Democracy’s Last Gasp: Court Tries Fail, now Family Threats, Bribery and Blackmail

Trump is holding up deployment of vaccine, we can prove it.


VT: Politico reported that GOP election officials are under threat, being told their families will be killed unless they violate law and certify loser Trump as president.  The Politico article says family members are named, threats are rape, kidnapping and murder.

No police agency is helping, a total stand down by rural local sheriffs, where many GOP officials live and no word from the FBI.

The Department of Justice is totally ignoring it all as predicted.

What has happened, as legal challenges have failed, each based on wild internet conspiracies and hoaxes only, the GOP has turned to organized crime and neo-Nazi militias as Trump promised.

They stood by as he asked and are now being deployed in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

All the while, the Biden plurality mounts up, now over 6 million votes and increasing every hour.

… The threats “started out fairly general in nature,” said Al Schmidt, a Republican elections commissioner in Philadelphia. “But then regrettably, after the president tweeted my name, there were more of them, and they were far more specific in nature. So, referencing my children, and what they’re going to do to them.”
“It’s not just me, it’s also my staff, the other commissioners,” Schmidt said. The threats are not new, either. Many election officials have been dealing with them for months.
Election officials across the country have reported receiving threats for doing their jobs. “There are those, including the president, members of Congress and other elected officials, who are perpetuating misinformation and are encouraging others to district the election results in a manner that violates the oath of office they took,” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, said in a statement. consequences.”
Like Raffensperger, the president tweeted about Schmidt, also calling him a RINO and saying he “refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty.” Schmidt said he now has a security detail from the city to protect him and his family.
… Even those who took the relatively prosaic step of making it easier to vote in the midst of a pandemic — like Kentucky’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams — were not immune. Adams worked with Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear to significantly expand voting access for his state’s June primary, which earned him bipartisan praise within the state, and in the general election.
But he said he has also faced Republican criticism for his efforts, as Trump fulminated against the once-uncontroversial practice of mail voting — while national figures and prominent Democrats like LeBron James and Hillary Clinton criticized the state for leaving a low number of voting centers open (leaving out details like the expansion of mail voting). That led to abusive calls clogging election officials’ phone lines. Adams, too, noted he took on significant political risk.
“I’ve taken immense heat for my decisions on how to make our elections safe and successful, but notice no one is arguing I’ve made these decisions in my own or anyone else’s political interests,” he tweeted in August. “Show me the door in 2023 but until then I’ll act on my knowledge and my conscience.”


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  1. I have absolutely no faith in a two party government system. It is so easily corrupted. When big money can choose between two parties to influence, all they have to do is prime the pump of the one they have most in the bag, or that is wining the popularity contest and throw some peanuts at the losers just to hedge their bets. Corrupt entities can win every election with very little to lose. That being said to stop this madness, where people actually believe only conservative or liberal ideals should prevail or one is more rightous than the other. The liberals- in this case must join hands with their conservative counterparts and expose the blackmailers and come to the aid of those being threatened. If these family threats, bribery and blackmail are happening, this may be the prime time and our only chance to expose ‘the powers that be’. The true evil that has so much to gain in the divide. We have had plenty of warning but the true perpetrators are masters of disguise and through out history have always gone off and vanished in plane site. disguised as those we seem to trust the most.

  2. Trump is reducing the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq but with short-notice is growing B52’s missions from Minot AFB at same time… He’s is shrinking troops or moving away them from the reach Iran’s missiles for a sneak attack ?? I guess that Minot, where store nukes it has nothing to do….

  3. At all the #nazicullt45 rallies yesterday (Saturday) the proud boys showed up at every one and the police seemed to be protecting them all over the country.

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