and the Torah. subject to total destruction by all sorts of the most despicable savage Jewish methods.

And, here, in contrast to the mythical “Jewish sufferings” invented by Rabbi Tolushkin and similar numerous Jewish shitters, the sufferings of the goyim have always been real. Take, for example, the Red Terror unleashed by the gang of Trotsky (Leib Davydovich Bronstein), Stalin, Lenin and Kό. The terror was so great that there could be no question of any resistance, no communication of the population was allowed, no meetings on methods of self-defense were possible, no escape from cities, villages and villages cordoned off by the Red Army was unthinkable. In Pskov, the Jews performed the Old Testament execution over the prisoners: – “All the captured white officers, including about 200 people, were sawed to pieces with saws. In Arkhangelsk, the punitive detachment of the Judaist Zederbaum, also known as Kedrov, committed atrocities. With this faithful Leninist, Arkhangelsk began to be called “the city of the dead.”

The same Zederbaum raged in Vologda, where with a crypto-Jew “mowing under a Latvian” Eyduk and his zhydoband of “loyal Leninists” shot “a myriad of people and massacred the entire local intelligentsia.” To match Zederbaum was his wife Reveka Maisel (aka Plastinina or Kedrova), who shot 110 people with her own hands and sank a barge with 500 refugees and soldiers. In Pyatigorsk, the head of the operational department of the check, Rickman, flogged the interrogated with rubber whips. He also sentenced several sisters of mercy to punishment of 15 lashes for helping the wounded, walled up living people in stone walls.

In Voronezh, the Chechen woman practiced purely ritual Jewish methods of execution. People were thrown into barrels with nails driven in a circle and barrels rolled off the mountain. Here, as in other cities, eyes gouged out, stars were carved on the forehead or chest, they threw living people into boiling water, broke joints, ripped off their skin, poured hot tin into their throats, etc. etc.

According to the recollections of eyewitnesses, the Jewish Leninists called the torture chambers of the Kiev Checks massacres. In one of them, the entire cement floor was covered with blood several inches high, mixed into a terrible mass with brain, cranial bones, tufts of hair, and other human remains. All the walls were splattered with blood, with brain particles and pieces of scalp stuck to them, next to thousands of bullet holes. From the middle of the garage to the adjacent room, where there was an underground drain, a gutter a quarter meter wide and deep, and about 10 meters long led. This gutter was filled with blood all the way to the top {just as the temple of Solomon was ankle-deep with the blood of sacrificial animals and goyim}. All corpses have their skulls smashed, many have even completely flattened heads. Some were completely headless, but the heads were not cut off, but were torn off. By the way, tearing off heads is a purely Jewish technique. So, for example, in Judaism there is a barbarian rite of SHEKHIT, when a live chicken is ripped off the head. This is taught from an early age in yeshivas to Jewish children, so that in the future they can easily, without any special twinges of conscience, rip off the heads of the goyim. What was clearly demonstrated during the Red Terror by the Leninist Jews.

All the corpses were completely naked, with their bellies ripped open, others had no genitals, some were completely hacked, some had gouged out eyes, and at the same time their heads, faces, necks and torso were covered with stab wounds. There were corpses with a wedge driven into the chest, several had no tongues. Separately, in the corner of the cell, there were only a few arms and legs. There were old people, men, women and children. One woman was tied with a rope to her daughter, a girl of about eight years old. By the beginning of 1920, there were more than 1000 extraordinary people in Russia, and with the conquest of Siberia and the Far East, this number increased significantly. And this is only the beginning of the terror of the Jewish Bolsheviks perpetrated on the Russian people, and, naturally, all other indigenous peoples living in the occupied territories.

This is how the Old Testament enemies of Russia under the guise of Zhidokommunists, in fact guided by the endlessly cannibalistic doctrine of Judaism, squeezed the goy blood out of its indigenous peoples to the maximum. Moreover, the zhydy, killing the goyim in millions to the right and to the left indiscriminately, received at the same time extremely perverted satanic pleasure. For example, in Odessa, the commandant of the special firing section of the regional administration of the NKVD, the Jewish chekist executioner Lev Leletkin, with great pleasure, killed 60-120 people with a revolver at a time. He was haunted by the laurels of the most merciless Bolshevik woman, the famous Jewish commissar named “demon” Rosalia Zemlyachka (Zalkind), who loved to personally shoot the Russian elite (officers, clergy, nobility, intelligentsia, etc.), so much so that the revolver was heated by continuous shootings. She also owned the unspoken record of the times of the red terror:

After her appearance, the Black Sea off the coast turned red from the blood of those shot. The slaughter lasted for months. When the cartridges ran out, comrade Rosalia Demon, completely brutal with blood, ordered the drowning of those sentenced to death. Tens of thousands of elite goyim, in front of their wives and young children, were drowned by the sea. And there were hundreds and thousands of such Jewish commissars and commissars under the leadership of the revolutionary gang of villains “Trotsky and Kό”, drenched from head to toe with goy blood. Trotsky himself, for example, shot every tenth Red Army soldier for the slightest trifle. It goes without saying that there were never Jews among those who were shot by Trotsky. These are the brutal demands of Judaism, always to find the most sophisticated savage Jewish reasons for the destruction of as many goyim as possible.

From the Jewish executioners the Jewish scoundrels – the sages “Chabad-Rabbinate-Criminal Pakhanat” demand fanatically blindly and unswervingly to fulfill any criminal demands of world Zionism. And also the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other similar rabidly brutal instructions of plans and activities developed by the leaders of Zionism, Judaism, kagala and the worldwide Jewish gang of bankers-gangsters nicknamed “Moshiach”. Looking at these fiends of the executioners inevitably creeps in the idea that they are not people at all, but rather soulless biorobots programmed to kill, absolutely devoid of fundamental human qualities such as sympathy, compassion, empathy, remorse, etc. etc.

Thus, as a result of the worldwide bloodletting of goy blood unleashed by the Jews, in the 20th century alone, Zhydo-Massons, Zhydo-Communists, Zhydo-Bolsheviks, Zhydo-Fascists and Zio-Nazis of all stripes and ranks destroyed the Russian Slavs, not counting other peoples, over 110 million people. And more than 500 million Russian souls were not born, savagely killed in the womb by the Zhydov Abortion Mechanics. Recently, abortion mechanics such as Moscow obstetrician Mark Kurtser have already become billionaires, selling tons of free abortion material from Russia to Israel.

Destroying and ruining the USSR according to a scenario pre-planned by the overseas Zionists, the international enemy Zion fabricated such monstrously criminal occupational conditions in the country that only a handful of Jewish bandits and embezzlers had the right to freely grab into their greedy greedy sticky Jewish spider paws everything super colossal and large-scale property of the USSR. And, for all the time, not a single former Soviet Jew has died in poverty and devastation, since, according to strict Jewish laws, a gang of Jewish oligarchs of embezzlers was forced to support all Jews without exception, and those who did not manage to rob the Soviet goyim, and those who who failed to take advantage of the carte blanche issued to all Jews by the gang of Chubais’s privatizers.

At the same time, due to the total poverty and devastation that arose in the course of the “Chubais volcherisation and privatization” organized by the Old Testament enemies of Russia, the native Russians and, first of all, Russians began to die out in millions. The unsinkable Chubais (after Sagal’s mother) with a satisfied Jesuit smile looks with satisfaction as as a result of his actions over 50 million people have already died, who, as he put it, “did not fit into the market”! The pride of this villainous chutzpah – the marauder is pleasantly amused by the thought that he has exceeded the plan to destroy the goyim. For which the leaders of the kagal, rabbinate, chabad and the criminal Jewish pakhanat, represented by the international banking junta, pat on the shoulder condescendingly and encouragingly for his diligence and diligence.

But, in vain, the half-Jew Chubaisik hopes that, for his undoubted services to the Moshiach in the mass destruction of the Slavic goyim (and not only), he, along with all his numerous relatives, will go straight to the “new earthly paradise” planned by the Moshiach. People like him ZhydoBattleDolboyIdiots Sonderkommando Moshiach will be destroyed first of all. In the era of the Moshiach, only 144,000 of the most important Jews will survive, who in fact are not people at all, but something like “reptilians” in Jewish guise. Thus, all 100% of purebreds (and not only) ZhydoBedloDolboyboyIdiots will be mercilessly disposed of, not to mention the unclean zhydy and such half-breeds as Chubaisik and similar scum.

A similar picture is observed around the world. The soldiers of the horned tribal Jewish god Yahwe-666 will arrange a monstrous provocation somewhere, while several Jews will die, and the goyim several million, and, right there, to hide the traces of their crimes, the whole world will arrange a universal outcry, allegedly the non-Jews committed pogroms, genocide, Holocaust of Jews, etc. And millions of innocently killed goyim are not counted, they are, according to the laws of the Torah and Talmud, lower beings, animals, cockroaches, which were ruthlessly killed by the tribal Jewish beast Yahwe-666 himself. There is no more sinister creature in the entire universe. And, it must be the same, how terribly unlucky humanity is that this super-bloodthirsty entity decided to settle on our planet Earth. As the saying goes, “lucky as drowned.”

Considering the opium wars, the slave trade and the wine trade, where the Jews were absolute monopolists, the extermination of 200-300 million American Indians, hundreds of millions of African blacks and Asians. On the orders and under the control and with the personal participation of the Jews, some white shabes-goyim, under various far-fetched pretexts, massively killed other white shabes-goyim, not to mention such “lower” races as red-skinned blacks and yellow-skinned ones. Overall, the genocide committed by Jews to all non-Jews around the planet is possibly approaching one billion. Moreover, the Jews themselves suffered, primarily from the Jewish leaders, during all this time about several tens of thousands. Everything is in full compliance with the merciless super bloodthirsty cannibalistic requirements of the Torah, Talmud and other “sacred” texts of Judaism.

As you can see, the world’s zhidovstvo naturally arranged for all non-Jewish humanity, simply on an incredibly mind-blowing universal scale, a real holocaust. And everything is not enough for them and they, in fulfillment of the sadistic schizophrenic endlessly cannibalistic precepts of the Torah and Talmud, with some frenzied brutal fanaticism are planning to destroy the entire planet with them !?

Of course, not all Jews are villains, just as not all snakes are venomous. However, the ratio is not in favor of decent Jews, since for every normal Jew, there are hundreds of non-normal Jews. From which it follows an unambiguous, immutable fact that all the greatest villains in the world are, either, only Jews, or, in any case, have Jewish roots. Even the red-haired and red-bearded “shaker of the universe, Genghis Khan,” the Jews among themselves call “Chingiz Chaim” and believe that, in fact, he was the greatest Jewish leader KOGAN. And his title came from the abbreviation of the Hebrew word: kogan – kagan – kan – khan. Not to mention such odious personalities as: nationalists Stepan Bandera, Simon Petlyura, Roman Shushkhevich; fascists and Nazis Mussolini, Franco, Hitler; the Bolsheviks Stalin, Lenin, not to mention Trotsky; all had Jewish roots.

In a word, we met, somewhere, ever, a bloodthirsty tyrant, a tyrant, an executioner, a fiend, a villain, from whose fangs human blood flows – look for Jewish roots in his genealogy. In his writings on Higher Sociology, Grigory Klimov showed that even a small portion of Jewish blood always overcomes the non-Jewish portion and leaves an indelible imprint. As he figuratively put it: – “Even a drop of POISON spoils all BLOOD.” That is why the peoples have a firm conviction that “Of all people of animals and beasts, the Jew is the most vile and evil villain.” And many bloggers and commentators, instead of the word “God’s chosen”, use the word “God-chosen”, which is undoubtedly the best and most accurate description of the super-fetid treacherous essence of any God’s chosenness.

And, it cannot be otherwise. For to become a super-hellish demonic satanic villain, one must have a powerful ideological platform of villainy. Which, of course, is the infinitely sinister immoral doctrine of Judaism. Not a single goy people have anything like this even close, and never had. And, therefore, purebred goyim, simply physically, by definition, cannot become the greatest villains. Similarly, no effort, even at gunpoint, can turn a herbivorous sheep into a carnivorous predator. Even Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, compared to the monstrously bloodthirsty doctrine of the Torah and Talmud, is just harmless baby talk.

For thousands of years, a stupid, stupid, cattle-idiot-idiot, totally zombified by Judaism, does not even realize that with the final establishment of global domination over the world, the collective moshiah will destroy every single Jew. For, according to the plans of the Moshiach, only 144 thousand of the “most important Jews” should remain alive on earth, and for each Jew there are 2800 slaves from among the goyim-non-Jews. In total, according to the Moshiach’s plan, out of 7.5 billion people, 144000×2800 = 403 million 200 thousand people should remain alive, i.e. at a time over 7 billion people will be killed by these fanatics, beast-lashers, reptilians in human form.

Moreover, the surviving “most important Jews” are not people at all, but the most, that neither is, natural reptilians, only in Jewish guise. This is confirmed by a number of objective and unbiased researchers who scrupulously study the phenomenon of world Jewry. At the end of the operation, the reptilian masks will be dropped. So Moshiach – the Antichrist will not leave alive, in general, not a single Jew, all 100% of the Jews will be killed. Because after the establishment of world domination, the Jews, as a very dangerous parasitic aggressive instrument of seizing power, will become unnecessary for the world government and even pose a permanent threat. That is why Jewry, as a spent and worn-out instrument of seizing world power, like a used leaky condom, by the Moshiach Sonderkommando will be cleaned and disposed of.

By the way, the fact that the world government will be composed entirely of reptilians explains why the Jews are fixated on the number of 2,800 slaves. While 10-15 slaves in excess would be enough for every Jew. So many slaves are needed not only for the hard work and maintenance of the parasites, but most importantly for the meat. As you know, any reptile (crocodile, boa constrictor, etc.) eats only flesh, and devouring a person is simply a great pleasure for it. The main slave duty of a non-Jewish goy slave will be: to work and give birth to children, some of which will go straight to the dinner table of the most important Jews, i.e. reptilians. Professor Holmes has repeatedly warned about this on the Zarubezhom website.

So in comparison with this universal villain-Moshiach, Adik SHEKELgruber, that is, Adolf Hitler is just a little innocent mischievous hooligan. Moreover, Hitler {his real surname SHEKELgruber in Yiddish means “tax collector of shekels”} being the illegitimate grandson of a Jewish banker – a gangster, Baron Rothschild, all his life was an errand boy with the Rothschilds, and, as the basis of his Nazi ideology, he took Judeo-Racist doctrine. By the way, when Hitler attacked the USSR, one of his dumbfounded assistants asked why he unleashed a war on two fronts. After a long, drawn-out silence, Hitler sadly said that the Rothschilds forced him to take such a suicidal step. Also, by order of the world Zionists and the world banking gang, to create Israel, Hitler cut off 6 thousand pieces of “dry branches of Jewry”. Moreover, all these 6 thousand Jews were terrifying criminals, maniacs, sadists, degenerates, perverts, political opponents of the Hitler regime, etc. That is, they did not represent any interest for world Jewry and, on the contrary, were a burden.

So, in 1944, a high-ranking Nazi 100% Jew, Adolf Eichmann, whom Hitler entrusted with the “final solution of the Jewish question,” suggested that the Zionists take the Jews remaining in the Nazi camps to Palestine. To which the leaders of Zionism categorically refused, saying that they had already taken out all the Jews they needed, and the remaining Jews were not even worth a seedy Palestinian cow. And do with them what you want, but take all necessary measures so that, God forbid, they do not end up in Palestine. That’s the whole mythical Holocaust, which later the leaders of Israel, Zionism and the world kagal turned into a grandiose Jewish scam to squeeze out multi-billion dollar money from defeated Germany. Where there is a scam, gratuitousness, freebies and gesheft at someone else’s expense, there are always zhydy ahead of the rest. And it cannot be otherwise. Because in the management of the kagal, world Zionism, Judaism, banks, world elite, etc. there are people who, in their culture, traditions, worldview, ideology, sacred scriptures, archetypal value orientations, consider it a blessing to rob, lie, slander, carry out genocide, spread degradation, degeneration, instill immorality, dishonesty, satanism, etc. etc.

It often happens that in a state of euphoria, or, feeling dizzy with success, the leaders of impostors and self-appointed people of God’s chosen people speak the truth. For example, on January 12, 1952, at an urgent meeting of European rabbis in Budapest (Hungary), rabbi-gavnomet Emmanuel Rabinovich called on all Jews to force the Third World War, after which every Jew will become a king and every non-Jew a slave (prolonged thunderous applause). In particular, in this programmatic speech that thundered all over the world, he admitted that for the sake of creating mafia Israel, the world Jewish banking junta, kagal, rabbi, Zionism, Judaism, etc., donated several thousand (about 6 thousand) Jews. He stated, “… since self-sacrifice has always been a hallmark of our people, and the death of several thousand lesser Jews (read 6 thousand) is, Nevertheless, the adherents of the Moshiach committed a super-arrogant, super-monstrous Holocaust scam and cried out to the whole world that Hitler’s Nazis, for no reason, had killed as many as 6 million Jews. And where did they recruit so many Jews, when, in fact, before the war in all the territories occupied by the Nazis there were about 600 thousand Jews? And for this vile Jewish meanness, several generations of German goyim have been paying Israel and every year more and more multi-billion dollar “Holocaust” money. There is a brutal chutzpah looting of a universal scale! No wonder they say that freebies for zhyda are above any morality.

But the Holocaust, which the Jewish Moshiach plans to arrange for all Jews, will not be a scam, will not be mythical, but will be a genuine real burnt offering of Jews of a grandiose cosmic scale. So much so that the mythical Holocaust staged by Hitler, in comparison with the real Holocaust staged by the Moshiach, will seem like an undoubted paradise for ZhydoBydlo DolbooyboyIdiots. So the Jews immediately stop wandering around and, before it’s too late, urgently save the future of your children, immediately begin to destroy the collective Moshiach, and, first of all, Judaism and its derivatives, as the religious ideological basis of the universal EVIL. Otherwise, neither you nor your children will be allowed to enter the future world alive. All of you, Jews and most non-Jews, will be killed. In the era of Moshiach, a supermoral monstrously bloody 2-caste slave system will be created. Where the upper caste of lords, consisting of reptilians in Jewish guise, will live for their pleasure, as in PARADISE, and for the lower caste of slaves, consisting of the remnants of non-Jewish humanity, life will turn out to be continuous Hell, where “the living will envy the dead”.

The caste of masters from the “most important Jewish parasites”, ie Reptilians will enjoy all the benefits of civilization, scientific and technological progress, the highest achievements of medicine, through the use of the organs of slaves to endlessly prolong health, youth, life, get a lot of pleasure from life, etc. etc. 

