Intel Drop: Why no one should vote (banned by Google with 1 million reads)

    Built like MBS himself, wide and soft...

    …by the Senior Editor

    Every 4 years Americans demonstrate their knowledge of leadership and the character of their own existence.  Each year tens of millions of Americans demonstrate significant sub-human behaviors. 

    Insectiods may well be among us, the Late Show may say it better than I can but blaming evil aliens pleases readership so “I am going to go there…girl”:

    America had several good leaders in the 20th century.  Certainly FDR was exceptional, compassionate, strong, he saved America from starvation at the hands of the GOP/Rothschild financial cabal much as Barack Obama saved the US from the GOP/Rothschild financial cabal after the collapse of 2007-8 and the looting of America’s banks.

    As FDR staved off a fascist takeover of America, so did Truman.  Kennedy tried to take down the GOP/Rothschilds by closing the Fed in 1963 but was murdered.

    Perhaps the greatest man to seek the presidency is Jimmy Carter, forced out of office by the GOP/Rothschild cabal who cut off the money supply and ran up interest rates and inflation.

    They placed “acting president” Ronnie Reagan, “Mister Teleprompter” into the president’s chair for 8 years of bumbling homilies while fascists consolidated power.

    Today we face something so much worse, no attempt is made to present Donald Trump as anything but a child rapist and dime store Hitler.

    If people want a “dime store Hitler” they should have one.  However, what if millions of Americans aren’t really people at all, not beyond mimicking what a chimp might do.

    Ever try to talk to a Trumpster?  Ever try to talk to a chimp?


    To best understand the reality of mankind, including the nature of spirituality as well, something quite vital, reading Castaneda is a good start, particularly Journey to Ixtlan and A Separate Reality.

    This is the story of a Yaqui ‘shaman,’ for lack of a better word, who spends several years confounding a witless graduate student with the realities of the seen and unseen world.

    Both exist and there is very much an unseen world that peeks through continually as those who use hallucinogens or practice types of meditation know very well.

    Much of what is expressed in science fiction and religion deals clumsily with this dynamic.

    Those things out there, the unseen things, may well have ‘organization’ and ‘intent’ which in cases may not be conducive toward positive interaction with humans in general.

    OK, I will risk this.  As part of a program I was introduced to many years ago, only initially through a government organization, such phenomenon was explored in relationship to its possible ties to UFOs.

    That question, do entities from off planet, unseen that may have been here for millions of years, perhaps less, exist, do they interact with chosen groups of humans and are they directing the mayhem we see today?

    A strong correlation was developed though I was never made privy to the evidence.  I was, however, deeply chastised for drawing my own correlations between official ‘findings’ and my own views of history and religion.

    The idea is that families like the Trumps and Rothschilds, but many more as well, are somehow infected by or ‘possessed’ by entities that draw on an inherent lack of mammalian behavioral norms in order to create chaos and suffering.

    I was briefed on this hypothesis and then presented with first person testimony on the nature of how this works, not saying I believed it all, but that what I am saying is part of a belief system used by those officially tasked with very real ‘X files’ type work, which I am no longer allowed to talk about since blabbing on a major network talk show in 2009.

    The idea is this, as best I can describe it:

    Ruling families, going back thousands of years, do the kind of things described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  There is a reason I use this reference as it very closely describes what I was told is expected of those who serve those ‘from the other side.’

    The Jewish part did not apply and I have no reason to think ‘Elders of Zion’ even exist but the dynamic as described is very much what was asserted.  Thus, leave the ‘Semitic’ part out.

    So, what if we had powerful families aided by some sort of ‘demonic’ or ‘jinn-like’ beings (I was warned never to use these references), families that for centuries have trafficked in humans like the Trumps or, on a grander scale, promoted wars, poverty and disease like the Rothschilds, did exist?

    Thus far we have never been exposed to the overt anti-human/non-mammalian behaviors of such families (we are not following David Icke here but agreeing with many of his assertions) until Donald Trump.

    We can’t even say Netanyahu is one of them.  We have friends in common and they find him heartless and manipulative to an extent, but much less than Trump.  Hitler was, when looked at without the cheap propaganda, not ‘one of them’ either.

    So then, who are they?  It has been a huge mistake to allow us to look at the Trump family and its overtly psychopathic nature.  Ivanka on the starving: “Let them find ‘something else.'”

    Anyone see the film “The Omen?”

    So, who are these people?  While following my good friend Mehran Keshe and his journey’s, as Chief of Security and Director of the Keshe Foundation (s), I tripped over what Qanon describes but with endlessly more detail.

