from Gordon Duff and Mike Chester, we present;

Message from Mike in the Custom Shop

In the last few months, demand for our offerings has increased dramatically and we have completely sold out of our “basic” special model. There is a severe shortage on the availability of parts which resulted in the price we pay for parts to sharply increase. Parts for the “Basic” if they were even available, would now cost more than we were selling the complete rifles for. No matter how many times I do the calculations, I still don’t think I can make up the deficit in volume.

All of the other firearms shown are still available at the prices shown but we are down to only one of each for most of them and replacing them will cost more.

We are doing our best to keep our custom products available at reasonable prices, but in the foreseeable future we see shortages and higher prices.

Right now, these seen below are the only complete rifles and pistols available, but we are working to replenish our parts supply when they become available.

We still have the necessary components to build complete lower receivers so if you already have an upper, know another place to buy one or have built your own we can still supply the necessary lowers. Prices start at $325 for complete lowers (this price is for a standard mil-spec adjustable stock and pistol grip) and can go up somewhat depending on options chosen.  Call Mike at 517-548-9558 to ask any questions or to place an order…


Chet’s Firearms

The VT Custom Firearms Shop is open for business and is ready to take your orders. We took a short break to give Mike a rest but he is back building custom firearms which we are proud to offer.

COVID attack cat as requested

Recent events have seriously increased the demand for firearms and many dealers are experiencing shortages. We have a very limited supply of in-stock complete rifles and pistols as well as parts for custom builds.

Gordon Duff with one of the VT Firearms ready to go

There are many weapons in inventory that are not listed including a good supply of curio and relic military weapons. We have a somewhat limited supply of optics and magazines so, for now, they are not available for sale except with a rifle or pistol purchase.

50 years before Kadir and G

Many sellers are trying to take advantage of the current shortage by raising their prices but we don’t believe in price gouging. Of course, our suppliers have raised their prices and since our inventory needs to be replaced we will have to raise our prices to compensate. Many parts have more than doubled in price and many are not available at any price. We are doing our best to keep our prices as low as possible. We don’t encourage panic buying but are here to serve your needs.

Carbon Fiber kit

For further information or to purchase any of these guns, please contact Mike Chester at Chet’s Firearms of Howell, Michigan. or phone 517-548-9558.  Ask for Mike. Prices do not include shipping to your local FFL.

All prices are plus reasonable shipping, all sales require normal license procedures and are limited by law in your area, please check.

Dealer is Chet’s Firearms of Howell, Michigan.  We have these weapons for immediate shipment and a few more, like a truckload.  You want it, we will build it for you, any caliber or may well have it for immediate shipment.

Call Mike at 517 548 9558

DISCLOSURE:  Chet’s Firearms is a private company.  VT promotes Chet’s Firearms and Adama’s personnel design weapons offered by Chet’s, a federally licensed dealer and manufacturer.  VT has NO financial interest in Chet’s Firearms and is NOT an owner, partner, or affiliate with Chet’s Firearms.  All legal responsibilities for gun sales is that of Chet’s Firearms and NOT VT or VT Network  

High End Custom .223/5.56 — Sold

This is a special one of a kind rifle that I originally built for myself. I am not currently able to go to the range so I am offering it for sale. It is brand new and is equipped with several custom features. It is equipped with a 3.0 lb. pull match grade custom trigger group. It has a short take-up, a crisp break and a short reset. The rifle is also equipped with a Luth-AR custom adjustable stock, a stainless steel match barrel with a stainless steel custom muzzle brake, a side charging upper, a 13.5 inch ultra slimline keymod rail, and a custom comfortable soft pistol grip. It also includes a 4X32 AIM scope with a red/green illuminated cross hair reticle and a fiber optic open sight on top.


