Call Trump’s treasonous acts what they are

Donald Trump has moved from demanding in secret that election officials break the law to doing so out in the open


Alternet: There’s one thing I can rely on when I write about the president, the Republicans and their treasonable rhetoric and behavior. Like clockwork, a liberal reader will respond, saying isn’t, in fact, treason. It’s something else, perhaps disloyalty or sedition. The US Constitution is clear about treason’s meaning. I should be more careful with my words.

Fair enough, but also fair is saying liberals are quick to doubt themselves. They are ready to compromise even when the Republicans hold compromise in contempt. They are prepared to appease authoritarians, because mild appeasement costs less than bold confrontation. To liberals, partisanship is the problem, not the solution. They refuse, therefore, even when refusing means failing to take their own side in a good fight.

If anyone represents the liberal view in this regard, it’s Barack Obama. The former president said recently that, to effect real change, activists must meet people “where they are.” That might be fine and dandy when it comes to police reform, but what if “where they are” is taking the side of a president seeking to overturn a lawful election?

What if “where they are” is the Republicans saying and doing things with the express intent of harming the republic, because harming the republic tightens their grip on power? What if Republican dominance is predicated on betrayal? Partisanship is, therefore, not the problem. Asymmetry is. Symmetrical partisanship is the solution.

Donald Trump has moved from demanding in secret that election officials break the law to doing so out in the open. He’s violating his oath of office, profaning the rule of law and pissing on the spirit of the Constitution. The Democrats could try impeaching and removing him again.

But, in my view, they don’t have to go that far. What they should do is point out the obvious for everyone’s sake—that the president’s words and deeds are treasonable. Anyone standing by his side is complicit. To my knowledge, no Democrat in the US Congress has dared use the T-word. It’s long past time to dare.  read more…


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  1. There are at least 4 instances where his actions could be considered a direct attack on the people. If covid is considered an enemy as indicated by the constant references to hospitals as front lines,. then colluding with the enemy can certainly be added to the list, and those who supported this, would also be accessories.
    However, as we see time and again, the law is increasingly malleable as it reaches the higher courts, and he has stacked those with people who view their religion as higher than the laws of the people. This is the issue. The USSC should not be referencing a papal bull in any decisions.

  2. Breaking…17 republican state’s attorneys general have signed onto the Texas AG SCOTUS suit. Are you seeing this?

  3. With regard to Trump here, it is flat-out treason. He knows in the first instance that the claim of election fraud is a lie. Regarding republican politicians and legislators, it’s cowardice and self-interest before all other considerations. This is egregiously true in the case of the Texas AG, who is apparently under indictment for securities fraud, and under investigation by the FBI. In Texas’ filing with the SCOTUS, a petition to overthrow the election results in battleground states, it doesn’t take any legal aptitude to see AG Paxton is currying favor with Trump for a pardon. That is pure corruption. In the case of GOP rank and file, I don’t see treason or sedition, but rather persistent ignorance and misinformation (from their perspective, as insane as it may be, they actually believe there was fraud), in large part thanks to espionage, over years, from shadowy internet actors, like Alex Jones, for example, laying the the groundwork with the “deep state” meme, or dual-citizen characters like zionist Rupert Murdoch hyper-partisanizing network news in order to inflame division.

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