    We followed massive human trafficking efforts from Africa and the Middle East as orchestrated through powerful organizations in Belgium and the Netherlands tied to “Black Nobility.”

    This effort led to the murder of Scalia to silence him, the imprisonment of Sterling David Allen and the exposure of a scheme to control the world’s satellite surveillance capability, a long story there involving child kidnapping tied to Eu space agency scientists.

    This is all real hands on stuff.

    Now as a backstory.  Some 50 plus years ago I served in Vietnam as a Marine.  I was a ‘rifleman’ with a line unit in actual combat, more appropriately ‘from time to time.’  No one is in regular combat.

    Later, as I wormed my way into a kushy job after 9 months of mud slogging, I got to see how “fake combat” works, where lazy fat assholes visit combat, occasionally get shot, then run home to mama.

    The feeling is very different, not anything like being engaged continually, on patrol, sleeping on the ground, living without food and water, always outnumbered.  There is a quality of experience there that either makes you the predator you are or breaks you.

    Most were broken.

    A real predator, Jim Hanke is my hero to that extent, a real Rambo, is as with Castaneda, and we will talk more on this, a real ‘warrior.’  With this comes a complexity of spirit that is the basis of real leadership.

    Combat is about ‘not killing.’  Everything we hear about the most recent wars, and we must accept that ‘what we hear’ is likely fake, tells us that our military is all frightened primitive types who seek approval from the fat asses by murdering civilians.

    Those exalted as heroes are all this type, almost all, willing to shoot unarmed civilians randomly.  Reminds me of a Staff Sergeant Lxxxx back with 1/26/Alpha Company who passed the word onto us that we would win silver stars if we would start killing with knives instead of guns.

    This was December 1969.  I remember him saying that, holding a carton of chocolate milk, it dropping down on his huge gut as his pink face seemed to glow with a special kind of sickness. I only remember him leaving the wire one time.  He looked like a bear dancing on ball bearings.

    To a real warrior, there is no enemy.  Anyone who lives like a real warrior, like they have always lived, no air support, not driving around in an MRAP sucking on an energy drink while reliving moments from Playstation…

    The enemy of every warrior is the same…those who stay behind, the Trumps of the world, the heel spurs. You either break or you move to another plane, one where you will never feel fear or hatred again and where you will never have an enemy, only brothers in arms.

    Few of such people exist today, certainly none come forward.  You would recognize them if they did. Never have humans seemed more like angry, demented monkeys than they do now but why only in the United States?  After all, what nation’s people can do what we see in the US?

    If you don’t know, you obviously weren’t in the Balkans when Yugoslavia bit the dust, we are seeing just that now but with a special flair, a particular kind of American dumb that makes those in Iceland or Ireland or Germany or even Italy cringe.

    There is something ‘pre-radicalized’ in the genetic makeup of millions of Americans, entirely white, mostly Northern European, something missing as to a connector between reason and the baser instincts that mammals share, care for the young, predation only for food and patterns of behavior that increase chances of survival rather than decrease.

    It is as though Decartes never existed, that cause and effect wasn’t observable and that physical phenomenon had no meaning.

    Those who study anthropology around the world find themselves increasingly looking to America as a ‘throwback’ society where humans, based on a possible awakening of something hidden in their junk DNA have descended the evolutionary ladder out of the classification of mammal and even beyond amphibian and reptile.

    Social psychologists are always trying to make excuses, blaming television, MTV for instance, heavy metal or meth addiction and those things certainly may apply but the problem is even more endemic than that.

    It is obvious, the US is a failed nation.  No election can fix it.  Washington didn’t make America a nation of degenerates and idiots ruled by superstition and fear, that began in Salem almost 400 years ago, it is written into our history, which can only be read in the works of famed historian Howard Zinn.

    You want to know America, read his ‘People’s History.”

    First of all, Qanon is right, there is a huge plot out there, one that’s been around for a very long time, not hundreds of years, longer.  Voting won’t fix it, only killing will and it seems that, finally, with Donald Trump, someone is in the presidency that wants to start the killing that could well cure America of her endemic problem, the rot of her soul that has made the United States a nation reviled around the world.

    Qanon was right, American men, weak American men, dream of sex with children, of ‘doing them’ and bashing their heads in, just like we see in tv show after tv show after tv show.

    A visit to any maximum security prison’s protected lockdown section would tell you who they are.

    I can throw some theories out there, dangerous ones.  But first of all, forget the politics and bring it back to just the individual, define what a human is and how they differ from what we think reptiles or insects are, what does make a human hum with that spark of something special, something in god’s image?

    Our first gift is intelligence, or was intended to be.  My personal hypothesis is that mankind was engineered by an alien race, our ‘gods,’ who raised us from primates through genetic engineering that would be rather simple by today’s standards.

