Breaking: Murdoch-Fox-Hannity engineered spread of COVID to US, Italy, Spain…


Introduction: VT ran across Fox News years ago, before it was what it is.  The story was simple, a fake Australian billionaire, supposedly named Rupert Murdoch, the inheritor of the Maxwell-Epstein empire, wanted to buy American’s media.

Murdoch, an Israeli-Australian (now US by act of congress) citizen, is a plotter.  He bought Newt Gingrich, hired his wife, published Newt’s awful books and had a GOP congress give him the American based Fox network by changing law on foreign ownership.

Murdoch now owns the GOP, or co-owns with Sheldon Adelson, Macao gambling boss that funds Trump.

Miriam Adelson and Rupert Murdoch

The idea was to declare war on the US from inside, militarizing idiocy and primitive evangelical heresy into a political block of misogynists’, racists and neo-Nazis.

This faction then took over the GOP.  Now we find with this submission from Australia that Murdoch’s political stranglehold on that nation engineered the spread of COVID 19 to the US where Fox News assured it would destroy the United States, aided by, of course, Murdoch’s close associate and another fanatic Zionist (America last or never) Donald Trump. 

“When news of the virus took off at the beginning of the year , Australia, which has a huge ‘student’ number from China , studying at their Universities … and during the Australian Summer , these students , both visa holders and ‘Nationalised ‘ , ‘new Australians ‘ , many return and go back home till the new scholastic year starts in March .

Many went back to Wuhan ! Anyway, to cut the story short .When the news of the virus became fact based and not a rumour , the evil empire had a solution .   The Australian Government , and their P.M. , S. Morrison , a good Murdoch henchman, gave each student from China $ 8000-$10000 Aust dollars and told each, have a holiday , anywhere in the world  ( not  to stay in China) , and after 2 weeks if you have no symptoms , your good to come back to Australia for the new school year . !!!!!

The favourite destinations ? U.S.A. , ITALY , FRANCE , SPAIN , need I, say more . Ugly facts , that can be proven to your investigators , as long as you avoid the Murdoch press . His puppet’s gift to his so called new homeland  and business paradise . The Trojan Proxy . This is fact not myth , and obviously has tragic implications .

BUT!  HOWEVER ! When one observes the  ‘FOX  ‘  TAKE ON ‘POX’ , sly Rupert ‘s , reaction, and selling of FAKE FACTS , it is  murderous not negligent .

Forever , promoting a nonsense web , entrapping ,   lying to the American public, promoting  deadly LIES , pushing , thrusting ,  a  malevolent conspiracy ,  whilst playing down the actual  dangers . THUS  … the mess your in oh ally  .  Oh brother . S.O.S. AMERICA , NO , S.Y.S. save -your- souls .

The Anti-Christ , lives amongst you . He is no American , and he is no Patriot . But he is yours , now .  Murdoch is ,  alas , yours , and to the  fore . His Puppet’s toxic  holiday gifts to the Nation that once  selflessly created ‘The Marshall Plan  and saved  civilisation ‘  is repaid in mis-information and  damnation .  ‘OH SEPPO’ , he  has killed scores . For  pity never sleeps when these dying numbers onwards creep .  May the nightmare  end . AMEN” !


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  1. We have grown sleepy and uninformed as to chain of command. Monarchy always has a buffer, and plenty of spokes in the wheel. In Britain it is the House of “Lords”.

    A simple reason why I chastised any tenant for calling me a landlord. My title is property manager, we do not abide lords here, just so you know. Their faces upon doing so, not only illustrated our position, but the effectiveness of simple words, and how they change perceptions. Murdoch knows this and is a monster for a bigger monster.

  2. It’s getting tougher to remain an optimist. Actually even tougher to survive these insane criminals. Satanic? Reptilian? Inter-dimentional Jinn? I don’t know; but I wish they would go away.

  3. This was to be expected, Gordon. COVID-19 is a bioweapon for Pete’s sake. The real “powers that be”, including the Murdochs, are using it to cull the human herd of so-called useless eaters. Like Henry Kissinger said back in 2016, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.” The mechanics of spreading this bioweapon around include using “super spreaders” like Trump himself, to convincing the crazy Trumpsters that the whole thing is a hoax. In reality it’s like the US giving smallpox-infested blankets to the Plains Indians back in the 19th Century. Do you really think that was done to keep them warm in the wintertime? Hell no! It was to kill as many Native Americans as possible!

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