And, pedophiles, perverts and sadists from among them, with absolutely impunity and openly, without any problems, will rape anyone they want, even the 3-year-old children of a slave goy, pump out blood from young children and dine with fresh GOYadinoy. Not life, but a paradise criminally thieves raspberry of beast-lizards! And, as you know, reptiles eat only meat, and it is a pleasure for them to devour a person, especially a child. That is why about 8 million children disappear every year across the planet. They are simply eaten by the reptilian elite in Jewish guise.

There is every reason to suspect that mankind is ruled by a “secret world government” entirely consisting of reptilians, all these kings, queens, dictators, presidents and the main gangster bankers. Therefore, all monstrous atrocities on earth take place, for cold-blooded reptiles completely lack human emotions, sympathy, empathy, compassion, etc. etc. Therefore, the leaders who have seized power everywhere on the planet are so insensitive to human suffering, ruthless and bloodthirsty. Human suffering brings them moral satisfaction. This is tantamount to waiting for mercy from large reptiles, such as a crocodile or a boa constrictor, when they devour a person.

Professor Holmes has unequivocally proved that, in fact, humanity is divided into two bio-species, the people of the goyim and the reptilian jyd in human form. And between these bio-species there is a merciless permanent war for complete destruction. And the advantage is clearly on the side of the Zhido-Reptilians, because they have known for thousands of years that they are waging a war. And, here are the goyim people, so zombified with the poison of Judaism that, until now, neither by sleep, nor by the spirit, nor by the snout, nor by the ear, they do not even sense that they are slowly but surely being devoured by an alien bio-species. Moreover, only themselves are blamed for all troubles. This is where the super-golden dream of criminals of all times and peoples came true to remain completely unpunished for their monstrous atrocities, and the victims of crimes stupidly blame themselves for the crimes committed against them.

And if a parasite gentleman with the inclinations of an executioner and a sadist suddenly becomes bored, then, with the same impunity, in the most sophisticated, savage, Jewish ways, for the sake of his own pleasure, he will scoff in every possible way to rape, torture and kill any slave – goy. Well, and the lower caste of slaves will be deprived of absolutely everything: education, medicine, normal food, clothing, and all kinds of elementary rights, and even the slightest protection from the lawlessness of the villainous Jewish masters, etc. etc. His destiny is to plow until exhaustion until 30 years old, while there is strength and health, and as soon as he weakens or becomes ill or slightly old, he will immediately be slaughtered for meat. For the goy is a two-legged animal and its meat is kosher according to the halachic laws of Judaism, which numerous rabbis cannibals, reptilian Judeo Villains, Zhydo-Eaters never tire of repeating.

The first Moshiach – the Old Testament Moshe Moses was definitely a reptilian, as evidenced by his goat horns like the horns of slugs. But the most important confirmation is his so-called “spiritual heritage” in the form of ruthless, cannibalistic, extremely misanthropic, endlessly immoral, bandit-thieves instructions, which are now generally known as the Torah and the Old Testament. The second Moshiach – the Antichrist will no longer hide his bestial face, will take off the human mask and appear as a cold-blooded, ruthless, bloodthirsty reptile – a biorobot, a murder machine, a killer robot.

This is roughly how the new world “Jewish” order will be, where even the Jews will have no place, not to mention the goyim. And, totally duped by the Torah and Talmud, stupid, stupid, brainless, primitive and naive zhydo-cattle-moron-dumb-ass-idiots are praying frantically for the arrival of the Moshiach and do not see that the collective Moshiach in the form of a secret world government has long brought over them bloody ice ax heads. It is understandable, for thousands of years, endlessly immoral Judaism has so fucked up the brains of Jews (and not only) that fanatical religious (and not only) human-zombies, as they say in such cases: – “look in a book, see a fig.” And those who look into the Torah, in fact, look into an ominously gaping “black hole” leading directly into the Jewish Mordor, into the underworld, into HELL, into the clutches of Satan, the beast-lizard, the reptilian Yahwe-666, from whose fangs, without drying out , eternally sheds and sheds human blood of innocent people. They look into the Torah and do not see the predatory animal grin of the hardened criminal and marauder Moshiach – the patron saint of criminals, bandits, gangsters, robbers, and all other inveterate villains, criminal elements.

However, for thousands of years, contrary to the obvious facts, the Jews have turned everything upside down and present themselves as poor, unfortunate, righteous and eternally persecuted sheep. Well, and the goyim, respectively, are evil, bloodthirsty, insatiable villains and predators who are eternally persecuting God’s chosen Jews. Here it is, the art of Jewish shit-throwing in all its vile, stinking foul beauty! And what to expect from persons whose culture, traditions, sacred scriptures, archetypal value orientations consider a blessing to lie, theft, slander, bullying, perversion, torture, violence, robbery, destruction, murder, genocide, etc. etc. And as long as there is Judaism in the world, shit throwing at the entire non-Jewish humanity will never stop.

Planet wake up! Goyim of all countries wake up, finally, and unite against the common enemy of humanity. Alone, not a single nation, not a single people, not a single state will cope with this problem, the poison of Judaism has penetrated too deeply into the public body. Only by joint efforts, discarding all sorts of petty graters and civil strife, humanity will cope with the mortal threat hanging over the planet. 

We urgently need to unite and by common efforts to carry out the DE-JUDAIZATION and DE-ZIONIZATION of the planet, like the post-war DE-NACIFICATION of Hitlerite Germany at the Nuremberg Trials. Otherwise, the monstrously savage Judaic “end of the world” is inevitable. If humanity does not wake up from the totally imposed, sinister Jewish zombie, then “all the skiff” and “all kaput” will inevitably come. AND, do you need it? Think about the future of your children and grandchildren.

October 2019
Moshiach Kaput

“A ghost wanders Europe, the ghost of Talmudism”
(Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels)

In the natural world, there are various biological parasites that are able to produce neuroparalytic poison. A good example is the wasp wasp of the genus Glyptapanteles. Having injected a paralyzing poison into the central nervous system of a potential victim, the wasp immobilizes it for a while, and, then, calmly lays eggs directly into the victim’s body. The victim, with a suppressed immune system and having lost all resistance to foreign organisms, becomes zombified and controlled by parasites. The eggs hatch into larvae, which gradually eat the prey from the inside.

Unfortunately, a similar picture is observed in human society. Take, for example, criminals and villains of all stripes and ranks, from lone individuals to organized gangs, organized crime groups and the global mafia. Which, without a doubt, are generally recognized social parasites, living at someone else’s expense, for free, on funds stolen and plundered from workers. And, as a rule, their victim is a peaceful, hardworking community of normal people, from loners to entire nations, peoples, states and empires.

So, what, day and night, are these social parasites – criminal communities of all times and peoples – dreaming and raving about? What vicious flawed idea torments and gnaws at villains and criminals of any level and scale, from the smallest to the most global? And, what, more than anything in the world, longs to take possession of, as a petty criminal riffraff, and an ominous bunch of ghouls and murderers? The answer is obvious. All this criminal army, all this poisonous bestial Caudle of all kinds of villains and criminals, always dreams of getting from some omnipotent forces the so-called “roof” in the form of complete immunity for crimes and atrocities committed. That would allow them to commit their unlawful actions, crimes and atrocities with impunity, from insignificant and isolated to massive, destructive and universal scale. And for which they, needless to say, do not want to be punished. Moreover, so that the victim of a crime would be mentally and psychologically immobilized, silent “in a rag” and did not dare to condemn the criminal inhuman. And, even on the contrary, as in the case of the wasp-wasp, she would submissively consider herself guilty of a crime, and in every possible way would protect the criminals from punishment.

Of course, for the sake of achieving this centuries-old super golden dream, the underworld will willingly agree to any, the most vile, filthy dirty bastard deal, even with the devil, even with the devil, and even with the “god” himself, if only they were given a reliable ” roof “from criminal prosecution and punishment. as in the case of a horse wasp, she would submissively consider herself guilty of a crime, and in every possible way would protect criminals from punishment.

And, in practice, only one ethno-religious group of manic villains managed to achieve such a seemingly completely unrealistic, crazy, fantastic and unattainable “fix idea”. The former Egyptian priest Moses, aka Moshe, together with his brother Aaron and accomplices, formed a particularly dangerous gang of global religious fanatics from every rabble. The class demagogue Moses supplied the newly created bloodthirsty gang with the same fabricated, extremely misanthropic, extremely cannibalistic, endlessly immoral creed of Judaism. Which, throughout the history of mankind, a priori justified any mass atrocities and crimes committed by this ethno-religious pack of manic robbers, murderers and bloodsuckers. Allegedly, all these bloodthirsty destruction, murder, incomprehensible to the mind of a normal person, The gang members did not commit bullying and atrocities of their own free will, but by order of some omnipotent entity called YHWE. And, therefore, supposedly, they do not bear any responsibility for their frenzied – brutal and cave – zoological atrocities, crimes and, in general, the genocide of life. As befits a mother criminal, this omnipotent “divine” entity has many criminal, prison camp nicknames: yahwe, elohim, hashem, adonai, curios, shema, Jehovah, tetragrammaton, lord god, hadit, abraxas, zeus, set ( Satan), Lucifer, etc. etc. But, curiously, no one has ever seen this “divine” entity, nicknamed yahwe. And, therefore, Moses blinded his image in the form of a horned breeding beast with the numerical code 666. Since he was a cuckold himself, he blinded Yahweh in his own image and likeness. but by order of some omnipotent entity called YHWH.

But what is most despicably disgusting and dangerous is that Moses KAGAL, ​​through stubborn propaganda, zombie, manipulation, total demagogy and various criminal machinations, has maliciously imposed his extremely poisonous doctrine of social parasitism and banditry on the entire planet. In fact, as in the case of the wasp, the wasp, the nerve poison of Judaism was injected into the central nervous system of humanity. And, as a result of poisoning by this overly poisonous ideology, the world was so demoralized, and humanity was so blinded that the victims of global crimes for the most part only passively watch, keep silent and do not dare to condemn their persecutors, murderers and rotteners. But, on the contrary, often, instead of self-defense, under various religious pretexts, aggressively justify and defend these scum and scoundrels from just acts of retaliation, legal persecution, and even the slightest criticism. And, just like in the case of the wasp-wasp and its prey, humanity, having lost its protective immunity, does not offer any resistance to a foreign organism, and slowly dies, eaten from the inside by the “larvae of social parasites”. This is where the centuries-old super golden dream of criminals of all stripes and ranks, and of all times and peoples, came true – to commit universal evil and remain absolutely unpunished and not even condemned.

It was undoubtedly a brilliant move on the part of the leaders of the robbery gang “Moses and Kό” – to cover up the robber bandits’ villainous aspirations to seize world power in the name of one of the sinister “almighty gods.” If Moses had been a decent person and would have chosen a decent God, then peace, order, general prosperity and humanitarian progress would have come on earth long ago. But, unfortunately, we have what we have. For unknown and incomprehensible reasons, the planet Earth is unlucky like a drowned man. From the whole host of gods, the ideologist and inspirer of total banditry and parasitism, the villain Moses, chose the most terrible man-hater. The worst, the most bloodthirsty, the most vile and most brutal bloodsucker. He chose to be his gods, his idols, his bosses, an absolutely criminal disgusting entity named “Yahwe”. A lover of senseless destruction, bloody human sacrifice, mass murder, violence, torture and an insatiable energy eater “gavvah”. That is, the energy of human suffering, pain, torment, etc. etc.
But how did this become possible? To find out from what kind of fetid cloaca this rare abomination and filth has crawled out and metastases of a malignant cancerous tumor, you will have to dive into the distant Old Testament times. At a time when a group of OUTGOES, renegades and scum from GOEU, from various Semitic-Hamitic tribes (and not only), came in large numbers to civilized Egypt to parasitize in this richest prosperous country. These social parasites, as befits parasites, multiplied at an incredible rate and in a short time their number of 70 individuals reached 600 thousand pieces. And, which is typical, the descendants of parasites, contrary to the obvious facts, endlessly whine, groan, scream and slander, allegedly their ancestors were in the hardest slavery of the Pharaoh. Even a no-brainer that in slavery, just by definition, it is simply physically impossible to reproduce at a rate only available to parasites. In a state of total depression, oppression, despair, moral and physical exhaustion, slaves, and even more so their children, die like flies. And, it has always been like this, from deep times to the present.

The current depressing state of Russian society after the shamefully treacherous collapse of the USSR is a striking example. And, following the collapse of the total robbery of everything above the colossal national Soviet property, always insatiable to the good of others (hence the concept of “eternal Jew”} by a sinister gang of Zionists embezzlers – direct descendants of the Moses gang. The Russian people, robbed to the skin (not counting the other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation) since 1991, in a state of slavish depression, dependence, oppression, from poverty, devastation and hopelessness, has been dying out in millions every year. While, at someone else’s expense, for free, on multibillion-dollar funds stolen and plundered from the Soviet goyim, the Zionist occupiers, on the contrary, multiply exponentially. So, for example, a citizen of 4 states, Chief Rabbi-Chabadnik Berl Lazar has 14 children. And, an ordinary Khabadnik, the main television and radio propagandist V. Solovyov-Shapiro, strictly observing Shabbat, already has 8 children. How many half-starved and half-naked goy children had to be robbed so that Jewish children would live so super-chic? And, so everywhere, both in Russia and around the world.

Among other things, the degenerate drones and slugs that came in large numbers in Egypt were horrified, as they hated all hygiene and sanitation. And, therefore, they all suffered from skin diseases, incurable leprosy, rotted alive and stinked all over the world. That, of course, was very frightening for the normal healthy local population. That is why clean Egyptians never sat at the same table with Jews. Even then, from the envy of anger and inferiority complexes, social parasites began to develop a permanent hatred of all normal people, tribes and peoples, and only because they are normal, healthy, hardworking adequate people, in contrast to these rotting and stinking degenerative parasitic creatures. And so, this motley criminal gang of extremely dirty infectious sick beggars, thieves, outcasts, the former Egyptian priest, nicknamed Moshe – Moses, later declared Moshiach – the Messiah, united in one very strong merciless gang of beasts of murderers, outcasts and other cattle who had come in large numbers. Being a prince, the adopted son of the pharaoh, feeling dizzy with success, in a state of narcotic euphoria, Moses became so impudent that he swung at the power of the pharaoh. But, as often happens with the conspirators, he did not calculate his strength, he crap and was forced, taking the pharaoh’s treasury, to flee from the inevitable punishment to the Yemen desert, where he hid for 40 years together with his accomplices from Egyptian justice.

And, proceeding from his personal selfishly base selfish interests of plans and ambitions, Moisha-Moshiach supplied the inveterate gang of marauders with incredibly immoral bloodthirsty “thieves’ concepts and rules.” Hereinafter called: “Torah”, “Old Testament”, “Five Books of Moses”, but which, in fact, are banal “thieves” instructions of Moses on the robbery trade. Read the “Old Testament” thoughtfully: robberies, robberies and robberies are everywhere. In fact, this is not a “holy scripture”, but an ominous “catechism of a Jew-robber”, where the 10 commandments are the principles of their inner life “according to concepts”, as is customary in the underworld among “thieves in law”. And there is not a single line about love for one’s neighbor, about justice, about humanism, etc. Only merciless violence, bloodshed, robbery, robbery, cruelty, cruelty, cruelty and endless destruction, murder and immorality.

To hide and veil the destructive inhuman essence of the “bandit-thieves’ instructions” Moses clothed them in religious clothes, let a mystical fog and, in the most despicable way, announced that they were received from God himself. This expressed the super colossal advantage of the Moses gang over all the other ever existing gangs. Who did not even think to clothe their thieves’ concepts and gangster instructions in ideological religious forms, and to justify their villainy in the name of God. Therefore, sooner or later, the members of these gangs were overtaken by just retribution. And, here, the Moses gang escaped such a fate, and could commit any atrocities and crimes unthinkable in the degree of cruelty and bloodthirstiness, and not bear any responsibility for this. And, all because, supposedly, The high-ranking Egyptian priest Moses, for his numerous sins, adultery, embezzlement and other immorality, very much disgraced himself and fined himself before the Egyptian people, and, therefore, fell into the disgrace of the Pharaoh. Being a degenerate, that is, a degenerate, Moshe-Moshiach suffered from tongue-tied language from childhood and, since his native language was Egyptian, he could hardly speak the Semitic-Hamitic dialect. In addition to tongue-tied language, he also suffered from other mental and sexual illnesses. Yes, in addition to all the troubles, from some disgraceful incurable bucket on his head, in the form of goat’s horns, two very large ugly growths grew. Due to these physical and mental impairments, handicaps and abnormalities usually inherent in neglected degenerative degenerates, In his soul, blackened with hatred, his whole filthy life, constantly accumulated, burning all the insides, a thirst for revenge to all normal people, to all normal humanity, and, precisely because they were normal, but he was not. As you know, all destructive individuals with mental and sexual deviations, with pronounced degenerative changes, have a terrible inferiority complex, and always yearn for their inferiority to take revenge on all normal people. And in order to take revenge on innocent people to the maximum, and besides, in the most merciless cruel savage ways, they, everywhere and everywhere, with manic frenzy, with all their might, irresistibly rush into power (the brutal power complex is frenzied).

Grigory Klimov, in his works on higher sociology, clearly showed that degenerate individuals with a “power complex” have colossal advantages in the struggle for power. And therefore, as a rule, such especially dangerous mental monsters seize power. And, here, when they seek power (and, to the greatest regret, this happens too often), human blood flows in rivers, and human suffering has no end. So, all the monstrously bloody atrocities in the history of mankind have always occurred through the fault of degenerate individuals. Who suffered from mental pathologies, and who broke into power over people, and who sought to drastically reduce the number of normal people, and thus dramatically increase the number of defective abnormal degenerative people, Normal people, the masses, in principle, by definition, never unleash wars. All wars, in their own selfish and base selfish interests, are unleashed by a narrow circle of the high-ranking expected elite in power.

In higher sociology, it has been documented that of all social strata of the population, only criminals – repeat offenders and the highest power elite have 100% mental and sexual deviations, i.e. definitely always in power are one hundred percent degenerates. Hence it is clear why all these endless feudal wars and civil strife took place.

All kings, princes, dictators and, in general, the leaders of all tribes and peoples, fearing for their power and, being from birth degenerates and simply moral monsters, constantly sought to reduce in their possessions the number of normal active healthy adequate decent people-goyim. And for this they waged regular wars, perhaps even the warring leaders had previously conspired with each other to wage the massacre so that there were maximum casualties on both sides. Although, in principle, the leaders’ collusion was not required, for they, as blood related degenerative personalities, understood each other at a distance and without personal meetings.

