U.S. Could Have Had 130,000 Fewer COVID-19 Deaths With Better Response


Columbia Report Exemplifies Failures of the U.S. Government Policies and Crisis Managing

Health Editor’s Note: This report compares the per capita death rate in the U.S. to other high-income countries of France, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Japan. While pretending that the U.S. had the same death rate as the other countries listed it is calculated that if we had the South Korea’s rate it would have been 215,000 fewer deaths. If the U.S. had the same death rate as Canada, America would have avoided about 132,000 fewer deaths.

Even though the U.S. has only 4% of the world’s population, it has had about 20% of all COVID-19 deaths in the world. Shocking! Healthcare spending makes up 17.7% of the nation’s GNP, even though the U.S. only ranks 15th in world healthcare.  

The ways Trump and the White House has failed U.S. citizens during this pandemic:

  • insufficient testing
  • insufficient contact tracing systems
  • lack of mask mandate 
  • leadership vacuum
  • failure of leaders to model best practices
  • denigration of science and medicine
  • attacking the FDA
  • calling NIH director Fauci a ‘disaster’
  • disagreeing with the CDC
  • attacks on his own administration’s health experts 
  • encouraging large groups to form by continuing to have political rallies
  • playing down seriousness of COVID-19 virus







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  1. Hi Tommy
    I don’t know but assume what flowed through Europe and back to USA is what was dropped into Iran. That Wuhan virus watered itself down fairly quickly after passing through millions of Chinese….

    They don’t have to hit the USA with any sort of special bioweapon just for the USA!
    Because; half of population and their “representatives” in congress dumbed-down nazis not to mention Trump and Pompeo…..
    Plus, the USA also has the worlds worst health care system, which serves only the grotesquely rich, with all the poor and middle class literally left to die.

    Thanks for agreeing with me!

    I have been trying to get this message across for months,
    it seems most logical and most likely looking at facts events numbers dates coincidences, plus motives, means, and who “hoped to” benefit.
    Plus, who are the worst fuckers in the world capable of being so fucking stupid and sloppy the whole world becomes infected including themselves by bioweapons they themselves made and deployed.

  2. Added to list is the biological warfare attack with a heaviy nano teched virus in October 2019, dropped into Wuhan China as a “humanitarian soft weapon” …..
    no worse than a bad flu, doesn’t kill kids, and engineered to be super contagious and purpose was to force no1 industrial city in China into quarantine, by the clever lab engineered “time release” feature of no symptoms in carriers for 14 days but highly contagious during that period.
    The SARS added “virus” also designed to infect only the Chinese genome structure, so the USA was presumed safe from blowback
    (not! …it mutated into a rogue bioagent)
    In February at height of great success in China another bioagent dropped into Iran as retaliation for the two Iranian ballistic missle attacks on the US airbases. This much more deadly, made to kill as many members of Iranian government as.possible. “Unfortunate” this bioagent also went rogue and left the confines of Persian/Arab populations it was designed to only infect, and spread worldwide.

    • You nailed it, Konehead. The Jerusalem Post reported that the USA knew how the bioweapon COVID-19 would attack Wuhan back in the second week of November and warned Israel about it. Gordon Duff reported that “Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” As you said, it’s entirely possible that a different version of this bioweapon was deployed against Iran, and that yet another version was deployed against the USA to cover up the biggest transfer of wealth in human history from the US treasury to the banksters and the big corpse.

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