EDITORS NOTE:  VT believes the information in this article to be a hoax


Alleged server seized by US Army

By Mike Harris


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  1. It is really very simple. Trump was hated, despised like no other candidate in US history.

    voter turn out was heavy. A significant number of Republicans voted for Biden simply received the most popular and election college votes. Incredible Dem turnout despite of voter list culling. Also, demographics is destiny. Trump’s core white supporter base is shrinking every election. Why are Trump supporters and pundits like Harris and RDS so delusional about reality? They are really in the minority. They have been claiming 100% chance Trump will be inaugurated on Jan 20,2021. RDS claims Biden secretly controlled by Trump via video taped confessions. Not in the reality based community. That’s a problem. Chinese, Russians, Israelis and Germans will eat our lunch. US to become a giant recourse extraction latifundia. Colonial model like Brazil under Portuguese rule.

    Trump supporters won’t give up on Trump but if they cannot win, they will give up on democracy.

    These stories about election fraud are bogus. However, Trump may have gotten millions of extra votes himself via electronic voting machines. One FOX called Arizona for Biden in the early evening he knew he had been thrown under the bus. Without Arizona the math for Trump really did not work out and he was toast.

    • I’m minded to take this with a large pinch of salt also, until corroborated. That said, I suspect Mr Shrimpton may be dancing in the street if it does get corroborated. Frankfurt you say? Wouldn’t that be Germany. 😉

  2. I do appreciate the fact the Army refutes this story however, they may be criminal but they are no fools.

  3. My 93 year old father in law is all in on this Mike. He has seen a lot of shit. Let’s repeat a lot of shit. I am not one to trust anything I can’t verify. The US Military ranks last on my list. God bless the young men and women thinking they are paying their Dues. What this president says and does publicly is enough to disqualify him as a free US citizen 10 time over. Funny how the greatest Winners in our capitalistic society are (inter)personally the biggest losers.

  4. I already told you, don’t celebrate yet, wait for more tricks will getting out of wizard’s hat yet… and still lacking the big white rabbit !!!

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