Of course, in all wars without exception, first of all, the best, bravest, healthiest warriors perish without giving birth. And, in violation of the natural laws of nature, the offspring are given by weaker individuals who did not take part in the slaughter and survived. This is how, to the delight of high-ranking degenerates in power, the reverse selection of the human community takes place. It is understandable, because flawed, incomplete, underdeveloped people are much easier to manage, it is easier to turn them into slaves. Yes, and the soul of the bastard becomes easier from the realization of the utter meanness. That, finally, his cherished dream came true to take revenge on those who, unlike him, were born normal people, but he was not. And all this universal disgrace began, all this bloody satanic bacchanalia in those distant Old Testament times, And, although, between the well-educated, initiated into many secrets of the universe, the high-ranking Egyptian priest Moses and the gray pack of illiterate Semitic-Hamitic outcasts and drones from the bottom of society, there was a huge cultural, mental, social and other abyss, nevertheless, Moses made a bet to this Caudle of degenerate flawed freaks.

Because these asocial creatures, who came in large numbers from the Middle East garbage, as kindred criminal souls, were very close to him in spirit and just as fiercely hated normal healthy decent people. That is why this rabble of scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels, as a very harmful poisonous and self-reproducing instrument, was perfect for the implementation of the sinisterly global, villainous, savage Jesuit designs of Moshe.

And, all their common fierce anger and hatred towards normal tribes and peoples was concentrated in the infinitely immoral religious doctrine “Judaism”, newly created by Moses. It got its name from the word “Judas”, generally known as a symbol of the most vile and vilest betrayal in the history of mankind. In an extremely immoral misanthropic religious doctrine, an insidious gang of robbers and marauders are committing monstrous atrocities and destruction against humanity, incomprehensible by the level of anger and hatred, already in the name of some degenerately defective Jewish god Yahweh. And, in order to justify all these senseless bloodshed, destruction, violence, cruelty, etc., in Judaism, in a particularly vile way, honest decent normal adequate people are insulted in every way. Including they call them bipedal animals in human form.

So, for example, in the Talmud, various offensive nicknames are used for all non-Jews – goy, akum, pagan, nocerim, mamzerim, koferim, kelafim, hamorim, and so on. More than 50 filthy vile nicknames, which are hundreds of times worse than the word “Jew”. And it must be the same, contrary to all logic and common sense, zhydy want the people despised, insulted, humiliated, slandered by them, at the same time, admired, loved, cherished and tolerated them. There is a particularly vile thousand-year chutzpah, the lowest point over meanness, the culmination over the greedy and the apotheosis over the impudence. Rampant of endlessly immoral, shameless, demoniac propaganda of hatred and contempt for all people, for all people. Which are not members of the festering filthy, infinitely cruel, If the Torah is “the catechism of the Jew-robber,” then the Talmud is the “code of the Jew-Nazi.” Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is just harmless baby talk by comparison. Hatred and contempt for all non-Jewish goyim runs like a red thread from beginning to end throughout Judaism.

According to the Talmud:

“the one who killed the goy is not guilty of murder (Makot 7-b);

only a Jew is a man, other nations are not people, but only animals (Baga Kama 11: 6);

Jews are a people chosen by God, and all other nations are worthy only of contempt and hatred.

The property of all peoples belongs to the Jewish people, therefore, it has the right to take this property away from them (Chozhen Hamishpat, 348) ”.

“Kill the goy, and the queen of heaven will be so kind to you, because you brought her a sacrifice” (Sofer Israel 177-b).

And stuff like that, in all 63 books of the Talmud.

In fact, Moiseev’s NON-people are genetically defective biological beings, in fact, biorobots fabricated a disgusting, especially dangerous for all mankind, extremely poisonous, antisocial, vicious worldview. So according to the Torah, Talmud, Tanya, Kabbalah and similar “sacred” texts, protocols and practices of Judaism, it turns out that the horned tribal Jewish god Yahweh created the goyim specifically so that the Moses mafia, for its own pleasure and for its own needs and entertainment, could completely and absolutely with impunity, without the slightest remorse, slander, lie, rob, ruin, kill, rape, etc. and so on, ad infinitum.

Kabbalah and similar “sacred” texts, protocols and practices of Judaism, it turns out that the horned tribal Jewish god Yahwe created the goyim specifically so that the Moses mafia, for its own pleasure and for its own needs and entertainment, could with complete and absolutely impunity, without the slightest remorse conscience, slander, lie, rob, ruin, kill, rape, etc. and so on, ad infinitum. Kabbalah and similar “sacred” texts, protocols and practices of Judaism, it turns out that the horned tribal Jewish god Yahwe created the goyim specifically so that the Moses mafia, for its own pleasure and for its own needs and entertainment, could with complete and absolutely impunity, without the slightest remorse conscience, slander, lie, rob, ruin, kill, rape, etc. and so on, ad infinitum.

And, this is what the Torah and Talmud say in such cases:

Tosefta Aboda Zara VIII, 5: “How to define the word robbery? It is forbidden for a goy to steal, rob, take women and slaves from a goy or a Jew. But a Jew is not forbidden to do all this in relation to to goy “.

Tosefta Aboda Zara B5: “If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he must answer for it, but if a Jew kills a goy, he is not responsible.”

Iore de’a 158-1: “It is permissible to test a medicine on Akum (non-Jewish) – is it useful?”

Sanhedrin 59a: “Killing a goy is like killing a wild animal.”

Choschen Hamm 266.1: “A Jew can have whatever he finds if it belongs to Akum (goy).”

Baba Necia 114.6: “Jews are human beings, and other nations of the world are not people but beasts.”

Aboda Zara 26b: “Even the best of the goyim should be killed.”

“Goyim (non-Jews) must be destroyed by any means available” (Zagor 1.25-a).

And similar racist-fascist-Nazi propaganda has been pouring out endlessly from the Jewish shit-gun every hour for thousands of years. And, if the “original sin” is an absolutely invented fairy-tale literary myth, then, in contrast to it, the Jewish “original racism, fascism and Nazism” fabricated in the era of Moses is an absolutely real reality. Permanent, constantly emanating from the theory and practice of Judaism and Talmudism, a threat to all mankind.

Undoubtedly, the Egyptian high-ranking priest Moses, excommunicated for numerous intrigues, debauchery, embezzlement and anti-state activities, was a genius villain, a complete scoundrel and an inveterate villain. And, in order to take revenge on normal people, this flawed degenerate with the psychology of a monster of an executioner, with far-reaching disgustingly immoral and vilely criminal political goals, headed all this comedog Middle Eastern scum-cattle of completely immoral bastards, freaks and outcasts. Under his control, the Semitic-Hamitic gang of bandits and pogromists terrorized the hospitable local population for a long time with impunity. All sorts of scams, lies, slander, threats, blackmail, extortion, betrayal, vile insidious murders and other vile and Semitic intrigues were used.

The newly created organized criminal group of outrageous marauders led by Moses, who is inventive for all sorts of meanness, completely robbed the trusting and hardworking people of ancient Egypt. And, for their hospitality, kindness and cordiality, the brutal herd of murderers, maniacs and sadists savagely killed absolutely innocent Egyptian children of the firstborn, sent plague and all kinds of “Egyptian executions” to the Egyptians. And, then, having robbed the local simple-minded population that had sheltered the scum to the bone and taking the pharaoh’s treasury, she cowardly and cowardly fled from justice to the remote Middle Eastern desert.

The fact that Moses was adopted by Pharaoh helped to rob the treasury of Pharaoh and, of course, he enjoyed all the benefits of Pharaoh’s son and was entered into any house. Knowing where and how the gold was kept, he and his accomplices slaughtered the rich Egyptians, took their wealth and cattle, and cowardly and meanly fled into the desert. The police of the pharaoh considered that in the lifeless desert all this runaway pack of brutal scum would end in torment their bastard existence and stopped the persecution. But she miscalculated, because these jackals for the most part came from the Yemen desert, which was like a home for them. Just as for hardened criminals and repeat offenders, a prison is like a home.

By the way, later, when the Jewish religion was created, the monstrously bloody and inhuman atrocities of murder and destruction perpetrated by a gang of Jewish marauders entered Judaism as the greatest and most joyful Jewish holidays – Passover (Passover) and Purim. Easter is a disgusting holiday in joy of the universal murder by a vile ungrateful bitch tribe of all Egyptian children (Exodus, ch. 1-16).

“And at midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on his throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in prison, and all the firstborn of cattle. And Pharaoh got up by night, he and all his servants, and all Egypt; and there was a great cry in the land of Egypt; for there was no home where there was no dead man ”(Exodus 12: 29-30). This is where the roots of the Jewish holiday – Passover (Passover) – come from.

Purim is the most infamous and vilest holiday in joy of 75 thousand unsuspecting and peacefully sleeping Persians, who were completely massacred by the insidious Judeo-executioners. And they cut not only men, but also absolutely innocent women, old people and children (the book of Esther). It should be noted that, without exception, all Jewish holidays, in their inner essence, are always immoral, bloodthirsty, antigoic and misanthropic. It is not for nothing that they say that Jewish happiness is always built on the misfortune of others. And, which is typical, until now, the apologists of Judaism, the rabbinate and the kagala have never condemned or repented for the numerous super bloodthirsty and monstrously despicable mass destruction committed by them, the atrocities of murder and genocide of peoples. And, even on the contrary, as befits a disgustingly vile chutzpah, they openly rejoice at the colossal destruction, After the robbery and devastation of Egypt, a filthy bunch of leper scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels at the head of Moses wandered for forty years through the lifeless desert, frightening and terrorizing the surrounding tribes and peoples, who in every possible way avoided them, fearing that they would become infected with incurable leprosy.

Out of greed and stinginess, the lurid and lurid Jewish rabble everywhere dragged a heavy chest with looted jewels. Having filled the mythical religious fog of holiness, this banal box, to divert the eyes, was called the “Ark of the Covenant”, in which their tribal Jewish god Yahweh allegedly hid. From here it is clear who he really is, this pitiful false Jewish god. This is undoubtedly the yellow devil, the greedy Jewish “god of mammon”, the bloodthirsty Jewish Moloch, and, in general, the beast from the underworld with the numerical code 666, either REPTILOID, or the BEAST. science is not exactly established. As soon as the gold was wasted, the empty container – the “ark of the covenant”, was burned at the stake as unnecessary. But, until now, numerous religious idiots, totally zombified by the greatest deception, are fanatically prowling all over the world in search of the “Old Testament box”. And the zhydy sneer at them, because they know that the empty containers have been burned long ago.

The atrocities in Egypt are a companion of the entire path of the Moses gang to the “promised land”, which is reflected in the “Old Testament” (Torah):

“When you come to the city to conquer it, offer it peace. On the surrendered city – impose a tribute, and if you take it by storm – destroy all men, and take the wealth and wives for yourself ”;

“Do this to all the nations that are very far from you, not from the cities of these peoples”;

“And in the cities of these peoples, which the Lord your God gives you for a possession, leave not a single soul alive” (Deuteronomy 20: 10,15,16).

“And I brought you to the land of the Amorites, who dwelt beyond the Jordan; they fought with you, but I gave them into your hands and you received their lands as an inheritance, and I destroyed them before you “(” Joshua “24: 8).

Joshua took Jerusalem away from King Adonisek (10: 1-4). The capture of Jerusalem is reflected more accurately in the book of Judges of Israel:

“And the children of Judah fought against Jerusalem, and took it, and struck with the sword, and set the city on fire” (1: 8).

That is, in fact, the gang of Jews has nothing to do with the founding of the city of Jerusalem, on the contrary, they destroyed and burned it to the ground, but their descendants, until now, foaming at the mouth, slander the opposite. Although, from their very main book – the Torah, it is clear that the Jews never built anything themselves, but only destroyed, seized and grabbed everything alien.

Local peoples were so afraid of leprosy that when a flock of lepers of Jewish animals approached, they threw everything in panic and ran away, which allowed Moses’ predatory gang to exist comfortably. And, for religious suckers, this freebie of a pack of inveterate scoundrels and swindlers, which subsequently called itself the Jewish and Jewish people, through the Torah and Talmud presented to the whole world as a manifestation of a divine miracle. Allegedly, at the request of Moses, some super-powerful mystical entity poured “manna from heaven” on them. This entity, in exchange for human sacrifices, began to “cover” the gang of Moses, and very soon became a horned tribal Jewish god named Yahwe. In any case, in the so-called “sacred” scriptures, this sinister extremely bloodthirsty devilish creature looks extremely disgusting, extremely angry, But the main reason why Moses dragged a band of robbers across the desert for 40 years was because he was programming Jews for the long term. A capable disciple of the ancient Egyptian priests, himself a priest of a high degree of initiation, he knew and understood that any idea, even the most daring and incredible in arrogance, could under certain conditions be realized.

To paraphrase a well-known quote from the Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, one should say:

“The more monstrous and impudent the idea, the easier it is to implement it”. 

But only one human life, and even the life of the next few generations will not be enough for this. What is required for this? Indisputable dogmatic continuity of the idea. To preserve the idea of ​​world domination, Moses instructs his brother Aaron to create an institution of ideological Levite commissars. To this day, thousands of years later, they carry in dogmatic inviolability the idea of ​​the doctrine of Moses. The leaders of Judaism rigidly and mercilessly demand that the Torah always remain unchanged, no revision, even the letter and comma must not be changed. And at the same time, cunningly cunning Levites force the goyim to change their ideas like gloves. Complete continuity for the Jews and the absence of such for the goyim. It is the cornerstone of the entire building of Zion.

Further, Moses transferred all the supposedly divine power to the Yahwa, the chosen caste of priests of the Levites, so to speak, to the elect among the elect, effectively disconnecting from the holy work, all the other tribes of Israel, it is ridiculous to even mention other races. The Levites stand so high above the rest of the Jews that they are completely exempted from the rite of circumcision, which is mandatory in Judaism. Likewise, in the underworld, the highest criminal authorities – “thieves in law” establish “thieves’ laws” – “concepts” that are binding on the entire lower criminal mass. But, at the same time, they themselves are not obliged to observe their own “thieves’ laws”. And, moreover, they change their own “thieves’ concepts” depending on the situation.

In fact, Jewish Levites are Jewish Indian Brahmins, and all non-Jews, goyim, are sudras and untouchables. Thus, Jews are implementing the Indian caste system all over the world. It was all very serious, and not just like that.

Serious problems were made out of trifles, and the Levites punished everyone with death right and left. (Numbers 1:51). Naturally, the Levites simultaneously carried out the functions of the secret police and maintained an extensive network of informants. As a result, the society of fear acquired its finished form, which the Jews, sooner or later, give to any state where they settle.

Having finally formed a new Jewish people from a motley bandit gang, Moses divided them into closed classes, castes, and instructed his own family, the Levi family, to hold priestly power, that is, to exercise complete control over information. The Levites became priests of the supreme god, the Yahweh, exercised control over the holy place, the Tabernacul and its accessories, the earthen church and the sacrificial fire in front of it, the altar.

Thus, Moses created a caste of intermediaries between God and the people, and forbade the Jewish people to communicate with God directly on pain of death. Why banned? Well, it is clear that with direct communication it will immediately be clear that this is not God at all, but some kind of supercriminal entity, such as Satan, Lucifer, the devil, etc. 

The most interesting, that this ecclesiastical organization of power was transferred to the priests of all nations, including Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, thus ensuring the effective enslavement of the peoples of all nations up to the present day. Any religion where the conversation with God is carried out only through professional mediators – priests who hide the truth only for themselves, and hide reality for their internal use, because knowledge is power, such a religion must be categorically removed from the human community once and for all.

In continuation of the ideas of Moses, on the basis of the Torah and the Talmud, the Israeli king Solomon, the son of King David, made a long-term plan for 3000 years, especially dangerous for all mankind. The final account of the criminal plan was the conquest of world domination by the Jews. In working out his plan, Solomon took advantage of the many thousand years of experience of the best priests of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Phenicia.

Solomon entered into a marriage of convenience with the daughter of the pharaoh precisely for this purpose, that is, in order to gain access to the experience of the priests. Already in the fourth year of his reign, Solomon began building a temple to the god Yahweh, a beast from the underworld with the numerical code 666. For many years, every day in this temple, both animals and people were slaughtered, so much so that the floor of the temple was covered with blood to the very ankles. Jews dream of rebuilding Solomon’s temple in order to resume bloody human sacrifices.

Taking this opportunity, the leper gang of marauders, thugs and bezpredelschikov tirelessly robbed, ruined, killed, raped, stole food, property, children, etc. from neighbors. etc. Or, pretending to be unfortunate refugees, she extorted in every possible way, lied, cheated and twisted all kinds of scams. So over time, the Jews, under the banner of “poor Jew”, having come to the compassionate people with “a stone in their bosom” and innate hatred, began to settle in European countries. They penetrated the indigenous community in the form of “social invasion”, like a helminthic invasion of the human body. Having a special Talmudic upbringing, already from 2-3 generations they became financial tycoons, driving usury into debts not only aborigines, but also their elite.

For these purposes, the “institution of Jewish brides”, bribery, provocations and troubles were used, by inciting different strata of society against each other, reaching the Civil Wars, that is, the extermination of the goy population took place according to the maximum program. After that, the Jews, as always, nationalized or privatized, as it was more convenient for them at that time, everything that belonged to the natives!

Ultimately, all the property of the local population ended up in the greedy, sticky, spider-like hands of a handful of Jewish bandits, embezzlers and oligarchs. As is very clearly and clearly seen in the case of Russia. In 1917, the Zhydo-Bolsheviks nationalized all the super-colossal assets of the Russian tsarist empire, and in 1991 a handful of Zionist bandits, oligarchs and embezzlers, privatized, i.e. All Soviet, simply astronomical in scale, the national property of the USSR, seized into its greedy greedy Zhydov spider paws.

As a rule, after a number of generations after penetration in the form of “helminthic-social invasion” into foreign territory, the Zhyds firmly seize power over the aborigines. Then, having settled in the field, they necessarily throw out the innate hatred of the indigenous people that they had carefully hidden before. Because these are the ominous demands of the racist-fascist-nazi instructions of the Torah and Talmud. They cannot do otherwise, they are taught to hate in all, without exception, pig shops, yeshivas and others, scattered around the world, innumerable headquarters of Jewish racism, fascism and Nazism. For thousands of years, nurtured by the extremely misanthropic doctrine of Judaism, the zhydy already at the genetic level, with mother’s milk, absorb fierce anger and hatred towards all non-Jewish humanity. In every pig-house, god-loathing pig-nosed rabbis-gavnomets persistently compel the Jew to read the frenzied brutal godless Talmud.

Who teaches: – “You (the Jews) will bring destruction to other peoples, what will be the will of” God “(read” the devil “), you will kill the best goyim-non-Jews.”

