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…by Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

[ Editor’s Note: While we are in the middle of great turmoil with the election countdown, we have been musing about some of our past, voluminous coverage over the last decade.

I met Gordon, actually being introduced to him online by someone forwarding me one of his articles after I had put a general call out to all my email contacts that I was looking for a good military contact who was not a ‘go along to get along, ass-kissing type’.

He certainly turned out to fit that bill and, over the following year I transitioned over from my Atlanta public TV work into VeteransToday, where we revamped the site toward making it a geopolitical journal.

It all seems like a blur now, so these visits are a good reminder of past battles fought, some lost and some won, but the ultimate prize is to stay in the game, since we have seen so many burn out or blow themselves up.

While writing a lot of our own material, we also reached out to network with others by featuring their work on VT. Below is one by Richard Silverstein.

The anticipation was that these would build new bonds, but time showed that the loner types were only interested in interaction where you promoted their work. As for cross posting any of our stuff, it was ‘no way, Jose’, so we drifted away from those folks, and they from us.

We replaced them by looking for media people and entities where we could leverage each other’s work. We rode the talk radio buzz at its peak, and that got us great new exposure which lead to some of the foreign news breaks with PressTV, the Russians at RT and Sputnik, and then NEO via the Institute of Near Eastern Studies.

We also are having to dive into the archives to check for hacking, and to see if links have been broken, etc. And there have been times where we found editing having taken place, material deleted and even new material added.

That is a sophisticated hack, as logins have to be hacked to get in, which usually signal a country level operative on a salary doing that.

But despite the blows we have taken on the blocks and the bans, the one thing they cannot take away from us is our record of being right on so many of the big stories. Fortunately, the archives are in multiple off-line places so there is no fear of losing them in one shot.

Eventually we won’t be around, and we would hope that the work would remain accessible, something that has not been worked out yet. We think we have time to prepare that. But won’t if the pace remains where it has been for a year like this… JD ]

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Israeli Atomic Energy Commission

From the VT archives – 2013

Nuclear security just went down in Israel with the theft of the second laptop of their Atomic Energy commission (IAEC) head, Shaul Horev. The censors tried to keep his name out of the media but when it surfaced quickly through American blogger Richard Silverstein, they followed.

A random house burglary is blamed, but that is silly. Horev, with his top security clearances, would have been a nuclear weapons briefer for those with a need to know or someone else’s need to impress.

His laptop would have been loaded with all kinds of things that a top nuclear exec would need to have quick access to in countless situations.

Running back to the office to retrieve one in an emergency is really not a kosher option. You have to have it with you and with ‘stuff’ on it, otherwise what’s the point of having it at all. It’s an administrative nuclear football, and someone should have been with it at all times.

News reports say the house had video surveillance, which is always tied into an alarm system. Police so far have not mentioned a word about how the IAEC chief could get hit twice, and the second time have no one guarding his laptop under penalty of death if it went missing.

These reports were spotty at first – the Jerusalem Post on Feb. 26th,

“Unknown assailants burglarized the home of the head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission … and made off with a briefcase full of documents, a wallet, and a mobile device, police reported on Tuesday. The house belongs to Brigadier General Dr. Shaul Horev, head of the IAEC and a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office. Horev is in charge of Israel’s nuclear energy policy, one of the most sensitive jobs in the security establishment.”
Shaul Horev – Israeli AEC Chief

Ynet news reported that thieves stole Horev’s briefcase, wallet, computer and a communication device. However, the Israeli AEC claimed no sensitive material was compromised and that no computer was stolen.

But Israel Hayom countered that the ‘burglars’ may have stolen secret info from a top nuclear official…”We still don’t know exactly what was stolen, and we are launching an investigation.” a police spokesperson said.

Laptops and all mobile devices are top targets for all Intelligence services, not the least of with is Israel. One would have thought with all they have snatched over the years that they would have expected some payback.

Please believe me that common burglars did not break into the house of an IAEC chief under video surveillance. This has all the fingerprints of another Intel agency snatch. But why now?

Israel has more than just your usual weapons security issues like what they have and where it is. It has secrets much more critical to protect. The biggest is its long history of WMD proliferation…using the two way street version. What do I mean by that?

For decades now Israel has drawn not only upon its own domestic talent and resources, but those of Diaspora Jews in nuclear facilities and university classified research positions the world over.

How could a broke Israel, with holocaust survivors eating in soup kitchens have ever paid for a huge WMD program? Where did the money come from? Whose pocket?
The major foreign Intelligence services have been well aware of all this for a long time.

But due to systemic political corruption the Zionists have put roadblocks in place which have prevented even warnings of this activity going out to those who would need to know…much less prosecutions.

