How can Biden heal America when Trump doesn’t want it healed?

The nearest thing America has had to a dictator is beaten but unbowed. He will disgrace the national scene for some time yet

America has become a Borat film

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor

For millions of Americans – a majority, by almost 5m popular votes – it’s a time for celebration and relief. Trump’s cruelty, vindictiveness, non-stop lies, corruption, rejection of science, chaotic incompetence and gross narcissism brought out the worst in America. He tested the limits of American decency and democracy. He is the closest we have come to a dictator.

Democracy has had a reprieve, a stay of execution. We have another chance to preserve it, and restore what’s good about America.

It will not be easy. The social fabric is deeply torn. Joe Biden will inherit a pandemic far worse than it would have been had Trump not played it down and refused to take responsibility for containing it, and an economic crisis exacting an unnecessary toll.

The worst legacy of Trump’s term of office is a bitterly divided America.

Judging by the number of ballots cast in the election, Trump’s base of support is roughly 70 million. They were angry even before the election (as were Biden supporters). Now, presumably, they are angrier.

He didn’t just pour salt into our wounds. He planted grenades in them

The nation was already divided when Trump became president – by race and ethnicity, region, education, national origin, religion and class. But he exploited these divisions to advance himself. He didn’t just pour salt into our wounds. He planted grenades in them.

It is a vile legacy. Although Americans have strongly disagreed over what we want the government to do, we at least agreed to be bound by its decisions. This meta-agreement required enough social trust for us to regard the views and interests of those we disagree with as equally worthy of consideration as our own. But Trump continuously sacrificed that trust to feed his own monstrous ego.  read more



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  1. Four years of pure bitterness and virtually zero optimism or hope for American redemption has certainly damaged my psyche and my soul. I have had absolutely no luck at convincing any of my republican friends to view Trump as a worse option than any liberal candidate. The Qanon/FOX psyop has subliminally infiltrated every conservative mind is all I can figure, to explain this loyalty to party. Donald Trump has consistently reveled himself to be willing to break any and all of the Christian 10 commandments in order to ‘win’ and yet my conservative friends ‘stand down and stand by’ the orange clown. My small glimmer of hope is boosted by my upbringing and by those 30% truth nuggets I can dig out of what I read here at VT. Thank you Gordon for keeping me informed and often entertained. But mostly thank you and all at VT for putting some cracks in the minds of your readers to see things as they are and not how we are programed to see everything. I believe what you folks provide here has seeped into the ‘awareness cloud’ in America and has helped to alter the outcome of this nearly disastrous election. keep up the great work!

  2. “The worst legacy of Trump’s term of office is a bitterly divided America.” Sadly, this division is not about to go away for the simple reason that Christian Zionism is not about to go away. Pastor John Hagee claims there are “50 million Bible-reading Christians that stand with Israel” and every single one of them voted for Trump. They’re a crazy death cult that sees war with Iran and Russia as the precursor to the return of their warrior messiah who will smite all unbelievers. Biden isn’t going to talk them out of believing that any more than he could convince them that the Earth wasn’t created 6000 years ago and that the Sun goes around it.

  3. “The worst legacy of Trump’s term of office is a bitterly divided America.” It could be argued that division began at least since Reagan.

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