Meltdown: Trump removal from Office required, Pence needs to be Sworn In


    The Senior Editor

    Over the past 24 hours there has been a serious deterioration in the mental condition of Donald Trump. This is simply a fact.  Over weeks now, we suspect either the onset of a condition or, as we had been warned by (real) sources, Trump may be being poisoned slowly.

    Russian intelligence believes this and told VT in Damascus. If poisoning can be proven, one set of actions needs to be taken, but Trump still needs to step aside.

    If he is not being poisoned, he has to be removed from office and Pence needs to be allowed to take over the campaign and seek a vice presidential candidate.

    There is a secondary issue behind this.  We learned that Trump hasn’t been performing the duties of president for months now.  He does photo ops, tweets, but is living the life of what he knows, a reality TV star.

    Behind the scenes, both the DHS under its Israeli controller, Chad Wolfe and the DOJ under its Opus Dei/Illuminati head, William Barr, are coordinating with sheriff and police departments in key regions to foment violence at the polls in order to justify sending the election to the court.

    Remember, 4 justices thought Al Gore won the 2000 election but 5 justices, all of them beholding to Kosher Nostra masters, the worst of the worst, put Bush in office and brought on stage one of the planned collapse of the United States.

    Trump and COVID 19 are “Stage Two.”

    This election is to be “Stage Three.”

    Wolfe is openly working with factions in Russia against the US and has withheld intelligence on Russian operations in the US from law enforcement.

    What is needed to survive is for remaining institutions, the Kosher Nostra controls:

    • The US media and the internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera
    • The US Supreme Court, now by 5/3
    • The US Senate under the GOP
    • The US Department of Justice under William Barr
    • The US Department of Homeland Security under Chad Wolfe
    • The Joint Special Operations Command, seized by Neocons in 2005 and now under the control of a “star chamber” under St. Hubertus.
    • The major drug cartels that control state and local governments in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Kentucky


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    1. The number of voting ballots “found in the ditch in Wisconsin” was 9. 7 of these ballots were Trump ballots. We need to get President Trump off his ‘junk food’ diet complimented by high stress and sleeplessness. It would destroy anybody. President Trump has Dr. Scott Atlas nearby. Stanford pumps out the best physicians in the U.S.. Somebody get Dr. Atlas over there to slap some sense into the President. It would be proper, and professional. I know he can do it. He doesn’t take and give utter B.S. like Fauci the Shrimp, who allegedly never had a patient, and DEFINITELY is not a healer.

    2. So, they find some absentee ballots from military personnel in a ditch in Pennsylvania, cast for Trump, and all his cultists say, “see, Trump was right about mail-in voting fraud.” It’s not like you’d want to destroy them, and make sure no one ever knew of their existence, if you were trying to rig the vote-count in Trump’s favor. Sorry, Jim Dean, you can make this shit up.

    3. Not a pretty picture, Mr. Duff. He definitely is poisoning himself through lack of sleep, consumption of diet sodas, and junk food. That combination can easily be remedied. One MUST detox the rigors of such a life, or like adding crap into your gas tank after removing the fuel filter, things deteriorate. Schizophrenia is temporarily remedied by diet and detoxing, but the tendency to regress back into maladaptive behavior requires a good friend who is granted authority to correct the poor diet and mandate sleep. No crud without healthy fruits and vegetables. Tune this guy up and we may see something better thought out and fewer obstacles following a better path. I do not see anybody taking away the poisons from his daily habit.

    4. It is a simple case to determine he is a domestic threat. Under those conditions, briefings would be restricted. A first.

    5. Where will this all end up, Gordon? The Trumpsters are clueless, so are the Dems. Will the Zionists finally take total control? Is this like Germany in 1933? Are we looking at another A-bomb a nation like on 9/11? What’s going to happen next? I’m guessing…

      • its worse…they already took control and the fight to get it back involves the military and FBI trying to prevent the election from being rigged as planned or scuttled

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