And, they have been constantly killing the best non-Jews goyim for many centuries. Undoubtedly, as long as the Jews observe Satanic Judaism, they will always remain either hidden or open enemies of all non-Jewish humanity, bloodthirsty, brutal misanthropists. Definitely, as long as there are pigs, yeshivas, etc. Zhidofascist and Zionazi propaganda of endless murders of innocent people will never stop. And, in general, as long as Judaism, Talmudism, “God’s chosenness” exist, As the kagal of Moses wandered in the desert, engaging in destruction, robbery, robbery and massacre of innocent peoples, more and more fugitive criminals from among the Semitic (and not only) tribes surrounding the desert poured into him. The same leper thugs fleeing the harsh retribution of their people for the monstrous atrocities they committed. The leader of the gang Moses and the subsequent leaders of the kagala willingly sheltered alien robbers, bandits, rapists and murderers who were close to them in spirit. And, under no pretext, they did not give them back into the hands of the rulers for the implementation of fair justice and punishment. These were the tough, hard-footed thieves’ concepts and rules established by Moses, which became generally known as the “Mosaic Law.”

This practice not to extradite criminals has come down from the Old Testament times to the present day. For example, Israel will never extradite a fugitive Jewish criminal of any rank and scale to Interpol and the international court.

Even who committed billions of dollars in thefts or the most monstrous mass crimes, such as Leon Trotsky with his Zionist companions, who drowned Russia in a sea of ​​blood, etc. etc. Because, in fact, existing exclusively at someone else’s expense, for free, on funds stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, Satanic Israel, as the state of the “yellow devil”, the greedy Jewish “god of mammon”, the bloodthirsty Jewish “moloch” and horned tribal the Jewish god Yahweh-666 is undoubtedly a cancerous tumor of the planet.

This is how, gradually, a stable organized criminal group was formed from a leper gang wandering in the desert, rabidly brutal criminals, and in the future the ethno-religious MAFIA, entirely consisting of notorious scoundrels, scoundrels, scoundrels, perverts, degenerates, maniacs, sadists and other outcasts from the society. And, this, hundreds of times cursed by all peoples, rabble of geeks bastards and just non-people with some pathological fury hated everything and everyone around, and easily raped, maimed and killed everyone indiscriminately, both women, and children, and old people, and animals , everything that comes to hand. At the same time, the accomplices of the crimes also hated themselves fiercely, always fought among themselves, at any moment they were ready to gnaw each other’s throats.

And, after all, all this rabidly brutal robbery mass of villains had to be somehow managed and directed in the right direction. An enraged pack of patented hyenas and jackals could cut each other’s throats overnight and, thus, banally disrupt the global plans of Moses, which were being carried out in the hardest agony. The ultimate goal of which were, with the help of these manic aggressive freaks and degenerates, to take possession of the whole world and all earthly wealth. And then, having finally grabbed hold of the absolute power to execute and pardon the masses of people at their own discretion, whims and whims. And, revenge, revenge, revenge, and take revenge on all normal people to all normal humanity, for the fact that they are so normal, and he is such an abnormal bastard and a freak. And, thus, to console his infinitely vicious bloodthirsty nature. In fact, the criminally bastard office “Moses and Kό” raised NON-people – biorobots, killer robots, who completely lack the qualities that are inherent in all normal people. In the Yemen Desert on the Sinai Peninsula, a tribe of bastards was raised who have no conscience, honor, dignity, shame, guilt, pity, empathy, compassion and other positive human qualities. This is how the devilish and treacherous people are raised, who live only by deception, they are driven only by irrepressible ambition, malicious greed, merciless revenge, burning hatred for all goyim, for those who are not Jews.

Of course, being a brilliant villain, Moses understood that his whole life would not be enough to fulfill such a grandiose task. Therefore, he always tried to create such a cruel criminal structure, so that through the centuries his descendants could bring the work of his whole life to the end. To this end, Moses used a primitively simple, but always such an effective “carrot and stick” method. First of all, it was necessary to catch up on their followers, on all this criminal trash, such fear and horror that they, even in their thoughts, were afraid to disobey their leaders. And he succeeded in full.

Through fear, horror and shame, into the dull degenerate heads of his motley organized crime group, he firmly drove reinforced concrete rules and cruel thieves’ concepts, for the slightest violations of which the most terrible terrible punishments, savage torture, bullying and painful death immediately followed. And they succeeded, most importantly, because of the total superstition of mankind deeply rooted in the subconscious.

In ancient times, due to an acute lack of knowledge, people naturally experienced awe and superstitious fear and horror before all the unknown, before the incomprehensible forces of nature. Because of this, various mysteries, rituals and religions arose. It is this primitive fear and horror that vile Moses brazenly and cynically used as a whip to assert and consolidate his absolute power over the enraged gang of pathological flayers.

As a former high-ranking priest who had studied the priestly witchcraft for many years and personally participated in the corresponding religious sacraments, rituals and practices, he was well versed in crowd psychology. And he possessed all the skills necessary for a high-ranking priest to control and manipulate the dark masses of people. Using the methods of witchcraft, neurolinguistic programming and harsh zombies, the insidious Moses instilled in a motley pack of illiterate, gullible and superstitious members of the organized criminal group the idea that he has direct contact with a certain omnipotent, bloodthirsty and absolutely merciless creature named Yahwe with the blood code of 666. Primitive thugs into a stupor, brought universal fear and horror to the robbers, forced the marauders to obey unquestioningly and, forever and ever, to be afraid to death of the leaders of the kahal.

An ominous, leper and parhaty beast – the reptilian Yahwe-666 for the slightest trifle brutally punished any member of the mafia, anyone who disobeyed his orders. Orders, of course, were transmitted through Moses, and were carried out by his most trusted people: koens, Levites, rabbis, tzaddiks and other kagalsky ragdong scum and evil spirits who, after the death of Moses, took over from him and became the most merciless, leading members of the gang, a chilling horror, the leaders of the kahal. And, the horror was not joking. This extremely bloodthirsty reptilian beast-lizard, through the mouth of the kagal leaders, endlessly demanded to sacrifice all the firstborn born to him: birds, animals, and people. The slightest insubordination was followed by the most inhuman, infinitely terrible, savage punitive actions. About it,

Here’s a typical example. Talmud warlock Abravanel orders all Jews: – “to hate, despise and destroy anyone who does not belong to the synagogue or fell away from it.” (Rosch Emmunna, folio 9, a). And the chief rabbi of Moscow, chairman of the Council of European Rabbis, head of the rabbinical court in the CIS and Baltic countries and a member of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress, P.S. Goldschmidt, in an interview with the newspaper Polyarnaya Pravda on April 29, 1995, openly, brazenly and cynically frightened the Jews …

Quote: – “It is impossible to be a Jew by nationality and not to be by faith. Faith and nationality are linked with us. A Jew who has lost faith ceases to be a Jew forever. ”

The word “forever”, in this context, in full accordance with the Torah, means the physical death of a Jew. Thus, Pinchas Goldschmidt confirmed that he turns Jews into creepy, misanthropic mafia – Jewish religion (Judaism). And without Judaism, there is no such thing as a “Jew” or “Jewish people” at all, which is confirmed by numerous Jewish authorities-gavnomets, including the Israeli Kabbalist-gavnomer Michael Laitman.

The mafia law of bloody mutual responsibility directly follows from the Torah:

“If your brother, your mother’s son, or your son, or your daughter, or your wife is in your bosom, or your friend, who is like your soul, will persuade you in secret, saying:

“Let us go and serve other gods whom you and your fathers did not know”, the gods of those peoples who are around you, close to you or distant from you, from one end of the earth to another, then do not agree with him and do not listen to him; and may your eyes not spare him, do not pity him and do not cover him, but kill him; your hand must first be on him to kill him, and then the hands of all the people; stone him to death, for he attempted to turn you away from the Lord your God … “(Bible.” Deuteronomy “13: 6-10).

“He who rejected the law of Moses, with two or three witnesses, And, even more so, who will reckon with some goyim, who, by the definition of Judaism, are not even people at all. It is understandable why the very evil god Yahwe-666 forbade the slightest expression of pity for the indigenous peoples of the country where Jews live.

He commands: “You must destroy them, and destroy them to the end” (Deuteronomy 7: 7).

“They must devour all the nations around, and destroy all their cattle with a sword in hand.” (Zechariah 12: 6, 9. Deuteronomy 13:15; 7: 2. Jeremiah 46:28).

In fulfillment of the orders of Yahweh-666, the inveterate thug and villain Joshua did not spare anything living, destroyed everything that breathed, destroyed everything that was built. (Joshua 10:40).

To wipe out all other nations, take their property, inherit their lands, to seize power and make all non-Jews their slaves – this is the constant super task of the Jewish gang of marauders from the day of the founding of Judaism to this day! And there are thousands and thousands of such calls by the leaders of the kahal, Judaism and Zionism for the merciless murder of the innocent people of the Gentile Gentiles.

Here are some far from the most evil quotes from the Torah and Talmud:

“Kill the best of the goyim” (Talmud, Abod. Zar. 26b).

“Everyone who sheds the blood of a non-Jew brings a gracious sacrifice to God.” (Talmud, Iyalkvit Simeoni).

The book “Zohar” (II, 119-a) says: “And the death of them (non-Jews) will be with a closed mouth, like the death of an animal dying without a voice and speech … slaughtered by twelve trials of a knife and a knife (blow), which is thirteen “.

This phrase in the Zohar testifies, first of all, to the presence of sacrificial murders of goyim among the Jews-Kabbalists, These demonstrative demonstrative actions of bloody brutal murders and violence eventually overtook the members of the Jewish gang of marauders with such fear and horror that even their descendants, even if they were atheists at least three times, still do not dare to utter a word or blather against “Moses religion”. Which, in principle, is not surprising, because hundreds of generations in the most merciless ways were cut out all who did not fit into this savage system. So much so that fear, horror and shame, already at the genetic level, were firmly soldered into the soul of the blood and flesh of every Jew. And, since then, there has not yet been a case that ordinary Jews somehow rebelled against their leaders.

Although, these leaders, for the sake of achieving their selfish, selfishly base, criminal goals, treated ordinary Jews in the most vile, bloody, monstrous and merciless way. So, for example, the leaders of the kagal, while remaining as if on the sidelines, gave bribes to the local goy authorities so that they would organize various Jewish pogroms on behalf of the goyim. Well, and, the screams raised all over the universe, about anti-Semitism, pogroms, the Holocaust, etc.

Publicist O.S. Crimea, author of the brochure “Count S.Yu. Witte and the Union of Michael the Archangel ”, in 1921 in Berlin announced the results of the work of the special commission of the Provisional Government on the causes of the Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. Which began after the defiantly noisy and demonstrative murders of Herzl and Plehve by Jewish terrorists. But the Zionists explained them, allegedly, by the tsarist policy. The real organizer of the pogroms was the head of the police department, Lopukhin, who was married to a Jew and through and through. The immediate thugs were the crypto-Jews who worked for the Russian patriots, members of the “Union of Michael the Archangel”, who through Count Witte were financed by the Jewish Colonial Fund.

According to the plans of world Zionism, the pogroms in Russia solved two problems: strengthening the Jewish diaspora in the United States (about 2 million emigrated) and the beginning of driving them to Palestine. Therefore, “… the peoples of the goyim should not remember and know the actual reasons for the Jewish pogroms and persecutions” (Catechism of a Soviet Jew, 1958). It is not for nothing that the well-known Jewish leader B. Lazar came to an unambiguous conclusion: – “The common reasons for the hatred of the Jews are the fault of the Jews themselves, and not of their enemies!”

Another example in terms of “anti-Semitism” is the story about Golem, composed by the Prague rabbi-shit. In order to fight anti-Semitism, a certain rabbi-gavnomet made of clay blinded a monster – Goylem and ordered him to mercilessly beat the anti-Semites. Goylem looked around and began to beat the Jews mercilessly, because, although he was created from clay, he quickly realized that the main and only anti-Semites are the Jews themselves.

There is an Old Testament parable that very clearly explains this circumstance. And God said to the Jew: “You deserve, ask for whatever you want, I will give, but remember, I will give your neighbor twice as much. Without thinking twice, the Jew cried out – Lord, pluck out one eye for me. ” This is how the leaders of the Jews are always ready to sacrifice the “infantry” – a part of ordinary Jews, but, whatever it is, many times it was bad for the non-Jews.

It’s understandable! Without “anti-Semitism,” the gang members will relax and dissolve in the environment, but how else, without them, without the proper tool, to carry out Moses’ plan to seize world power. Here the leaders, for this purpose, systematically arrange for their gang members all kinds of anti-Semitism, pogroms, persecutions, holocaust, as a rule, using unsuspecting goyim in the dark. Thus, they catch up fear and horror on gang members, do not allow them to relax, keep them isolated from the surrounding peoples, and categorically do not allow them to assimilate. And they incite, incite, incite, incite to the merciless destruction of all the goyim, who, allegedly, by their nature are anti-Semites and cannot be corrected. Here is such a super-disgusting and super-arrogant chutzpah of the leaders of the world Jewish mafia.

The unity of the policy of world Zionism and the interests of the Rothschilds allowed the “invisible throat” to swallow America in the course of its formation as a nation, through a massive influx of Jews – their diaspora by the beginning of the twentieth century increased 21 times (!), And the United States became the “Zionist colony No. 1” … Thus, with the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States turned into the vanguard, into the shock fist of the aggressive international policy pursued by world Zionism. And ordinary Americans inevitably turned into hostages, slaves and janissaries of this policy.

Hence, it is understandable why the United States on the world stage, to the detriment of its image and national interests, commits so many mean, immoral and insidious acts of aggression hostile to the whole world. Inhumanly, right and left, bombing countries and peoples, committing political assassinations of leaders, arranges coups and numerous blockades of states and regimes objectionable to the Zionists, etc. etc.

In fact, all criminal actions of the United States, without exception, are aimed at fulfilling the selfish, selfish, inhuman desires of Israel and world Zionism, which, according to the commandments of the Torah and Talmud, are always imprisoned against all non-Jewish humanity.

The very fact of the creation of Israel is an act of the most vile, most horrible and most vile chutzpah. Because the leaders of world Zionism, together with the leaders of the international banking mafia, for the sake of creating Israel, went to even greater crimes against humanity. They picked up the previously unknown illicit, degenerate, degenerate grandson of the Jewish baron banker – the gangster Rothschild, previously unknown to anyone with mental and sexual deviations. The original surname of the Rothschild family’s miscarriage was SHEKELgruber, which in Yiddish means tax collector, shekels.

Subsequently, the bastard changed his last name, and his son became known to the whole world as Adolf Hitler {in his honor, the main currency of Israel is named “shekel”}. World Jewish leaders relied on the Rothschild granddaughter – the bastard A. Hitler. Fostered, raised, supplied him and the National Socialist Party with huge money, which allowed them to seize power in Germany, armed the German army to the teeth {with the arrival of Hitler, the military power of Germany increased 42 times in a short time} and unleashed a terrible bloody world massacre, in which dozens and dozens were killed millions of the best goyim of different nationalities. The destruction was immensely monstrous, and hundreds and hundreds of millions of goyim, to the great joy of Judaists and Talmudists, suffered incredibly terribly.

“A drop of poison spoils all the blood” – Grigory Klimov expressed himself very figuratively in his works on higher sociology.

He meant that all the main persons involved in World War II: Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, at least 25% to 75% had Jewish blood. And, the presence of Jewish blood inevitably triggers the degeneration mechanism of the genus. The famous Cesare Lombroso and other Jewish psychiatrists found that among the Jews there are 6-8 times more individuals with mental and sexual deviations, psychopaths and degenerates, moral and physical freaks than among other nations. The presence of Jewish blood in the aforementioned world leaders is one of the main reasons for the emergence of a bloody meat grinder in World War II.

According to some unconfirmed reports, Hitler and Stalin secretly, not for the record, met in 1939, where they discussed how to fight the impending war so that the maximum number of goyim is killed. Perhaps this explains Stalin’s strange behavior when, contrary to the blatant obvious facts, he carried out the most difficult anti-army measures, which greatly weakened the country’s defense capability. And, before the direct attack of Hitler’s troops, he sent his officers and generals to rest and drink. This Stalinist “help” allowed the Wehrmacht to playfully capture millions of Red Army soldiers in the very first days of the war and practically defeat the Red Army. The consequences turned out to be the most dire, the war was fought with incredibly huge human losses, and they won the war by throwing the corpses of Soviet soldiers over the Germans. As you can see, the sinister killing machine programmed by Moses in the Satanic doctrine of Judaism,

But, most likely, there was no preliminary agreement between these main persons involved in the worldwide massacre. But, spiteful by nature, blood related, degenerate personalities perfectly understood each other’s desires, passionately craved revenge on normal people and fought so hard that there was a maximum number of victims on all sides. It is not for nothing that corrupt historians, counterfeiters, to please the authorities, with bloody rapture paint and embellish the enormous human losses of the warring parties. And, then it should be remembered that all these expected “Jewish” leaders were not independent rulers, but, to one degree or another, depended on the global banking mafia, which is the main customer, sponsor and organizer of global world (and not only) catastrophes … But talking about them, let alone expose them, is strictly forbidden, taboo. All the writing brethren,

It is an absolutely indisputable fact that in an honest way, no one, never and for anything, not just a billionaire, but simply a millionaire will never become, but be he, at the same time, even seven inches in the forehead, even three times a genius, but an honest person. The only way to become a millionaire and billionaire is only a super bloody, super immoral, inhuman, merciless and absolutely immoral way of mass crimes, lies, slander, scams, etc. etc. There are two paths to financial power. Some dynasties of multibillionaires, for example the Morgana, began with robberies and robberies, then they opened their own businesses, banks, etc. with the stolen blood money. etc.

Others followed the Rothschild path, enslaving countries and peoples with an economic stranglehold through interest-bearing credits, loans, etc. etc. But, horseradish radish is not sweeter. In any case, there is only one way to wealth – it is robbery. In one case, like the Rothschilds – robbery with a hypocritical smile and violence of need, in the other case, like the Morgan – robbery honestly, without smiles and the threat of weapons. And, there is no such crime in this world that all these social parasites would not go to for profit: chiffs, morgan, baruchs, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. etc. etc.

Here is what TJDunning argued about this two centuries ago:

“Capital is afraid of lack of profit or too little profit, just as nature is afraid of emptiness. … at 100 percent he violates all human laws, at 300 percent there is no crime that he would not risk, even though under penalty of the gallows. ” And since then, nothing has changed for the better, but rather, on the contrary, has deteriorated.

Very clearly, vividly and vividly, the bestial essence of Jewish financial capital was manifested in the example of the creation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) as the Central Bank of the United States. But, which, in fact, is just a private Jewish shop under the name of the Federal Reserve System and, in fact, the Zionist “hornet’s nest” of the global gang of gangster bankers. In violation of the US Constitution, December 23 was fabricated. 1913, a pack of greedy, always insatiable to the good of others {hence the concept of “eternal Jew”} scoundrels consisting of: Rothschilds, Lazard Frerez, (Eugene Mayer), Israel Siff, Coon Loeb Company, Warburg Company, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller and Morgan. These global enemies of humanity have achieved colossal success in occupying the entire planet. Today all State banks and National banks of supposedly “independent” states are the structures of the Federal Reserve System.

