SCOTUS Throws Out Texas Lawsuit as ‘Criminal-Childish’ (the rebel South surrenders again)


Interviewed today for the Iranian media…

(CNN)The Supreme Court rejected a bid from Texas’ attorney general — supported by President Donald Trump — to block the ballots of millions of voters in battleground states that went in favor of President Elect Joe Biden.

And from NPR:

“Texas invites this court to overthrow the votes of the American people and choose the next president of the United States,” wrote Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr, president of the Republican Attorneys General Association. “That Faustian invitation must be firmly rejected,” he said.

“Georgia did what the Constitution empowered it to do,” the state’s brief said. It “implemented processes for the election, administered the election in the face of logistical challenges brought on by Covid-19, and confirmed and certified the election results — again and again and again. Yet Texas has sued Georgia anyway.”

Pennsylvania was equally acerbic. “The court should not abide this seditious abuse of judicial process, and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that that abuse must never be replicated,” it said in its brief. And Wisconsin said the Texas bid “to nullify [Wisconsin’s] choice [for president] is devoid of a legal foundation or factual basis.”

It was unclear how or why Paxton, the Texas attorney general, decided to carry Trump’s water in the case. Especially since all four targeted states have Republican-controlled legislatures; and to date, both state and federal courts at lower levels, including Trump-appointed judges, have found the fraud allegations baseless.

The unprecedented nature of the Paxton suit, plus the fact that the state’s chief appellate lawyer, Kyle Hawkins, did not sign the Texas brief as he usually would do, has spurred speculation that Paxton is seeking a pardon. He is currently under indictment for securities fraud, and is being investigated by the FBI on bribery and abuse of power allegations.

Although the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over disputes between states, such cases are rare, and are almost exclusively confined to disputes that can’t be handled by other courts, such as disputes over borders or water rights.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court rejected an effort to block Pennsylvania from certifying its election results in favor of Biden. Trump distanced himself from the legal blow, and hitched his wagon instead to the Texas lawsuit, calling it, “the case that everyone has been waiting for.”



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  1. What do you get when you give a carnival barker whose methodology, mixes door to door vacuum cleaner sales with professional wrestling, pardon power in the highest office ?

    Free lawyers to keep the delusion churning the money inward, without financial obligation in any direction. The payment, the real crime, is the peoples privilege of pardon power given to the executive branch. Let’s see if the next president is balls enough to reduce the power of the executive branch, as it clearly needs its wings clipped.

  2. That almost guarantees that Trump will use extrajudicial means to stay in power. Expect a “national emergency” to happen before January 20th. The real perps of 9/11 are working on it…

    • I thought so, too, I guess when Trump saw that SCOTUS rejected the lawsuit brought by Texas he said… if they are not willing to MAGA in good way, we do this the hard way then… 🙂

    • You gives way too much credit to a fat stupid Israeli firster to be able to concoct something with that retarded half brother of his in Tel Aviv. And that pos Pompeo will most likely overeat his way throughout the holidays and put the “maximum pressure” on his nonexistent heart to stop and make millions of people happy.

    • Yes, Trump is just an organ grinder’s monkey dancing to Zionism’s tune, but he has the survival instincts of a cornered rat. No way is he going into that dark night, and almost certainly to prison. If the real perps of 9/11 don’t pull off a redo, Sheldon Adelson will find a nice beach for him in Israel where he can molest little boys and girls until he croaks. My money is on a 9/11 redo, though. It will happen before January 20th.

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