Russia’s Puppet, Trump destroys US surveillance fleet, Blinding US to nuclear attack


VT: Before the presidential election, Trump ordered 40,000 mail boxes picked up off the streets and had the Post Office’s mail sorting machines destroyed with sledge hammers, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions but ensuring, he thought, the ability to rig the election through crooked courts.  We won’t even go into the hundreds of polling stations that were closed.

Now he has done even more, taken the US Air Force fleet of surveillance aircraft and given them all to Israel, leaving the US blind to Russia when the Open Skies Treaty is renewed, as scheduled, January 20.

These specialized planes, now gone and they will take 2 years to replace, are used not only as part of open skies but for special surveillance during periods of high threat.  They are also one of our backbone capabilities if and when our satellites are blinded, something now so easy even a child can do it.

Potential adversaries such as Iran can easily down our best stealth drones, like the Global Hawk and RQ180 but will not fire on these planes which have crews, or did until they were given away leaving America blind.

Note on the video:

Rachel Maddow describes how Donald Trump in his lame duck period has not only abruptly removed the U.S from the decades old Open Skies Treaty that supplies the U.S. and its allies with surveillance data on Russian military activities, but has taken steps to dispose of the program’s specialized planes and removed the option of replacing them.

Report from NY Post:

NY Post/Murdoch: The Trump administration is preparing to get rid of Air Force planes used for surveillance after exiting the Open Skies treaty with Russia, complicating President-elect Joe Biden’s options if he seeks to rejoin the accord, according to a report.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday announced the withdrawal from the decades-old treaty that allowed nations to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over each other’s territories.

Now the Trump administration is moving to jettison the specially equipped OC-135B planes used in the Open Skies flights, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The planes have been designated as “excess defense articles,” meaning they can be given or sold at steep discounts to allies, the report said, citing a senior US official.

“We’ve started liquidating the equipment,” the official said. “Other countries can come purchase or just take the airframes. They are really old and cost-prohibitive for us to maintain. We don’t have a use for them anymore.”

Older cameras used on the aircraft are expected to be given to allies, and new digital cameras the Pentagon planned to install on the planes will be sent to other Air Force units.

Then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced in July that a program to buy new planes to replace the OC-135Bs was canceled, so Biden won’t have the option of replacing the flights with modern planes.

The former vice president was critical of the Trump administration’s plan to exit the pact but hasn’t said whether he will re-enter the treaty


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  1. Depending on what we have in our tool box, I might be in favor of this,.newer technology has this effect all the time. But, when we sell this stuff or give it away, I would like to have in the arrangement, a specific period of time and conditions under which we will lend any military assistance to the recipient in case they engage in combat or attacks with any other country.
    In other words, here you go, don’t call us to defend you anymore , here are the conditions.
    Satellites make the planes obsolete, and the treaty is dumb if both countries have each other under 24 hour watch anyway.

    • In fact, with the rapid advances in technology, a reduction in budget and equipment is in order.
      Our military is bloated and largely a proxy mercenary force for eastern hemisphere shenanigans. The bulk of our mobility no longer makes any sense.
      And when the vulnerable among us need help, they say ‘How are we going to pay for it “.
      Have an auction. Reduce the military budget 80% and watch global conflict come to a grinding halt. We are self perpetuating antagonists and overly servile protectors of foreign religion based bologna.

  2. I still am not putting it past Trump to fulfill the last demand on Sheldon Adelson’s list, before leaving office. Send US troops to attack Iran. He has worked hard since taking office to ensure the Arab countries he is supplying with weapons, are ready to fight for/ defend the Talmudic state should Iran attack. The only reason Iran would attack Israel, is if/when US troops attack Iran. Since US troops will be busy dying in Iran, Netanutjob now will have Arabs to take their place and fight Israel’s wars closer to home.
    I have never seen a grown man (Trump) so proud to be the personal btch of one man, much less 2. Netanutjob even brags about Trump turning to him for advice.

  3. Rachel Maddow full of shit most of time including this time.
    Mention Russia/Putin she goes into drooling Russiaphobic-frenzy.
    Those planes old, slow and stupid, probably cannot detect anything worthwhile as either side will have hours to hide and bury whatever they want to hide by the time one of these planes gets overhead.
    Them being a “backup” to sattelites OK, but there must be in inventories of both countries better surveillance spy planes and drones 100 times better at finding out just what is really going on.
    The fact the US/NATO has surrounded Russia”s border with nuke missles that can wipe out Moscow in 8 minutes from launch and at same time the Russians have their new hyper-sonic missles that cannot be defended and could wipe out Wash DC in 5 minutes (?) after launch from submarine makes this antiquated symbolic treaty between Russia and USA of mutual fly-overs moot.

    • Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar. Expecting her to be anything other then a traitorous propagandist to the US would be ignorant.

  4. “Architect of the nuclear age,” Enrico Fermi was a nuclear physicist, a Nobel Prize winner, and a Freemason.
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were largely Christian cities. The American bomber crews were Christians.
    Henry Morgenthau Jr. was close to Roosevelt. Morgenthau was a prominent Zionist responsible for the diabolical Morgenthau Plan For Peace in post-war Germany.

    Scofield’s bible- Freemasonry- Jerusalem

    The Manhattan Project- Man Aton Man haton Manhattan.

    Trinity- code name of the first detonation of a nuclear device.

    “”Trinity Unity” transcends “consciousness”. It is above all division. The Father of thought — the Word — is called Chaos — the dyad. The number Three, the Mother, is called Babalon”…see “The Temple of Solomon the King” in Equinox I, V, and Liber 418. This formula is the principal and most characteristic formula of Osiris, of the Redemption of Mankind. “I” is Isis, Nature, ruined by “A”, Apophis the Destroyer, and restored to life by the Redeemer Osiris…
    Rosicrucian formula of the Trinity:
     “Ex Deo nascimur.
     In Jesu Morimur  Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus.””
    From Magick in Theory and in Practice by Alaister Crowley.

    “Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties were connected to the Atonists of Egypt and to the Israelites of biblical history”.
    -Michael Tsarion “The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2”.

  5. Israel nuked us on 9/11. No surveillance aircraft were in the air to prevent that. In fact, the US Air Force stood down and let it happen. That’s how it will all come down when we’re attacked again, not by Russia but by Israel. I’m sure the Likudniks and Zionists that surround Trump are working on it as I write this.

  6. US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the open skies treaty in May, saying that “it is outdated.” On May 22, the head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, announced that the United States would leave the treaty in six months, i.e. November 22. On the eve of the White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said that the United States is no longer a party to the Open Skies Treaty.
    Moscow warned that if Washington wants to return to the Open Skies Treaty, it will enter there only on the terms of the participating countries, and not on its own.
    Moscow warned the countries remaining in the treaty not to transfer the data they received to the United States, as well as to restrict flights over American military installations in these countries. According to information received by Moscow, the United States, having withdrawn from the treaty, is forcing the allies to sign an agreement on the transfer of data received by these countries during flights over Russia. If such facts are established, Moscow will “react very harshly.”

    • The only answer that suggests itself is a simple termination of the contract itself in general, since the most dangerous objects on the territory of NATO countries are precisely the American bases. If the US withdraws from the treaty, the meaning of its existence is completely lost, and the fact that the NATO countries remaining in the treaty will merge information and photographs on Russia to the United States is beyond doubt.

  7. Hmmmmmm, Rachel “Popular Mechanics is the 9/11 authority” Maddow is concerned?
    Let’s just fix the USPS Mail machines and let Rachel worry about those things that Rachel worries about.
    At Air America I had such hope for her as a commentator.

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