Some Americans are Narcissistic Babies


Health Editor’s Note: The title is harsher than I usually use but presently America is in very dire straits as the COVID-19 pandemic marches on and some Americans still are not taking COVID-19 seriously.  We are up to almost 2,000 deaths per day…New Zealand has a total of 25 deaths….not per day, but during the entire pandemic period.  Think about the vast difference between these death numbers.  New Zealand locked down at the beginning of the pandemic and continues to remain very vigilant and willing to lockdown, quarantine, do whatever it takes to stop any spread of coronavirus.  Other countries have also locked down and have seen far, far fewer deaths than we have experienced in the U.S.

Australia, New Zealand, and other countries did not allow politics to affect any of the anti-COVID-19 measures. No political party was allowed to blame another political faction of causing or making COVID-19 worse. All regions, territories were on the same page and all followed sound medical and scientific protocols designed to stop the spread of this virus.

If you think that almost 2,000 deaths of Americans per day is wrong and needs to STOP:

  • Wear a mask (over both nose and mouth) when entering any building where other people are present!
  • Stay physically distanced, 6 or more feet,  from anyone you do not live with.
  • Wash your hands all the time.
  • Never touch your face, nose, mouth, eyes without first thoroughly washing your hands.
  • Do not be around anyone who is ill.
  • Do not leave your home if you are ill.
  • Stay away from groups of any size.
  • Do not gather family members who do not live in your house together for any reason and help to save their lives. Giving up the family Thanksgiving meal this year,  will help to insure that you will be able to be with these people in years to come. Christmas celebrations may also have to be shelved for 2020. 
  • Stop complaining that your ‘civil rights’ are being attacked because it is not your civil right to give COVID-19 to others. Stop the protests because these group gatherings, where people will be yelling, not physically distanced, spewing aerosolized coronavirus into the air, only give COVID-19 easier chances to claim humans. ‘Peaceful’ protests also bring people together and increase the spread of the virus. 
  • Do go outside and walk, walk the dog or dogs, run, jog, bike, swim and recharge while staying physically distanced from others.
  • Do stay in touch with others by phone, text, computer, Zoom, Facetime, etc. 
  • Do always remember that coronavirus is real, very capable of spreading from human to human, and can be beat if we just do not give it humans to use to make more of itself. 
  • Starve the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 by staying away from any situation where you could encounter it.

The life you save may be your own, your child’s, your parent’s, your friends’, or your grandma’s. That is worth any effort….right???


Are American Adults Capable of Quarantining?

by Lambeth Hochwald, CNN

(CNN)If you think quarantine needs a better publicist in the United States, you might be right.

New Zealanders went into a strict lockdown and so did Italians. So did the residents of China, Spain, Bolivia, Morocco and South Korea.

The idea of isolating for a stretch of two weeks either because you’ve been exposed to Covid-19 or are traveling from a Covid-19 hotspot, however, can feel like a punishment to Americans, not a long-standing infectious disease prevention policy.

It might feel the same way to thousands of Germans: Demonstrators gathered near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate Wednesday to protest an ongoing nationwide lockdown, Berlin police spokesman Stefan Petersen earlier told CNN. When the crowds didn’t disperse, police used water cannons to move protestors away from the area, Berlin police said.

Whether or not the US ever imposes a nationwide lockdown, the fact is that with over 100,000 US cases confirmed daily, we’re going to have to get used to the idea of quarantining. As that number inches up to 200,000 daily cases, the reality is that we’re about to experience an even more difficult time with this virus if behaviors don’t change.

It’s puzzling to residents of other regions around the world that have successfully gone into lockdown — and are heading into lockdown again without much debate.


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  1. Wearing a mask during an outbreak has been done for millenia, its not new. It is also the first instinct for any human being or animal to leave an area where sickness is detected.
    “My freedom over your life”, is the very cry of the narcissist.

    and btw, where were all these freedom lovers when activists have been fighting for freedom for the last decades, well they turned up and supported a fascist racist narcissist. That is not freedom.

  2. comment continued…Money should have gone to those who needed it and not disappear into what we have heard were the pockets groups who did not need it. You are not giving up freedom when you wear a mask, go out only for essentials, physically distance from those outside your home, increased hygienic measures, etc. This will last a few weeks, until we have a vaccine, The U.S. will not have to be in a permanent lockdown situation. Lockdowns will be unnecessary once the coronavirus is no longer spreading. Yes, people die, but before they got COVID-19 they were living with whatever afflictions/diseases/conditions they had. We cannot accept that they are killed off because the ‘leadership’ that should have taken control of the situation was not there. People have died because of this. I cannot accept that the people who have died were going to die anyway. When I hear this, I get angry as hell. This is very simple…. Do not give coronavirus humans to use to make more of themselves and coronavirus will die out. Keeping people away from each other is the only way this will happen….that and a vaccine.

  3. Mike Hughes, I am well aware that the lockdowns for this pandemic are without precedent but as you can clearly see other countries have lived through them and for whatever problems they caused, those countries have a fraction of the deaths that the U.S. has, even taking into consideration the population numbers. Lockdowns are difficult because they alter life as we have come to know it. Increased suicides, spousal abuse, child abuse, etc. are up because humans are feeling fear of something that they cannot see and experiencing stress levels off the charts. Alterations in how we live our daily lives is a part of the common denominator, but fear for relatives, selves and the uncertainty of what to expect since we all know that not enough is being done to stop the ravages of this pandemic. The U.S. has/had responsibility for its citizens, whether it be in the public health arena or in helping people to stay afloat with their businesses and livelihoods until the pandemic is over. (more comment to come)

  4. Carol, I took my brother to a (naturopathic?) doctor for a medical weed card, and saw some kinda UV/Ozone brochure.

    I joked about Trump drinking bleach and injecting 🌞.

    She said they “take your blood out, UV it & return”.

    I said “… Wait, all your blood!?… And what about your, duh, respiratory system?”

    She had to go.

    • Hoops, I assure you Trump was talking about flashlights shinning somewhere and drinking chlorox. The totally best bet is to avoid getting it at all….treatments are not keeping everyone alive, obviously. Starve COVID-19 of ways to reproduce (only in human cells) and it will be gone, but that takes way more cooperation on extremely high levels. Are Americans up to that? I hope so because all our lives depend on it. Dying people make me upset and very angry. Americans deserved better than the leadership vacuum we have had and still have.

  5. And clearly “some people” wherever Adrian is are too. 🤦‍♂️🤯

    It sure ain’t China, Japan, Korea…

  6. Carol, I don’t think you can match what they can do in New Zealand with a population of only 5 million people and high standard of living almost all, against US. That’s like compare want lock Lost Springs, Wyoming where there live only one person against try lock New York City.

    • Adrian, It should have been done….states do have borders. The ‘leadership’ needed to get serious about this pandemic instead of laying the responsibility on each individual state’s governor, where some governors did what they could to stay in Trump’s good graces. The presidential election is responsible for killing ten of thousands. This was always serious medical business, never should have become political. Such as currently, Trump failing to give the next president important information that is needed to prepare the real battle against COVID-19. Trump should just let Biden handle this….we would see more people living if he did.

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