M.A.Rothschild’s super golden dream come true: – “Let me manage the money of the country, and I do not care who will establish the laws there.” Thus, a super villainous situation has developed, when practically all states of the world are chronic debtors of this Global Banking Junta, cowardly and hypocritically hiding under the guise of the FRS. And, most of all, the US government owes it to the Federal Reserve on a mind-boggling astronomical scale. In return, global gangster bankers despicably demand that the United States do the dirty criminal work of a bank collector – a debt bouncer. By order of the world eaters – bankers from the FRS, IMF, BIS, etc. the US Army is savagely bombing those countries whose central banks do not obey the international monetary system. Recently, the United States has treacherously attacked hundreds of times those states that refused to take onerous loans from the Fed and the IMF, who wanted to settle in national currencies, etc. etc. This is who the world’s main criminal and master is! Here is the “collective Moshiach”. This is where the universal Evil comes from.

For these global banking parasites, codenamed “collective Moshiach”, the more human suffering and suffering, the more destruction and calamity, the more people are killed on the planet, and the more and longer wars are fought, the better for them. They, under bonded loans and frantic interest, supply all the belligerents with money that they themselves print. And regardless of the outcome of the war, they always have a super colossal gescheft on the blood and suffering of tens of millions of innocent people. All the contrived guilt of which is only that the marauding gang of Moses called normal people goyim, and some villain nicknamed Yahwe ordered them to kill all the goyim. Because the yahwe beast feeds on the energy of human suffering – gavvakh, and the more murders, torments, suffering, wars, coups, destruction, revolutions, famine, etc., the more humanity radiates into space the gavvah, which the yahwe and its snake-like reptilian relatives feast on.

Undoubtedly, as long as Judaism exists, there will never be peace on earth.

Judaists, Talmudists, Kabbalists, Zionists, bankers-gangsters of the global Jewish banking junta and the leaders of the world kahal are always incredibly happy when the world is drowning in blood and chaos. And joyfully they rub their greedy spider paws from the resulting bloody gesheft over a colossal scale. Joy overwhelms them from the fact that everything works out, because everything happens in strict accordance with the Mosaic law. Being the undoubted culprits of world (and not only) cataclysms, they always shift their blame onto others, with unceremonious beyond the impudent chutzpas they blame only non-Jewish goyim for all the troubles of mankind. For example, in the course of the implementation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” along the way, having spent a certain amount of unnecessary ordinary Jews for them, they fabricated a pretext for the creation of the state of Israel.

At the same time, they brazenly cried out to the whole world that the insane goyim were to blame for everything, who allegedly created a terrible Holocaust, as many as 6 million Jews, and forced the defeated Germany to contain Israel and all world Jewry for almost a hundred years. Here is such an overly arrogant chutzpah, dry in the eyes, for them the dew of God. Although back in 1933, rabbi-gavnomet Weinberg wrote: – “Religious Jews know to what extent they should be grateful to Hitler for his energetic, radical struggle against communism.” That is why the main currency of Israel in honor of Adolf SHEKELgruber (Hitler) is named SHEKEL. Undoubtedly, the day will come when monuments to A. Hitler (Shekelgruber) as a national hero of the Jewish people will be erected throughout Israel. But, this will become possible only after the Jews finally suck all the money out of Germany for the so-called Holocaust.

The Zionists needed fascism in the name of the so-called united Jewish nation. The retired blogger V. Khrebet in the article “Zionism: from an idea to a monster” claims that Zionism is the “blood child” of Judaism at the highest stage of its development. He divides all Jewry into 3 groups: “Jews” are part of the Jews, the patriots of the country of birth (where the ancestors rest) and those living in the mentality of its people. “Jews” – living according to the Talmud, like bloodsuckers on the body of the aborigines. This is not a nation, not a nationality – but a way of life; The “Zionists” are part of the Jews, bloodsuckers of the world community, mondalists and globalists. Jews and Zionists are united: they eat kosher, they honor the Sabbath, they read the Talmud and Torah every day, visit the pig-house and consult with the rabbis on all matters. The Zionists, in addition, are adherents and executors of Pike’s plan to seize world domination.

And, after all, the overwhelming majority, both Jews and Jews, as well as ordinary Zionists, know that their Jewish bosses are always to blame for their monstrous troubles {lamadvavniki, tsaddiks, kohens, Levites, rabbis, bankers-gangsters, etc.} but do not dare to say it out loud. So much fear and horror, already at the genetic level, have been absorbed into the souls of the blood and flesh of each of them that they would prefer to die in silence, rather than argue at least to their leaders. “Whoever does not believe in the Torah must be killed. Whoever has the power, let him kill with the sword; whoever does not have the power, let him destroy with cunning ”(Chojen Hamispat 425.50).

Moreover, out of fear, only the goyim and no one else will be basely blamed for their troubles. Dizzy with success, in a state of narcotic euphoria, the leaders of world Jewry and Zionism dreamed of unleashing the Third World War, already with the use of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical, bacteriological, etc. By World War 12 January 1952 {i.e. the worldwide bloody massacre had just ended, and they were already terribly impatient} with fierce vicious rage, for example, called rabbi-gavnomet Rabinovich at an urgent meeting of European rabbis-gavnomet in Budapest.

Rabinovich called on all Jews: “to make every effort to cause the Third World War within five years.” After which: – “every Jew will become a king, and every Gentile – a slave” (prolonged stormy applause). The main zhydy – the Nazis reason something like this, and why not, because for every murdered Jew there were at least 20-50 thousand killed non-Jewish goyim. The game is worth the candle, the Mosaic law works. And, here, ordinary Jews stupidly zombified by Judaism do not see at close range that after their leaders seize global power in the world, they will not need ordinary Jews, first of all, as a worked out especially dangerous and permanent threat instrument of seizing power … And, like a used leaky condom, they will be thrown into the dustbin of history.

According to the plans of Moshe Moshiach, only 144 thousand of the most important Jews will be left alive, {which may not be people at all, but some reptilians} and the remaining tens, and most likely already hundreds, of millions of Jews will be killed overnight. An analogy with Gogol’s hero Taras Bulba is appropriate here, who told his son: “I gave birth to you, and I will kill you.” Since Moshe – Moses is considered by them the first Moshiach (Messiah) who gave birth to the Jewish people, the same newly awaited second Moshiach, whom they, for some reason, primitively and stupidly call the savior of the Jewish people, already as “the Messiah – the savior”, and will kill the Jewish people are final and irrevocable.

The incredible stupidity and zombie nature of the Jews is striking, who, like complete sadomasochists, by the order of their leaders – inveterate Jewish scoundrels, are ready to meekly all to the last disappear from the face of the earth. The stupidity and zombie is such that there is a suspicion that the Jews are no longer people at all, but biorobots living according to their program. Perhaps Professor Holmes is right, who, in the course of a long study of the Ivers (Jews) at the Department of Iverology, established that at the time of the creation of the Jews, some extraterrestrial entities drove the dominant codes of the Reptilians into the genetic code of the Jews. From here come, shocking all normal people, total Jewish composure, ruthlessness, cruelty, complete indifference to other people’s pain, misfortune, suffering and torment. And the complete absence of such fundamental human qualities as compassion, empathy, feelings of guilt, modesty, nobility, shame, honor, conscience, dignity, etc. etc. A complete misunderstanding of what is good and what is bad, where is truth, where is lies, where is evil, and where is good. Zhydy are as cold-blooded and indifferent as crocodiles, alligators, boas and other reptiles, for which it is as easy to devour a person as it is for a Jew to lie in cold blood to a non-Jew. What, by the way, is Talmudism constantly calling them for.

“Do not return money to a non-Jew if he overpaid by mistake” (Choshen Gam).

“It is permissible to deceive a non-Jew even with an oath” (Bagba Kama 113).

“It is allowed to lie and to testify in order to condemn a non-Jewish goy” (Babga Kama, 113-b).

Yes, after all this, can you really call them people? No, of course, in general, they are all NOT people. In the old days they were called that, all Jews, NON-people. Are normal people going to make human sacrifices? And will the so-called “secular Jews” cover their fellow tribesmen, if they would have been normal people, knowing that their religious fellow tribesmen drink the blood of children? They know all this and keep quiet. Moreover, as soon as it smells of revelation, they scream all over the planet about anti-Semitism, blood libel, etc. From this one conclusion, there are no normal people among them, they are all biorobots, reptilian clones, a killing machine. This is such a terrible, eerily, monstrously bloody weapon turned out to be the “Moses whip”. Fear, horror, shame and bloody mutual responsibility united the motley and multi-tribe, constantly gnawing at each other, a mass of villains in a reinforced concrete gang.

“Whoever changes the words of the rabbi, he must be killed” (Erubin, 21, 8).

“To shed the blood of non-Jews is to sacrifice to God” (Ialkut Simoni 245-c).

“All Jews should help each other to kill the Jewish enemy” (Choshen Gam 338, 16).

As for the carrot, then, as expected, the “Moses carrot” turned out to be just as disgustingly vile, vulgar, rotten and ugly immoral as the “Moses stick”. The gingerbread promised to Yahweh-666 through Moses for a Jew is an opportunity to gain total power over the Gentile goyim. And then enjoy life, do nothing, parasitize and swim in luxury at someone else’s expense, at the expense of slaves, shabes-goyim. For these purposes, the leaders of the newly fabricated self-styled people, completely devoid of the shame of the honor of conscience and dignity, composed a foul tale about their exclusivity, about their “God’s chosenness.” That allowed them, from those time immemorial to this day, without the slightest signs of remorse to steal, deceive, cheat, rob, take away, rape, ruin and kill entire nations. And also everywhere to seize power over the goyim, through primitive bribery, blackmail, bribery, using the “institution of Jewish brides”, usurious bank loans, interest-bearing loans, speculation, etc. etc.

In fact, “Moses’ carrot” entirely consists in the propaganda of the total parasitism of one ethnic group at the expense of the labor of others. The apotheosis of social parasitism, an ode and hosanna to Jewish parasitism, is proclaimed in the following lines:

Deuteronomy 6: 10-11 “… your God will lead you (the Jewish people) into the land that he swore … to give you with big and good cities that you you did not build, and with houses full of all good, which you did not fill, and with wells cut from stone, which you did not hew, with vineyards and olives that you did not plant, and you will eat and be satisfied. ” Joshua. Deuteronomy 24:13 “And I gave you the land on which you did not toil, and the cities that you did not build, and you live in them; from vineyards and orchards of oil that you have not planted, you eat the fruit. “

Numbers 33: 52-53 “… drive away from you all the inhabitants of the earth … and take possession of the land and settle on it, for I give you this land for your possession.”

Nibrasch talpioth p. 225-L: “Yahweh created non-Jews in human form so that the Jews would not have to use the services of animals. Therefore, non-Jews are animals in the form of a man who are condemned to serve the Jews day and night.”

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: “All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which thus has the right to use everything without hesitation.”

One of the elements of Moses’ carrot is exactly the Sabbath, i.e. days of total parasitism of the Jews. Bandito thieves’ parasitic instructions from the Torah and Talmud promise to turn the whole life of a Jew into a continuous Shabbat in the future, of course, served by Shabbes-goyim in the amount of 2800 slaves for each Jew. This is what numerous Jewish authorities, gavnomets, rabbi-gavnomets, especially from among the Khabadnik-gavnomets, as well as cabbalists-gavnomets, such as M. Laitman, and even Jewish bloggers gavnomets, massively infected with parasitic ideas of Judaism, tirelessly repeat. And, which is typical, the major Jewish authorities are shitty, besides, there must be some other perverts.

Take, for example, the chief kabbalist of Israel, Laitman, who in the dolphinarium, under the pretext of conducting scientific research, indulged his perverse lust. I was engaged literally, sex with animals, raped dolphins. When the smell of fried food came, the zoophile Laitman urgently fled to Israel and became a venerable preacher of Kabbalah. This seemingly such a handsome, sweet, soulful, zoophile – a Kabbalist on the YouTube channel for a long time has been conducting Judeo-racist, Zhido-fascist and Ziono-Nazi propaganda of absolute Jewish superiority over the rest of humanity. The main Kabbalist, the gavnomer of Israel and the whole world, persistently instills in everyone the idea that only Jews and no one else on the planet earth have “free will”. According to his Nazi conviction, what the people of Israel will order, the whole world dances. The chutzpah of an insolent scoundrel and morally (and not only) a dirty bestiality of a pedophile is terribly off scale! zoophile Laitman urgently fled to Israel and became a venerable preacher of Kabbalah.

Another type of carrot is the thought-sex of perversion during the performance of daily Jewish prayers and a number of religious rites. So, for example, the leaders of Judaism forced the Zhidov to swing back and forth aggressively while reading prayers while standing. And, at the same time, mentally imagine that they are ritually raped in the ass (and not only) of the goy who is hated by them in a humiliating pose with cancer. So, every Jew, at least three times a day, is engaged in an extremely disgusting perverted form of “thoughtsex”, a hundred times worse than masturbation. Some, especially impressionable Jews fall into such a religious fervor that they involuntarily ejaculate directly on the “wall of the srach” or the wall of the swine-shop. But, even here, bastard and bastard Jewish chauvinism and discrimination towards Jewish women appeared. Because, according to the Judeo-fascist and Zio-Nazi postulates of the Torah and Talmud, not only a goy, but also a Jewess is considered by them to be a lower being. Yakov Brafman, in a detailed documentary work “The Book of the Kagala”, showed how the Jewish leaders of the kahal and the rabbinate, with particular cynicism, savagely and dirtyly mock Jewish women.

Note 16 of this book describes an extremely disgusting mocking rite of cleansing Jewish women after periods of menstruation and childbirth in a special pond called mikvah – a small pit filled with water. During the ceremony, in a damp, cramped, dirty and dimly lit dungeon, a crowd of naked Jewish women with combed hair, nails clipped to blood, some with bloody wounds, shivering and numb from the cold, wait their turn to descend into the dark and stinking pool – mikvah from which thick, suffocating vapors rise in clubs. The leaders of Talmudism maliciously forced all the Jewish women to slowly dip their heads three times and then rinse their mouths with this stinking rotten water from the pit. In one evening, hundreds of women immerse themselves in one mikvah, and in the case of kagal orders, the water in the mikvah, in most cases, changes only once a month or even less often. Thus, tens of thousands of women are dipping into one and the same water filled with rotten and miasma. In addition to the fact that the mikvah itself is torture and, in general, is a gloomy and difficult picture, it contributes to the spread of numerous skin and other diseases among the Jews.

The leaders of the kahal and the rabbinate, inventive for all sorts of meanness, in order to insult, humiliate and trample the Jewish women to the maximum, the process of ablution was turned into a completely opposite event. After the mikvah, a Jewess must secretly, hiding in a guerrilla manner, in dashes, trying her best to avoid encounters with the goyim, and quickly rush home from the pighouse. Because if on the way back she accidentally met, say, a non-Jewish woman who, for example, washes in a clean bath three times a day, then according to the laws of Talmudism, a Jewess is considered dirty and defiled. And, she is obliged to re-pass this overly offensive, humiliating, morally and physically overly dirty ritual of mikvah. What, incidentally, and not surprising, these are the requirements of the endlessly immoral criminal fanatical religion of the Torah and Talmud.

For example, the Talmudists demand so that every morning a Jewish man would say the prayer “Birkot ha-shahar” – “Morning blessings”: – “Thank you, the Almighty, that did not create me as a woman, did not create me as a slave, did not create me as a non-Jew.”

In this story, the general, impenetrable, stupid zombie of the Jews, who, in fear and horror from their Jewish-Jewish leadership, has lost all shame, honor, conscience, dignity and respect, is striking. And, who will not even lift a finger to, at least somehow, protect their grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters from humiliating, disgusting insults and torture from the leaders of Talmudism.

The Rabbinate and the Kagal, in their selfishly base selfish interests of superiority and parasitism, believe: “What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull.” Therefore, Jewish women were categorically forbidden to commit sexual and religious swings, allegedly due to the lack of a male member – the phallus. And then (oh, horror!) They will think that it is a goy who is fucking a Jewish woman, and not vice versa. Well, dear Jewish ladies, don’t worry too much. This is fixable. In connection with the massive distribution of sex toys – dildos, you will have access to the joy of thoughtsex of bullying and violence against gentiles. Under the pressure of Jewish feminists protesting against Jewish chauvinism and discrimination, the Rabbinate surrenders and will soon, on compromise terms, allow Jewish women to engage in full-length thought-sex prayers. In this case, a Jewess in one hand at the level of the vagina will have to hold a dildo, and in the other hand, respectively, a prayer book. And, swinging up and down aggressively back and forth, commit violence against a non-Jewish goi with a dildo thoughtsex.

And, it must be, this endlessly immoral, shameless and shameless propaganda, until now, is continuously stuffed every Jew from the day of birth to a ripe old age: in the family, yeshiva, pig-house and other countless Jewish organizations, which at someone else’s expense, for free, for funds stolen and plundered from the goy peoples spread throughout the world like rats during the plague. All the disgusting baseness, the insidiousness of Yahwe-666, is straight forward from the Old Testament, vile praising the atrocities of Moses’ organized crime group.

“When you come to the city to conquer it, offer it peace. On the surrendered city – impose a tribute, and if you take it by storm – destroy all men, and take the wealth and wives for yourself ”;

“Do this to all the nations that are very far from you, not from the cities of these peoples”;

“But in the cities of these peoples, which the Lord your God gives you for a possession, leave not a single soul alive ”(Deuteronomy 20: 10,15,16).

“And I brought you to the land of the Amorites, who dwelt beyond the Jordan; they fought with you, but I gave them into your hands and you received their lands as an inheritance, and I destroyed them before you “(” Joshua “24: 8).

The extensive and deep knowledge received from the highest Egyptian priests, the leader of the gang, the nit, the creature, Moses criminally used only to harm. He, on behalf of a certain mystical “divine” being fabricated by him with the numerical code 666, supplied the outrageous rabble of marauders and thugs with endlessly immoral, cannibalistic and bloodthirsty instructions on total parasitism, robbery, robbery, sadism and seizure of all other people’s property and world power. He understood that any of the members of his frostbitten gang of murderers, rapists and robbers somewhere in the depths of his soul, no – no, and the remnant of his conscience might move. Which, undoubtedly, would serve as a hindrance to his global ambitions to seize world domination. He needed, blood from his nose, finally and irrevocably, to completely erase from his wards the remnants of shame, honor, conscience, dignity, if anyone else had any. To fulfill this immensely immoral task, Moses instilled in his wards of villains, sadists and maniacs, that from now on they would not bear the slightest responsibility for any of their crimes, even for the most massive inhuman atrocities and murders. So, allegedly, they ordered their newly-born tribal Jewish god of EVIL and VIOLENCE, nicknamed Yahwe-666, with whom, of course, only Moses was on a short leg.

