COVID-19 Deaths Will Mount as Hospitals Face Staffing Shortage


One Half of the States are Subject to Hospital Staffing Shortages

Health Editor’s Note: What good are adequate person protection supplies when you have no one to wear or use them?  Patients are being transferred to hospitals, far away from the place of their diagnosis, to be taken care of. Hospitals are running out of healthy, non-COVID-19 infected staff. For instance, in Texas ICU nurses typically only take care of 2 patients but are now being pushed to care for 6 to 8 as staff numbers decline due to being ill with COVID-19.  At least 25 states are having shortages of healthcare workers. Is your state on this list?  More states will join this group.

How can you help? Practice all the measures to not contract COVID19.  Wear masks over nose and mouth when in buildings and around others you do not live with, stay at least 6 or more feet away from another person, avoid groups of any size, do not leave your home if you are ill, wash those hands before touching your face, nose, mouth, eyes, and keep washing them, avoid being around anyone who is sick, avoid areas with poor ventilation, do not host a Thanksgiving meal or go to someone else’s house. Do not be part of the cause for increasing numbers of coronavirus cases. This increase in cases and deaths from COVID-19 very likely will continue through Christmas holidays time. Plan how you can make your holidays okay without getting together with those you do not live with. Virtual Christmas gift unwrapping can be made via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc. Until we have a vaccine we have to stop being fodder for coronavirus.  If you do not contract COVID-19 and do not become a patient, you make it easier on the healthcare workers who are playing catch up at all levels. Be part of the solution not the huge pandemic problem we are living through. Do your part to stop the spread of Rona..Carol


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  1. As a healthcare worker I will be one of the first to be vaccinated (if we haven’t already been 🤣). I have to trust the system. On my mRNA concern -it is one that has been holding back this development by the professionals the government and industry that funds this development. My understanding is that utilizing these modified RNA therapies and vaccinations the risk is the immune response the body mounts to these ‘foreign invaders’ can be devastating to some, Like an anaphylactic response. The potential promise of mRNA therapies and vaccines is tremendous. What they could do with the ability to modify cells of the body is awe inspiring, some what godlike and certainly not a power or ability left in any ones’ or singular entities’ sole wheelhouse. And as always be aware of unintended consequences.

    • SouthThunder230, I do not see that some of our bodies will look upon the mRNA made vaccine as such a ‘foreign invader’ that the body will have an anaphylactic response. mRNA vaccines do not contain antigens but they do contain a blueprint for the antigen in the form of genetic material. In Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines the mRNA give plans to build the spike protein which the SARS-CoV-2 virus uses to attach to and infect cells. After the vaccine is injected into the muscle (2 dose vaccine) the cells uptake the mRNA and the body starts to build antigens and the mRNA starts to break. Antigens come out of the cells and alert the immune system. WBCs (B cells) make antigen and releases antibodies to the invading virus. I would see nothing in this process that would cause the body to over react in the form of anaphylaxis.

  2. I am knocking on wood here, however I work in a non-trauma hospital in a city ‘ravaged’ with COVID-19. Half of our ICU beds now have COVID patients. Very few of our staff have contracted the virus. We were re-using PPE in the early stages until around June. I believe we have had only 2 nurses and 2 housekeepers test positive and they may have contracted it outside the hospital. From my perspective this virus though highly contagious is easily prevented by masking and hand washing. It seems like PPE was intentionally made scarce and vilified as an invasion of American rights and freedoms since the beginning of this pandemic. For christ sake the first thing we learned in modern medicine was the value of stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses by utilizing strict hygiene and masking protocols. It has been obvious from the beginning of this outbreak that something has been occurring to insure maximum spread. I was flabbergasted by healthcare’s response as a member of my hospitals Ebola response team at the utter lake of efforts made from the get go. This lack of preparation is a fact, and though I am made out to be a conspiracy theorist, we are paying dearly for someone’s intentional acceleration of the spread of this virus!

    • SouthThunder230, If PPE was intentionally made scarce, the nation needs to seek out why, who would commit such a heinous act, and then eradicate them in as slow and painful way as possible. I have a daughter who is a MICU nurse and in the beginning PPE were being reused due to limited numbers. That issue has been addressed. Her ICU was turned into a purely COVID-19 unit for several weeks. Then went back to a mixture as the COVID-19 numbers started to dwindle. She was not confident that a hybrid group of patients would work. Now the cases are increasing and while the unit has not been declared for COVID-19 only, there are 21 COVID-19 patients currently in the ICU. She has had two coworkers diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past five days. I, agree that these cases probably began outside the hospital, but now have been brought into it. Like the nursing homes, care centers, rehab centers, prisons. ( more to comment come)

    • SouthThunder230

      rest of comment…..The people in these facilities did not have COVID-19 but it was brought into them. Ideally, the workers in these facilities should have remained on site to prevent this. We are seeing how many people one case of COVID-19 can initiate at a gathering. Primary, secondary, tertiary contacts in a domino effect. The U.S, experienced a major leadership vacuum from the get go and denigration of science and medicine on top of that. Political party play at the blame game that wasted time, energy, and lives. We should have jumped on this thing with all guns blazing, no holds barred attitude

  3. I’m asking as a healthcare worker who besides taking care of dozens of COVID-19 positive patients, a 23 year old son (mild symptoms, fatigue) a 93 year old parent ( positive COVID 19 mild symptoms, fatigue) one on one in house 24-7 care and 90 year old many symptoms and comorbidities undetermined but likely COVID 19 . Could “the greater good” miracle mRNA vaccine be worse than the virus?

    • SouthThunder230. You have your hands way too full and I admire you for the strength both physical and emotional this takes. I believe that the vaccine is our best hope to get out of this.

  4. Carol the two Vaccines are being produced at a record breaking pace. We are told often by government and corporate industry leaders the virtues of genetic engineering. There are endless studies on the unintended and adverse side effects genetic manipulation has brought with these developments. How and why should we accept that these vaccines that have been developed by altering mRNA and disguising them to allow entry into the bodies system without mounting a defensive reaction. How many problems do we need to produce fighting these largely non-leathal bio-weapon?

    • SouthThunder230, Unless we, meaning those of us who do not work in the world of developing vaccines, can also develop vaccines, we have to accept (or not) that others are in control of that area of life. We can either believe that the vaccines will not hurt us and will keep us from contracting the particularly nasty COVID-19. I get on the back of a motorcycle that goes very fast and trust that the driver will not wreck us.
      I have to do the same for this vaccine. Altering mRNA has been used before this vaccine. The use of mRNA is not new as it has been used for treating cancer. mRNA is something our cells have had all along to synthesis protein. mRNA carries genetic code from DNA in a cell’s nucleus to ribosomes where proteins are made. COVID-19 is NOT a non-lethal anything. It is lethal as hell as proven by the numbers of dead that keep getting larger.

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