    The skill it took to make COVID 19 for instance, could easily have turned a monkey into what we call human with this exception, monkeys are much less crazy though you can make a monkey crazy, make it act almost human if you abuse it enough.

    Are humans like crazy monkeys because they are abused or is it something wrong in the DNA?

    To that extent, we hypothesize that mankind is an experiment, perhaps one that is ongoing.  This postulates that some Qanon type agency interacts with our alien overlords as it were, in a continuing experiment.

    Thus, we live in a test tube, we being those humans supplied with sufficient capability to know better but who fail and the human chaff, the offspring of an insectoid race acting as bit players.

    This is what comes out of that community, issues of raised human consciousness as depicted during the George Floyd screenplay with many millions digging out their Obama/chimpanzee gifs for Facebook and emailing their friends.

    Call this a generalization but it seems christianity itself was created to enfeeble and corrupt, a religion that embraces racism and hate so easily, one susceptible to open interpretation to feed the basest human instincts.

    One need only to travel back in time, the Council of Nicaea, where Constantine’s hatchetmen fabricated a top heavy doctrine, carefully engineered it seems to corrupt itself into two thousand years of hokey bullshit and butchery.  And so it goes.


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    1. As a practitioner of rational Christianity (Islam) I think you are too sweeping in your Nietzchian dismissal of the lesser Nazarenes. Yes, American fundamentalists are by and large a doltish bunch. And yes, mainstream Christianity comes with several hyper-irrational “poison pills”: three-Gods-in-One, idealist/pacifist theory vs. brutishly Machiavellian practice, the notion that a perfect God would create a radically fallen world that could only be redeemed by the torture-murder/suicide of His son, the crazy idea that somebody else’s suffering can absolve you of YOUR sins…that is all sheer madness. And it has been corrected by true Christianity, i.e. Monotheism 1.3. But meanwhile, let’s admit that even Monotheism 1.2 beats the hell out of secular materialism, and that Tolstoy was absolutely correct in noticing that the secular privileged classes’ lives are utterly empty and in the end not worth living, whereas the poorest simple peasants who are true Christians are blessing the planet and the universe by their presence here.

      • Polytheism was never actual polytheism, it was branded that way, to avoid the issue. The 3 Abrahamic religions are just favored segments of the ‘powers and principalities” chosen from amongst the pantheon. The practices and traditions they developed do very little to promote spiritual growth, and instead fabricate history, while maintaining immunity from courts and wealth streams. A common weakness found in the pursuit. They are much more interested in dictation than promotion of the pursuit itself. Societal management.

      • David, please define “spiritual growth.” Because at the end of the day, it is going to boil down to spiritual selflessness, like the “Love thy neighbor as thyself” God says, or to spiritual selfishness, like the materialists say.

      • poppadop, Food has always been used as the analogy. If you eat good food, and have a regular healthy diet, a person generally grows strong. Likewise, spiritual food is classed as bread, milk, fruit, wine, and meat (among others). What I see in organized religion is they feed bread only.
        The wine and meat are kept, to maintain advantage , or because they actually do not know.
        This is a predictable result of their decisions made long ago. The bread is full of preservatives.

      • All right, David, if organized religion’s bread for the plebs is all you see, are you sure what you see is all there is…?

        Kevin could probably go into more depth on this, but a number of people in the Axis of Resistance and allied countries seem to be getting all their spiritual food groups, hence the ability to contend with the banker gangsters and educate the world about that.

    2. “There is something ‘pre-radicalized’ in the genetic makeup of millions of Americans, entirely white, mostly Northern European,…” – GD

      Could it be because Europe dumped much of its “human trash” in what is now the USA?

      “You want to know America, read his ‘People’s History’.” – GD

      But skip the final chapter (since it buys into a false 9/11 narrative).

      • Alexis de Tocqueville actually did write about that in “Democracy in America:” “The means which the associations of Europe employ… to act, and not to debate, to fight rather than to persuade, they are naturally led to adopt a form of organization which differs from the ordinary customs of civil bodies, and which assumes the habits and the maxims of military life.”

        The US was founded on trying to oppose that European banker gangster system, but turning into an ally of Bank of England UK around the Federal Reserve Act is when the US dove back in with the banksters.

    3. There are certain things, people feel compelled to be thought of as “proficient in”, when they are not. Cooking is one example, and to insult someones cooking is considered a grave insult, but it may well be true that they are horrible cooks. Very few people are good cooks, but nearly everyone requires praise for any effort in the endeavor. The opposite is true of art, where most people have no problem thinking of themselves as a horrible artist, when generally the opposite is true. They simply do not make the attempt. But spirituality, is the apex of human dogma, here , massive energy is spent and dogmas rein supreme, as the least among us hold leading positions, and spout lies with the most serious of faces, and the truth is considered insane and insulting.