This Moses indulgence, allegedly issued on behalf of and on behalf of the reptilian Yahwe-666, allowed the gang of thugs to completely discard all the remnants of the shame of honor and conscience. To discard all human morality {the rabbi are convinced that everything that brings gesheft to the Jew is moral and looting and atrocities already on behalf of the horned tribal Jewish god – a cannibal and a man-hater.

“A Jew is not obliged to adhere to morality in relation to the goyim; a Jew can violate morality if it is beneficial to him or to the Jews in general” (Chozhen Hamitzpat 248).

“The destruction of the Gentile goyim, which are on earth, is the greatest sacrifice to God” (Zohar 11).

“Every goy (not a Jew, not a Jew) who studies the Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in this, needs to be punished with death.” (Sanhedrin 59-a, Aboda Zora 6.8).

“A Jew who has become an Akum is cursed to such an extent that even when he donates candles or something similar to the synagogue, it is forbidden to accept them.”

Allegedly, the bloodthirsty fiercely hating all mankind, the Yahwe-666 beast-lizard himself, ordered to commit all these boundless, monstrously bloody atrocities and atrocities, and they are just executors, his “God’s chosen” soldiers. And, if suddenly someone disobeys his tribal god Yahwe-666 and ceases to rape, maim, cut, destroy, rob and kill, then the most terrible cruel punishment will befall him for insubordination. Cool excuse, you will not say anything.

But this simple primitive trick worked and continues to work to this day. As the saying goes, “all ingenious is simple”! Now each member of the gang could easily, without the slightest twinge of conscience, and steal and rob as much as he wanted, mercilessly kill absolutely innocent tribes and peoples, barbarously destroy their cities and temples, massively rape everyone, even 3-year-old children. Such actions were not only condemned, but, on the contrary, were welcomed and encouraged in every possible way and encouraged by the filthy disgusting Moses instruction, nicknamed “Torah”, i.e. “law”. And in order to overcome moral barriers, so that it would be easy to joyfully and pleasantly kill absolutely innocent people, this sinister Mosaic law in every possible way cultivated fierce pathological anger, hatred and contempt for all normal adequate healthy decent people, for all normal humanity.

Supposedly they are pagans subject to total destruction and, in general, not people, but simply goyim, i.e. two-legged cattle in human form, which the sinister Jewish god (FSUs) forbade even one iota to spare. This is how only the Jews realized in practice the age-old golden dream of any criminal: to steal, rob, destroy, rape, kill, etc. and so on, and so that he would have nothing for it, so that he would never bear any responsibility for his crimes and atrocities.

The clan ethnic criminality, mortally dangerous for all mankind, freed itself from any responsibility for the atrocities committed, allegedly on legal grounds, in fulfillment of the agreement (covenant) between the robber and the “loving” god. And since then, the Jewish gang of villains have been committing their super-monstrous, super-bloody crimes, incomprehensible to the mind in cruelty and immorality, allegedly on the direct order of the Jewish god Yahwe. In the name of this incredible, to the insanity, incomprehensible for a normal person, bloodthirsty horned tribal Jewish beast Yahwe-666, Jews everywhere with impunity are doing a massive bloody terrible genocide of non-Jewish peoples and genocide against life.

This is how in those distant Old Testament times a wildly brutal cannibalistic parasitic system was born – a permanent threat to the entire world community. Clan ethnic crime, deadly for all mankind. Who imagined that she had the right to kill and destroy en masse, to appropriate everything that is foreign to herself, and to make free people her powerless slaves only on a false, fabricated basis that God was with them. “God is with us” was the slogan of the Hitlerite Nazis, who unleashed a bloody war and occupied all of Europe. However, God did not help the Nazis.

Thus, all the terrible crimes committed by this gang of non-humans were, as it were, legalized and executed, as it were, in the name and on behalf of God. That is, the organized crime group – the ethnic mafia completely absolved itself of any responsibility for its monstrous atrocities, bloodshed and fanaticism towards peaceful absolutely innocent victims, and, in general, for the genocide of life. In return, for the unquestioning fulfillment of the bloody behests of Yahwe-666, the reptilian beast-lizard promised the bandits a huge carrot in the form of seizing power over the whole world and appropriating all other people’s wealth and turning the surviving earthlings into their completely disenfranchised slaves. Do with them everything that will climb into your degenerate head, whatever you like and how you like, your self-esteem, mock, rape, maim, kill in the most savage savage ways,

The most inhuman instructions of the Torah and the Old Testament, which are distributed around the world in billions of copies, are tirelessly calling for this. Here, for example, the supposedly “meek”, but in reality terribly ferocious David not only kills all foreigners in a row (adults, babies, elders), but sweetly invents sophisticated tortures, puts them under the threshers, under iron axes, burns them in fiery furnaces (2 Kings 12:31). Thus, the Jewish hero, as a role model for all Jews, is not just an executioner and a mass murderer, but a sadist and maniac, especially inventive for savage torture, whom humanity did not know. Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. just harmless children in comparison with David, for they, unlike him, did not personally kill themselves.

Here on such biblical heroes, And such examples of the savage destruction of cities and kingdoms, and the merciless destruction of absolutely innocent people, in these terrible, endlessly immoral instructions of Judaism, there is simply darkness. The main immoral criminal idea that Yahweh-666, for the strict observance of his inhuman commandments, promises to his followers the thugs a seductive carrot in the form of total dominion over the world, runs through the robber doctrine of the Torah. They will become your slaves, it is said in these so-called “sacred” scriptures, they will work for you for wear and tear, and you will enjoy the endlessly idle life of a total parasite. This is such a monstrous gingerbread mixed like matzah on human blood, which, even thousands of years later, remains very relevant and tempting for these non-people. AND, they are stupidly zombified and fanatically obsessed with the ominously poisonous precepts of Yahwe-666, with some wild animal maniacal rage, frantically eager to take possession of the promised carrot. And, at the same time, on the way to this great cherished goal, without the slightest twinge of conscience, they step over the corpses of hundreds and hundreds of millions of innocent people killed by them.

And, the driving force for all this wast for a criminal kagal of abnormal cruel animal-like people, or rather non-people, has always been and always remains a sharp burning fierce anger and hatred for all normal decent honest hardworking adequate people, whom they call in their thieves’ jargon Hebrew goyim etc. As you know, fierce hatred for someone, and even more so encouraged by religious attitudes, very well unites, even the most inveterate and ready to gnaw each other’s throats, bloody scum and evil spirits. It goes without saying that the degree of hatred on the part of perverts and degenerates, chronically suffering from both mental and physical ailments, in relation to normal people inevitably increases over time.

This hatred the villains, Moses and his companions in robbery, cultivated in every possible way, encouraged and, forever and ever, secured the Torah and Talmud in the bandit’s doctrine of thieves. Completely brutalized with lust for power, profit, human blood and infanticide, the leaders of the brutal robber bitch tribe: lambs, tsaddiks, koens, Levites, rabbis and other kagalsky ragamuffins of filth and evil spirits, as necessary, corrected, supplemented, expanded this extremely human anti-terror the seizure of power and parasitism at the expense of others. Calling it, to hide the truth and truth, “sacred texts” of Judaism. expanded this extremely misanthropic antigoy doctrine of seizing power and parasitizing at someone else’s expense.

In fact, these so-called “sacred texts” are nothing more than a compilation of numerous fairy tales, myths, legends, tales and other works and inventions of deeply superstitious peoples of ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, India, etc. common in antiquity. Moreover, only the most monstrously immoral, disgustingly false and bloodthirsty misanthropic texts were selected and additionally composed on their basis. So, unfortunately for all mankind, the Torah and Talmud were fabricated – “perpetum mobile” or a bottomless source of Jewish shit to smear the entire planet from the Jewish shit. There is no doubt that this whole mystical-Egyptian epic of Moses, his life and extraordinary adventures, a side connection with the Yahweh, as it is described in the Torah, is hundreds, if not thousands of times much, much worse.

The very word “talmud” in Hebrew means “instructions.” It’s like a set of rules, both civil and religious. The Talmud includes 63 volumes, 6 of which have been translated into non-Jewish languages ​​with abbreviations and elimination of some “inconvenient” passages. The rest of the volumes, in order to avoid information leakage, are kept in strict secrecy and are known only to the top of the rabbis.

Every rabbi of the lower class dreams of acquaintance with such a book, for example, as “Ibbur”. It is understandable why most of the Talmud is kept secret even from the rabbis, not to mention ordinary Jews and, moreover, about the goyim. If the public finds out what is scrawled there, the hair will stand on end from horror and disgust, because even in those well-slicked 6 volumes there is so much, incomprehensible to a normal person, contempt for hatred, anger and shit that does not fit into any human framework.

Here are far from the most ominous quotes from 6 volumes of the Talmud: –

“The one who killed the non-Jewish goy is not guilty of murder (Makot 7-b);

only a Jew is a man, other nations are not people, but only animals (Baga Komi 11: 6);

Jews are a people chosen by God, and all other nations are worthy only of contempt and hatred. The property of all peoples belongs to the Jewish people, therefore, it has the right to take that property away from them (Chozhen Hamishpat, 348) ”.

“Kill the best of the goyim.” (Abod. Zar. 26b).

“Every non-Jew who celebrates Sunday should be killed without speaking.” (Sahanderin, p. 58).

“Everyone who sheds and drinks the blood of a non-Jew, thereby brings a gracious sacrifice to God.” (Iyalkvit Simeoni).

And, in this spirit, only a hundred times worse, all the other volumes from 63 books of the Talmud.

The well-known researcher of Zionism V. Yemelyanov in his book “Desionization” (p. 188) clearly showed that any organized criminal group, in order to hide the meaning of what was said from prying ears, forms its own special thieves’ language jargon. In the same way, on the basis of the Semitic-Hamitic dialects, the Moses gang fabricated their own special Hebrew thieves’ jargon. And, the very word “Jew” in the thieves’ jargon Hebrew means: – “crook, swindler, criminal”, etc. Thus, the primary sources of the Judeo-Christian faith – the old and new testaments – are written in Hebrew, that is, in the jargon of criminals. In the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Jew” is defined as a person of the Jewish race, extortionist, blackmailer, dealer, speculator, racketeer, pimp, sharper, thief, a person who cannot be trusted.

And, the classic Webster Explanatory Dictionary in English defines the word “Jew” as follows: “Surpassed all in deception, scam and forgery. This word means blackmail and racketeering. ” Thus, history has no analogues of another people who would be so deceitful and who would clearly know how to sanctify all their crimes, their low ends and means.
To wipe out all other nations, take their property and inherit their lands – that’s the constant Jewish super challenge! This task forces Jews to keep themselves in constant tension and fear, not relaxing even for a minute. Here are some, far from the most ominous quotes from the Talmud: – “A goy who pokes his nose into the Law (Talmud) is guilty and punishable by death” Sanhedrin 59a. “Telling the goyim something about our religious relations is tantamount to killing all Jews, because if they knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly” Libbre David37. “If a Jew is given the floor to explain any part of the rabbi’s book, he should only give false explanations. Anyone who ever breaks this law will be put to death. ”Libbre David37. “A goy who studies the Talmud and a Jew who introduces him to the Talmud deserve death. Jew, who writes a translation from the Talmud or from the writings of the rabbis, is considered a traitor and secretly killed “Sanhedrin 59 a, Schaar Teschub 78 b. Baptized Jews should be punished with death ”(Gilkot Akum 10.2). Etc. etc.

Multiply the continuously sounding calls of authoritative Jewish rabbis for dastardly monstrous murders of innocent people tens of thousands of times, and you will understand how sinister, disgusting and criminal, hidden from human eyes, endlessly immoral man-hating cannibalistic instructions of the Torah and Talmud. As you know, honest people have nothing to hide. Only criminals hide and encrypt. It is clear that the criminal texts of the Torah were thoroughly encrypted through and through. Torah texts are written so that vowels are completely absent. For example, one of the main Old Testament calls: – “KILL GOYA” is written in the torus only in consonant letters and looks like “BG”. What can be read, for example, as: – “SHOE GOYA” or “both gay”, etc. etc. And, this is extremely convenient for numerous swindlers, interpreters of the Torah, all kinds of rabbis, Kabbalists and other Kagali riffraff scum and evil spirits lie and twist when they are caught by the hands. Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book Of Jore Dia 17: “A Jew can and must swear a lie when the goyim ask if there is anything against them in our books.” Sohabouth heg 6d: “Jews can make false promises for excuses.”

Insolently and cynically looking straight into the eyes of a non-Jewish goy, they declare that, they say, this is an incorrect translation, and that Judaism is, in fact, a “peaceful” religion. An insolent, disgusting chutzpah that does not fit into any gate, and that’s all! Although, in fact, and this is already an unambiguous medical fact, Judaism is endless calls for endless murders of all living things.

Numbers 21:35 “And they smote him and his sons and all his people, so that not one was left alive, and they took possession of his land …”

Numbers 31: 17-18 “So kill all the male children, and kill all the women who know the husband in the male bed; and all the female children who have not known the male bed, keep alive for yourself. “

Book of Navin, Navin 6: 20,23 “And they put to a curse (ie destruction) everything that was in the city, and men and wives, young and old, and oxen and sheep and donkeys, they destroyed everything with the sword … And the city and everything in it they burned with fire. “

Navin 8: 24-29 “Jesus burned Ai and turned him into eternal ruins, into the wilderness, to this day; and he hanged the king of Gai on a tree. “

Deuteronomy 2:34 “And they put to the curse (ie destruction) all the cities, men and women and children, and left no one alive.”

Deuteronomy 3: 3-6 “…; and we struck him, so that no one was left alive for him … and we put them under the spell (ie destruction), … every city with men, women and children. “

Deuteronomy 7: 2-5 “… betray them to a spell (ie destruction), do not enter into an alliance with them and do not spare them; … “.

Seph. Jp., 92, 1: “God gave the Jews authority over the property and blood of all nations.”

It is well known that every mafia leader dreams of raising his status and legitimizing himself, i.e. how to legitimize yourself and your gang. After all, it is much more prestigious to rule a clan, tribe and people, rather than just a banal robber Caudle. To this end, “Moses and Kό” invented a particularly vile fraud. They called their own, variegated and motley, heterogeneous and multi-tribal rabble of leper bandits and robbers, fanatics and monsters “the people of the Jews and the Jews”, and they called themselves “the king of the Jews.” After that, these impostors, who imagined themselves to be “the people”, in addition to themselves, also appointed “God’s chosen people.”

But, for thousands of years, world Jewry has not been able to present a certificate of its God’s chosenness from its horned tribal Jewish god Yahwe-666. Or are they afraid to show this certificate, because then everyone will see that the Jewish god, in fact, the common villain is Satan. All their, so-called, God’s chosenness rests on money, and all money stolen and plundered from the goy peoples, therefore, not from God, but from Satan. This means that they were not chosen by God, but by Satan. If you remove the money, then the worldwide Jewish robbery, theft, lies, deception, betrayal, murder, bribery, corruption, usury, etc. will stop forever. etc. That is why they rightly speak of the Jews as “God-chosen”, “God-exiled”, “Satan’s chosen”, etc. bribery, corruption, usury, etc. etc.

But initially, these impostors and self-appointed people in the “chosen people” came from among the different goy peoples, formed a band of renegade lepers from the goyim, and, opposing themselves to the goyim, became outcasts of humanity (the planet). This is a vivid example of the most vile and most vile chutzpah. Only a bunch of absolutely disgusting notorious chutzpah, only the utter scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels had the audacity to call themselves a people (impostors), and then even appoint themselves “the people chosen by God” (self-appointed).

As a result of such a global scam, an irreconcilable permanent antagonism arose between normal people (goyim) and a non-man in the person of impostors and self-appointed people who were chosen by God, who opposed themselves with fierce deadly hatred to the rest of the non-Jewish humanity – goyim. Jews are a tribe carrying such a powerful infection, morally so leper and dangerous, that they deserve to be destroyed before birth. Jews are always unchanging, servile, dishonest, aloof, withdrawn people, avoiding intercourse with other nations, whom they persecute with brutal contempt, thus drawing upon themselves the well-deserved contempt from them. ”

“The despicable and most depraved race in the world, by its nature and motives the lowest and the filthiest, the monsters of the human race and the scum of nations – the Jews seem to be such a plague, poisonous and dangerous tribe that they deserve retribution from the very moment they were born. This offspring, always servile, closed and unbearable for other nations, brutally hates all of them, in turn, by right and duty is despised by them … Giordano Bruno (Italian scientist and philosopher, 1548-1600). And such, albeit impartial, but accurate and objective characteristics of world Jewry were given by famous scientists, writers, philosophers, politicians, etc. a huge variety.

But, unfortunately, these great thinkers of humanity did not indicate, and most likely, due to their upbringing and because of rampant religious fanaticism, did not want to point out the main reason for the centuries-old antagonism between Jews and goyim. The reason for the banality is simple and obvious – it is Judaism. The cornerstone of Judaism is the education of its adherents, the Jews, of permanent pathological anger, hatred, contempt, and slander towards all non-Jewish goyim. Starting from early childhood, a Jewish child is taught in the family that “if there were no Jews, there would be no good on earth” (Abamot, 63, 1), no sun, no rain (Berakhot to the Torah, 34, 153.3) and the goyim would not inhabited the world (Tseror x., 107, 2), because since there are no Jews, then for whom is peace needed? And how much difference exists between individual objects, as far as plants and animals cannot exist without the guiding hand of the person who domesticated them, so much the Jews are above the goy peoples of the world (Tseror x. 101, 2).

Speaking about the weekly day of rest provided for the Jews in Exodus, 12:16, the Talmudic treatise Megillah 7, 2 says that “it was established for the Jews, and not for the goyim, that is, not for dogs.” The commentator of the book of the prophet Hosea, Rabbi Abarbankl says: “the chosen people are worthy of eternal life, but the goy peoples are like dogs.”

And similar, dirty, racist-fascist-Nazi statements of the leaders of Judaism: the Cohens, Levites, rabbis, tzaddiks, lamadvavniki and other kagali riffraffs, scum and evil spirits simply cannot be counted, all the media and the entire Internet are stained with Jewish shit. Moreover, in order not to scare the goy population of the earth very much, the main Jewish authorities – gavnomets maliciously choose not the worst and ominous quotes from the Torah and Talmud. Read the “old testament” and your hair will stand on end from endless, senseless and monstrous murders, destruction, violence, torture, perversion, etc. And, after all, the “old testament” (Torah) is only a small, albeit the most important, part of Judaism. The sinisterly criminal doctrine of Judaism, in addition to the multivolume Talmud, also included a huge number, fabricated by Jewish authoritative Natsik – shit.
It could not be otherwise.

