Trump’s positive test for COVID-19 throws U.S. presidential campaign into ‘confusion’

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: The American slang term, ‘the doo doo has hit the fan’, is so appropriate for this event, and I will use it despite my typically staying away from bodily function terms.

The stakes are so high in this election that politeness can be shelved for a bit, particularly so because Trump has had it off the shelf for almost four years as he has relished being offensive.

Here is a nicer one. ‘The chickens have come home to roost’. How fitting is that? The story is not so much that Trump and his Mrs. got Covid, but that his campaign team became super spreaders due to emmulating their boss’ attitude on not wearing masks as a show of strength, and then even more crazy, as a symbol of their having defeated Covid.

Hope Hicks is so far considered for the top spreader, and The Donald, bullshit artist extraordinaire quickly moved in to blame the military attaches and police security with the hots to schmooch her, then intruded into her private zone. This is really what the idiot put out, with his usual winging it.

But spread it she did and maybe even to the first couple as she was with them always on the campagin travel tours with all the hand shaking going on, and God forbid, even hugs. Even the Republican campaign chairman came down with it, all within a few days, which is cancelling a lot of the last 30 days push on the campaigning.

We have photos of the unmasked Republicans sitting near the front of the first debate, with no social distancing, with two senators down with it and having to quarantine during this critical legislation time with the Supreme Court Justice push.

Who could not say that these people deserve whatever befalls them from their own irresponsibility when they have shown such callousness to the American public, but rather their elitism. We owe them nothing, not even pity. They have been a threat to us all…JD ]

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– First aired … October 03,2020

Just a month before the presidential election in the US, President Trump says he has tested positive for coronavirus. Trump’s handling of the pandemic has already been controversial, as he downplayed the severity of the outbreak.

Now, his infection is expected to cast shadow on his campaign, as the election looms.


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  1. The estimate came from the IZA Institute, an economics think tank. Four universities took part. Figures, by today’s estimates, were low.

  2. Watched some of his video. This guy is claiming that a million dead are all fakers. He is hiding his zio-driven conspiracies behind drivel…hiding his true assertions which are childish.

  3. The president and his administration have actively thwarted mitigation of a pandemic resulting in unnecessary deaths of the people. That is a crime.
    This is not incompetence, it is malevolence.

  4. We’ve all been exposed to this virus. Lucky are those that exhibit little or no symptoms. What I would like to know is will recontracting this virus wear us down to an eventual demise?

    • I think the stats would be a hell of a lot worse if we all had been exposed. And government stats indicate no such thing, just the opposite. Those that are asymptomatic are often spreaders who can kill their grandparents and parents Harry. I had a fle shot a few days ago, and I had not had a Covid one yet. You are out in la-la land if you thinks its the flu. Gordon has posted the comparison numbers a good while back. Almost nobody is shilling the flu story any more. Where have you been?

    • I believe you can rig an election very easily in the US and that it is done over and over, beginning with Nixon and Watergate and, of course, how we got our ‘acting president.’

  5. I’ve heard tell that you’re actually a fake person, Ray. Tell the truth, are you really a housewife in Tel Aviv posing as an American? You must be in touch with some other reality than what the rest of us perceive, that COVID-19 is just a hoax. Are you working for the real “powers that be” trying to foist this contagion on as many Americans as possible? They’re using this bioweapon to cull the human herd of useless eaters and stupid Christian Zionists who are Trump’s rock-solid base. They have their Rapture suits all dusted off and are ready to meet their maker. Mind if I and the rest of humanity don’t buy into that BS?

  6. Always keep in mind, Jim, COVID-19 is a bioweapon, most likely developed in a lab in North Carolina. It was designed to attack the elderly, the unemployable, and especially people of color. That Trump is all three of these things (74, never had an actual job in his life, orange) underscores the insidious nature of this vile bioweapon. It has managed to insinuate itself into the very halls of power where life and death decisions are made that affect the lives of millions if not billions. That said, it’s almost certainly not Trump who brought this upon himself. More likely, the real “powers that be” have decided that his time on Earth is about over. In their zeal to rid the planet of useless eaters, Trump and his stupid Christian Zionist followers are just their latest and most conspicuous victims.

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