16 inch match stainless steel barrel with stainless custom muzzle brake

Side charging upper receiver

13.5 inch ultra slimline keymod rail

3.0 lb. pull match grade trigger group with a short take-up, crisp break, and a short reset with anti-walk pins. – $200.00+ value

Luth-AR custom adjustable stock $100.00 value

Soft custom pistol grip – $40.00 value

13.5 inch ultra-slimline keymod rail

AIM 4X32 scope with red/green illuminated crosshair reticle and fiber optic open sight on top. – $150.00 value

30 or 10 round magazine – depending on your local laws

Special Price of $999

Premium – Economy .223/5.56 Rifle

This rifle is a high-quality economically priced rifle. It has a 16 inch chrome-moly barrel with a “birdcage” muzzle brake, a Mil-spec adjustable stock and pistol grip, and a 12 inch slimline rail.

The functional components are our same high quality parts that we use for our more expensive rifles, but with lower-priced “furniture.”


16 inch chrome moly barrel with “birdcage” muzzle brake

12-inch slimline rail

Mil-spec adjustable stock and pistol grip

30 or 10 round magazine


Our original exclusive “Can-Within-a-Can”

This is the original version of our famous “can-within-a-can design.

This was originally designed for UK forces as a replacement for the HK MP 5. Their version is 40 round clips, .300AAC/Blackout with threaded recess barrel (on the VT version as well) to take a silencer. If in Blackout, subsonic ammo is available.

When tested against a 9mm MP 5 which costs 4 times as much, this weapon makes the MP 5 look like a child’s toy.  The world of fake weapons gurus had no idea we could get 8 times the range and 5 times the hitting power out of a lighter weapon with larger capacity that you can also beat someone to death with, thus the ‘can within a can’ design.  This is the preferred ‘real life’ combat shooter at below 400 meters where 99.9 percent of real combat happens.


  • 8.5-inch chrome-moly steel barrel
  • 10 inch round front outer “can”
  • flash can
  • Custom pistol grip
  • Shockwave Blade arm brace
  • 30 round magazine
  • Shown with optional red dot sight – +$50
  • Note – cat not included


7.5 Inch .223 Pistol


  • 7.5-inch chrome-moly barrel
  • 7-inch slimline keymod rail
  • Shockwave Blade arm brace – newest style, easily adjustable length
  • Custom pistol grip
  • Birdcage muzzle brake
  • 30 round magazine


16 Inch .223/5.56 Rifle with “Breaching” Muzzle Brake


  • 16 Inch chrome-moly barrel in .223/5.56
  • 12-inch slimline keymod rail
  • Breaching muzzle brake – This can be replaced with a “Birdcage Muzzle Brake at no charge
  • MOE stock
  • custom pistol grip
  • 30 or 10 round magazine – depending on your local laws


20 Inch .223/5.56 Rifle


  • 20-inch chrome-moly barrel in .223/5.56
  • 15-inch slimline keymod rail
  • MOE stock
  • Custom pistol grip
  • Stainless trigger group
  • Sound forwarding muzzle device – This does not reduce the total sound but is supposed to direct more of it forward away from the shooter.
  • 30 or 10 round magazine

$809  $799

450 Bushmaster Rifle

The .450 Bushmaster round was developed specifically as a deer hunting round though it can also be a quite effective anti-personnel round.

Several states, including Michigan, have different zones during deer hunting season. Those nearer to cities only allow the use of shotguns or rifles using non-tapered rounds. The intent of the non-tapered round was to use a pistol cartridge in a rifle for a limited range and power. Rounds such as the .357 magnum, .44 magnum or the .45 Long Colt are used.

Any rifle that uses a cartridge that has a larger compartment for powder and is necked down to propel a smaller caliber bullet at high velocity is not allowed. Bushmaster designed a round to get around this limitation and called it the .450 Bushmaster. You can think of it as basically a .45 very long Colt. It is a non-tapered cartridge so it is legal to use in these restricted areas but has power similar to the high-powered hunting rifles.


  • 16 Inch Phosphate coated barrel
  • 12 inch slimline keymod rail
  • Custom “tanker” style muzzle brake
  • Omega Tactical custom adjustable stock with thick butt pad
  • Custom pistol grip
  • 8 round magazine specifically designed for the .450 (a standard .223 magazine can be used in single stack configuration but is much more prone to jam.)
  • Optic not included in price but we have a few available.