For, back in the distant Old Testament times, “Moses and Co” created for their organized criminal group the criminal religion of Judaism, as a fundamental instruction for the mass murder of non-Jewish goyim. Bandit-thieves instruction for the Jewish mafia on robbery seizure of all earthly wealth and resources. The seizure of world power and the establishment of total domination over all peoples. Through treason, betrayal, uprisings, revolutions, wars, violence, robbery, robbery, murder, theft, lies, bribery, bribes, etc. etc. Everyone who has studied the “sacred” books of the Jewish people will surely come to the only correct conclusion: the Jewish religion – from a universal human point of view – is criminal and super-immoral, and only complete villains and criminals can follow it.

AND, The most inhuman, monstrously savage feature of Judaism’s doctrine is that the Jews are inflamed with a vicious belief that they are “God’s chosen”, chosen by their god to exterminate other peoples. This, the most terrible, extremely sinister, infinitely immoral, infinitely criminal doctrine of the Torah and Talmud, like a perpetum mobile, breeds and breeds murderers, maniacs, sadists, degenerates, perverts, assholes-shit-throwers and other God-chosen excrements and filth. Undoubtedly, the disgustingly filthy invention of the Jews – personal chosen by God, crawled out of the stinking stinking garbage pit of Judaism, from the sludge pit with ideological filth. From the very bottom of a very dirty poisonous pit, in which endlessly rotting, decaying and stinking throughout the universe of Jewish racism, fascism, Nazism, Zionism, sadism and other frenzied brutal,
So, in fact, any labeling of oneself such as: “God’s chosen people”, “God-bearer people” and other “God’s chosen people” is an act of the most disgraceful, most repulsive and most vile mockery and mockery of conscience, reason, logic, common sense and human nature. And, there is nothing in the world more dirty, vicious, stinking, bastard, bastard, disgusting and disgusting, than God’s chosenness. Of course, as long as there is God’s chosenness and, accordingly, Judaism, there will never be peace on earth. Monstrously vicious, cave-zoological, Judaic-savage crimes against humanity will always exist, multiply and spread everywhere. And, if there is absolute EVIL in the world, then this is undoubtedly Judaism.

Thus, due to some pathological compassion of the goy peoples, countless deceptions, slander and crimes, almost always, get away with them. Including, as a rule, get away with the most vile and vile scams, and all sorts of fraudulent schemes with their own self-designation somewhere. So, for example, in an atmosphere of complete permissiveness of impunity, connivance and lack of control that has been criminally formed for them, there was an overly impudent and overly disgusting self-designation of their loved ones into global rulers. The main, if not the only, source of their existence was the plunder of neighboring tribes and merchant caravans. The booty had to be sold and the necessary means of subsistence bought.

Trade became a natural continuation of robbery. But even here it was not without crime. One robbery accounted for from one to several hundred dishonest trading operations, the skills for which had been polished for many hundreds of years, i.e. deception, falsifications, forgeries in the implementation of commercial transactions were absorbed with mother’s milk (being determines consciousness). These are the roots of the special talents of the Jews: robbery, trade, usury and money-grubbing. That is why Judaism actively encourages the system of usury, the giving of money at interest in its most vile, insidious criminal form: – “Don’t let your brother (Jew) grow tall, that is, at interest, but give to a foreigner (non-Jew) only at interest. ” Deuteronomy 11: 23-25, Deuteronomy 15: 6 “… and you will lend to many nations, but you yourself will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. ”

It was with the help of an extremely criminal interest-bearing loan that a pack of Jewish traders and speculators became fabulously rich, especially during the world wars. Which they themselves also kindled in order to supply all the belligerents with absolutely nothing secured by loans with dummies, and even at insane interest rates. But the states had to return these empty loans with real money, which was earned by the people with the hardest work, sweat and blood. You took out a loan for a dummy, and then you spit blood all your life to pay off.

This is how a pack of marauders, inspired by the instructions of Judaism, created their private transnational world banks for the convenience of robbing and ruining the entire planet with the help of criminal dummy loans and became incredibly rich on the genocide of peoples, on the genocide of life and on all kinds of global mass crimes. And so that the peoples of the planet do not twitch, indignant and do not resist total robbery, ruin, destruction and destruction of the natural habitat, they preach an extremely disgusting and unprincipled, endlessly immoral and monstrously criminal concept of the biblical “end of the world.”

Through all the corrupt media, through all religious organizations, cinema, literature, culture, philosophy, art, etc. conduct continuous propaganda of a primitive consumerist bourgeois lifestyle: – “live for today, live one day, don’t think about anything, don’t worry about anything, higher powers think for you”!

Stubbornly and persistently inspire everyone with a poisonous, rotten, disgusting thought about the alleged futility of any resistance to the existing Jewish system of power, in view of the inevitably approaching Armageddon. Allegedly, why resist, when everything is vanity, everything will come to an inevitable end. Take and grab everything from life and nature that your hands can reach. Do not think about descendants, about ecology, about wise and prudent use of natural resources. Plunder, ravage, drain, immediately, here and now, all the wealth of the earth, and the bowels of states, nations and peoples. This is the most vile and most criminal religious ideology about the end of the world. The infinitely impudent disgusting inhuman antigoyan antihuman concept of Judaism, the same monstrous and super criminal, like God’s chosenness.

Completely insolent from permissiveness and impunity, a pack of Jewish traders and speculators, now honorably calling themselves global global BANKERS, in a state of narcotic euphoria, experiencing constant dizziness from success, declared itself a global world government (impostors) and appointed itself to rule the entire planet (self-appointed). This gang of global impostors and self-appointed world rulers, the so-called “collective moshyah”, established a monopoly on power throughout the world for only one ethnic group.

Here is what a hundred years ago one of the members of this global gang of robbers and robbers, the world banker gangster Paul Warburg, said: “The Global Jewish Government will rule the world openly, whether you like it or not. The whole question is just will this be achieved as a result of mutual consent or as a result of violence! “

And, which is typical, after such statements by the banking leaders of the global Moshiach gang, the planet groans in pain and is filled up to its ears with the blood of non-Jewish goyim.

The above quote from the banker gangster P. Warburg, in addition to its disgusting and disgustingly criminal essence, is also a clear, illustrative example of how any positive idea can be turned in the opposite direction, vulgarized, distorted, distorted beyond recognition, to the point of disgust, to the point of unacceptability, to rejection by society. In principle, the very idea of ​​creating a global government, but with a human face, is undoubtedly a good and timely one. And, humanity would have gone to him in a natural, correct and humane way, if they had not intervened, armed to the teeth with sinister bloodthirsty cannibalistic instructions of the Torah and Talmud, chutzpah-villains, Jewish scoundrels, scoundrels and scoundrels of a universal scale.

And as long as Judaism exists,
Having experienced an attack of narcotic euphoria and dizziness from the supercriminal successes achieved by the kagal, the personal biographer of the Rothschild mafia family, Mark Eli (Ilyich) Ravazh “secretly to the whole world” blabbed all over the world about the goals and objectives of world Jewry. In 1928, in connection with the translated into European languages ​​of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the appearance of the four-volume documentation of “International Jewry” by Henry Ford, in response Ravage openly brazenly and cynically burst out his own article: – “Real accusations against the Jews, one of which points to the full depth of their guilt. ” A photocopy of the article is in the Museum of New York, otherwise her zhymes, as usual, would later be declared simply a banal anti-Semitic fake or, even worse, a “blood libel”. Needless to say, for unauthorized from above, Ravazh’s excessive talkativeness immediately paid with his life. By order of the leaders of the world banking junta, he was secretly executed, as is their custom, under the guise of an accident.

Here is a quote from this article: – “You do not yet know the depth of our guilt. We rush in everywhere, we start a fight everywhere, and we run everywhere with our prey. We distort everything. We took your natural world, your ideas, your destiny and mixed and perverted it all. We were at the beginning of not only the First World War, but all your wars; not only Russian, but all your revolutions in history. We have brought discord, discord, confusion and depression into all of your personal and public affairs. And we are still doing just that. And who can tell how much longer we will be doing this? ” There is an answer to this question. They will engage in these most vile inhuman antigoic deeds as long as there is an infinitely immoral, extremely misanthropic religion of Judaism.

The main Chabadnik of Russia, Berl Lazar, is blowing in one tune with Ravazh Ilyich. In 2005, at the next congress of emissaries of Chabad in New York, this goat-faced rabbi, the gavnomet, said: “Many revolutions have been carried out by Jews in Russia. But, the most peaceful, the quietest and the most effective is the revolution carried out by the envoys of Chabad. ” Of course, this disgusting rabbi-gavnomet had in mind the collapse of the USSR by the Zionists and the subsequent seizure by Jewish bandits, embezzlers and oligarchs in their exorbitantly greedy predatory spider-like Zhydov paws of everything above the colossal national heritage of the Soviet Union. That inevitably doomed the multimillion masses of Soviet goyim-non-Jews to total impoverishment and extinction.

In the same article, Mark Eli Ravage explains how the Jewish religion became the religion of the goyim. Even a no brainer understands that the Jewish religion has become the religion of the goyim, only to facilitate the criminal seizure of power by the global Moshiach gang over all earthlings – the goyim. Goyim, saturated with the Jewish religion, become weak-willed “slaves of God”, and, therefore, logically, “slaves of the Jew” and do not put up any resistance to the invaders, slave owners. The global gang of Moshiach consists entirely of cannibals, Jewish cannibals, to whom the pentateuch, the Torah (Old Testament) promises to give to be devoured by all earthlings – the goyim: – “… do not be afraid of the people of this land; for it shall be consumed by us ”(Numbers 14: 9). This is understandable, because in Judaism all non-Jews are goyim, i.e. bipedal animals. And, according to many authoritative rabbis, goy meat is even more kosher,

Rabbi-gavnomet Yehil Mikhl Pines: – “We cannot afford the luxury of fighting on all the battlefields. So we will never reach our goal. We are too few in number for that, and the blood of the sons of Israel is too precious. Our weapon is the Bible, and the world of the goyim must be laid at our feet by the goyim themselves, whose blood and property rightfully belong to us. ”

Another rabbi-gavnomet Polonsky sings along with him. In his lengthy sermons on YouTube, he claims that: “Through our subsidiaries” Christianity “and” Islam “we (the Jews) have infected all of humanity with Judaism.”

Polonsky promotes the idea that the time has come to create, on the basis of Judaism, a single planetary religion, according to which humanity will be officially divided into two castes: the caste of masters of the Jewish slave owners and the caste of non-Jewish goyim slaves. Unfortunately, this monstrous racist-fascist-Nazi ideology is infected with almost all rabbis-shit. Only some express it openly and publicly, while others prefer to express it in private, in a narrow circle, among their own people, in the basements of pig-houses, while drinking the freshly drained blood of a goy baby, under the approving cries of “Lechaim”.

The only obstacle on the path of Jewish global domination is only free people and nations. That is why the adherents of Judaism, thoroughly saturated with its fetid and sinister doctrine, terribly hate free peoples, and strive with all their might to destroy them (eat them for lunch), and enslave the survivors, enslave, turn into their slaves and suppliers of kosher human flesh – goiads. To achieve such a global criminal goal, they, bleeding from their nose, had to force all free peoples to worship the horned tribal Jewish beast Yahwe-666, as if it was he who was the universal, single god for all tribes and peoples, the creator of everything and everything in the universe.

The simplest and most effective way to introduce an alien faith to the people is to influence people through their elite, through their authority and power. Modern mankind grew out of primitive savages who were forced to unite in a flock, headed by a leader – an unquestioning authority. And in order to survive, all members of the pack blindly obeyed the leader and without the slightest hesitation carried out any commands and orders of the leader, even suicidal. This blind faith in authorities, unfortunately, has survived to this day, which is always abused by various scoundrels and scoundrels.

From here comes another ineradicable disease of mankind – this is worship. If a villain somehow made his way to the top of power and found himself in the rays of glory, then the masses automatically begin to idolize him, as if he were an example of virtue and holiness. 

The people go blind and do not see the scoundrel and the scoundrel at close range only because he was at the very top in the rays of glory. Apologists of Judaism are well aware of these generic shortcomings of humanity and use them with might and main for their own selfish criminal purposes, trying with all their might to always get to the very top of any society.

And for this it is necessary to clear the place of the goyim. That is why Judaism insistently demands, first of all, to kill the best goyim, i.e. authoritative respected goyim, so that the goyim, deprived of their real authoritative leaders, become easy prey for the predatory Jewish pack. They simply replaced the goyish authorities with their Jewish, or, at worst, corrupt shabes-goyim. And for this purpose, everywhere, in all countries where zhydy appeared, the leaders of the kagal actively introduced the “institution of Jewish brides”, and also used bribes, bribery, blackmail, threats, etc. Sometimes, in a state of narcotic euphoria, dizzy with success, Jewish leaders blurt out some of the truth about the atrocities they have committed.

For example, on the website of the newspaper Novye Izvestia, when asked by a journalist:

“Why is the share of Jews in the Russian elite hundreds of times higher what is the share of Jews in the country’s population ”?

President of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) Yuri Kanner answered with half-truths: – “Because the Jews integrated not with the entire Russian people, but only with the Russian intelligentsia. It’s the same in America. ” Shit-gun President Kanner, as usual, lied in Hebrew. In fact, the Jews never integrated with the Russian intelligentsia, but simply survived, expelled, exterminated and exterminated them. And thus, they completely replaced the entire Russian intelligentsia. It is the same in America, and in many other countries that have had the misfortune to shelter Jews.

This is how the zhydy gradually penetrated into the very depths of the elite and into the uppermost echelons of power of practically all non-Jewish peoples. And, then banally bribing the necessary high-ranking officials and authorities, they forced the local elite to adopt one of the forms of the Abramic religion, where Christianity, and where Islam, depending on the situation, circumstances, local traditions and other conditions. And the already expected through and through the corrupt Shabes-goy elite introduced into the people squeezes from Judaism in the form of abramic religions, sometimes by deceit and flattery, and sometimes by fire and sword, etc.

Since then, for internal use, the Jews have been using Judaism, according to which the Jews the impostors themselves appointed “God’s chosen people.” And, the rest of the non-Jewish world was foisted on Christianity and Islam, according to which their followers are “slaves of God”, and, therefore, are automatically “slaves of the Jew”. Freemasonry, Christianity, communism, and Islam are the offspring of world Jewry. Christianity, for example, was conceived as a zero degree of initiation into primitive love of Jews and self-flagellation, seeking out ghostly sins in oneself. Ideally, Jewish slave owners would like Christian slaves to behave as Christ teaches them: – “… love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who offend you” (Matthew 5:43 -44).

So, by massively zombifying the planet through the abramic religions, not obtrusively, secretly, the leaders of the kagal and Judaism inspired all free peoples with the idea that the Jews are not subject to jurisdiction and bear no responsibility for any crimes they committed, even the most super monstrous crimes. Because, allegedly, all their criminal acts were committed exclusively on behalf of and by order of the universal all-seeing “all-loving” one creator god. So goyim of all countries and peoples endure when a Jew, according to the prescriptions of the Torah and Talmud, rapes your 3-year-old child. When a Jew hits you on the right cheek, turn his left cheek as well. When the Jew takes off your suit, take off and give him the shirt as well. When a Jew rapes your wife, offer him a daughter, etc. etc. Suffer the servant of God, your destiny is to be “patient”.

As the priests say: – “God tolerated you too, ordered the servant of God. ” But you will go to heaven, but these villains zhydy, who committed atrocities in the name of God, bathed in luxury and in a sea of ​​blood, will inevitably go to hell. Everything is primitive and simple, but it works!

To the greatest regret, the spiritual poison of Judaism in the form of abramic religions will be injected into the nervous system of mankind. As a result, humanity has lost all resistance, has become helpless, demoralized and disoriented in the face of the terrible Jewish threat. And so that humanity does not wake up and realize the monstrously deadly threat posed by Judaism, the leaders and apologists of the criminal Jewish “pakhanat – kaganate” grabbed all the world’s (and not only) media and the Internet. Through which they, with stubborn persistence, litter the brains of people, methodically bombarding the entire goy population of the planet from the Jewish shit. A special podlyana is that the mass shelling of the goyim with Jesuit shit is carried out at someone else’s expense, for free, on funds stolen and plundered from all the goy peoples.

The favorite Jesuit technique of the leaders of the kagala, chabad, In its inner essence, Judaism is a stinking, stinking, crap pit of especially dangerous poisonous ideological filth and excrement that stinks throughout the universe. As if there, in the garbage doctrine of the Torah and Talmud, a certain systemic “perpetum mobile” works, ie. “Perpetual motion machine”, continuously spewing all kinds of ideological crap. So, with the help of the endlessly immoral bloodthirsty misanthropic doctrine of Judaism, the Zhydov world with its ideological filth of perversion, immorality, debauchery, corruption and degradation shamefully stained the entire planet and all non-Jewish humanity. These, in their most extreme forms, are absolutely immoral, vile, permanently criminal practices of the Torah and Talmud endlessly produce terrible degenerates, perverts and other stupid God’s chosen scum, evil spirits and wicked.

By the way, about God’s allegiance, some rabbis-gavnomets remarkably speak out (most likely, most of the leaders of the kahal and the rabbinate think so). Take, for example, the provocateur and informer of the special services, the rabbi-gavnomer, Kabbalist and homosexual Abraham Shmulevich. As befits a natural informer and provocateur, in Russia he hid his true Jewish origin and, like an ordinary crypto-Jew, hid under the name Demin Nikita Sergeevich, positioning himself as a “real Russian nationalist”. On instructions from the Mossad, in order to discredit and incite ethnic strife, he headed one of the Russian national movements.

When there was a smell of fried, he urgently fled to Israel and there he reincarnated as a hyper-versionist Abraham Shmulevich, a great connoisseur of the Torah and Talmud, headed the international hyper-versionist movement “bead arceinu” and the “institute of the eastern partnership”. This ultra-Zionist, professional provocateur, instigator and instigator of conflicts, especially distinguished himself by shit throwing at the Russian goyim. Apparently, the patented scoundrel, scoundrel and fag, like his colleague the pimp Sura Smolyar, is haunted by past grievances and failures. Such fugitive creatures hate their former compatriots more than anything in the world, and, continuously, they pour shit on them from afar, from around the corner of Israel. And it is not necessary to say that there are only a few of them. In fact, “their name is legion”, there are millions of them. In any case, millions of former Soviet Jews deservedly bear the “Cain seal” – the eternal stigma of traitors to the Soviet homeland. For example, Yakov Kedmi, who, having become the director of the Nativ special service, an anti-Soviet subversive organization, made titanic efforts to collapse the USSR. And now, in a purely Jewish way, hypocritical praises of Russia and Putin are poured out on the leading Russian TV channels.

