PRESS TV: The Debate – Senior geopolitical analyst, Patricia DeGennaro from Washington DC and editor of VT, Mike Harris from Phoenix


Senior Editor’s note: Almost immediately after this, Arizona was called for Biden by every accepted news service by a solid margin.  If wordpress had emogees, I would be using one now.

This interview address’s the appearance and belief at attempt by Bolshevik/Democrats committing massive election fraud to steal the election from President Donald Trump.
It is unfortunate that Press TV matched me with such an ill informed person, it is also unfortunate she has so little respect for Press TV and the audience, that she appears in her bathrobe. Her rudeness and constant interruptions and talking over me and the moderator are inexcusable.
She failed to make her point, and it should be obvious to all that patriotic Americans will not allow this election to be stolen by the Bolshevik/Democrats. Remember during the Russian Bolshevik Revolution the Bolsheviks killed over 100 million white Christian Russians; (and stole all of their property and material goods); do you think they will hesitate to kill the 92 million deplorables who voted for Donald Trump? Do the math, if they succeed this is war, God Bless America and all of our people.

Unfortunately we had to edit the video graphics and minor content for Youtube standards.

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  1. Defending the Zionist right is an oxymoron! You know very well that the same entity that created bolshevism created capitalism, socialism and all the other ism’s including republicans and democrats!
    Filing lawsuits (so far judges are dismissing them faster than they can be filed!) alleging fraud does not mean fraud was committed! And attorneys love money so expect lots of them! And I am sure you know that none of the votes matter, it is only the electoral votes that count. Whichever candidate gets 270 certified votes, he will be the next president (amendment 12), no ifs, ands or buts! What is going on is a show made to distract us and pit us one against another. You can’t be for trump because you hate Biden and vice versa. If there is a god, god help us all!

  2. Come on man! (Mike) Prove you have pants on. I prefer the bathrobe over Half a suite. Looks like you are ruled by your gut and not your head. Your facts are not aligning with your intelligence. I think Kenny Rodgers has a song for you.

  3. Trump canceled the JCPOA, imposed the harshest sanctions on Iran and many countries (a full on act of war), is repealing the ACA which is unpatriotic, gifted all of Palestine to Israel’s Likud, defunded every US social infrastructure, boosted the military budget, never said a word on Yemeni genocide with all his friends in the house of Saud, and this is a guy you’re defending ?

    • Trump has surrounded himself with Likudniks and Christian Zionists. Their hopes for the future can only be called apocalyptic. They want to turn the USA into some kind of Christian Zionist theocracy. That they haven’t come to terms with the fact that Trump lost the election is because they live in a faith-based reality where the Earth was created 6000 years ago and the Sun is its planet. Don’t expect them to change anytime soon.

  4. Mike,
    You have lost. I am not a Bolshevik.
    Trump has Socialized Medicine.
    I want that for you, Brother.


  5. Mike Harris the chatter at NIAC, Responsible Statecraft, and many more non hawkish non Neocon outlet is that your swamp drainer is preparing for a war with Iran just like how Adelson wanted it. It’s not right that you agree with Virginia on who the deep state is but you’re unwilling to see who financed and who is calling the shots of who you’re defending, the best friend of Israel. We Iranians have never suffered as much as now under your president Trump, never. Sanctions are just like war, the only difference is that it kills you slowly. Obama’s sanctions were never on medicine never a maximum pressure.

    • From Jim Lobe of the old Lobelog which was the work of the sanest people for over 15 years exposing the Neocons:
      “Totally predictable. Pompeo, Bolton, FDD, Bibi, Trump all bear direct responsibility for this result, which, of course, could yet result in a war over the next 70 days.”
      He’s talking about this:

      “When the Trump admin took office, Iran had ~102kg of enriched uranium.
      That stockpile is now nearly 2.5 tons.

      Maximum pressure is a success in the same universe in which the administration is now preparing for a 2d term”

      Trump always knew that it would lead to war. Adelson had briefed him before financing him.

    • This war will inevitably involve Russia. It will go nuclear within hours. It will be the “national emergency” that will enable Trump to invoke special powers under the USA Patriot Act and remain in office indefinitely.

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