      • The progression of learning, is first knowledge and awareness. The next step is conquering fear. It is a basic step. not advanced. It is this level where 98% are stopped and considered unsuitable to the task. It is quite simple. The person is presented with a face, a situation, or a zippy ‘feeling” of horror, and the response dictates their emotional control score. Most stay stuck in that position and consider it the reality. The world is a jungle. Pretending it is not, is not productive. There are people who pet bears and lions, and those who would never think of it. It’s not for everyone.

    4. Driving down 295 to Collage Park, I remember, while reading Castaneda… Wow a crow? What does that mean! If I saw a hawk! Jeezy peezy. Later rereading you discover an alternate way of perception and focus that requires a lifetime of training. It just goes to show that everything we know is wrong. Or as Firesign Theater once admonished, ” just give the wheeze a squeeze.” We’re all Bozo’s on this bus!

    5. What I have done for the past 20 years is run from place to place, ‘special places’ where I feel I belong. I should make a list.

      Tawas City. Paris. Carcassonne. Vienna. Berlin at Christmas. Lucca, Italy. Venice in Winter at night (Don’t Look Now), Fairford, Reykjavik, New Orleans, Key West 45 years ago, Southern California 45 years ago, San Antonio 45 years ago…Traverse City 50 years ago..Da Nang 50 years ago..Crete…Seljuk.. Trier…Garmisch… ah..Verona, the Colosseum Pizzeria… Portrush Ireland …Dingle…maybe Nice 20 years ago…Viana do Castelo Portugal…

      the need to stop time…

      • …the need to stop time…
        …old man time said
        …it is not me you need
        …all you need is what makes you tick
        …whatever wherever and with whomever that don’t make you sick
        …it is all in your head he said
        … it is not me you need…

    6. Once again Gordon hits it out of the park with a mixture of personal experience and insight into consciousness and the nature of reality. Vexing philosophy for a long time now mankind is almost no nearer to solving the puzzle but Freud began unraveling the unconscious and Jung took it to another deeper level. Listening to Jung’s words in his Undiscovered Self provides a framework to approach events today. The state and religion serve the same purpose to control and order civilization. How America became the failed state reflects the failure of Christian religion as well. The Red Symphony tells us how the game was played by those who created Trotsky in the last century. Today the game is entering the late stage of making the world safe for the one percent, or so they think.

      • Harvey, you realize that Russia reviving Christianity and dumping the Atheist Soviets and corporatists is why the country has gone from receiving billions in American and British military aid in the previous world war to being a primary target of this new world war, correct…?

    7. I have said this before Gordon and you have printed it without cutting me off as you just did with my my ‘Ginsgerg- cesspitt turd pile’ comment. We have DEVOLVED from Godlike beings into monkeys. Well, not all of us. Todays ‘shit throwing’ story. All true by the way, is a million times worse than my Turd pile comment, but thankyou anyway.

    8. Gordon,
      Do tell! Where is Mr S. Allen?
      Good article. You talk to fulford lately… crazy times. Thanks again for being you. A 38 year old here enjoying what you have to say & been paying attention since 2014. Keep it up. Peace to you

    9. I get the sense you are searching for absolutes in a relativistic world, which itself is a path that may best lead you inward.

    10. Hi Gordon
      Lighten up!
      People are just no damned good!

      Thanks for the LateNight show video with the six Trump supporters watching the fake Trump ads. SO funny!! I cried laughing!!

      FYI about Sterling Allan;
      He ran a big website called peswiki, he would fly around world look at and report on free energy stuff like motors that run on only permanent magnets etc., this was “purpose” of site.
      I build “free energy” motor generator prototypes for fun and little bit of profit so knew of “Stirfry”.
      I had a project from guy in Florida paying me to build him something to make power for homes about 12 years ago .
      He told me his brother in law works for FBI and can look up anyone anytime see their bank accounts etc.
      So this guy looked up.Stirlng Allan. He said there were a while bunch of enormous deposits of really big money stuck into his bank account from some giant corporations… he mentioned GE as one….so we assumed Stirfry was in business of finding free energy machines that really work, convincing Inventors to.share secrets with him perhaps, and Stirfry would sell to the corporations for them to patent, keep it all on shelf never to go public…BUT maybe it was really all some sort of corporate-funded child trafficking Epstein/LarryEKing like thing going on and he was/is much worse than imagined and the free energy peswiki site nothing but a front…

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