So the great connoisseur of the Torah and Talmud, as well as Kabbalah, Abraham Shmulevich, does not hesitate to assert that the Jew and Yahweh-666 have a common digestive tract, and, therefore, have a common cloaca, rectum and anus. And, therefore, a Jew is a homosexual, fucking in the ass, as if bringing a gracious sacrifice in the form of sperm directly into the cloaca to his Jewish god. Of course, he did not invent this idea himself, but simply took it from Judaism, which in every possible way encourages all kinds of sexual perversion, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, etc. The endlessly immoral Torah (Old Testament) is filled with extremely disgusting scenes of adultery and porn perversion. Guided by which the leaders of the kahal and the rabbinate are very eager to officially legalize Jewish homosexuality throughout the world. Because, in the Jewish environment, it is massive, due to biological or zoological atavism. Once upon a time, the ancestors of the Jews had a reptile-like anus – a cloaca. And now, because of the idle lifestyle, because of the massive Jewish parasitism and parasitism, from idleness and boredom, from total degeneration, this rudiment – the cloaca has intensified and began to itch strongly, which pushes them into mass pederasty.

By the way, some reptiles have another characteristic feature – hermaphroditism. In the Jewish environment, the Levites are the most pronounced hermaphrodites, so they are not circumcised. So the Levites among the Jews are the most reptilian creatures and, therefore, are closest to the Yahwa – the reptilian beast-lizard from the underworld with the numerical code 666.

Here’s an “oil painting” drew. From which the painful impression is inevitably formed that total perverts, degenerates, pedophiles and homosexuals must become the leaders of the kagal and Jewry. Which, in principle, is not surprising.

For, the situation everywhere is such that in management there are persons who, in their culture, traditions, worldview, ideology, sacred scriptures, archetypal value orientations, consider it a blessing to destroy, rob, kill, lie, carry out genocide, spread degradation, degeneration, impose immorality, shamelessness, satanism, etc. etc. And, all this ugly, universal disgust for thousands of years has been nurtured on the so-called “sacred texts of Judaism.” Which, without a doubt, are nothing more than centuries-old, infinitely immoral, bloodthirsty cannibalistic instructions for the mass destruction and murder of non-Jewish goyim. And the seizure of all movable and immovable goy property, the seizure of all earthly wealth and the seizure of power. With the help of total lies, betrayals, betrayals, uprisings, revolutions, wars, violence, robbery, robbery, theft, scams, bribery, bribes, etc. etc.

It is proved by a concrete example by a gang of Jews in the course of Chubais’s “volcherisation” and Jewish “privatization” of everything beyond the colossal, astronomical scale, the property of the USSR. What they did to the USSR, under the pretext of the arrival of the Moshiach, they are doing with the entire planet, and, now, soon, they will complete the process of the destruction of humanity. They work tirelessly in this direction.

So, there is a cesspool of Judaism that stinks all over the universe with ideological filth, in the depths of which, since the day of its creation, so much dirty, evil, purulent, malignant and monstrous, rotting with metastases, has been accumulated that it is already useless to clean it. As they say in such cases, “it’s too late to drink Borjomi”, it is only necessary, once and for all, finally and irrevocably, to close this vicious, criminal, disgustingly disgusting shop under the guise of “Judaism”. There is no other way out, otherwise mankind, choking on Jewish shit, will die a shameful death in full view of the entire universe.

Fanatical intolerance towards dissidents runs like a red thread through all the evil doctrines of the Torah, Talmud, etc. In order to turn Jews into religious fanatics, adherents of Judaism from childhood accustom Jewish children to Jewish slaughter. This can be clearly seen from the example of the super-bloodthirsty religious rite of Purim, which the zhidi brazenly and hypocritically (chutzpah goes off scale) called the “cheerful children’s holiday Purim”. Rabbai and other kahal leaders on Purim force Jewish children to devour the “cut off ears of Haman” with pleasure and force them to hang the stuffed animal of Haman and 10 of his children on the gallows (for now). And, in Israel, Jewish children are encouraged to hang live cats instead of stuffed animals. An adult cat as Haman and ten kittens instead of Haman’s 10 children. But this is for now!

Soon they will hang living people – the goyim, for example, the Palestinians and Slavs. For these purposes, from childhood, they prepare killer biorobots, killer robots, totally zombified by Judaism, a brutal Jewish machine of murder of mankind, who are ready not only to kill, but to skin a person alive. But, as before, for unknown reasons, the goyim-non-Jews treat all this criminal disgrace with some kind of frivolity, it seems to them all this is incredible. As they say, the lesson did not go for the future. Also, frivolously, the goyim were sure that there would be no 1st or 2nd world wars with their monstrous destruction and the murder of tens and tens of millions of innocent goyim people.

Humanity, as before, is frivolous about the calls of the main rabbis of world Jewry, for the glory and for the acceleration of the arrival of the Jewish Moshiach, to unleash the third world war, in which, undoubtedly, the number of victims will already go to billions. The zhydy-cannibals are in such a hurry that on September 25-27 the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem established a “Supreme Court of the Jews” over the non-Jews goyim, whose decisions will be binding on all peoples of the world. The World Jewish GESTAPO is established. According to Scientific American official data from 1998, about 5,000 different peoples live on earth. But, the Jewish Gestapo, according to the savage demands of the Torah and Talmud, will only leave 70 nations alive. First of all, the Arabs, Germans, French, British, Slavs and, in general, the entire white race will be ruthlessly and cleanly destroyed. AND, from the remaining 70 peoples, they will create a slave caste in the amount of 403 million individuals.

Judeo-racist Jydo-Fascist and Zio-Nazi doctrine of Judaism plans to leave 12 thousand of the most important Jews alive from every 12 tribes of Israel, i.e. only 144 thousand pieces. “And I heard the number of those sealed: there were sealed one hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the sons of Israel” (Revelation. Chapter 7).

And, for every Jew there are 2800 slaves of the goyim. Based on the calculation that 10 people out of every 70 nations will grab hold of every 4 tzitzits of a Jew (10x70x4 = 2800). And why do the Jews need so many slaves, as many as 2,800 for each zhyd? While, even 10-15 slaves to serve 1 master is already too much. This is where the main cannibalistic essence of Judaism is hidden. Rabbays, Kabbalists and other main (and not only) Kaagal riffraff of filth and evil hide that, in fact, a slave is not just a slave, but a “nutritious slave”. That is, the slaves, in addition to work, will still be obliged to give offspring, some of which the zhydy will eat daily.

By the way, Professor Holmes on the website “Abroad” constantly warns about the growing cannibalism of the Ivers (Jews). Indeed, according to halachic, and, in general, according to all the laws of Judaism, goy-non-Jews are animals and their meat is not only kosher, but also completely waste-free. What is openly preaching on the YouTube channel by the lecturer from former Soviet Jews Mikhail Mataev. At his lectures in the United States, he teaches Jewish youth about cannibalism – eating human flesh. And do not think that this is an isolated case. The entire elite (and, as you know, all the expected) of the so-called civilized states are addicted to cannibalism, and regularly consume the blood and meat of babies.

Moreover, a new political movement is gaining strength in Israel, which demands to officially legitimize the undoubted halachic right of a Jew to kill a child of a non-Jewish goy, both for ritual purposes and to obtain a gesheft. That is why about 8 million children disappear into the world every year. And, which is characteristic, there are never Jewish children among the missing children. What is openly preaching on the YouTube channel by the lecturer from former Soviet Jews Mikhail Mataev. At his lectures in the United States, he teaches Jewish youth about cannibalism – eating human flesh. And do not think that this is an isolated case. The entire elite (and, as you know, all the expected) of the so-called civilized states are addicted to cannibalism, and regularly consume the blood and meat of babies.

In total, the Sonderkommando Moshiach on the planet earth will only leave 144000×2800 = 403 million 200 thousand people alive, of which 144 thousand will be masters of slave owners, and all the rest will be their slaves. And it is not a fact that these 144 thousand of Moshiach’s favorites are in fact Jews, and not reptilians in Jewish guise. This means that the Moshiach gang will kill every single Jew in general. But stupid zhydo-cattle-fucking idiots are frantically praying for the speedy arrival of the Moshiach. Even the heads were smashed against the “wall of srach” in Jerusalem and in the swine-houses. Natural sadomasochists of a planetary scale are in a hurry to burn out in the “fiery hell.” Which, however, is not surprising.

Sadomasochism is one of the varieties of mental illness. As established by the science of psychiatry, Jews have on average 6-8 times more mental illnesses than goyim. Dr. psychiatrist Arnold Hutschnecker, who at one time treated President Nixon, in a report for the American Journal of Psychiatry, reveals the facts that virtually all Jews are carriers of schizophrenia. He points out that the mental illness inherent in Jews is manifested in their inability to distinguish between what is right and wrong, what is humane and inhuman.

These are the demands of the main Jewish Gestapo – the Jewish Moshiach – to kill over 7.5-8 billion people, otherwise he will not deign to crawl out of his stinking underworld. For the same purposes, to accelerate the arrival of the Moshiach, and to satisfy the constantly growing demands of the cannibals, preparations for the construction of the 3rd Temple of Solomon are underway at an accelerated pace. Which, as Professor Holmes put it very figuratively on the website “Abroad”, is nothing more than a full-fledged meat-packing plant of the “Temple of Solomon”, just for processing human flesh – GOYadin. The itching of the Jewish cannibals is so intolerable that they twist in this direction with terrible force. And, where they are going to build a meat-packing plant, they regularly carry out bloody sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – they slaughter a lamb, mentally implying that, in fact, they are slaughtering a goy.

As you can see In the USA alone, every day 2,300 children disappear into nowhere, without any trace and without any registration in the statistics. What, in a state of euphoria from complete permissiveness and impunity, dizzy with success, the Zionist Satanist Rabbi of the East Coast of the United States Abe Fenkelstein told the whole world. In a live broadcast of the worldwide radio network Turner, this rabbi-gavnomet openly declared with a brazen grin:

“Our god is Lucifer. We have a lot of fun during Easter when we steal your children. We steal from one hundred to three hundred thousand children a year in this country alone. And we drain the blood out of them, and we mix it with Easter bread [matzah], and then we throw the corpses into the slaughterhouses that belong to us, and we grind all the bodies into minced meat for sausages and hamburgers. McDonald is one of our favorite outlets and, folks, who eat breakfast, they eat their children for lunch.” In confirmation of the words of this villainous bastard, the state police indeed found human flesh in many MacDonald stores.

But they did not raise a fuss, because the threads of the investigations lead to the pig houses. Moreover, no investigations are being conducted into the annual disappearances of millions of children around the world. Everyone knows that the unfortunate kids went to the Jewish ritual bloodletting and to feed the leaders of Judaism, Zionism, the international banking junta and all the other leaders and elites of civilized states.

In his studies of the Ivers, Professor Holmes convincingly showed that Jewish cannibalism has always existed, since ancient times, now being open, now hidden. And now, in connection with the eschatological expectations of the arrival of the Moshiach, the masks have been thrown off, and the Jews want to openly practice cannibalism. Having finally got rid of impunity and permissiveness, the Israeli cannibalism adherents want to legalize the murder of the children of the goyim at the official level.

And so that it would be possible to have a gescheft from these murders without hindrance and safely, selling the meat, blood and organs of innocent children’s victims to the above-mentioned elite of Jewish (and not only) cannibals. So, all the leaders of Zionism, Judaism, Kahal, the international banking junta, yes, and, perhaps, the majority of world Jewry, undoubtedly, are cannibals – crocodiles in human guise.

From this stems from their composure, monstrous ruthlessness and a complete absence of such fundamental fundamental human qualities as sympathy, empathy, guilt and compassion for other people’s pain and misfortune, striving for truth and justice, as well as shame, honor, conscience, dignity, nobility. Extremely immoral, vile, vile, reptilian creatures. blood and organs of innocent child victims of the above-mentioned elite of Jewish (and not only) cannibals.

So, after the capture by the Moshiach, i.e. the global banking junta of world domination over the planet, tens and tens, and most likely hundreds of millions of Jews, will suddenly become unnecessary, become a terrible burden and hindrance to the global government. Judge for yourself, in the course of the destruction of billions of goyim, the multimillion army of Jewish killer robots will become so intoxicated by the blood released from the goyim of the ocean that it will not be suitable for anything other than murder. And what to do with dozens, and, most likely, already with hundreds of millions of social parasites, not used to working, used to living for free, at someone else’s expense.

It is clear that all of them will have no place in the “earthly paradise” created by the Moshiach. And, therefore, all this wild, brutal crowd of Jewish biorobots from hunger and anger will attack and tear to pieces the entire caste of masters, the most important Jews, reptilians. And all the work to create a new world order and world government in the era of Moshiach will be in vain. Of course, the Moshiach – Reptilian foresaw a negative scenario for the development of events and thought out precautions in advance.

Measures for the total cleansing of an unnecessary mass of social parasites and Jewish killer machines that have become like a used condom. How the cleansing of Jews will be carried out is a matter of technique. For example, they can be dealt with according to a knurled scheme, as they always did with the goyim, divided into groups and parties (for example, Ashkenazim against Sephardic, etc.) and pit them against each other until complete mutual destruction.

The Moshiakh will cleanse the surviving Jews with the hands of a special Sonderkommando of Shabes-goyim, which will be formed from slaves to work as bodyguards and lower-level managers. And so that the Moshiach accidentally, by mistake, would not miss the Jew to be exterminated, for a long time to this day, all the necessary preparatory work is being carried out in the Jewish environment. That is why, there are countless Jewish organizations all over the world, like rats in the trash heaps during the plague.

The main task of these organizations is to conduct continuous monitoring of every single Jew, from the day of their birth to their death. For these purposes, in order to lure Jews into a trap and keep continuous records, the Jews are constantly fed with numerous handouts from various foundations and organizations. Regularly, anywhere in the world, a Jew, wherever he is, is supplied with matzah, products, money. Why not. After all, the money is still stolen, and the world kagal gets it free of charge, and the international banking junta will print these empty shells that are not backed by anything, even in hundreds of echelons.

But, most likely, the Moshiach will use their thousand-year-old total zombie to destroy the Jews. All zhydy, like biorobots, were initially programmed in such a way that at the “X hour” it will be enough for the Moshiach to start the program of their self-destruction. And then, to the great joy of the sharks, the zhydy will all run to drown themselves in the waters of the ocean. Well, or something like that. So, rest assured, the Moshiach will not let go of his own and will brilliantly fulfill the task entrusted to him for the complete destruction of the Jewish population, and will finally carry out the “final solution of the Jewish question.”

Unfortunately, all these tens, and most likely already hundreds of millions of Jews, over the millennia of Talmudic upbringing, already at the genetic level, have tightly grown together with the endlessly bloodthirsty and immoral ideas of Judaism. And therefore, all this Caudla of zhydo-cattle-dolboy-idiots, like a herd of rams, will be silent in a rag, not daring to utter a cry, to blather and at least somehow to object to their Kagali superiors in the person of a collective Moshiach, when he, under the guise of implementing the plans of Judaism , will proceed to their complete and final destruction. So, relying on them is absolutely useless, a waste of energy, time and nerves. And what to expect from persons whose culture, traditions, sacred scriptures, archetypal value orientations for thousands of years have considered a blessing to lie, theft, destruction, murder, genocide, etc. etc. Therefore, we need goyim-non-Jews not to hesitate to take the matter of saving mankind into our own hands.

As the saying goes, “the rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves.”

And therefore, as never before, the proletarian slogan is relevant: – “The goyim of all countries finally wake up and unite against the planetary enemy of humanity!”

Otherwise, the “end of the world” planned by the villains is inevitable, but then, inexorably, the so-called “Armageddon”, catastrophe, chaos and “kaput to all” will come! Do you need it? chaos and “everyone’s kaput”! Do you need it? chaos and “everyone’s kaput”! Do you need it?

To avoid a universal catastrophe, the entire planet must, first of all, get rid of the poisonous Jewish zombie. And, further, in the course of the play, it will be seen. As they say in such cases: – “the war will show the plan.” Because, as you already understood, as long as Judaism, God’s chosenness, “the end of the world” and other Jewish vomit exist, there will never be peace on earth. Extremism, terrorism, racism, fascism, Nazism, Zionism, sadism, cannibalism, Jew-Satanism and others, monstrous Judaic-savage crimes against humanity, which are incomprehensible to a normal person, will always exist, multiply and spread throughout the world. And, therefore, for humanity, for the entire world community, until it is too late, until the point of no return has passed, for the sake of their own survival and for the sake of a normal bright happy future for their children,

November 2019
Moshiach Kaput


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  1. Please tell me if the JWV Jewish War Veterans encouraging of all Jews to declare a world wide surprise trade boycott war against Germany, that began on March 24, 1933, was in violation of the 1918 Versailles Treaty that declared an end to the WW One war.

    These 1933 JWV fought as soldiers for all of the allied countries in WW One, and therefore in a real sense the JWV were representives of all of the allied countries, by the JWV declaring this 1933 trade war.

    Also I am curious if Germany has a right to demand reparation payments today, for this illegal 1933 JWV world wide trade war against Germany.

  2. The 1918 Versalles Treaty stated that there would be no more war, but the JWV declared a 1933 trade boycott world wide war against Germany, and then after about 5 months Germany agreed to the Jewish Zionist demands to end this trade war.

    Please tell me if the WW one Jewish War Veterans, who fought as soldiers for the allies in WW one, actually represented the different WW one allied countries, and also please tell me if the JWV made a violation of the 1918 Versalles Treaty by the JWV successful 1933 declared world wide Jewish trading boycott war against Germany? Also was the 1933 German transfer agreement that was done by the Jewish Zionists, also a violation of this 1918 Versalles treaty, as it ended this 1933 trade war by a negotiation with Germany to benefit the future Israel ?

    Should Holocaust museums mention that the Jews of the world as sponsored by the JWV, declared a world wide trade boycott against Germany on March 24, 1933 ?

    Is this Jewish declared trade war in 1933 similar to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, as this 1933 German trade war was a surprise with an intent to destroy Germany, which would have happened if the Jewish Zionist did not end the boycott war by negotiating the Transfer Agreement with Germany ? Is there a similarity of the Jews in Germany to the Japanese in the USA during WW one ?

  3. Date of the Japan nuclear bombing is August 1945, represented by the digits 845.

    Date of the Zionist declaration of the new state of Israel is May 1948, represented by the digits 548.

    Reversing the digits of 845 derives the digits of 548.


    The Jewish main number one holy prayer is called the Shema and goes “Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD is One.”

    Thus ‘Hear O Shema’ = ? Hiroshima, and

    The Lord is one = first number one nuke bombing of a city on the earth, Hiroshima.


    The US nuking of Nagasaki targeted the largest Christian group and largest Christian church building in Japan, as the US Nagasaki nuke bomb exploded far away from any possible military targets. Jews claim that Christianity is idolatry and that Christianity worships three gods, the trinity. Thus the “second” nuke bombing of a human city represents more than one God.

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