…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: PressTV asked me for some early observations about Biden’s initial remarks on his first day ‘to do’ list, which had to be somewhat vague during his ‘pre President elect’ current position.

Their style in these is to send a short list of questions but also encourage anything you might have that you feel is pertinent. Iran relations of course was the main, but not only focus.

The key hurdle I saw for Iran is that while Biden had stated he would rejoin the JCPOA, he mentioned some ‘other issues’ surrounding it would have to be worked out. I, of course, quickly grabbed onto that being Biden’s first diplomatic screw up right from the start, as that would be just a Biden version and continuation of renegotiating the deal, a la Trump.

The Iranians of course, have held steadfast for not renegotiating JCPOA in any way, as once that is started that would set a precedent for anyone else to break future deals in the future to renegotiate for any reason they chose.

Biden has put the Saudis on the early the target list, a country that literally no one needs, and if it disappeared tomorrow no one would suffer. It’s oil production is not critically needed.

And on the flip side, it has been a major supporter of terrorism, with the US and Israel being close partners, something that 99.5% of Americans are totally in denial over, and 95% of the military and intelligence community.

But back here at home we have our own hands currently full dealing with our resident ‘Terrorist in Chief’ and his Twitter machinegun. There will be much published on that until and after January 20th.

So far Trump is doing exactly like we thought he would do if the vote went against him. The issue is still in doubt as to the detailsl but he is a desperate man. He is no fool, and knows what not having presidential immunity will mean to his future, that he will probably lose everything.

And if that is the case, why not go out in a blaze of orange glory and take a lot of people with him as his final act. We are all in danger while he remains in office.

The situation will continue to a degree, as we will have a hoodlum walking around with a lot of classified information that he can use to his own benefit and pleasure as long as he has freedom of movement. Thus ends my cheery missive for today …JD ] 

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If Saudi Arabia reverted back to empty desert, what would be the loss to humanity?

From first day, Biden will go after Saudi kingdom

First published and aired … November 15, 2020

Joe Biden will not be prisoner to past statements he has made, simply by stating the situation was different at that time.

On the other hand, he has had a human rights for political dissidents oar in the water for a long time, and it would seem with his plans to roll out a lot of changes from the first day of his administration that Saudi Arabia will be on the list, especially its stupid Yemen war.

But what he can do from his pulpit and whether he can bring Congress along with him are two different things.

Israel is not going to be happy about his rejoining the JCPOA, but if he puts conditions on that for Iran, he will not really be rejoining, but just a similar ploy that Trump did on renegotiating the deal. He will open himself up to charges that his is a Democratic version of Trump on the issue.

As for the Palestinians, that issue will be in play with the Jared Kushner no longer driving that deal. Biden has no love for Bibi and expect to see an open display of Biden not coddling up to Bibi as Trump did. Whether this position will last, and real changes are made toward settling the West Bank issue, is still up in the air. Talking about changes is easy. Getting them done is hard.

The Israeli lobby may not attack Biden right away, waiting to see what he ‘does’ versus what he says. Biden knows he will be creating what his legacy will be as he could be a one term president for age reasons. He will want to add some major achievements to his record. But it looks like he will have a Republican Senate unless a miracle happens to win both Georgia Senate seats.

Whatever Biden does by executive order could be undone by a Republican victory in 2024. And don’t rule out Trump running again if he can survive his legal and scandal problems. His wife is rumored to want a divorce after the election, and is already talking about a trust set up for their son.

The other hurdle for Biden is if he does not go after the huge list of criminal activity by the Trump regime. Thousands of ex-prosecutors are ready to go to work on the cases, to send a message to future wild presidents that they can and will be prosecuted for illegal acts when they leave.

For Biden to take a pass on this as being “a distraction” to pursuing other priorities, that will put some of his supporters into opposition, early in his administrations, which might include VT.

To leave even the idea of a criminal presidency not being punished is considered a major security threat by those loyal intel people here, who I must admit are not in the majority, as too many will do almost anything if they get paid.

Biden to ‘reassess’ close US-Saudi ties under Trump: Report

US President-elect Joe Biden will “reassess” close US-Saudi ties under the Trump administration, a report says.

Jim W. Dean is an American political commentator and the managing editor of VT. He recorded this article for Press TV website.


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  1. So long as the Americans have the Zionist monkey on their back, nothing will really change for the better. These vermin have already dug in their heels deep into the American Government’s various departments and it will take a massive crowbar to pull them out of the woodwork.

    The Zionists, the Neo-Conservatives, the Banks, the Military-Industrial Bigwigs, the Wall Street sharks, the racists, and God knows who else; have been pushing around the American people for years on end, without the majority of them realising how they have been baffaloed all along.

    All it needs is the WILL of the Americans to put their foot down and say enough is enough. Not easy, because they have to fight Corruption, Blackmail, and Threats to their lives every centimetre of the way.
    On top of it all, they have to fight in the midst of a divided society on the lines of race, colour, religion, and origin.
    The same can be said for us Indians, the British, the French, the Germans, and all the other countries whose economy is in the grip of a cartel of Bankers.

  2. “The other hurdle for Biden is if he does not go after the huge list of criminal activity by the Trump regime. Thousands of ex-prosecutors are ready to go to work on the cases, to send a message to future wild presidents that they can and will be prosecuted for illegal acts when they leave”
    Biden already turning chickenshit!

  3. Hopefully Biden will go through list of all Trump did that fucked things up and do opposite. A policy of “Inversions of Trump policy” would work well but don’t count on it being a happy world of justice in future.
    Kamala would be good attack dog to send after Trump criminality, have you seen her go after witnesses in congress..
    She’s pretty good at make criminal liars squirm and fumble the ball..
    Kamala, aong with Audrey Strauss would be formidable oppin nts to Giuliani and Barr….Strauss the SDNY judge with distinction of ripping apart Roy Cohn early in her career, jailing Cohen until he sang like a bird (wrote a book) and Ghislaine Maxell she nailed and jailed (without bail) within days of being appointed, …let’s see if Trump tries to pardon Maxwell before she rats him out…. Besides that Strauss jailed two “Ukrainian business associates” of Trump….Strauss probably Trumps worse enemy on planet she would be happy and proud to nail him for rape and pedophilia via Maxwel as witness l and 13 yr old rape victim at Epstein orgy “Jane Doe”…tax invasion and treason trials would become second and third acts in ticket to opera.
    Being the one responsible for spreading coronavirus bioweapon throughout world via giving OK for biological warfare attacks on China and Iran might have to wait as many democratic warhawks in congress in the know and complicit…. plus if truth admitted rest of world would want to nuke USA, at least send some more virus it’s way.

  4. Jim , are you sure he will not be prisoner to past statements and acts he has made ??? Seems you forget that was Biden who in 2001 as president of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations support W to attack Afghanistan, was Biden in 2002 along others 77 senators both parties who adopt a resolution to attack and invade Iraq with the fake tale of WMD and was the same Biden who in 2007 proposed split Iraq and creating 3 autonomous regions.

    • At this point, Biden isn’t joined at the hip to Israel like Trump is. Yes, he will have to do the little dance to appease the Zionists who control the Democratic party, but I hope he has learned something over the years about how to deal with Israel. The parable of the frog and the scorpion comes to mind…

      A scorpion, which cannot swim, asks a frog to carry it across a river on the frog’s back. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: “I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature.”

    • Adrian, Hardly any politician that has been around for a long time is a walking around children’s story book. They have all made compromises and changed positions. At the end of the day we are still left with choosing who we dislike the least.

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