Breaking: Did Trump return to White House to die? Video being buried

What you are watching is an act of a desperate man out of fear that he is going to lose everything if he loses the election


Why has mass media once again failed us, with video proof that a seriously ill Trump was allowed to return to the White House to be a sock puppet?

…from Dave Dole, The Rational National

[ Editor’s Note: Here we are with the American people screwed again by our fake ‘free media’. I only found this like because YouTube did a recommendation for me, one of the rare benefits of being spied on.

Before I began to lay this out, I googled to see what other media was already leading with this video today. There was nobody. If someone has seen it, please let me know in the comments.

What we may have going on here is a massive failure of the public’s right to know. There must be a huge retribution against all those involved that failed in their duty to serve the American people, having chosen ‘Donald the Don’ as their bread ticket for life. There might even be criminal negligence involved in this by the enablers.

We own Dave Dole for doing what no one else would do. He might have good VT material, and I will be trying to contact him today.

The close up video starts at about 25 seconds. Anyone can see the subject is a terribly sick man, doing his best to fake being OK. I understand his egotistical ass wanting to do this, but it is a disgrace for all those that enabled this seriously ill person being used as a sock puppet, even if ordered to do so.

What you are watching is an act of a desperate man out of fear that he is going to lose everything if he loses the election; and a tidal wave of retribution is waiting to role across the land.

The morning polls are crushing, due to the incompetency of the White House desperation, including the sad medical staff. Would they deceive us as to Trump’s real condition at such a key moment in the election?

Gordon has already published the CNN polls showing Trump and his regime down 16 points, kind of a hint that the public is disappointed at being screwed over like they have been. The next step in public revenge is to vote straight ticket Democrat to crush the Republican Party and force it to rebuild with the moderate Repubs at the helm, who are reasonable people.

It will take control of the Senate and eventually the Supreme Court to undo the damage. And if the Dems turn out to be just as rotten once they are in control, we can throw their asses out.

Please excuse my lack of politeness. VT did not create the political civil war we are now in.  All those that try to steal the election on November 4th, we should let them know that no quarter will be given, and infamy will be by their own hand, not ours… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … October 06, 2020



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  1. “… if the Dems turn out to be just as rotten once they are in control, we can throw their asses out.”

    Isn’t that exactly what happened after the 2008 elections when the Dems also did little but serve the banker gangsters, leading to the Dems losing their majorities in Congress to Trump and the Repubs…?

    Both corporate parties, the Dems and Repubs are not the real systems which allow the banksters to keep cycling through crooks.

    • Correct, John. And, of course, what ties control of politicians and the CMMM corporations together is money. And when that doesn’t work, it’s violence. “Banker gangster” encapsulates this abusive control of money and violence cleanly.

      Their “two party duopoly” is getting particularly nasty with militant stances being fomented on both sides. Whether people fight for the bankster-controlled Dems or the bankster-controlled Repubs, who do you think wins either way…?

  2. This is nuts. Some of this could be part of the drug response. If they are pumping him up because he demaned it so he could try to say the election, this might kill him and then the shit will hit the fan with these medical people giving him the OK….or….Maybe he Hippa Act is a firewall where we can never legally see his records, but just have to take what they give us. Or, he will pretend he died, go out in style, and then sneak out to live in Bibi’s house.

  3. And then again, maybe he figured he was too vulnerable in the hospital and feared a Scalia pillow coming his way..

    • Have you ever seen a football game where the star player is injured and then sucks it up to return to the game amid the crowd cheers? Trump feels it is his responsibility to appear strong in the face of his virus infection as an inspiration to the public.

  4. Given all we know, the “ceremony” in the recently ripped up rose garden, was abhorrent to US history, ideals, and trajectory. Given all we know, Trump has a ‘more than likely ‘ chance of dying within the next two weeks. And , given all we know, his campaign is essentially shut down. The west wing is shut down. And they brought it all on themselves with short sightedness, lust of undeserved power, avarice, and fulfilling the very lengthy list of things required to be considered a clear and consistent Domestic Threat to the physical lives of US people and the country itself.

    • There is a difference between a Fox and a Dog, in regard to human relationship. One is a faithful loyal companion and ever present in a time of need, a true friend. The other is a trickster, and ever trying to steal our sustenance. A cunning and laughing and conniving menace, the village is always watching for. Their fate is to be skinned and used as clothing to keep us warm, and the other gets a portion of our steak by the fire. This is basic nature.

  5. I believe reports have stated he has been treated with experimental, and therefore risky, protocols.
    If he was in such dire condition to need experimental treatment, he should be in the hospital under constant supervision.
    He does NOT look well and given his age and generally unhealthy diet this is a very serious threat to his life.
    If Trump dies, we get Pence for a few months. Possibly four more years.
    That might be worse than another term with Trump!

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