Oh you want some proof? Here you go. Name me a single Western country that has taken down and prosecuted an Israeli spy network in military, political, academic, or media espionage. Name one media platform exposed as a Mossad owned front entity.

This counter intelligence ‘oversight’ has aided and abetted the Israelis in accessing, for example, nuclear weapons improvements while they were in the design stage so they could be building their own version in competition with those they stole it from. You can include the US at the top of this list.

There are some gray areas as to what was stolen, and what was ‘allowed’ to be stolen. Any yes, even multinational companies have supported Israel’s WMD efforts, including one very large American chemical company, either privately, or at our government’s bidding. I will be writing about the NUMEC plant case in Apollo, Pennsylvania soon.

Another nasty little secret is that Israel has proliferated WMD when and where it wanted to, for its own reasons. Despite this being widely known in the Intel community the general public knows almost nothing. Apartheid South Africa is the only case to get some publicity.

But there is one small problem with this long running nuclear ambiguity disaster. Israel has been allowed to run these proliferation operations virtually without penalty. Is this a national security threat to all the rest of us? Of course it is, and there are many loyal Intel people shocked by the sellout of their superiors including the political class.

A Davy Crockett early tactical (mini) nuke. American military personell were shown these while touring in Israel in 1983 and shocked to learn they were just given away. Acknowledging this proliferation would trigger immediate sanctions against Israel, like stopping all American foreign aid.

But Israel, in retaliation, could open its own files on all the various governments and state heads and divisions that assisted them by proliferating themselves, to Israel.

Anything that the Israel’s passed on to others, they could claim that had permission to do so, operating as a cut out.

Israel has had state of the art mini nuke technology for a good while. These weapons are extremely dangerous as they are quite mobile, easy to smuggle and use small amounts of nuclear material.

When New York City was testing out some of it new post 9/11 aerial nuclear sniffers to locate ‘hot spots’ as part of creating a base line for measuring changes, they got a big spike over the Israeli consulate.

The Sampson option has had Denise the Menace for a little brother for some time now. Are you wondering whether they might have had these prepositioned in a variety of countries for future use when an ‘incident’ was needed? Well, you are not the only one.

Three South African nukes went missing in transport to Britain. Dr. David Kelley, who is supposed to have killed himself, knew who they had been sold to.

Ongoing searches for different kinds of these have gone on quietly from time to time. The cover story that gets out is that these were testing/training operations, not really ‘live’, but you all know that we have had several major terrorist attacks during some ‘training events’ in the past.

The jury is still out to what extent actual governments were directly involved, or whether they were infiltrated and these ‘live’ operations run inside and parallel to theirs, a tricky thing to pull off that only a handful of major Intel agencies would be able to do.

Meanwhile, as we live constantly under Israel’s WMD threat, the Iran threat hustle continues to get milked for all it is worth.

While Netanyahu struggles to try to form another coalition for another hopeless government the age old problem of trying to unite a historically factionalized people always returns to the perennial straw dog, the outside enemy, which for now is Iran.

Bibi tipped his hand at a cabinet meeting today that Iran is using talks with the six world powers to ‘buy time’, adding that Israel is not only threatened by a nuclear Iran, but other lethal weapons that are ‘piling up.’

This is the first time I have seen him acknowledge that the sanctions have backfired because they forced Iran to create a Manhattan type project to domestically produce state of the art conventional weapons. These can be used not only to defend against a pre-emptive strike, but to retaliate without the need for any nukes, or giving Israel that trigger to respond accordingly.

Israeli Dolphin class nuclear sub with sixteen missile tubes. Thank you Germany for enabling the Zios to launch nuclear missiles off our coastal cities. Thanks a lot.
The pre-emptive defense strike policy will go down in history as a total disaster, courtesy of the NeoCon hoodlums.

There is no Western country that would not be doing all it could to protect itself from such a threat were it in Iran’s shoes. We have had more than a few sources admit this to us off the record.

If there were to be a war, Iran certainly would not start it. It has not been baited by provocation after provocation, including a long history of western terrorism against it which killed 17,000. Iran knew that getting them to retaliate was exactly what some in the West wanted it to do.

But if a war happened, our analysis has shown that worldwide economic devastation to be a given result. Iran holds that retaliation in the palm of its hand with its conventional weapons.

All the collateral suffering that would result would certainly not be blamed on Iran, but on those really responsible, the pre-emptive crazies.

On the good side, we would finally be rid of political Zionism and uprisings all over world would clean house of the John McCain and Lyndsey Graham type water carriers for the Zionist Lobbies.

But economic devastation is too high a price to pay. Massive sanctions on Israel for WMD proliferation is our best ticket to freedom, and the sooner the better…for the Israelis, too.


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