Trump and Menalia Faking? VT thinks so, but we know what they really deserve…(updating)

Trump and his Spaghetti Queen are using COVID as a campaign fundraiser. It seems those around him stole tens, may be hundreds of millions in campaign emulate Trump family values?

Our poor flag, dishonored, debauched and now infected


I can almost understand why someone would hate the United States except there are an awful lot of really good people in this country.  I have watched them being destroyed for 4 years and not for the first time.  Nixon, Reagan, Bush 43 and worst of all, Trump.

For those unaware, America has fought to become a democracy but wasn’t created as one.  Senators from states with no people, more than a century with no women voting and now a return to massive voter suppression, total control of media by the right (not the left) and the crazy churches ordering their superstitious followers to support the Nazi of ‘their choice…”

We may well be facing a bloodbath…and those who think they are going to profit through hate may well be facing a comeuppance of global proportions.

DOW goes positive on Biden’s negative COVID test.

We aren’t going to feel sorry for monsters…grifters and thieves

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Trump supporters say 99% of COVID tests are fake, false positives and that 96% of those who claim to have COVID, really have something else.  Now they are crying over fatboy and the Spaghetti Queen?  

This is Trump making fun of Hillary’s pneumonia.

Trump says he got it from Hope Hicks.  He told Hannity she got it because members of law enforcement and military can’t get their hands off her, trying to grab her and kiss her?  No, we aren’t making this up:

“When soldiers and law enforcement comes up to her, you know, she wants to treat them great. Not say, ‘Stay away, I can’t get near you.’… They want to hug you and they want to kiss you because we really have done a good job for them. You get close and things happen.” (Daily Beast) (Yes, Trump said “Comes up to her”…he is starting to talk like Melania)(“Things happen?” Is she infected or pregnant?)

Show me a video.

We think he is faking.

This doesn’t pass the smell test, want to know why?

  • Trump dropped 5 points after totally blowing a debate acting exactly like he always has, people are just fed up
  • Menalia’s “fuck Christmas” and “fuck child separation” (kids in cages) hit a day later with a bang
  • Trump’s doctors claim he is tall and thin, 6’4″ and 230, which means 44 long and 34 waist not 56 everything and extra room in the seat…
  • If he dies, I will gladly apologize.  Please hold me to that.  If he had served in the military and not dodged the draft, I would attend the funeral.
  • Trump’s ‘tax avoidance’ quickly becoming ‘tax fraud’ with Ivanka’s fake consulting fees (NYT)
  • Trump has personally infected as many people as possible (unless of course he was vaccinated in November 2019)…
  • The Trump family is running around Ohio without masks even now, though they belong in quarantine

“Just hours before President Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, he was mingling with fundraisers at an event held at his New Jersey golf club—and even posed for personal photo-ops with supporters. The event went ahead after the White House learned that one of the president’s closest aides, Hope Hicks, had tested positive for the disease, according to multiple reports.” (Daily Beast)

  • Let’s also note that even though she knows she is exposed, that lying fraud Kayleigh McEneany still held a press conference without a mask…again

This is an issue of timing.  Could he have COVID?  Yes.  Does he deserve to have COVID after calling it a hoax?  You decide.

Trump, however, sent thousands of armed criminal thugs to threaten and assault voters, yes this is exactly what he did during the debate?  Was that COVID talking or a criminal psychpath?

Was it a criminal psychopath with COVID or one that was told to fake COVID?

Does he deserve to have COVID after sending Kushner out to create artificial shortages of PPE, which still exist.  Hospitals are still reusing masks even though patient loads are much lower.  Why is that?  (We ask nurses, they tell us the truth. When you have a question, always ask a nurse.)

Melania, hateful attitude, broken spaghetti English but overall good physical condition despite many cosmetic surgeries is in a low risk group.

We have learned much about COVID, much that doesn’t go together well, genetic targeting of the Neanderthal gene most recently (high percentage of European Jews and others), certainly African Americans, Hispanics but why?

We also have seen statistics on COVID from the CDC filtered through Health and Human Services while hospitals are under security letter orders from the DHS to not directly report anything to the media or to the people in the communities they serve.

Sound like Communism to you?  It does to us?  In fact, it feels like we have had 4 years of Communism.

Both Trump and Menalia are the two worst people in the world, with the exception of Jared and Ivanka.

What did we learn from the debate?

We learned that Joe Biden has the ability to be president and it is finally sinking in.  Civility, fairness and compassion are the primary skills needed.

We learned that Republicans respect Biden and that there is no dark side of Biden who has been in the public eye for 4 decades without a single scandal.  Which of us can say that?