.350 Legend —  This one is sold, but I have another .350 barrel and can build another

The .350 Legend is a brand new round that was first introduced in 2019. It was designed primarily for deer hunting but is also a very fine anti-personnel round.

It is a smooth-sided round similar to the idea of the .450 Bushmaster but is a much more controllable round to shoot with much less recoil. Like the .450 Bushmaster, it was designed to allow hunters to use it in areas that limit deer hunting to the use of shotguns and non-tapered pistol rounds. They started with a basic .223 round and did not taper it down to the .223 bullet. This makes the projectile a .357 bullet. It is quite effective.


  • 18 Inch Phosphate coated chrome-moly barrel
  • 15 inch slimline MLOK rail
  • custom muzzle brake
  • custom grip
  • Rogers Superstock – adjustable with anti-rattle latch
  • 5 round hunting magazine (most states limit capacity for hunting to 5 rounds. Larger magazine will probably be available in the future)
  • Optics are available but not included in price.


The AK cats

California / New York Compatible Rifle 

California and New York have enacted cosmetic laws that ban so-called “assault rifles.”

Any rifle with any appearance item from a list of “features” makes it illegal to purchase. We designed and built a “featureless” rifle that has none of the evil parts. Functionally it is identical to our regular AR rifles, it just looks different.

At first glance, it looks a bit odd but it is actually very pleasant to shoot.

We are now selling this rifle with the much nicer generation 3 stock.

This rifle now comes with the generation 3 stock shown in the first 3 photos. This stock not only looks better but it gets around the non-adjustable restriction by including a series of spacers that can be put in or taken out to adjust the length of the stock. This is legal.

It will come with an upper like the one shown on the older model pictured above. The 3-9X40 Barksa scope is not included but is available for an additional $60


  • 16-inch phosphate coated barrel, target crowned without threads (one of the banned features)
  • New Generation 3 “featureless” stock with a curved hand grip instead of a pistol grip. (another banned item)
  • 10 round magazine (CA and NY limit)
  • 12-inch slimline keymod rail


6.5 Grendel Precision 20 inch Target Rifle

The 6.5 Grendel is the round that the military should be used as it has much more power and accuracy at distance. The bullet is still traveling at supersonic speeds at 1000 yards.

This rifle features a high-end ELD Defense match grade target barrel. It maintains accuracy at well past 1000 yards. ELD is a British company that has made barrels for the UK competition rifle team for many years. They have recently entered the US market and offered manufacturers reasonable prices to get us to try their products. We have found their quality to be excellent. Now that we are using them the introductory prices have ended. This is the last barrel we bought at a lower price so in the future this rifle will cost more.


  • 20 Inch Stainless steel ELD match grade target barrel
  • 15-inch Ultra-slimline keymod rail
  • Custom Stainless muzzle brake
  • Custom padded stock
  • Custom pistol grip
  • 25 round Magazine


Collectible Rifles

SKS Rifle

We have one Chinese made SKS rifle (It appears to be a Norinco, but it does not have brand markings) It has not been touched and is still coated in cosmolene. It is a battle used and has some trench art on the stock. It is chambered in 7.62X39 (same as the AK-47)

We gave it a cursory examination and it appears to be in relatively good condition but it has been used in battle so it has some scars. The cosmolene prevents a closer inspection and I didn’t take any photos. We are therefore offering it in as-in condition.

The price is $349.

  • We also have a new modern custom foldable stock that accepts removable magazines and one magazine. These are available if desired at an extra cost of $100. Contact Mike for the details.

Finnish Mosin Nagant

This is a very rare collectible rifle in “hand select” condition. The Finns copied the Russian Mosin Nagant but shortened the barrel slightly and installed a much-improved trigger system.

They made only a tiny fraction of the number made by the Russians and few were imported to the US. It is still in cosmolene and is in above average condition. It appears to have been used very little or not at all. It is chambered in 7.62X54R as is the original Russian model. These are quite rare and this may be your only chance to get one.

The price is $499

These are just a few of our available offerings. We have many assembled rifles in stock for immediate shipping as well as parts to custom build on to your specifications.

