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Sec. of Defense Austin – Gen. Milley, historic Afghanistan War end...

Jim W. Dean - We are going to hear more about the folly of morphing an anti-terror war into a nation building project that was a gold mine for the grifters.

Glenn Kirschner – Day one Impeachment trial recap

Jim W. Dean - The big question at VT is will the Biden Justice Department be allowed to dig into the Trump team co-conspirators, including his family, or would it fear that it might look like overkill.

VT Nuclear Education: Nuclear denial in Israel, Where Trump is a...

Nuclear security went down in Israel with the theft of the second laptop of their Atomic Energy commission (IAEC) head, Shaul Horev. (2013)

Iran attempts to stop Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman also called for an immediate ceasefire to the conflict. He said that the Islamic Republic has prepared an initiative to resolve the conflict, adding that Tehran is pursuing the plan through consultations with both sides.

Could the Trumpers lose the election over their Covid irresponsibility?

President Trump says he has tested positive for coronavirus. Trump’s handling of the pandemic has already been controversial, as he downplayed the severity of the outbreak. Now, his infection is expected to cast shadow on his campaign, as the election looms.

NEO – NATO in danger of falling apart with an identity...

NATO is now only an alliance on paper, as members are on the verge of war with each other, with little NATO 'brotherhood'. The newest bad boy on the block is neo-Ottoman strong man, Erdogan. NEO's Kulikov gives us an analysis. Does Washington intend to benefit from conflict among NATO members?

NEO – Western metrics no longer matter for Russians

“It is time to stop applying Western metrics to our actions and stop trying to be liked by the West at any cost.” - Lavrov

Should US Syrian sanctions targeting civilians be a war crime?

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian Kurds are now in full bore betrayal mode, having joined in completely with the US plans to use them as a puppet state, carving off northern and eastern Syria.

NEO – Russia-China switch to counter US-Indo-Pacific-strategy mode

Salman Rafi Sheikh -- The “Indo-Pacific Strategy” is largely aimed at entrenching the US in the region with a view to countering the increasing Russian and Chinese economic and political influence.