As I sit here writing this, I sit here, same age as Trump, diabetic, Agent Orange exposed Vietnam vet and share the same risks millions of Americans do, with so many thousands, tens of thousands, over 150,000 who have died unnecessarily due to Trump and the Spaghetti Queen.

So many of those were Vietnam veterans but along with that, we wiped out so may of our remaining Korea and World War II vets as well.

Canada and New Zeeland locked down when they should.  They had sane leadership and those nations suffered very few deaths.  The US, with the world’s biggest economy and the world’s most powerful and intrusive government, a government that records every call, monitors every purchase and keeps records of our travel, even inside our own homes, went totally “hands off” while it seemingly engineered this pandemic under Trump’s guidance.

This was a cleansing of the unwanted by those who really believe they are the chosen people.

Even the Jews hate Trump, the man they put in office to destroy Syria and the Palestinians.  Now they are imprisoned with criminal Netanyahu at the helm.  We are owed an apology by Israel.




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  1. Tranquility and abundance, are at our fingertips, and we just can’t seem to get past a few basic lessons taught by any mother or day care worker worth a hoot. Sharing, no hitting, no stealing, no poisoning, no raping, mind your manners and be decent, respect the dead, and respect boundaries.
    We have been through an industrial revolution, we have to clean up the mess. And we also need to realize, the more commitment based religions are, the more division they cause. The amount of time and energy we have put into them, does not reflect a positive gain for society. They have failed to inject even the simplest of life lessons. Any mother or father would be appalled. Shame on us, for such strife during such abundance. What could cause such idiocy ?

  2. We’re all being played in this Kabuki theater of an election, the results of which have been preordained by the real “powers that be” to include a vast transfer of wealth and power away from the 99% toward the infinitesimally-small fraction of a percent, that may not even be human at this point. Certainly, they have no use for most human beings.

    AI profit algorithms already control the hedge funds and are most likely the determining factors in all decisions relating to nuclear warfare, galloping climate change, and now with bioweapons being used to cull the human herd of the elderly, the unemployable, and especially people of color. That Trump is just the most conspicuous victim of this plandemic only underscores how fat old farts like him, useless eater if there ever was one, are being culled from the herd in record numbers. This process makes predatory Zionism almost quaint by comparison.

  3. If he is genuinely sick, one of the things I find particularly galling is the unprecedented level of care this fat ass will get at Walter Reed, while in the previous six months, he downplayed COVID to the people, extolling the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, while grandma and grandpa were succumbing to the virus. Does anyone think he’ll be getting dosed with hydroxychloroquine? I hope this abundance of caution for this man, seen front and center, totally backfires on the election chances for his months long hypocrisy.

  4. You’re goddammn right he’s faking it! Said he will do a “virtual” campaign rally Friday. Look for some mussed hair “ala Boris”, and some dark circle under eye make-up, mixed in with his usual orange-to-go.

    • That is, for? This just seems a little too convenient a way of throwing the upcoming election into chaos. Trump has lied to us thousands of times already, is this another con job from the consummate con man?

  5. We are at the point in the timeline where the option of Pence pardoning trump would be initiated. Resignation is not something Trump would do, but this makes money and gets the job done.
    I thought the McChrystal endorsement was a positive sign, and he is a decent choice to cleanse the ranks. My first stop would be Ft Hood, all civilians off base, entire command and all ranks in formation for a tongue lashing to never be forgotten.
    We can now start moving past ….”the time of the orcs”. There is much to do.

  6. • Also, Trump’s doctor got ahead of the script.

    Said he was gonna CONVALESCE for 2 weeks.

    When he had no symptoms!

  7. The Orange MAGA-lomaniac is lying AGAIN to dodge the future debates with Biden. He knows all too well that he could only pull the pesky stunt once and even then it cost him 5% of his votes. Again, the timing of his falling ill is a big red flag and i hope his base constituents will remember that in November.

  8. Yup, they reported what a 27,000 time liar fed them as fact.

    I called BS as soon as I heard.

    If #TrumpHasCovid, I can beat LeBron James 1-on-1.

  9. It seems that Trump has just received a dose of his own medicine. I thought he was vaccinated for COVID-19 back in November. Is just all for show, to gain sympathy from and electorate that has been conned way too many times by him? An even darker scenario is that the same “powers that be” who foisted this thing on the planet in the first place have decided that Trump will be the sacrificial “lamb” and gave him a new and improved version of the bioweapon COVID-19. At this point we know nothing. May Heaven help us all.

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