China to test WHOLE CITY bordering Russia after detecting two residents with coronavirus

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: China shows once again it leads the way in Covid containment. It did not take any crap from the non mask wearers, and just hauled them off the streets and put them into quarantine, assuming they were spreaders.

Those that were identified via contact tracing and did not response to government phone contact requests were then hunted down and hauled in. I remember seeing the videos of them wrestling with pairs of police officers who were dragging them to jail cells when they could have stayed home.

Those were the days when the Chinese government was going to people’s homes to test them so people would not have to go out, or God forbid, go to crowded hospital emergency rooms, which is where the Wuhan virus was widely spread.

So now after the Trump half-assed approach to Covid, and that is a kind description, we are suffering death by a thousand cuts, as the virus is everywhere, because we had a criminally negligent administration focused primarily on its own reelection.

Meanwhile, back in China, the tough restrictions in the first few months have saved its economy, and then they shifted their Covid fight to correctly guard their borders with testing and quarantining of all those coming in, as it showed that was where the new virus threats we coming from.

New Covid clusters were quickly pounced on, as all resources needed were in place everywhere. All local government knew exactly what to do. Local buses, trains, and, markets were immediately closed down and parts of cities completely quarantined, while testing continued to ramp up until there were no new cases being reported.

In the US, this concept was never considered due to a variety of reasons, logistical and political. So yes, I will say it. China showed it had a better system for fighting a pandemic than we did.

Of course Trump was our wild card. A more competent president would have done better, and the Republicans cannot escape that, as the Party let Trump be the front man, and they also showed their main concern was winning the 2020 presidential election.

The term ‘dereliction of duty’ does not even begin to describe what happened in the US. But I do hope that what we are going to endure awakens the nation to the failed system we had in place, where a negligent president made history as the most devastating national security risk we have had in a long time.

RT seems to be getting tired, as it ends the following article with the rote repetition of ground zero of the pandemic being Wuhan. But inside the article, there is a link to a previous article where the first case was found in France in December 2019, when some respiratory pneumonia tests were checked and their first Covid case popped up.

As for RT, it is pretty late in the game for such a large media platform to not have a Covid fact timeline chart up somewhere on theirJim W. Dean ]

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First published … November 11, 2020

A massive effort to contain a Covid-19 outbreak has kicked off in China’s city of Manzhouli after two locals contracted the disease. Apart from restrictive measures, the operation involves the testing of around 300,000 residents.

Strict quarantine rules were rolled out in the city on China’s border with Russia after two cases of coronavirus were detected on Saturday. Two residents, a sanitation worker and his wife, employed as a domestic aide, tested positive for the virus, yet it remains unclear where they managed to contract it from, local media reported.

Authorities launched a large-scale operation to contain the virus immediately after the diagnosis was confirmed. They sealed off recent locations that the couple visited, including a local police station, and disinfected them. Places visited by close contacts of the infected pair have also been sealed.

Access to the city – which is a major trade and logistics hub – and movement within it has been heavily restricted. All operations at Manzhouli bus and train stations have been suspended, while schools and other public places are closed. While the residents have not been placed under a curfew, they have been “encouraged” to limit their travel.

An ambitious plan to test all the residents of the city, some 300,000 people, is underway. Testing began early on Sunday and is expected to be completed within three days.

China has repeatedly introduced large-scale measures over the course of this year to weed out detected clusters of coronavirus infections. The biggest one took place in the city of Wuhan, still widely referred to as the ‘ground zero’ of the pandemic that has plagued the whole globe throughout 2020.

Mounting scientific evidence, however, suggests Covid-19 was actually just first detected and identified in China, while the virus itself circulated across the globe as early as last summer, with the earliest traces of virus found in Spanish wastewater samples collected back in March 2019.


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