Call Mike at 517-548-9558 to ask any questions or to place an order.

Ask for Mike We accept cashier’s checks, Money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. There is a 3% surcharge for credit card use as that is what we are charged and we just pass it along.

The following photos are of some of our previous builds. Some of these are not currently available. 


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  1. My question, Gordon, is what’s happening in the USA with ammo? I’ve been trying for weeks to buy .45 ACP rounds locally and there is nothing available. What’s up with that?

    • There is a shortage of all ammo across the country right now due to high demand. I have ten 25 round boxes of Remington Golden Sabre in .45 ACP that is available for sale. They are high quality defensive rounds. Call me for the details if interested. 517-548-9558

    • Thanks for the offer Michael. I’m more interested in 140 grain target rounds. When do you think this shortage will let up?

  2. “Got to get a gun, got to get a gun…” – Johanna Kilb from Billiards at Half-Past Nine by Heinrich Böll. This was what I was reading when you were serving in Vietnam, Gordon. I was a pacifist from then on, not to disparage you or any other veteran in any way.

  3. That is one of the reason Gordon and I got into the custom build business, though it has been too long since the last time we sat down together and came up with a unique design. When I am able to translate our ideas into real metal and plastic devices, it gives me pleasure. One of our original designs from about 5-6 years ago is our “can within a can” AR pistol. Neither of us had ever seen anything like this before Gordon suggested that I build one. Last year I began seeing other much larger manufacturers sell a copy of our original design. I guess that we should be flattered as they say that imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism. (or copywrite infringement)

  4. We have a large number of coyotes around here, not the small scraggly desert ones you see in pictures. Ours are about the size of a German Shepard and I have had them walk up into my back yard in the middle of the afternoon. Often at night, I will hear one howl followed by dozens answering. They do keep down the rodent population which is not a bad thing but we have lost a couple of outside cats to them also.

  5. I whacked one with my bike (with Jim Dean on back). Big sucker…maybe 45 pounds. He was ok, very surprisingly. A dramatic test of Kawasaki stability control and ABS.

    • I would have whacked Wile E. in northern Illinois but for expensive Brembo hardware and sticky Conti doughnuts.

      Sorry for Jim having to be on the pillion (no offense to Gordon – I have ridden pillion with Jason Pridmore and did not really enjoy it, but it was an eye-opening experience on how well a bike can be ridden).

  6. It is one of several coatings that inhibit corrosion. It provides an even black color also. Parkerizing also prevents corrosion but it is more of a gray color until it is coated with oil so it turns black. All of the barrels we use, except for the stainless steel ones are chrome moly which is very durable but needs a coating to prevent corrosion.

    • I am not sure what happened to the original question but this answer relates to the purpose of the phosphate coating that is on most of the barrels we use.

  7. Gordon: Do you find 6.5 Grendel ammo plentiful? I know at one point it was hard to get, at least in my area, Tuscola County.

    • Am doing almost no shooting at all. Freakin’ Republican neighbors are hunters, not shooters, and not so many of those. I had no idea Republicans (3rd Coast) would be so anti-gun-fun.

    • 6.5 is dirt cheap, close to .223/5.56. Have yet to test out my 12 inch concept gun which currently sports a 25x Zeiss conquest. As this uses the smaller receiver, it is a better choice than 6.8. At close range you could toast someone with the unburned powder.

  8. I am using a 10 inch 6.5 grendel with a 25x zeiss…which matches the length of the weapon

    along with one or two other things

  9. “The 6.5 Grendel is the round that the military should be using as it has much more power and accuracy at distance.”

    Will the recoil tear an arm off? (Beowulf reference)

    Sad not to see any “feline armaments” this time around.

    • No, the 6.5 has a low recoil, just a bit more than the .223. On the other hand, the .458 SOCCOM lets you know that you have fired something.

  10. Glad to see this back on VT blog. Mike’s AR’s have put a real dent in the central Florida pig population. 😉

    • Always glad to hear from a satisfied customer. I am sure that your local shelter appreciates all of the fresh pork.

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